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Mind/Body Health 101
    #6823220 - 04/23/07 03:29 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)

"Fill the stomach halfway with food, one quarter with water, and one quarter with air." Zen Teaching :japsmile:

I think the most striking thing about medical science is that it has no standard and no real definition of what health is. They can define diseases, and classify them, but they cannot really define what health is. Or at most they can only define negatively that when a person is not ill, then he is healthy. But this is no real definition because here disease becomes the primary thing by which health is defined. It is like trying to define wakefulness as the absence of sleep. This may be true in a sense, however not sleeping does not always necessarily mean that you are awake (see: Automaton).

So what is health really about? Two things.

First off, health is not a state of being which can simply be labeled with one general definition because well-being applies to every person in different ways. This is important to understand because this requires you to honestly examine yourself as a whole and figure out what makes you feel good and what does not.
Science can give us good advice regarding nutrition and fitness, but when it comes down to applying the knowledge, self-knowledge becomes a prerequisite to a successful practice.

Secondly, health is not an absolute, but a relative balance between one's mind and body. If one puts all energy into developing the body without nurturing the mind, then the symptoms of dis-ease will reveal themselves mentally. Same goes for the opposite. A well-developed mind with a malnourished body will eventually bring about physical dis-ease. The gateway to balance lies in harmony. The key to harmony lies in a conscious application of knowledge.

Take a moment to not only absorb this information, but to also understand it. And in addition, question it as well, because that too will help you understand for yourself how this may apply to you and how it may not.

I. Food, Water, and Air

They say that you can live weeks without food, days without water, and minutes without air. This makes air your number one priority and hence breathing is your first step to a healthy being.
Many people are not aware of how they breathe throughout the day. Oftentimes their breath is very shallow because they will either breathe through their throat or through their chest. Rarely do they breathe deeply through the abdomen.

Abdominal breath is the natural breath. In China, the abdominal area is known to be the center of what they call chi energy, or life force. Although chi circulates through all organs and every cell in your body, all energy ultimately returns and concentrates in the abdomen, which acts as the control center for vitality.

You can research deep breathing and find all the information right at your finger-tips, but remember knowledge is only the means, practical application is the goal.

Water is number two on the list of your vital priorities.

Commercial culture today provides an endless variety of soft drinks, sodas, and juices. The essential problem with artificial forms of water is that they are often highly processed and contain large amounts of sugar, preservatives, and unnecessary flavoring. Depending on your metabolism this can have a speedy effect on your being, simply because sugar is still a drug, regardless of how it is perceived by society.

Water is in essence the ideal drink in the world and always has been since the dawn of life. I suggest learning to love the natural flavor of water and say no thank you to processed drinks as much as possible. Purity of liquid is a determining factor of a clean body and as a general rule, the fewer additives there are in the water, the more health-promoting it will be for your body.

Food is physical need number three, and also the most complex topic to cover concerning body health.
Sometimes it may seem a bit intimidating to look into food because of all the information and misinformation that exists about it. But realistically, if you know what to look for, and can narrow your needs down to a simple scope, then the choice of eating habits becomes very easy to manage.

A few basics regarding healthy food, three things.

1. Organic fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial as they are foods which come straight from the earth and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Generally the more natural the food is, the more nutrient-dense it will be. Artificial processing breaks food down and reduces the amount of nutrients available once it reaches your plate. Fruits and vegetables are thus very high in vital compounds and are also easily digestible by the body. Put this high up on your list.

2. Whole grains is what is needed when you wake up in the morning because your body is at this time running on a low amount of energy. Whole grains are great because they are not refined or bleached as many white breads are. They provide you with essential carbohydrates which unlike sugar provides your body with energy that burns steadily and carries you further through the day.

3. Protein. The food for your muscles, as well as your brain. Carbs alone won't get you far without including the basic building blocks of your body. Fish, lean meat, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, milk, and cheese will all give you the protein you need to strengthen your body. They are best taken after physical exertion or your daily fitness routine since this is the time when your body needs them most to recover. The only thing to look out for is that many protein foods can also contain decent amounts of fats, so therefore it is important to know the food you're eating and minimize unnecessary fat intake.

Now exactly how you incorporate food into your life is entirely up to you. For instance some people may simply not like to eat raw vegetables, and neither do I, therefore I juice them along with fruits. Or to provide another example, some people may not enjoy eating seafood, but they may love the flavor of turkey. So they're still getting their protein. The key is to improvise and find the foods to eat which suit you and fit into your own frame of health, without losing out on the essential nutrients which every biological system requires.

The World's Healthiest Foods is a great resource which helps me find my selection of foods. :thumbup:

Use your power of creativity to form and shape your eating habits in a way that benefits you and your vehicle called the body. Oh, and don't forget about the water and air. They come first. :grin:

:mushroom2: :earth:

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #6823372 - 04/23/07 04:02 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)

You forgot to mention that people should avoid chemicals, and carcinogens. Fast food, MSG, BHT, cigarettes, drug abuse, sodas, excess sugar, etc.

*EDIT*Also, it is said that should not put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat since your skin is porous and absorbs whatever you put on it. Hairdyes are known to cause cancer, and I would imagine a lot of other personal hygeine products.

Nice thread BTW.

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: buHHH]
    #6823422 - 04/23/07 04:16 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)

toxicity certainly deserves a chapter of its own along with many other topics. i will try to include everything chapter by chapter and all in due time. :yesnod:

thanks for pointing that out. :thumbup:


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: buHHH]
    #6823426 - 04/23/07 04:16 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)


Also, it is said that should not put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat

What about soap and lotion? :shrug:


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #6823439 - 04/23/07 04:19 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)

Also, to the threadstarter: You did not mention soy anywhere in your list of healthy foods.  Someone recently told me she had heard that soy is generally unhealthy because the human digestive system is not built to process it.  Do you know if this is true?

I have been trying to eat vegetarian recently and it has been really successful.  I may not get quite enough protein, as I mainly get it from dairy, beans, nuts, and rice.  I occassionally eat chicken or turkey, and I like to stay away from eggs but I have no logical reason for this other than that the yokes are high cholesterol.

Thanks for the thread.  The breathing and water reminders were instantly beneficial to me. :grin:

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: Lion]
    #6823450 - 04/23/07 04:21 PM (9 years, 14 days ago)

check out the link i provided in the OP. you should be able to find answers to most of your food related questions there. :wink:



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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #6827445 - 04/24/07 02:37 PM (9 years, 13 days ago)

II. Fitness

Over the past decades the idea of physical fitness has been heavily altered by modern television culture and this consequently affects the way people look at fitness today. Rather than recognizing the individuality of a person's body, the culture has instead imposed a high ideal of the perfect body. This does not necessarily help people get off their couches and do something with their bodies; not to mention, the sole meaning behind the term 'working out' already implies that it is work and not fun. Time to decondition.

As with nutrition, the basis of fitness is to do that which nurtures your body. The only difference is that instead of taking in quality energy (food), in physical fitness, you release quality energy (exercise). One of the main reasons why people become overweight is because they don't release their energy, which inevitably causes the body to store the energy in the form of fat. Unhealthy eating habits result in this as well, for example a high fat diet.

Fitness can generally be divided into two distinct categories.
One, cardiovascular training. Two, resistance training.

The first includes pace walking, jogging, running, jumping, climbing, and swimming to name a few.
The second includes weight lifting, body weight lifting, and isometrics, which can be combined with cardiovascular activities as well.

Possibly the most important thing about physical exercise is self-knowledge. The body naturally has  certain limits which are always relative to your present level of your endurance and strength. These limits are to be transcended, as this is the key to physical development, however one needs to overcome one's limits in increments. Knowing where you stand, how far you can run, or how much weight you can comfortably lift are essential to determining the safest and most efficient way to transcend your boundaries.

So if you're just starting out, play it safe for a week, and just feel yourself out a bit. On the first day jog a mile. On the second, aim for an extra quarter mile. On the third, try running that 1.25 mile at a faster pace. In a nutshell, always set yourself out for improvement, no matter how small. By the end of the week you'll be comfortably jogging two miles. :wink:

The same basically goes for resistance training, except that when working with weights, it is a wise thing to do some research on proper technique. In my experience, it is not what you lift that matters, but how you lift. Also, keep the recovery stage in mind when exerting your body. The first hour after completing your exercise is a necessary time to provide your body with protein so that it can build the muscles you have been stressing. And finally, rest well and give your body a break when it asks for it.

Since the main principle of holistic health is the recognition of the totality of one's being, it would only be half the story if we solely  talked about the fitness of the body without including the fitness of the mind. :yinyang:

All too often it seems that we lose awareness of the fundamental role our minds play in manifesting our physical realities. By no surprise, the material world is what naturally appears to be the most real of all our experiences. It is tangible, definite, and it follows concrete laws. The mind on the other hand is completely opposite. It is intangible, definitions are questionable, and laws seem to be in a state of constant change.

The puzzling dynamics of the mind however do not hinder us from determining what feels good to us and what doesn't. Despite apparent indefinition, real definition becomes possible through willpower.

We know that positive thinking reduces stress, or that meditiation promotes inner peace. It is precisely these tools which we can apply to our daily lives to improve our mental well-being.

To speak from my own experience, jogging has become therapeutic to me. It is a time when I can be completely alone with my thoughts, when I can forget about my personal problems, let go of relationships, and just be. I have found that my self-confidence rises as a result of this. I notice that I become more relaxed and attentive throughout the day. It is these results that indicate mental fitness.

The toolbox of the mind is vast and I provide a number of techniques in my thread on Inner Landscape Design. Use the power of the mind to your advantage, as it is there for you to create your world. :tripping:

That's about all I got to cover for now. I hope I could provide a helpful frame of reference here.


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #6832738 - 04/25/07 04:26 PM (9 years, 12 days ago)

Once again, a wonderful thread. I really appreciate these collections of insight.

One thing I would like to add is in regards to nutrition for the body. I have recently read a book called "Fit For Life", and one of the main teachings of it is the idea of food combining. When one properly combines the foods which they eat, their body has a much easier time digesting it and thus less waste builds up and less energy is used in digestions, freeing up more energy for important bodily processes, such as fighting disease and clearing out toxins etc. It makes you feel good too because you have more energy.

The basics of food combining are something like this:

Do not eat fruit with anything else. Fruit takes very little time to pass through your stomach, about 30 minutes, and is very good for your body if you eat it alone, and it passes through quickly. However, when you eat fruit after or with a meal of other food, such as carbohydrates or proteins or even vegetables, the fruit gets stuck in the stomach behind the slower digesting foods, and ends up fermenting everything in the stomach and turning to acid. This is very much not a good thing. So basically, try and wait about 30 or so minutes after eating fruit before eating anything else. And try to wait about 3 hours after eating other things before eating fruit. Also, in Fit For Life they recommend only eating fruit in the mornings up until lunch, because it is very easy for your body to digest, and gives you easy energy and allows your body to complete the elimination cycle of toxins in the morning without having to waste energy digesting a hearty breakfast full of protein and carbs.

Another main point is not to mix different types of concentrated foods. That is to say dont mix starches with proteins, if you can avoid it. However, anything can be mixed with high water content foods such as vegetables (except for fruit). Mixing different kinds of proteins together is bad too supposedly, though mixing different types of starches is supposedly not so bad.

-Also try to avoid drinking water with your meals, as it dilutes the digestive juices and causes the body to expend more energy in digestion.

I recommend if you are interested in this you simply google food combining or look it up on wikipedia. There is a wealth of information out there, and the more knowledge the better.

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: michael_lifshitz]
    #6834382 - 04/25/07 10:57 PM (9 years, 11 days ago)

:mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2:


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #6836426 - 04/26/07 12:58 PM (9 years, 11 days ago)

From the mind of a purist, thought it would fit in here..

This mindful inhabiting of spin can be practiced practically, everyday. The following is some practical advice on including Ecstatic Process in simple daily life...

First it is important to realize just how critical regular ecstatic and joy intense activity is to the maintenance of the immune system. If you give your four billion cell bodies the honor to accept it's wisdom, it will tell you of its need to periodically act in such a way as to bring ALL your attention to the present... and by doing so, periodically conduct a "bringing to a point" or critical digestive assembly of separate memories, into one sense of overall meaning.
Many human bodies will con-tinue to gain weight, if nothing is done to bring memories to focus, and thus to "consume perspective" & harvest memory or spin for the oneness. This sense of digestion also extends to the EMOTIONAL digestion of memory. Think of this as bringing spin to the flame to see what fits oneness, thus enabling you to sort out a filing cabinet which might otherwise become cluttered.

The purpose of human activity is to increase the amount of spin which can be folded into the body. This relates to choice of water, oil, and mineral to make electro-lites hold dense electrical foldedness. Without great symmetry/ purity/charge in what we consume nutritionally and emotionally, information density/awareness cannot grow. Think of your cell waters as a medium for charge, which at maximum self-contained-ness is called love. Serve this recursion/nestedness of spin in yourself, as it is imbedded connectedness to everything that is shareable. You will find your horizon of who you can feel for with compassion, growing like a flower petal.

In practice, this means several things:

1. We need to follow the spirit of the "twinkling eyes lifestyle", so our tissue issues will not overheat & foul up like an unbalanced water wheel when the river rushes.

2. It is vital that your home be magnetically alive. This means you need an altar or sacred space in your home which you regularly charge. Crystals are OK, but they can sometimes become overfilled with electrical charge leftovers. Your "medicine bundle", and special sacred items.. some paramagnetic stones, symmetrically arranged, using your OWN dowsing, are helpful..

3. If your home is not in a physically quiet, AND magnetically quiet environment, DO YOU AT LEAST HAVE A PLAN FOR GETTING THERE! Noise or power line messes are the OPPOSITE of an ecstatic and eternal life style!! Not all of us can live in a pristine paramagnetic stone kiva over a quiet sacred spring.. but we can at least make gentle dedicated moves in that direction. Isolate the wiring from the people space.. Live in a structure with the least metal possible (but copper is better than steel, aluminum is terrible for people's magnetism).
Curved and or pent shapes are always better than cubic where possible. The edge length ratios of adjacent walls tells you whether you are in-cube-ating, or phi-cycling into lo-phi (lo-ve). To phi-cylce (the best essence of physical) is to resonate into recursion which creates self-awareness which is what the uni-versal mind gathers to itself. In your home this means pent or spiral and curved structures based on recursion, will help your awareness become "self"-contained. You may find that careful arrangement of the symmetry of the major organic masses of your home, produces a resonant or "sweet" spot, that you can then always go to, when you wish to "pull the (spin) elements of your "self" together. It is not sufficient for the inside of your home to have a nice magnetic ring to it, induced (inductively) by structural symmetry. Please locate your domi-cile by finding the place where the magnetic donuts on YOUR LAND all circle to center nicely. Then your memories can do the same. Your own dowsing, or a friends, are needed to site the stones and the beds. Other-wise "pandemonium may break out upon the scene". Gradually assemble a living space where your home is fractal to its magnetic landscape, that way you can em"bed" yourself inside. Then your ideas will have leverage on your land directly, by the morphic resonance which fractality idealizes.

4. Take a fairly deep warm bath daily. Leave the soap out of the water initially. Perhaps a little natural mineral or sea salt.. Submerge yourself and breath deeply for a while. Round breathing, in through the nose and out the mouth. This is most of the rebirthing ritual, which simply means re-bonding with the matrix of the infinite fractal. This technique of warm bath in live water & deep relaxed round breathing plus tantra was the prescription for eternal life in "Jitterbug Perfume". (Chlorine and fluoride in the water definitely are absorbed in your skin, if you can get better water than "citified" water by a short drive to a friend, try that and compare how you feel!.) Dream of someday bathing in a natural warm spa at the bottom of a flow-form.. ours at the farm is almost complete.

5. Combine the above with gentle investigations into tantra and kundalini.
Note: round breathing is a relaxed process of breath where you notice that the gentle completion of the in-breath should take exactly as long as the out-breath. Then perfect inform-ation infinite cold-fire lightening stillness will be approached if the depth of each succeeding breath graduates toward the still-point in a perfect damped sine wave (each succeeding breath is about .618 depth of the preceding one.)
Tantra is a process where the gathered sweet "blue-fire" juices of eros/lovemaking, are permitted to sit gathered and rich at the base of the spine, before orgasm. This gives the root of the spine time to draw the sweetness upward to the top of the brain, nourishing the high end growth of the nervous system.

6. It is usually most helpful to consult a homeopath-naturopath, and a good bodyworker occasionally. It is very important that these critical services be provided by someone whom you relate to with genuine love and caring.

7. Notice when and where your body wants to sleep, and make a genuine attempt to honor your body's wishes. Prepare your sleeping space like you would a wedding bed. Bless it. If there is a magnetic rats nest crossing your bed, you WILL DIE prematurely. Electric blankets and water bed heaters are very bad news for living cells. Every electric dohickey within reach of your bed is wiping out magnetic bloodlines to your cells. GET RID OF THEM. Sleep on natural fibres and wood or best above live paramagnetic stone. The metal coils in your mattress are focusing magnetic holes into your body.
Do not permit any metal items or synthetic fibres to be part of what you wear or carry. This may sound hard, but try a couple days with natural fibres and no metal & then muscle test your body. For an example of body strength crash, just try your arm strength with vs. without your metal watch.. (one with a battery is particularly harmful to yor magnetic aura).

8. Ecstatic means waves of "Eck" approaching stasis/stillness. Approach the stillness gently. Do it exactly like a gradual musical chord which eventually helps the singer to reach another note higher or lower. You can easily try sacred circle dance by yourself, or with 1 or 2 gentle and reverent friends. (or use our Sacred Circle Dance Film). Try a little favor-ite music which is gentle in pace and which has in the past made you tingle just a little bit. Try stepping simply in a circle while focusing your vision on feelings of compassion. Permit your movement to become just a little bit hypnotic, while truly dedicating yourself to the love you feel radiating from your inner voice. Breath in the "round" (balanced in vs out times), in the nose, out the mouth. As you gently slow to stillness for a moment, also permit your breath to gently slow to stillness also for just a moment. Just before sunset is a good time for ecstatic process. Do you have a stone circle or natural or wood structure to do it in? Little or no wiring is best.

9. Always take every excuse to get out from under non full spectrum fluorescent light. Warm pink, and mercury vapor light are particularly bad. Ananda teaches the darkness retreat. Alternating with real daylight this can open up the light sensors to pick up subtle (aura like) waves in the brain. Strongly recommend this be combined with the "kiva", experience. This means you enter under-ground somewhere, particularly magnetically alive. You will find your aura washed and re-grounded to Mother Earth's information rich magnetic bloodstream.

10. In order to live the continually eck-static, continually in touch with the leverage of stillness, we must hear our genes whispering in our ears like lightening saying "your bliss is this way." Learn to follow inner urges and intuition like a phone line to miracles. The more relaxed and gentle you are feeling, the easier it will be to be totally intuitive.

11. As you become more aware of the need NOT to hold your breath, actively seek out quality braided AIR. Fans and cars and heavy metal fractionate AIR. Trees and hill and quiet and natural green braid air. Braided air feeds the soul and awareness. Fractionated air creates impatience, short attention span, and death. "Choose life" by choosing to live in the quiet by the trees! Walk barefoot on healthy quiet Earth, then put on synthetic shoes and walk on concrete in a noisy city. Imagine you were a living cell. Upon tasting the difference might you not quit and choose death if were stuck in the wrong place?

Here is what I do to maintain twinkle:

a) I avoid red meat & poultry (or, at least I choose the stuff not filled with
artificial hormones & antibiotics)
:cool: I avoid all dairy products (I use calcium supplements & get calcium from
kale, sesame, etc..) I observe immediate problems with mucous and colds
from dairy.
c) I choose only oils which are raw, and expeller pressed (usually require
refrigeration) olive and safflower are good. Most oils on the store shelf
are gasoline distilled and very dead and help others to die.
d) I choose LIVE Veggies, and fruit, (Radiation or microwave treated foods
are also death trying to happen inside us.)
e) I use WHOLE GRAINS!!!!! (Quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice are
good) I avoid wheat... even whole wheat is still a genepool in pain from
monoculture: result mucous. Whole oats are wonderful. Fresh ground
whole oats & blended flax seed & good oil= great bread/pastry/pizza
crust. If you must grind and fractionate your grains and your memories,
can you do them fresh ground and coarsely ground? Here is my break
fast recipe, almond milk (&/or rice dream) and almond amazake, less
than boiled, add soaked whole &/or coarsely fresh ground oats, quinoa,
brown rice.
I usually add Earthnet green algae nutrition powder.. (very rich).
f) I undercook or consume raw. HEAT KILLS ORDER!!!! Microwave is
worst, electric heat 2nd worst, then gas, then wood.. heat in sequence of
life destroying ability.
g) I don't mix fruit and grain. I suggest study at least a summary of macro-
biotic principles... however I DO suggest quality steamed or broiled
seafood periodically. Recipe :nice fresh salmon, cover with some undi
luted frozen or fresh squeezed OJ, sprinkle with dill, and broil lightly-8 or
so minutes per side. Serve with wild rice or quinoa and lightly steamed
fresh beans or broccoli.. I drink little or nothing during meals, it dilutes
digestion and mineral absorption (I believe excess mineral deposits on
bones from body fluids-arthritis- is related to this dilution). I make a con-
scious effort to note how I feel during the hours after eating, to help me
choose food more wisely each day.
h) I never eat anything fried.
i) I never take any stimulants or pain "killers".. or alchohol. Caffeine strips
the body of it's own ecstatic juice making equipment.
f) I drink ONLY quality spring water (I like EVIAN< CRYSTAL Gyser,
Volvic etc...) I Never drink very hot or very cold anything. "Carbonated"
beverages dump only mind killing carbon dioxide to your brain... this
includes "Carbonated" waters. I avoid chlorine & fluorine waters like
they were slow death, because they are. Tell your water utility you want
flowform/reed-wetland/ozonated water, and not chlorine death. Store
your water in glass in a cool, dark, and paramagnetic space (away from
metal & synthetics as much as possible).
i) I avoid sugar in EVERY form.. RAW honey or chopped dates are useful
occasionally in small quantity.
h) If your food was not prepared by someone with love, you will be eating
and dreaming their impatience or anger!!!!!
j) Food should touch wood or glass.. Touching metal is bad, (it shorts the
field), touching aluminum in ANY form is a kind of electrical spin death
to food!! This means use glass cookware(& undercook!).
k) The daily supplements I use are: calcium, alfalfa, b-complex.. I recom-
mend some form of the blue-green algaes, I have found the complex of
products offered by EARTHNET particularly helpful, and more reason-
ably priced on the algae products. We can send you a little catalog from
Crystal Hill. Muscle testing is an excellent way to check your body for its
unique supplement needs.

- from "Nourished By Spin - The Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle" by Daniel Winter

(This thread is being moved to the proper forum)

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: Middleman]
    #7061183 - 06/18/07 01:49 PM (8 years, 10 months ago)

III. Fasting

Fasting for long periods (many days) can be a difficult and even dangerous experience for many, especially for those living in stressful or polluted environments. Yet fasting is the only real natural way to cure or alleviate almost any ill. It's powerful, effective, quick (that's why it's called "fast"ing), and best of all - it's free. No need to go to the doctor, wait in line, or pay exorbitant fees for treatments that rarely solve your problem or often just make it worse.

Of course, some problems, such as a broken bone or serious injury may require medical help or assistance, but for most ailments or diseases, fasting is the answer. Your body is your own best doctor and is always trying to heal or regenerate itself - if you let it. That's just the problem; most of us are so ignorant about our bodies and so addicted to certain bad habits that we never really give it a chance to heal properly. Only through pain and discomfort (the body's danger signals) are we made to listen. And even then we do not always understand what it is our bodies are trying to tell us.

We just haven't been taught the truth -that there is a price to pay for our sins, errors, or indulgences, and that they have a cumulative effect. Rich, unnatural, or chemically-laden foods will play havoc with your body, as will stress, overwork, pollution, or dangerous chemicals. Constant exposure to these and other negativities will slowly but surely break you down until you become ill or even die. That is why it is important to give you and your body a break from the maddening world around us. This can be in the form of a long vacation, relaxing weekend, or a fast. Vacations, weekends, or days off do not always turn out to be restorative, but you can't go wrong with fasting.

Fasting is the oldest, simplest, and surest way to put your health and spirits back on track. Nothing else works like it. The idea of refraining from food or water for regenerative purposes sounds strange or even frightening to most Westerners, but this is exactly what the(true) doctor ordered. In Eastern countries such as India and the Middle East, fasting is common and encouraged, and we would do well to follow their example. While it is true that stress and pollution make fasting today more dangerous than fifty or sixty years ago, this only applies to the longer fasts of about a week or more. Shorter fasts of one, two, or three days, when done properly, are perfectly safe and beneficial.

The one-day fast seems to be the ideal for most, whether you are a novice or experienced faster. By fasting one day a week (no food whatsoever -water is optional) you are giving your body a much needed true rest and time to catch up on neglected repair or cleaning. Important note: fasting of any kind is not recommended if you are pregnant, infirmed, on medication, a child, or in any other abnormal circumstance that requires supervision. Also, it is best to fast in a clean and quiet environment.

For novices, the first fast can be a challenge, but every succeeding fast will be much easier. For myself, it has gotten to the point where fasting for twenty-four hours every now and then has become quite effortless and even a joy. This is because I am thoroughly familiar with it and can count on its efficacies or benefits, which are immediate, both during and after the fast.

Naturally, there will be some weight loss, discomfort, dizziness, and other withdrawal symptoms, especially for beginners, but this is all part of the body's way of cleansing and healing itself: excess fat or weight will be burned off and chemicals and other poisons will be released into the bloodstream for expulsion. Only diseased or worn out tissue is burned or expelled. The body is not stupid enough to consume its own healthy tissue. The sicker you are, the more will be thrown out or eliminated. This is why those with advanced diseases must be supervised, and require longer and more frequent fasts.

By fasting, what you are in effect doing, is marshaling all of the body's energy (much of which would normally go into digesting) and focusing it on whatever needs to be cleaned or repaired. Rest or the conservation of your energy is also important to your fast. Sleep in itself is a kind of enforced fast that allows us to recover from our days' activities.

Your first one-day fast may not cure you of a long-standing illness or ailment but it will certainly help. Frequent or repetitive one-day fasts (once or twice a week) will be much more effective. I used to suffer from arthritic pain in my shoulder due to a work accident and found out that the shorter fasts were more effective in healing and eliminating the pain than the longer fasts. The first one-day fast greatly diminished the pain, but it wasn't until the third or fourth fast that I felt completely pain free. In cases where the injury never healed properly the fast will back-track and the original pain or condition may resurface before the healing occurs.

One way fasting works is by shrinking or constriction. Your tissues and arteries constrict, loosening whatever garbage or material is stuck to its walls that is causing the problem. When you eat again, the tissues and vessels expand again and the material is forced out. Of course, if you wait long enough the body has its own (better) way of eliminating the waste. Also, during fasting, the blood thins as it expels its waste, and this is what causes the dizziness. This dizziness, however, goes away as the blood rebuilds or normalizes. Sitting before getting up from a lying position is recommended.

Fasting improves blood flow or circulation and the body's capacity to eliminate resulting in better overall health. One will feel more energetic and alert and be more resistant to all forms of disease or illness. It will even slow down the aging process which is little more than the accumulated effects of our bad habits or wrong ways of living.

One-day fasting will teach you control or discipline. It will greatly help you to break those bad habits or addictions that are destroying you and help you start to acquire new and positive ones. Nearly everything we do is habit or addiction, including eating and sex. We were not meant to be ruled by our stomachs or base desires. It is our lower carnal desires which enslave us and keep us bound to this material plane and which cause us to continually reincarnate. If we are to rise above our animal state to that of the angels or higher, we must begin by conquering our lower natures, and fasting is the key.

Fasting one day out of seven is not a huge sacrifice to make, especially when you consider the benefits or rewards. Begin your fast in the evening, right after your last meal. By the time you wake up, half the fast will already be over. Resume regular eating in the evening. The braver ones can extend it to thirty-six hours although I don't recommend this unless you've had previous experience or feel compelled to do so. Many people like to fast on their Sabbath day, reflecting the biblical or scriptural injunction to rest on the seventh day. The beauty of the one-day fast is that you do not have to slowly work your way in or out of it as in the longer fasts. Twenty-four to thirty-six hours is just long enough before the fasting process starts to get really serious.

Of course WHAT one eats is also important. Try to improve your diet with each succeeding fast. Learn to break those sugar and salt habits. Eat less junk food. Cut down on meat and dairy products, and try to grow or prepare your own food. Your taste buds may not like it, but your body will love you for it. Most people don't realize that the more stimulating a food is the more damage it will do. Endless additives and enhancers are increasingly adulterating our food, and our endless desire or addiction for more and more flavor or stimulus is quickly driving us to the grave.

Fasting helps re balance our unnatural cravings or desires by eliminating the chemicals or properties that cause them. Remember, your body is your friend and wants the best for you, but you must give it a chance to do its work, and fasting gives it that opportunity. Short-term fasting can also correct weight problems, energy imbalances, blood pressure, sleep disorders, depression and mood swings, nervousness, and just about every other ailment or disorder. It can also improve eyesight and hearing and the better functioning of your senses in general. I have often noticed being wittier and more quickly able to come up with solutions to problems during and after my fast. I am also amazed at how quickly and effortlessly I am able to drive my car while fasting - the concentration is perfect.

It's best to do your one-day fast privately or without much fanfare as most people are ignorant about fasting in general and will not understand and may even try to dissuade you from it. Society in general is still so ignorant on so many basic issues and until we wake up we will continue on the path to misery and destruction. This is partly due to our own lethargy and partly to our government and social leaders who are more interested in controlling us or putting us to sleep than they are in awakening or liberating us.

Once you are comfortable with the one-day fast and are convinced of its benefits, you can then cautiously go on to the longer and more powerful fasts, if that is your desire. By mastering the one-day fast you have taken an important step or foothold on the long and narrow road to regeneration.


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #7087161 - 06/24/07 02:59 PM (8 years, 10 months ago)

I'm loving it!
Keep it coming!!:grin:

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
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You should do a chapter on posture. :thumbup:

If I should die this very moment
I wouldn't fear
For I've never known completeness
Like being here
Wrapped in the warmth of you
Loving every breath of you

:heartpump: :bunnyhug: :yinyang:

:yinyang: :levitate: :earth: :levitate: :yinyang:

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: fireworks_god]
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Altered...can you be my personal cook?

Free of charge of course :cool:


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 *DELETED* [Re: Liquid_Dimension]
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Post deleted by AlteredAgain

Reason for deletion: diets change.


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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
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A Traveler's Concise Guide To The 4 Secrets Of Longevity
What, How & Where You Think, Eat, Act & Live Dramatically Affect Your Life Span


In Asia, it is called Ki or Chi - In the West, will or spirit, even life force - Whatever name you favor, its effect on your life is literally profound!

Negative thoughts shorten life.

Each of us has a unique genetic code (different from everyone else) which is our "program" for life (& death) - But the mind is an incredibly powerful tool - For example, a healthy person who genuinely believes themselves ill (or old, or without hope) will, in a surprisingly short time actually develop symptoms of that situation - & seeing such evidence of decline, will spiral ever deeper down.

Positive thoughts extend life.

Therefore, fellow passenger, through time - Make use of this amazing & proven adaptability of life - EXTEND YOUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS.

Immunity Drains:

DON'T be a sacrificial goat for others.
DON'T live in the past (plan for the future).
DON'T be elitist (tolerate differences).
DON'T hold grudges/anger (let it go).
DON'T be bullied (action defeats fear).
DON'T be a 100% perfectionist.
DON'T keep sorrow (cry & let go).
DON'T worry (do something).
DON'T overwork (designate).
DON'T take criticisms to heart.
DON'T be obsessively neat.
DON'T ever get depressed.

Immunity Boosts:

DO always have an exciting future goal.
DO love & be loved (in family or group).
DO have mental/actual security (on any income).
DO be confident & pleasantly self-assertive.
DO be an individual (dare to be different).
DO practice prompt decision making.
DO stay calm inside during conflict.
DO relax/have fun without guilt.
DO practice healing visualization.
DO ask for help unashamedly.
DO develop quiet self-esteem.
DO be an outrageous optimist.


Environment has a massive effect on our immunity level - Which with widely snowballing permeation of our "modern" world from chemical, radiated & other pollutants devastate our health & shorten our lives by huge proportions - Is it any wonder that toxin-related diseases such as cancer & birth defects are so feared today?

Horrifyingly simple examples of how we daily deplete immunity are
- Plastic covers/bags, furniture, foam etc. emit allergenic formaldehyde gas - Microwave exposure can cause cancer &/or birth defects - Professional painters have a 40% higher risk of lung cancer than average - Over 50% (& rising) of all food, water (including rain) & air in our world is now polluted by varying amounts of pesticides/chemicals/heavy metals.


DON'T live near factories.
DON'T live in big cities.
DON'T work in heavy industry/construction.
DON'T live near a tip.
DON'T live anywhere near nuclear power stations.
DON'T live/work near pylons/transformers etc.
DON'T live near/work with granite rock (Radon).
DON'T live/work near intensive farming (pesticide vapors).
DON'T have anything to do with asbestos (on roofs, round pipes).
DON'T use fly sprays (swat).
DON'T use cosmetics/soaps with harmful chemicals.
DON'T live/work around formaldehyde plastics (packing/cavity walls).


DO heat with central (not in room) fuel burning.
DO avoid breathing in paint/thinner vapors.
DO avoid using garden chemicals/weed killers.
DO avoid exercise in polluted/dusty air.
DO place your bed away from sockets/appliances.
DO avoid wearing dry cleaned clothes (solvents).
DO avoid regular long city commuting journeys.
DO clean home etc. with vinegar/baking soda etc.
DO try to sleep with window open (oxygen).
DO avoid smoky rooms/bars & people.
DO use air-conditioned transport in cities.
DO avoid D.I.Y dusts/glues/solvents etc.


What you eat strengthens or weakens immunity.
30+% of cancers originate from diets/drinks.

Food Plan

50-70% cooked whole organic grains
20-30% raw/lightly cooked fresh vegetables
5-15% local fruit
5-15% white sea fish, poultry, organic eggs
5-10% vegetable soup/juice
0-5% low fat dairy

extras: RNA/DNA, Zinc, Selenium, Royal Jelly, Dolomite, Lecithin, Spirulina, Chlorella.

Vitamin Plan
adults & time-release

High pot. multivitamin & chel. minerals breakfast & dinner.
Vitamin A: 20-30,000 IU total (incl. above) 6 days/week.
Super Vit. B Complex at lunch & bedtime.
Vitamin C with bioflavs, 4-16g spread over all daytime.
if taking large amounts, supplement with magnesium to prevent kidney stones.
Vitamin E: build up to 1,000 IU spread over all daytime.


DON'T cook with heavy fat/oil (free radicals).
DON'T eat any refined/processed foods.
DON'T eat red meat or fat content dairy foods.
DON'T eat sugar/canned/smoked foods.
DON'T cook in microwave/aluminum/teflon.
DON'T eat a lot or animal protein after lunch.
DON'T drink coffee/sugar/fruit drinks.
DON'T eat very cold or spicy food.
DON'T eat if stressed or fevered.
DON'T eat too much raw food.
DON'T drink at/or close to meals.
DON'T drink tap water.


DO chew food well & digest without haste.
DO cook in glass or stainless steel.
DO drink/use herb teas selectively.
DO seek out organic/additive free foods.
DO cook food lightly & serve it warm.
DO identify & remove allergens from diet.
DO promote appetite with exercise.
DO study Yin/Yang (macrobiotics).
DO eat & drink in moderation.
DO study food combining.
DO avoid protein/starch together.
DO vary diet from day to day.


DO chart progress to goals.
DO take up yoga/tai chi.
DO work to a schedule.
DO laugh a lot.
DO enjoy music.
DO think young/well/happy/expectant.
DO be very creative.
DO listen to your body.
DO find a friend to talk out problems with.
DO make a change for the better now, not later.
DO avoid crossing arms/legs (inhibits Ki flow).
DO avoid taking drugs unnecessarily.

DO sleep at set times.
DO stretch/flexibility exercises 6 days/week.
DO enjoy sex with one longterm partner.
DO avoid TV/PC/Radar/microwave radiation.
DO strength/weight exercises 3-5 days/week.
DO aerobic/heart exercises 3-5 days/week.
DO be adventurous in experiencing life.
DO avoid more than 1 glass of wine 3 days/week.
DO deep breathing exercises 6 days/week.

Immunity/Longevity Herbs
(study & alternate usage monthly)

Bee pollen, Ginseng, Gingko biloba, Gotu kola, Garlic, Licorice, Alfalfa, Don quai, Burdock, Fenugreek, Golden seal, Cats claw, Damiana, Sarsaparilla, Echinacca, Astragalus, Guarana, Shiitake, False unicorn, Reishi.

excerpted from The Art of Shen Ku

Disclaimer: Take what you need, apply what is useful.



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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #7765632 - 12/16/07 03:45 PM (8 years, 4 months ago)

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

Raw Foods

Scientists and doctors are now emphasizing the importance of fresh, raw foods in our diet due to the loss of essential vitamins, enzymes, friendly bacteria, and other food factors caused by cooking. Modern scientific medicine is finally catching up with traditional wisdom and helping us prevent the diseases caused by the Standard American Diet (appropriately known as the "SAD" diet).

The core philosophy of the raw food movement revolves around the idea that enzymes, the catalysts needed to aid digestion and nutrient absorption, are destroyed at temperatures around 118°F (some say 108°F). Without these food enzymes, our bodies have to work harder to digest and assimilate the foods we consume. Enzyme-rich foods help provide our bodies with a more viable and efficient energy source. Raw foods rapidly digest in our stomach and begin to provide energy and nutrition at a quick rate.

Consuming cooked food, either alone or before raw food, can cause a condition called leukocytosis, an increase in white blood cells. Your body may respond to cooked food as if it were a foreign bacteria or a diseased cell, which causes your immune system to waste energy on defending you. By eating only raw food or eating raw food prior to eating cooked food, you can prevent leukocytosis.

While the body also produces enzymes, some researchers believe that only finite amounts of them are available over the course of a lifetime. They theorize that as the enzyme supply dwindles, the body ages more quickly, has less ability to fight disease, and essentially runs out of energy. Because raw food is in its original, natural form, it is more wholesome, assimilative, and digestible. Food  eaten raw puts very little stress on the body's systems. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., recommends raw foods for many reasons, including their alkalinity, their high enzyme levels, and their ability to improve circulation. He says, "Live cell analysis experimentation has shown that within ten minutes after ingesting enzymes, red blood cells become unclumped. Something is happening in the blood after the enzymes are ingested that suggests the enzymes are effective in the blood." In other words, the live enzymes in raw foods have a healing effect on the body.

Remember, raw doesn't necessarily mean cold. Foods may be warmed to well above body temperature and still maintain their life force. A good rule of thumb is: If you stick your finger in it, it should feel warm - not hot.

In his popular book, Alkalize or Die, author Dr. Theodore A. Baroody writes about the importance of a lifestyle that supports alkalinity. When foods are eaten, they are broken down into small components and delivered to each and every cell in the body. These nutrients are burned with oxygen in a slow, controlled manner to supply the necessary energy for us to function. After oxidation, the cells excrete waste products.

The digestion of foods, all foods, healthful or unhealthful, results in waste products. The difference between healthful food and unhealthful food is the amount and kind of wastes produced: acid or alkaline. Human cells die in about four weeks: Some regenerate and some are destroyed. Dead cells are waste products. All waste products need to be discarded from the body, mostly through urine and perspiration. Most of these wastes are acidic; therefore, when we excrete them, our urine is acidic and our so is our skin.

Most of us overwork, stay up late, get up early, and stress ourselves to the limit without giving ourselves time to rest. Most people like to eat meat and refined grains and enjoy colas and other soft drinks, which are all highly acidic foods and drinks. Furthermore, the polluted environment kills our healthy cells, thus producing more acidic wastes. This means that we cannot get rid of 100% of the acidic wastes that we make daily, and these leftover wastes are stored somewhere within our bodies.

Since our blood and cellular fluids must be slightly alkaline to sustain life, the body converts liquid acidic wastes into solid wastes. Solidification of liquid acid wastes is the body's defense mechanism to survive. Some of these acid wastes include cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, phosphates, sulfates, urates, and gallstones; and they accumulate in many places throughout the body.

One of the biggest problems caused by the buildup of acidic wastes is the fact that acid coagulates blood. When blood becomes thicker, it clogs up the capillaries, which is why so many adult diseases require blood thinners as part of their treatment. It is commonly known that degenerative diseases are caused by poor blood circulation. Where there is an accumulation of acidic wastes, and the local capillaries are clogged, any organ in that area will be deprived of an adequate blood supply, which can eventually lead to dysfunction of that organ.

Doctors have found that more than 150 degenerative diseases are associated with acidity, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and gall and kidney stones. All diseases thrive in an acidic, oxygen-poor environment.

The symbol pH (power of hydrogen) is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH scale goes from 1-14. For example, a reading of 1 pH would be acidic, a reading of 7pH would be neutral, and a reading of 14 pH would be alkaline.

Mushroom growers know this. :mushroom2:

Keep in mind that a drop in every point on the pH scale is 10 times more acid (that is, from 7 to 6 is 10 times, from 7 to 5 it is 100 times, etc.). From 7 to 2 is 100,000 times more acidic! And sodas are in the acidic range of 2 pH. Over the long term, the effects of sodas are devastating to the body. Acidity, sugars, and artificial sweeteners can shorten your life. In fact, it takes 32 glasses of alkaline water at a pH of 9 to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz. cola or soda. When you drink sodas, the body uses up reserves of its own stored alkaline buffers - mainly calcium from the bones and DNA - to raise the body's alkalinity levels, especially to maintain proper blood-alkaline pH levels. Acidic blood levels can cause death, which is why it is beneficial to have an alkaline (7.1-7.5) pH level.

Most of the degenerative diseases we call "old-age diseases," like memory loss, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension, are actually lifestyle diseases caused by acidosis, an overall poor diet (especially a lack of leafy green vegetables), improper digestion, and too much stress.

So how can you alkalize your body? Baroody suggests following an 80%/20% dietary rule. Choose 80% alkaline-forming foods and drinks and 20% acid-forming foods and drinks for vibrant health. In a nutshell, most fruits and vegetables are alkaline and most other foods, including meat, dairy, fish, fowl, grains, seeds, and nuts are acid-forming. He recommends that we build up to eating a diet of 75% fresh and raw plant-based foods and 25% cooked foods. He encourages the daily practice of meditation, deep breathing, exercise, deep sleep, and positive thinking - all of which increase alkalinity.

One of the quickest and best ways to improve health and increase alkalinity is to make fresh vegetable juice every day. Chlorophyll, which gives green vegetables their color, builds the blood and powerfully alkalizes the system.



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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #7800112 - 12/26/07 06:49 AM (8 years, 4 months ago)

(this method is NOT for first time schizophrenia oncomings)

(this method is for long time depressent recovered but sick)

There is one FAST fix to a suicidal.
Its called INSTINCT.SuRIvaL Do not overlook our GOD given TOOLS.
(if you clearly overpower them u have to let them win u have to take punches and it needs to seem real dont kill your friend lol)




in·stinct2 /ɪnˈstɪŋkt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[in-stingkt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. filled or infused with some animating principle (usually fol. by with): instinct with life.
2. Obsolete. animated by some inner force.

Masonry Is the Bridged
Work In progress
Lord Cymbalta was slain by his hand-

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: Masonry]
    #7802878 - 12/27/07 05:38 AM (8 years, 4 months ago)

Reading my post i devolped a concern.

Its tricky a bit
Some Phrases to help.


Dont expect it fast.
Dont ask them in questions they will answer
Dont just sit there insulting them
Dont walk up and start punching them in the face

Hire someone to create a scenario' that would appeal to the survival trigger.

Their eyes youll see them change, when it comes out.
They are NOT dead----just buried.

Masonry is a work in progress

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Re: Mind/Body Health 101 [Re: AlteredAgain]
    #8196639 - 03/26/08 03:41 PM (8 years, 1 month ago)

an informative and easy to understand presentation on the basic significance of alkaline PH and ionized water for true health and well-being. :sun:


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