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Things I wish I'd known when I started here * 11
    #27646632 - 02/05/22 08:29 AM (4 months, 16 days ago)


--TELL NO ONE. TELL NO ONE. TELL NO ONE that you grow.
Probably half of people in prison for drugs are there because they told someone who didn't need to know. That person gets mad and tells the cops. Or they just think it's cool, and tells people. The person you told, or someone they told, gets busted, and you are their only bargaining chip. Read Arrest Proof Yourself.

Telling no one isn't just about avoiding cops, it's about avoiding being known as "the person who grows shrooms." At best, people will bug you non-stop for shrooms. At worst, people will rob you. Thieves love to rob people with drugs, because you can't call the cops on them.

--Don't worry about finding the perfect variety. Most cube varieties (sometimes incorrectly called "strains") will get you very fucking high if you eat a few grams.

That said:
--Don't take a huge dose your first few times. Read this post, the whole thread, really: To the young men taking "heroic" doses to fix themselves, but having a bad time.

--Get a scale accurate to less than a tenth of a gram. So you know how much you're taking. Eyeballing it makes it hard to figure out what's what. Digital postage scale on Amazon or eBay is about 15 bucks. Maybe less.

--Keep notes, but encrypt. Also label stuff. I use a label maker, one with a QWERTY keyboard (NOT alphabetical layout). It's frustrating to grow a killer T2 plate ready to go to grain and not know what it is.

--Except for PE (Penis Envy) and its sub-varieties, most cubes are similar in strength, with solid potency and robust growth coming from selecting and cloning the right genetics. Don't worry about that yet. Some of it is even just marketing to try to influence your subjective opinion.

Potency doesn't matter much. So you have to take 3 grams of a weaker cube rather than 2 grams of a stronger cube. Makes no difference, because if you get good at growing, you'll always have more shrooms than you can use.

What I'm mainly saying with "Potency doesn't matter much" is that people new to shrooms tend to spend too much time worrying about "what strain", and it's more important to just grow some shrooms and get good at the basics.

Try growing a few different varieties at first (like 3 or 4) and then concentrate on what grows best for you. Or even just start with 1 variety that is a common classic cube that grows well. The sponsors here are trustworthy. Or if you've been on this site a while, you can trade or even get a free swab on the Marketplace. I started with B+ variety. It was easy to grow. Don't start with PE, it takes a long time to grow.

There are 3 steps to growing shrooms. They are:
--Growing mycelium from spores on agar plates
--Growing mycelium into bulk spawn on grain in jars (usually 1-quart wide-mouth mason jars)
--Growing shrooms in tubs (start with shoebox size plastic tubs, not larger monotubs)

You can learn each step and buy the things for it before learning / buying for the next part.
No need to master all at once.

Here are the two threads I check every day when I go on this site. Bookmark these:
AGAR ENVY! (Anything and All things agar!)
Post Your Cultivation Picture of The Day.

You can learn a lot from reading these threads and seeing what's new.

Good thread for Cultivation General Discussion and questions.

Great thread on how shroom growing should and shouldn't look, at every step.

--Forget grow kits. They almost always end in mold. Forget "Uncle Ben's Tek." If you must use a "training wheels" tek, use PF tek, but I'd recommend starting with agar. If you can follow directions you can make it work.

--Fluffy (tomentose) mycelium can be as good as rhizo (ropey). Rhizo just looks cool. Also, people like rhizo because it's easier to tell from fluffy mold. Our brains are trained by evolution to recoil from mold.

--Learn to pour agar. After you pour plates, let them cool, put sacks of ten them in the sleeve they came in (or wrap in cling wrap), tape up the top, cover with a clean shirt, and keep them 10 days to two weeks at room temp before use, to make sure none are contaminated. You can keep them in the fridge after that for months, but that can lead to condensation which can lead to problems. They'll last at least 6 weeks in the sleeve without drying out. I do this, and make less more often. If plates growing cultures get water inside, put them upside down. Water will re-absorb into air, and shouldn't be on plate. Can spread any contam anywhere.

If you want good inexpensive sterile disposable one-use (best) Petri plates, here is info.

--When using agar plates, keep your hand away from being over them. Even if you're take sterile precautions, passing your hand over increases chance of a few germs or mold spores dropping onto the plate. I used to think of the kid game "hot lava" to avoid passing over the plates, until it was innate.

--Make an SAB, prounounced "S-A-B" (still air box). Costs about 10 dollars. Use the biggest tote / tub you can. I used a 107 quart tote. Smaller will be a hassle. Here's a good tek on making and using one. Though skip the mentioned chlorine, is bleach, you don't want or need it, and should never mix with alcohol, can produce toxic gas. If you use a hot coffee can to make the holes, wear protective gloves to prevent burning your hand. Or hold it with pliers, and do it outside to avoid breathing fumes of plastic melting.

--Learn sterile techniques.

--Learn to transfer away from contams (contaminations) on agar.

--Learn to clone.

--Don't try to save a contaminated grow! Chuck it, figure out what you did wrong, and start again. I was told on here early on, "If you try to save contaminated grows, you'll never bother to figure out how to do clean grows." It made me mad then but it's great advice. If anyone tells you to keep a contaminated grow, put them in Ignore, because they can't help you.

--Don't touch your shrooms while they grow, and don't touch your sub (sub strait, your grow medium in a tub). You will touch them anyway, at least at first, because they're so amazing and magical looking. (They ARE magic mushrooms! haha). But they can actually get contams (especially including Pseudomonas) from what even healthy humans have on their hands on a day to day basis.

--Clean grows start with clean spawn. Clean spawn starts with clean agar. Clean agar starts with learning to pour agar and learning to transfer good mycelium away from contaminated plates to new clean plates.

--Plantronix Coco Blis is good coir for growing shrooms. Nature's Premium brand coir is also good. And the coir used for lizard bedding and spider terrariums is good for shrooms. Some coir for plants has ADDED green mold (Trichoderma harzianum, aka Trich) that's good for plants but ruins shroom grows.

--Shrooms won't appear until the entire box is white with mycelium. That's how it works, and the sooner you know that the sooner you won't worry "Where are my shrooms? Wait at least two weeks after sending to a box before wondering why you don't see pins yet. The mycelium has to eat all the nutrients in the substrate first, then throws up fruits. That's how this works.

--Use a VPN. A good one. Free or very cheap ones are probably honeypots. If you're not using a VPN, your ISP knows you're on the Shroomery a lot. Use Brave Browser, in Incognito mode, and use duckduckgo.com for searches, not Google.

Also consider using a dedicated computer just for this hobby, run it on Linux, encrypt it when you put Linux on, and keep it updated. Make the password 14 characters or more, and something you'll remember but that no one would guess. Nothing to do with you or your hobbies.

Don't use that computer for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Never log in there with a gmail address. Make a separate email address just for this hobby.

I bought a used, older Windows laptop for 100 bucks. Wiped drive with DBAN. Installed a light version of Linux, those run fine on older computers.

You can also set up a 3-key combination to shut off the computer fast if you need to.

You can do all this free with Dual Boot on your current computer if you can't afford a dedicated extra 100 dollar used laptop. 

You can add an auto kill switch to keep from showing your IP to your ISP if your VPN falls off, as they do.

--Don't take grow advice from Reddit. It's a fun place for some to post and be hyper, but there is so much wrong advice there it's crazy. I've seen people tell someone "That grow is contamed" when it's not, and seen people throw out a great grow. That would get someone banned for life here, and that's a good thing. "Reddit shroom subs: where you get yelled at for being a gatekeeper if you suggest using agar."

Reddit will give 5 upvotes to proper advice, 50 upvotes to wrong advice, and 500 upvotes to a shroom that looks like a butt.

--Don't use a user name that connects to you. If you like model trains, don't use "ModelTrainShroomer" as your user name. And don't use your user name here anywhere else on the Internet. The guy who ran the Silk Road is in prison for life because he did that. On this post right here, he used that same user name "altoid" on another website where he used his real name email. Smart people can do dumb things.

--Grow in shoeboxes (small plastic totes) until you get good at growing, before you grow a big tub. That way if you get a contam, you can throw out one instead of losing it all. Better to grow 4 shoeboxes than one monotub with same amount at first. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

--Don't give grow advice on here until you've grown some solid shoeboxes, and have done the thing you're giving advice on. It looks bad. I did it on here early on. It will get you shouted down on here, and it should.

--Don't use a photo of someone else's grow or agar or anything like that for your avatar photo. That's basically considered "Stolen Valor"

--If you have a question about a grow UPLOAD A PHOTO. A good one. Or several, from different angles, if it makes it easier to diagnose. The photo needs to be clear, not blurry, and not tiny. The color should match reality. If it doesn't, if your camera / phone / room lighting changed the color, do a web search for "white balance (make and model of your camera)." Don't add any software filters. Or you can white balance your photo after you take it using Photoshop or other photo editing program. (If you're on Linux, GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop.)

--If you have trouble taking photos of the contents of a Petri dish (plate), your camera is probably auto-focusing on the outside top of the plate, not the inside agar surface like you want. Turn off auto-focus on your phone / camera and move your phone / camera up and down until the surface of the agar is in focus. Read taking better Petri dish and shroom grow photos.

Take several photos and pick the best one. Web search "turn off auto focus (make/model of your phone / camera)" if you don't know how. Turn auto-focus back on when you're done, if you use auto-focus regularly.

--Don't upload photos to another site (like imgur.com) and link here, don't make us download anything. Instead, you should host and embed the photo here. Pic tek here if you can't figure it out.  If you get an error uploading that says "work being done on the site, try back later.", just refresh the page and try again. If that doesn't work, try again in a few minutes.

--Don't delete your old photos on here, even if they aren't good and you get a lot better. They're useful to show progress. And mainly, this site is full of old threads that reference pix that are now missing. It's frustrating for people to see that.

--Show your mistakes as well as your victories on here, the mistakes help others, if you explain what happened. 

--Listen more than talk at first. I say this because I did it wrong here at first.

--Don't experiment with new things until you can grow with a known modern tek from here and do it right a few times. Reddit is full of people who haven't even grown a decent shoebox trying "experiments" with no control, not using clones, not showing results, and people get mad and down vote you if you point that out. IT'S NOT AN EXPERIMENT IF YOU DON'T SHOW THE RESULTS.

--Coffee and gypsum have no place in this hobby. Those are old tek adopted from growing flowers. They hurt, not help, growing shrooms. And don't add fertilizer, you'll just grow contams. All you need is grain. Almost any grain will work. Should be whole grains with no antifungals added.

I use WBS (wild bird seed), which is a mix of Milo, White Proso Millet, Wheat, Sunflower Seeds. It's inexpensive. Rice sucks. Corn sucks, but a few people have success with it. Most people here use oats, bird seed, or rye or wheat. 

--You don't need cow poo or horse poo. Shrooms grow well on them, but they complicate things, smell unless composted, attract insects, are hard to get right, and can add e coli bacteria to your final result, which is dangerous to eat. Shrooms grow great on grain. Just grain. Horse poo and cow poo are just digested grain anyway.

--You don't need to automate anything beyond maybe adding a fan on a timer, and in the winter, a small heater, to heat the closet if you live somewhere cold. Don't directly heat the grows. Don't set a shoebox or a jar on a heating pad. That can get way too much heat on one spot. Grows contams.

Instead, heat the air around it. I use a dedicated closet with a heater and a fan plugged into a thermostat designed for heaters. I don't recommend above 70 f (22 c), at least at first. Above that is diminishing returns, plus increase chance of contam, unless you're very good at all the teks involved. If it's warm enough for you, it's warm enough for shrooms, at all phases of growth.

Don't blow the heater's heat ONTO the grows, blow away, so you heat the room, not the boxes. If you blow heat on them, you can get side shrooms and bottom shrooms:

If you're running a heater, put a layer of cardboard under your shoeboxes so they're not touching the shelf, so you don't heat the bottom of them. That will make bottom pins, which you don't want.

Use a liner in shoeboxes. Use an unscented garbage bag, double ply, line the shoebox with it and ladle your mixed verm/coir/spawn into it. That will also keep you from getting side pins / bottom pins. That's not about keeping out light, it's about keeping little pockets of perfect condition for pins from forming.

I also have 2 smoke detectors in the closet, just to make sure.

--Make sure you have a PC (pressure cooker) with a gauge. I recommend minimum the Presto 17 quart, you can do 7 one-quart jars at once. That's the one I use, and it's good. This hobby can sort of be done without a PC, but once you have one (with a gauge) you'll wish you'd gotten it much sooner.

--Learn to dial in field capacity and FAE (fresh air exchange) so you don't have to fan and mist constantly. Regarding fiddling about with shroom grows too much: "Don't love them to death." -LotKid

--Get a food dehydrator. Mine cost 40 bucks and I've been running it non-stop lately.

No they don't kill potency. In fact, you're far more likely to lose shrooms to mold or bacteria if you don't dry them to cracker dry. Cracker dry stored with silica gel in a cool, dry place can last a decade or more. Dehydrate shrooms for 24 hours on high. I do mine at 180 F (don't go higher than that, and 165 F will work). They'll seem dry in 8 hours, but it can't hurt to do longer, and can only help.

--Fillet your shrooms. Twist when you harvest. Don't cut, that leaves stumps that rot. Don't pull, that removes too much mycelium. Twist, then cut off the bottom end before you dry them. That stuff has a lot of coir and verm on it. It's gross to eat, and it cuts down the amount you're really getting when you weigh it. If you fillet and then dry for 24 hours, 2 grams really fucking is 2 grams. And don't save the shit you fillet off. Shrooms aren't that precious. Get good at this and you'll grow more in few months than you can eat in years.

Trash from filleting the bottoms off a bunch of shrooms:

Also: Vacuum packing mushrooms / long term storage / discussion. If you vacuum pack, you don't need to add silica gel. If you live in a dry place you probably also don't need silica gel, even if you store cracker dry shrooms in a mason jar.

Don't grind shrooms before storing. Increasing surface area increases speed of loss of potency.

--If you grow some shrooms, take spore prints so you'll more spores of that variety, and so you can share spores. Then later, learn to take clones.

--If shrooms don't work for you, are you on SSRIs (like Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil, etc. Full list here.)? They make psychedelics not work well. I call them "anti-shrooms."

If you are not on SSRIs, and you don't get high on psychedelics that get your friends high, then you are rare.

--If you're picking wild shrooms, you should first know about Wood-Lovers Paralysis. I avoid woodlovers and only take species (like cubes) that I grow, that grow on grain (or horse / cow poo in the wild). Though a lot of people on here pick and eat woodlovers with no problems. I just don't want to chance it when I can grow so many cubes. 

--If your shrooms are all the way open and turn black overnight, it's not mold, it's spores. They drop in a cloud, from the gills on the bottom of the cap, it can even stain the top of the cap. People usually harvest before it gets to that point, but sometimes I let them do that, ends up with heaviest shroom weight, and no reduction in potency (despite rumors to the contrast). Trade off is spores don't taste good and they're messy, but shrooms don't taste very good anyway. Plus shrooms look great open. Top pic in this post is a grow I let open. You can see spore darkening on the top of the caps.

--Don't take huge doses of shrooms your first few times. And don't take drugs in combination with MAOIs until you've done them a bunch without. The good thing about shrooms compared to LSD is they don't last forever. Until you get comfortable with shrooms, you don't want to take something to amp them up AND make them last what seems like forever. I don't care what Joe Rogan told you.

I recommend using advanced search for any question you have, THEN if you don't find the answer, post a question. If you burn out all your goodwill asking a question for everything early on, when you could just search it, people won't want to help you when you get really stumped by something. Save it for things you can't find on the Advanced Search.

Here's how to use the advanced search.

Especially note the part about limiting searches to the past 4 or 5 years for most up-to-date stuff. Things change over time here. All of this is evolving from people sharing what works.

What worked 20 or even 10 years ago can be very wrong now for best practices.

--Take advice on here only from people who have posted pix of their own grows and who grow fat tubs of shrooms like you want to grow. Also, people with a lot of general ratings are probably helpful and knowledgeable, though some have a lot from just being funny, but not for growing.

If someone has a lot of ratings and some trade ratings, they probably know what they're doing. For ratings, mouse over or click on the little shrooms under someone's name to the left of their post.

--Rate people who are helpful to you. It's a way to help others know who is helpful and knows what they're doing.

Hint: "a lot of ratings" on here is a much lower number than on Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram. Most people here don't even know there's a rating system. Same with the fact that there is a "like" or "upvote" button on each post. Hint: it looks like a plus sign, and it's small.

A grow tek on here with 20 likes is probably amazing.

--Once you get the basics down, don't do anything with MS (multi-spore) grows and call it an "experiment." There is so much variety in MS that it isn't scientific at all to change one aspect of the grow and think it's going to produce useful data.

To do a useful experiment, you need to, at bare minimum, use the same clone sector for the thing you're trying and for the control.
Here is what I wish I'd done from day 1. I didn't do some of this until much later, and it set me back:

--Use ISO (isopropyl alcohol) in a spray bottle when doing spore / agar work. For some dumb reason (fear of fire?) I used soapy water at first. Not good. Label your spray bottle different than your water spray bottle for misting shrooms!

--Do NOT use bleach or hydrogen peroxide for anything in this hobby. They're not needed, and either can mix with alcohol to form toxic fumes, and can explode when mixed.

--Get a small butane brazing torch.  Much better and quicker for flaming scalpel sterile than an alcohol lamp. (Do NOT use it in the SAB, and keep it away from your ISO). Alcohol kills most germs. A butane flame vaporizes all germs. You don't need to get the most expensive torch, but don't get the cheapest one. It's highly compressed highly flammable gas. Don't cheap out on that. I spent 25 dollars on mine. Make sure the refills you get have the right nozzle to fill yours. There are short and long nozzles. 

--Use .2 or .3 micron hole synthetic filters stuck on 3/8" holes in quart jars, silicon around edges, then SCREW LIDS DOWN TIGHT before putting in the PC. There are small rubber mat things that help you tighten and loosen lids.)

For some reason, I thought lids were supposed to be loose in PC (probably from reading an old PF tek). I know that can technically work with unmodded lids, but not as reliably, at least for me. Tighten them down. They won't blow up, pressure will equalize through the synthetic filter over the lid hole.

--Don't use brown rice. Use a better grain. People have grown good mushrooms here using rye, wheat, oats, corn, millet, and other grains. Make sure you use whole grain with no added fungicides. Prep your grain according to a respected tek here that's particular to your grain. Most grains need washing and soaking overnight. Some need to be heated. Not WBS. I wash and strain it 5 times, soak overnight for 12 to 18 hours, then strain again, dry a bit on a window screen in a frame, then PC for two hours after reaching 15 PSI.

--To properly use a PC, put in your jars, put in a few inches of water in the bottom, put the lid on, but not the stopcock. Put the PC on high, and let steam shoot out 10 minutes before putting on the stopcock.

Put the stopcock on with tongs so you don't burn yourself. Let the pressure on the gauge go up to at least 15 PSI then turn the heat down to about 1/3. Learn to get it to stay between 15 and 20 PSI (not higher). Let jars PC at 15 PSI or higher for 2 hours. 15 to 30 min longer if you're at a high altitude. For every 1,000 feet above 2,000-foot elevation, increase cooking time by 5 percent.

For agar mix, PC at 25 minutes, adding more for altitude as above.

Don't open the PC until pressure hits zero on the gauge.

Here is a good thread with a bunch of people posting "Whats some advice you would give to yourself as a noob?"

--If you've got money, skip using an SAB and buy / build a laminar flow hood. (About 400 to 1000 dollars.) That's laboratory level perfection. I have one and love it. It replaces the SAB in a very clean way. Once you get one, you'll wonder how you ever used an SAB before. But an SAB will work, if you're careful.

Stay mostly on the sections of this site "Mushroom Cultivation" and "The Psychedelic Experience" if you want to learn this craft.

Some places on here are pretty rough are not really moderated, like the Pub, and OTD (Off-Topic Discussion). Trolls galore.

People can be jerks anywhere on the site, but it's basically allowed on those two places.

The "Ignore" function is good. Makes the idiots vanish when you're logged in. No one (except moderators and admins) can see who you block or how many people you block.

Click on any user's name, then click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "Ignore this user."

I don't just put Jerks on ignore, I use it for people who just talk a lot and never add anything to the conversation. Makes it easier to navigate this site while being a busy person outside of shrooms.

--GIVE BACK AND PAY IT FORWARD. Once you grow some shrooms, and can make spore prints or swabs, put one to a plate to make sure it's not contaminated, then do a giveaway

Be cautious about using your real name or return address. I even wear gloves when perparing envelopes so there are no fingerprints on the print foil, envelope or stamp, even though prints are legal in most places.

When doing a giveaway on the Marketplace, delete recipient address after sending spores. There's no reason you should save those.

Send giveaway spores out promptly (within a week, hopefully less). Mark the giveaway as CLOSED in the subject line when all are taken, and post on the giveaway thread when they go out in the mail.

If someone asks on the giveaway for spores but doesn't send their address by the time you mail them out, forget them and give the spores to someone else. There's no reason they can't send you the address at the same time they request them on the thread, and there are other people who want them who will send an address.

If you ask for spores on a giveaway, send the person your address immediately, using a self-destructing read-and-burn privenote or alternative.

Welcome. This hobby is an amazing combination of science, gardening, kitchen craft, spycraft (encrypted laptop and VPN, and best of all, drugs. Enjoy.

Oh, The more you grow, the more you'll figure this out:



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