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blasted chipmunk
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Registered: 09/18/03
Posts: 8,272
poor mod
05/20/06 12:54 PM

Deleting my thread and banning me because I started a thread in reply to a thread someone posted in regard to ME is pretty sad. I posted only the truth. He posted lies. But changing the title of my thread to 'I am a terrible trader' is vindictive and shows lack of restraint and professionalism as a moderator.
A great big heaping pile of Fuck You to you.

Go back to school.
...and your one day ban in the marketplace is laughable. :smirk:
Do your job right and ppl may begin to respect you.
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Registered: 05/06/99
Posts: 1,454
Loc: Wut some people Call Par...
05/19/06 04:11 PM

In your bad rating for me you also stated that I flaked out on the Suwanee event. Fucking liar! I was looking forward to it but you haven't been in touch since I told you I was headed past your place to Langerado and offered to stop by. You replied in pm with one simple question and I quote spelling and all here
'are you fukking high?'

Shitty trader, friend, and human. That's you, Kevin

oh, and you are no 'culinary tech'...You're a fucking cook!

Registered: 01/13/06
Posts: 11
Last seen: 14 years, 10 months
01/25/06 08:09 PM

Good questions! Many are curious about the mushroom experience but are afraid to ask before they try. Smart guy.

I hope to see you around here often, my friend.
It's the psychedelic movement!
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Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 33,600
Loc: High pride!
Last seen: 3 hours, 51 minutes
Great Character
01/03/06 08:58 PM

True pillar of the Shroomery community you are. :laugh:
Props for the visual aids in your posts too.
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Registered: 09/22/05
Posts: 56
Loc: north
Last seen: 17 years, 3 months
12/11/05 06:12 AM

Don't let these guys get you down, bro. This place gets boring when everyone thinks they are the best teacher. It's good to see someone label themself a student. We all are students but most are too proud to admit it.

I am looking forward to watching you become knowledgable here at the Shroomery and soon your friends will be learning from you. What is common sense for one person is often a new idea for another.

Registered: 10/21/04
Posts: 1,220
Loc: Uncle Tom's
Last seen: 8 years, 5 months
Keep on Truckin...
12/10/05 05:34 PM

for spreading important information that may save lives.

Thanks for being here!

Registered: 11/08/05
Posts: 3
Last seen: 17 years, 4 months
11/24/05 11:59 AM

Thanks for keeping us updated during your husband's health crisis.

Registered: 05/23/05
Posts: 1
Last seen: 17 years, 9 months
05/28/05 09:38 AM

Thanks so much for the links and you seem very kynd and aware. Please visit us often!  :grin:
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Registered: 05/09/05
Posts: 117
Loc: Los Angeles
Last seen: 12 years, 1 month
much wisdom!
05/19/05 05:24 AM

Thank you for sharing what you have learned.
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Registered: 07/17/02
Posts: 209
Last seen: 16 years, 1 month
be a friend post...
05/12/05 06:27 PM

Very nice! You are obviously aware human being. My sentiments reflected, the blanket message 'drugs are bad' forces younger people to learn about drugs in frustrating, sometimes misleading ways. Everyone needs guidance.
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Registered: 11/24/04
Posts: 114
great trader
04/09/05 08:14 AM

Thanks for the hook up, bro! Get back to me if I can ever help you with anything else.  :cool:
my burning sunwill some dayrise

Registered: 11/15/04
Posts: 6,987
Loc: wherever i may roam
Your avatar
02/19/05 02:24 PM

For putting a very interesting spin on a very tired avatar-5 for ya!
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Registered: 07/20/04
Posts: 7,469
Loc: Heart of Laughter
02/19/05 02:16 PM

Your posts are hammered out with the truth of sincere inquisition, ringing with profound insights, and resounding with wisdom for any who will listen to your tune. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. You teach many as you are teaching yourself.

Registered: 06/12/03
Posts: 3,104
02/09/05 11:06 AM

Anarchy is the perfect political\social system for a community that practices respect, self discipline. Too bad some kids believe freedom is archaic enough to be thrown away.

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 493
Last seen: 6 years, 6 months
02/06/05 10:36 AM

I have to do this.

He never came thru with his stuff from the free seed thread. He is very good about replying to pm's but he keeps saying he is about to send them but never does. it's been 4 months now and still nada.

::4 months later and 3 weeks ago he came back, said he forgot about the shroomery for a while and asked for my address to send me a 'surprise package'. Guess what... :frown:
I'm not sure what's up with him but he doesn't have it together as a trader.

Registered: 02/04/05
Posts: 62
Last seen: 18 years, 1 month
02/05/05 10:18 AM

Enjoy your stay here. You seem pretty cool.

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 77
Last seen: 16 years, 27 days
01/29/05 12:24 PM

Just look at these nice ratings you have! Thank you very much for your hard work and sacrifices made for the sake of magic mushrooms. You are a legend around these parts!
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Registered: 11/27/04
Posts: 422
Loc: Tripville
Last seen: 2 years, 1 month
01/23/05 11:03 PM

...on your first grow.
Some of us didn't get anything so consider yourself very lucky!

Registered: 01/05/05
Posts: 58
Last seen: 10 years, 5 months
Glad to have you
01/23/05 08:33 PM

Enjoy the Shroomery, friend. :cool:
work in progress

Registered: 04/11/01
Posts: 8,932
Loc: The Netherlands
Last seen: 2 years, 5 months
nice of you to notice
01/22/05 06:12 PM

thanks for the rating. I've always enjoyed your posts!
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