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Seeds, Grains, and more
    #991133 - 10/24/02 11:36 PM (15 years, 9 months ago)

With all the different types of substrates out there; white millet, red millet, oil sunflower, striped sunflower, cracked corn, Nyjer (thistle) seed, white proso millet, hulled canary seed, flax, Birdola Safflower Seed, Birdola's Sunflower Seed, alfalfa, popcorn, rye grain, rice grain, wheat, and all kinds of pellets, and mixtures of these in finch and other bird foods, hamster foods, gerbil foods, etc, which some include berries, vegitables, and nuts... (you get the idea)... It's a little confusing and hard to keep it all straight.

So what I would like to do is start kind of a comprehensive list of different types of substrates I suppose. I would like to know each and ever person's success and failure, including the information of how they prepared and used. Which strain was used and any other information that can be used to judge the grain's "value." I know this seems like I'm just pumping information out of ya, but I'm not just looking for an easy way out. I'd love to try ever single kind of grain and seed out there with ever possibe combinations to find out whats right for me, but that would probably take me several decades.

I'm sure no one here has tried straight alfalfa or hulled canary seed, nor do I think that it would work too well, but I'm more so looking for info on combinations, such as a certain finch food, not so much "exotics" by themselves. Feel free to write about any that you have tried included the traditionals. This post is an attempt to combine seperate thoughts and information into one string.

10/23/02 08:32 PM

Milo/millett is a good choice , is easy to find .
After full colonization innoculate bulk substrate of some sort (worm castings , dung etc...) after sub is fully colonized case with 50/50 peat/verm or leave uncased if you want. Initiate pinning and pray to Mushroom Goddess that all was done right.

Bird Seed
10/24/02 08:48 PM

You want mostly millet. The birdseed bag should say the ingredients. If the black seeds you are talking about are sunflower seeds, then you may want to remove as many as you can. I know of people who left them in with no problems, though. Millet (including different kinds of millet) are what you really want in the bird seed.

Althought this doesnt describe exactly everything, it still shoes good information on bird food.

Whole Brown Rice
10/23/02 06:07 PM

I've posted this before but he's another shot,it's really worth trying and a easy way to get similar results to grains. I first posted it when my name was still MycoThaikoh,but have made some improvements

1.Cook whole brown rice by the directions on the package it comes in.
2.drain well in strainer
3.get a piece of cloth or paper towels and sqeeze out the excess water in the rice
3.scoop into quart jars.
shake once around 30%
Usually get 100% colonization in about 7-10 days.

The good thing about brown rice is you don't have to PC it,you can sterilize with a steambath. Another member here is trying this and you should see a growlog sometime in the near future

In reply to:
Doesn't the rice all stick together in the jar

no. as long as you make sure to get most of the water out it won't stick. You can squeeze the rice like poo in Pavlov's Dog's tek.Then just loosely scoop it into the jar.
In reply to:
Wouldn't cooking the rice make it lose alot of nutrients?

No,the rice doesn't seem to lose any nutrients while cooking. But you can add some poo to the water,or use some hay water while cooking the rice if you want.

Survey of Favorites
Dr Monocle 
10/21/02 02:33 AM

quick survey:

what's everyone's favorite substrate grain?

0/21/02 03:10 AM 

Cheap, unadulterated wild birdseed (mostly millet.) 

10/21/02 03:19 AM

millet based birdseed, soaked rinsed well, and most of that sunflower seed peices taken out. Just personal preference to have it that way.

10/21/02 03:23 AM

I'm with Mickey R on this one. Excepting as a spawn, rather than substrate.

10/21/02 04:28 AM

Yeh wild unadulterated millet is tha shit.
Works perfectly everytime, as long as you get your ratios correct it`s clean sailing.

Millet or Birdseed?
10/21/02 12:08 AM

Well ive heard some say that rye is too hard to get the water levels just right so I figured millet would be better. In what ways is rye easier to work with? Which will colonize faster?

10/21/02 12:13 AM

rye kicks ass, just simmer the rye until a few kernels pop, dry it off with a few shakes of the colonder and it's at the perfect water content, load into jars and PC

10/21/02 12:20 AM

Pennington Wild Bird seed is what i use. I buy big bags of it at wall mart for $2. I just take out all the sunflower seeds. I tried the finch seed but got an amazing 100% contamination rate as compared to about 5% with the wild bird seed (they were prepared the same way and the same syringes used). Birdseed is mostly millet anyway and it is easy to obtain. I highly recomend it.

10/21/02 12:49 AM

WBS Tek (Wild Bird Seed) Bulk Spawn Preparation Method.

WBS consists primarily of white millet. It is often a combination of white & red millet - with a small percentage of sunflower seeds and sometimes tiny amounts of crushed corn. Some expensive brands are coated with a fungicide. For use as spawn material, treated WBS is not advisable.

You can find untreated WBS in 5 -10 & 20 pound bags, at low prices at most large chain grocery stores, or chain type pet supply stores. For instance, PetsMart has 40 pound bags for around $9.

Simply place whatever quantity you intend to use in a plastic pot, tub or bucket. Bear in mind, dry seed will expand about 20 to 25% - after it absorbs its capacity of water. Add tap water & soak the seed overnight. A 8 to 12 hour soak is fine. Seed soaked longer will begin to ferment. But, is still usable after soaking 24 to 36 hours.

There is no need to remove any floating husks, or sunflower seeds. These add lignin ( a good thing) & do not harbor any more possible contams than does the millet. It is all going to get thoroughly sterilized - anyway.

Once soaked, simply rinse the seed very thoroughly in a colander, or strainer. Then allow it to drain - WELL. As in 30 or more minutes. If it is drips - one drop. It is not drained - WELL.

Load pint or quart jars ? full, apply internal filter disk, material, polyfil or whatever method you use allow gas exchange through a ? or 3/8 inch hole in the lid. Screw lid on tight & back it off ? turn. Place a double layer of paper coffee filters over the lid & jar top, held down by a thick rubber band. Place the jars in the PC.

PC at 15 pounds for a full 60 minutes. 90 minutes is better, if you have the time. Allow the PC pressure to drop to zero & let it cool a bit. Open while still hot & remove jars. The paper coffee filters will dry almost instantly, when the PC is opened. Tighten lids (if necessary), shake jars to insure there are no clumps of seed inside. Place jars inside the oven on a rack, to cool, overnight. External coffee filters simply add another layer of protection to the jars content.

Once cooled to room temperature, store in a clean cardboard box - until used. Using them sooner than later is preferable.

Note: This method was done in an All American PC. Some brands with a weighted pressure system require more internal water & it may be advisable to also cover the coffee filters with tin foil- while PC'ing, so no excess boiling water gains entry into the jars. Simply remove the tinfoil when you remove the jars from the PC.

Note: The object of leaving the lids a 1/4 turn loose, is that if you tighten them too tight & PC. Sometimes, they are very - very hard to unscrew easily - later.


That was just a repeat of all the things that have been said so far. There is plenty more, but I figured I've taken up enough web space for today. I did this for self knowledge and for others that are not too familiar with grains and seeds. This way It will all be in one spot. Please add your own information and experiences.  :tongue: 

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: ExtravagantDream]
    #991284 - 10/25/02 12:16 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

that was great, helped me a lot. Specialy 6tango's post cause I'm using the exact same brand seed.
That popcorn for substrate is a cool idea, well I'll stop wasting space and allow others to post more substrate ideas/posts.

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Beacon in theDarkness
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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: user_exists]
    #991505 - 10/25/02 01:14 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

Some fabulous information I found browsing. Just thought I'd share.

Edited by ExtravagantDream (10/25/02 01:16 AM)

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: ExtravagantDream]
    #994162 - 10/26/02 03:29 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

I think that availably can't be over looked.I live in a city and it took me a while to find everything i needed.I've tried just about all substrates by now,but i always come back to the first one i tried after rye.It's Hartz parakeet seed in a green bag.Every store has it or the purple one, i forget the name but its the same brand,Hartz.DO NOT USE SUNFLOWER SEEDS.They will work,but if you look at the shell with a microscope you will see a very ruff surface.Contaminations can survive the pressure cooker on the shell.They float so pick them out during the pre soak.The millet as a substrate is not good,it can't hold enough water on its own.Use to spawn a bulk substrate only.

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: Starspawn]
    #994185 - 10/26/02 03:40 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

Why don't you read ~~~~~~>United States Patent  5,427,592 

Then jabber about Sun Flower (SF) seeds !

Moreover, when you STERILIZE evrything in a jar. It is ALL STERILIZED.

That includes the SF seeds.

Explain that, if you can?

6T  :tongue:


~whiskey river rafting, hot tubbing, dirty dancing & spending money on - wild women - having fun & just gonna waste the rest~

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: SixTango]
    #994254 - 10/26/02 04:37 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

glad you noticed my tek :laugh:

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Beacon in theDarkness
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Registered: 10/24/02
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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: VSOPXO]
    #998664 - 10/28/02 12:51 AM (15 years, 9 months ago)

Anyone else used both any type of millet and grain. Which one did you like better in general? and why...

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: ExtravagantDream]
    #15598675 - 12/31/11 10:00 PM (6 years, 7 months ago)

I had excellent results with safflower, WBS did okay but the small black Nyger seeds produced nothing. I tried to start six different kinds of cubensis and didn't even get a puff of Myc from any of them. I was hoping some one on here could answer Why.

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Re: Seeds, Grains, and more [Re: ExtravagantDream]
    #17399363 - 12/16/12 01:28 AM (5 years, 7 months ago)


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