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Space Travellin
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List of chemicals in most cigarettes
    #936053 - 10/06/02 04:52 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Just what are you smoking? It's not just tobacco... unless you smoke American Spirits or the new Winstons.. here is a partial list of what most tobacco companies add to their tobacco for "flavor" and "smoothness"

Acetanisole; Acetic Acid; Acetoin; Acetophenone; 6-Acetoxydihydrotheaspirane;
2-Acetyl-3- Ethylpyrazine; 2-Acetyl-5-Methylfuran; Acetylpyrazine; 2-Acetylpyridine;
3-Acetylpyridine; 2-Acetylthiazole; Aconitic Acid; dl-Alanine; Alfalfa Extract; Allspice Extract;
Oleoresin; Oleoresin Oil; Allyl Hexanoate; Allyl Ionone; Almond Bitter Oil;
Ambergris Tincture; Ammonia; Ammonium Bicarbonate; Ammonium Hydroxide;
Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic; Ammonium Sulfide; Amyl Alcohol; Amyl Butyrate;
Amyl Formate; Amyl Octanoate; alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde; Amyris Oil; trans-Anethole;
Angelica Root Extract; Oil and Seed Oil; Anise; Anise Star Extract and Oils; Anisyl Acetate;
Anisyl Alcohol; Anisyl Formate; Anisyl Phenylacetate; Apple Juice Concentrate/Extract and Skins;
Apricot Extract & Juice Concentrate; 1-Arginine; Asafetida Fluid Extract And Oil; Ascorbic Acid;
1-Asparagine Monohydrate; 1-Aspartic Acid; Balsam Peru and Oil; Basil Oil; Bay Leaf Oil;
Sweet Oil; Beeswax White; Beet Juice Concentrate; Benzaldehyde; Benzaldehyde Glyceryl Acetal;
Benzoic Acid; Benzoin; Benzoin Resin; Benzophenone; Benzyl Alcohol; Benzyl Benzoate;
Benzyl Butyrate; Benzyl Cinnamate; Benzyl Propionate; Benzyl Salicylate; Bergamot Oil;
Bisabolene; Black Currant Buds Absolute; Borneol; Bornyl Acetate; Buchu Leaf Oil;
1-3-Butanediol; 2-3-Butanedione; 1-Butanol; 2-Butanone; 4(2-Butenylidene)-3, 5,
5-Trimethyl-2-Cyclohexen-1-One; Butter, Butter Esters, and Butter Oil; Butyl Acetate; Butyl Butyrate;
Butyl Butyryl Lactate; Butyl Isovalerate; Butyl Phenylacetate; Butyl Undecylenate;
3-Butylidenephthalide; Butyric Acid; Cadinene; Caffeine; Calcium Carbonate; Camphene;
Cananga Oil; Capsicum Oleoresin; Caramel Color; Caraway Oil; Carbon Monoxide;
Cardamom Oleoresin Extract/ Seed Oil/and Powder; Carob Bean and Extract; beta-Carotene;
Carrot Oil; Carvacrol; 4-Carvomenthenol; 1-Carvone; beta-Caryophyllene;
beta-Caryophyllene Oxide; Cascarilla Oil and Bark Extract; Cassia Bark Oil; Cassie Absolute & Oil;
Castoreum Extract; Tincture and Absolute; Cedar Leaf Oil; Cedarwood Oil Terpenes & Virginiana;
Cedrol; Celery Seed Extract/Solid/Oil/and Oleoresin; Cellulose Fiber; Chamomile Flower Oil &
Extract; Chicory Extract; Chocolate; Cinnamaldehyde; Cinnamic Acid; Cinnamon Leaf Oil; Bark Oil
and Extract; Cinnamyl Acetate; Cinnamyl Alcohol; Cinnamyl Cinnamate;
Cinnamyl Isovalerate; Cinnamyl Propionate; Citral; Citric Acid; Citronella Oil; dl-Citronellol;
Citronellyl Butyrate; Citronellyl Isobutyrate; Civet Absolute; Clary Oil; Clover Tops;
Red Solid Extract; Cocoa; Cocoa Shells Extract; Distillate and Powder; Coconut Oil; Coffee;
Cognac White and Green Oil; Copaiba Oil; Coriander Extract and Oil; Corn Oil; Corn Silk;
Costus Root Oil; Cubeb Oil; Cuminaldehyde; para-Cymene; 1-Cysteine;
Dandelion Root Solid Extract; Davana Oil; 2-trans; 4-trans-Decadienal; delta-Decalactone;
gamma-Decalactone; Decanal; Decanoic Acid; 1-Decanol; 2-Decenal; Dehydromenthofurolactone;
Diethyl Malonate; Diethyl Sebacate; 2,3-Diethylpyrazine; Dihydro Anethole;
5,7-Dihydro-2-Methylthieno(3,4-D) Pyrimidine; Dill Seed Oil and Extract; meta-Dimethoxybenzene;
para-Dimethoxybenzene; 2,6-Dimethoxyphenol; Dimethyl Succinate; 3, 4-Dimethyl-1;
2-Cyclopentanedione; 3, 5- Dimethyl-1; 2-Cyclopentanedione; 3,7-Dimethyl-1; 3, 6-Octatriene;
4, 5-Dimethyl-3-Hydroxy-2; 5-Dihydrofuran-2-One; 6,10-Dimethyl-5; 9-Undecadien-2-One;
3,7-Dimethyl-6-Octenoic Acid; 2,4-Dimethylacetophenone; alpha, para-Dimethylbenzyl Alcohol;
alpha,alpha-Dimethylphenethyl Acetate; alpha,alpha Dimethylphenethyl Butyrate;
2, 3-Dimethylpyrazine; 2, 5-Dimethylpyrazine; 2, 6-Dimethylpyrazine;
Dimethyltetra-hydrobenzofuranone; delta-Dodecalactone; gamma-Dodecalactone;
para-Ethoxybenzaldehyde; Ethyl 10-Undecenoate; Ethyl 2-Methylbutyrate; Ethyl Acetate; Ethyl
Acetoacetate; Ethyl Alcohol; Ethyl Benzoate; Ethyl Butyrate; Ethyl Cinnamate; Ethyl Decanoate;
Ethyl Fenchol; Ethyl Furoate; Ethyl Heptanoate; Ethyl Hexanoate; Ethyl Isovalerate;
Ethyl Lactate; Ethyl Laurate; Ethyl Levulinate; Ethyl Maltol; Ethyl Methyl Phenylglycidate;
Ethyl Myristate; Ethyl Nonanoate; Ethyl Octadecanoate; Ethyl Octanoate; Ethyl Oleate;
Ethyl Palmitate; Ethyl Phenylacetate; Ethyl Propionate; Ethyl Salicylate; Ethyl trans-2-Butenoate;
Ethyl Valerate; Ethyl Vanillin; 2-Ethyl (or Methyl)-(3; 5 and 6)-Methoxypyrazine;
2-Ethyl-1-Hexanol; 3-Ethyl-2 -Hydroxy-2-Cyclopenten-1-One; 2-Ethyl-3; (5 or 6)-Dimethylpyrazine;
5-Ethyl-3-Hydroxy-4-Methyl-2(5H)-Furanone; 2-Ethyl-3-Methylpyrazine; 4-Ethylbenzaldehyde;
4-Ethylguaiacol; para-Ethylphenol; 3-Ethylpyridine; Eucalyptol; Farnesol; D-Fenchone;
Fennel Sweet Oil; Fenugreek Extract; Resin & Absolute; Fig Juice Concentrate;
Food Starch Modified; Furfuryl Mercaptan; 4-(2-Furyl)-3-Buten-2-One; Galbanum Oil;
Genet Absolute; Gentian Root Extract; Geraniol; Geranium Rose Oil; Geranyl Acetate;
Geranyl Butyrate; Geranyl Formate; Geranyl Isovalerate; Geranyl Phenylacetate;
Ginger Oil and Oleoresin; 1-Glutamic Acid; 1-Glutamine; Glycerol; Glycyrrhizin Ammoniated;
Grape Juice Concentrate; Guaiac Wood Oil; Guaiacol; Guar Gum; 2; 4-Heptadienal;
gamma-Heptalactone; Heptanoic Acid; 2-Heptanone; 3-Hepten-2-One; 2-Hepten-4-One;
4-Heptenal; trans -2-Heptenal; Heptyl Acetate; omega-6-Hexadecenlactone; gamma-Hexalactone;
Hexanal; Hexanoic Acid; 2-Hexen-1-Ol; 3-Hexen-1-Ol; cis-3-Hexen-1-Yl Acetate; 2-Hexenal;
3-Hexenoic Acid; trans-2-Hexenoic Acid; cis-3-Hexenyl Formate; Hexyl 2-Methylbutyrate;
Hexyl Acetate; Hexyl Alcohol; Hexyl Phenylacetate; 1-Histidine; Honey; Hops Oil;
Hydrolyzed Milk Solids; Hydrolyzed Plant Proteins; 5-Hydroxy-2; 4-Decadienoic Acid delta-
Lactone; 4-Hydroxy-2; 5-Dimethyl-3(2H)-Furanone; 2-Hydroxy-3; 5;
5-Trimethyl-2-Cyclohexen-1-One; 4-Hydroxy -3-Pentenoic Acid Lactone;
2-Hydroxy-4-Methylbenzaldehyde; 4-Hydroxybutanoic Acid Lactone; Hydroxycitronellal;
6-Hydroxydihydrotheaspirane; 4-(para-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Butanone; Hyssop Oil; Immortelle
Absolute and Extract; alpha-Ionone; beta-Ionone; alpha-Irone; Isoamyl Acetate; Isoamyl Benzoate;
Isoamyl Butyrate; Isoamyl Cinnamate; Isoamyl Formate; Isoamyl Hexanoate; Isoamyl Isovalerate;
Isoamyl Octanoate; Isoamyl Phenylacetate; Isobornyl Acetate; Isobutyl Acetate; Isobutyl Alcohol;
Isobutyl Cinnamate; Isobutyl Phenylacetate; Isobutyl Salicylate; 2-Isobutyl-3-Methoxypyrazine;
alpha-Isobutylphenethyl Alcohol; Isobutyraldehyde; Isobutyric Acid; d,l-Isoleucine;
alpha-Isomethylionone; 2-Isopropylphenol; Isovaleric Acid; Jasmine Absolute; Concrete and Oil;
Kola Nut Extract; Labdanum Absolute and Oleoresin; Lactic Acid; Lauric Acid; Lauric Aldehyde;
Lavandin Oil; Lavender Oil; Lemon Oil & Extract; Lemongrass Oil; 1-Leucine; Levulinic Acid;
Licorice Root; Fluid; Extract and Powder; Lime Oil ; Linalool; Linalool Oxide; Linalyl Acetate; Linden
Flowers; Lovage Oil And Extract; 1-Lysine; Mace Powder; Extract & Oil; Magnesium Carbonate;
Malic Acid; Malt & Malt Extract; Maltodextrin; Maltol; Maltyl Isobutyrate; Mandarin Oil; Maple Syrup
& Concentrate; Mate Leaf; Absolute and Oil; para-Mentha-8-Thiol-3-One; Menthol; Menthone;
Menthyl Acetate; dl-Methionine; Methoprene; 2-Methoxy-4-Methylphenol; 2-Methoxy-4-Vinylphenol;
para-Methoxybenzaldehyde; 1-(para-Methoxyphenyl)-1-Penten-3-One;
4-(para-Methoxyphenyl)-2-Butanone; 1-(para-Methoxyphenyl)-2-Propanone; Methoxypyrazine;
Methyl 2-Furoate; Methyl 2-Octynoate; Methyl 2-Pyrrolyl Ketone; Methyl Anisate; Methyl
Anthranilate; Methyl Benzoate; Methyl Cinnamate; Methyl Dihydrojasmonate; Methyl Ester of Rosin;
Partially Hydrogenated, Methyl Isovalerate; Methyl Linoleate (48%); Methyl Linolenate (52%) Mix;
Methyl Naphthyl Ketone; Methyl Nicotinate; Methyl Phenylacetate; Methyl Salicylate;
Methyl Sulfide; 3-Methyl-1-Cyclopentadecanone; 4-Methyl-1-Phenyl-2-Pentanone;
5-Methyl-2-Phenyl-2-Hexenal; 5-Methyl-2-Thiophenecarboxaldehyde;
6-Methyl-3-5-Heptadien-2-One; 2-Methyl-3-(para-Isopropylphenyl) Propionaldehyde;
5-Methyl-3-Hexen-2-One; 1-Methyl-3Methoxy-4-Isopropylbenzene; 4-Methyl-3-Pentene-2-One;
2-Methyl-4-Phetylbutyraldehyde; 6-Methyl-5-Hepten-2-One; 4-Methyl-5-Thiazoleethanol;
4-Methyl-5-Vinylthiazole; Methyl-alpha-Ionone; Methyl-trans-2-Butenoic Acid;
4-Methylacetophenone; para-Methylanisole; alpha-Methylbenzyl Acetate; alpha-Methylbenzyl Alcohol;
2-Methylbutyraldehyde; 3-Methylbutyraldehyde; 2-Methylbutyric Acid;
alpha-Methylcinnamaldehyde; Methylcyclopentenolone; 2-Methylheptanoic Acid;
2-Methylhexanoic Acid; 3-Methylpentanoic Acid; 4-Methylpentanoic Acid; 2-Methylpyrazine;
5-Methylquinoxaline; 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran-3-One; (Methylthio)Methylpyrazine
(Mixture Of Isomers); 3-Methylthiopropionaldehyde; Methyl 3-Methylthiopropionate;
2-Methylvaleric Acid; Mimosa Absolute and Extract; Molasses Extract and Tincture;
Mountain Maple Solid Extract; Mullein Flowers; Myristaldehyde; Myristic Acid; Myrrh Oil;
beta-Napthyl Ethyl Ether; Nerol; Neroli Bigarde Oil; Nerolidol; Nona-2-trans; 6-cis-Dienal;
2, 6-Nonadien-1-Ol; gamma-Nonalactone; Nonanal; Nonanoic Acid; Nonanone;
trans-2-Nonen-1-Ol; 2-Nonenal; Nonyl Acetate; Nutmeg Powder and Oil;
Oak Chips Extract and Oil; Oak Moss Absolute; 9, 12-Octadecadienoic Acid (48%) and
9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic Acid (52%); delta-Octalactone; gamma-Octalactone; Octanal;
Octanoic Acid; 1-Octanol; 2-Octanone; 3-Octen-2-One; 1-Octen-3-Ol; 1-Octen-3-Yl Acetate;
2-Octenal; Octyl Isobutyrate; Oleic Acid ; Olibanum Oil; Opoponax Oil And Gum;
Orange Blossoms Water; Absolute; and Leaf Absolute; Orange Oil and Extract; Origanum Oil;
Orris Concrete Oil and Root Extract; Palmarosa Oil; Palmitic Acid; Parsley Seed Oil;
Patchouli Oil; omega-Pentadecalactone; 2, 3-Pentanedione; 2-Pentanone; 4-Pentenoic Acid;
2-Pentylpyridine; Pepper Oil; Black And White; Peppermint Oil; Peruvian (Bois De Rose) Oil;
Petitgrain Absolute; Mandarin Oil & Terpeneless Oil; alpha-Phellandrene; 2-Phenenthyl Acetate;
Phenenthyl Alcohol; Phenethyl Butyrate; Phenethyl Cinnamate; Phenethyl Isobutyrate;
Phenethyl Isovalerate; Phenethyl Phenylacetate; Phenethyl Salicylate; 1-Phenyl-1-Propanol;
3-Phenyl-1-Propanol; 2-Phenyl-2-Butenal; 4-Phenyl-3-Buten-2-Ol; 4-Phenyl-3-Buten-2-One;
Phenylacetaldehyde; Phenylacetic Acid; 1-Phenylalanine; 3-Phenylpropionaldehyde;
3-Phenylpropionic Acid; 3-Phenylpropyl Acetate; 3-Phenylpropyl Cinnamate;
2-(3-Phenylpropyl)Tetrahydrofuran; Phosphoric Acid; Pimenta Leaf Oil; Pine Needle Oil;
Pine Oil; Scotch; Pineapple Juice Concentrate; alpha-Pinene; beta-Pinene; D-Piperitone;
Piperonal; Pipsissewa Leaf Extract; Plum Juice; Potassium Sorbate; 1-Proline; Propenylguaethol;
Propionic Acid; Propyl Acetate; Propyl para-Hydroxybenzoate; Propylene Glycol;
3-Propylidenephthalide; Prune Juice and Concentrate; Pyridine; Pyroligneous Acid and Extract;
Pyrrole; Pyruvic Acid; Raisin Juice Concentrate; Rhodinol; Rose Absolute and Oil;
Rosemary Oil; Rum; Rum Ether; Rye Extract; Sage; Sage Oil; and Sage Oleoresin;
Salicylaldehyde; Sandalwood Oil; Yellow; Sclareolide; Skatole; Smoke Flavor; Snakeroot Oil;
Sodium Acetate; Sodium Benzoate; Sodium Bicarbonate; Sodium Carbonate; Sodium Chloride;
Sodium Citrate; Sodium Hydroxide; Solanone; Spearmint Oil; Styrax Extract, Gum and Oil;
Sucrose Octaacetate; Sugar Alcohols; Sugars; Tagetes Oil; Tannic Acid; Tartaric Acid;
Tea Leaf and Absolute; alpha-Terpineol; Terpinolene; Terpinyl Acetate;
5, 6, 7, 8-Tetrahydroquinoxaline; 1, 5, 5, 9-Tetramethyl-13-Oxatricyclo(,9))Tridecane;
2, 3, 4, 5, and 3, 4, 5, 6-Tetramethylethyl-Cyclohexanone; 2, 3, 5, 6-Tetramethylpyrazine;
Thiamine Hydrochloride; Thiazole; 1-Threonine; Thyme Oil; White and Red; Thymol;
Tobacco Extracts; Tochopherols (mixed); Tolu Balsam Gum and Extract; Tolualdehydes;
para-Tolyl 3-Methylbutyrate; para-Tolyl Acetaldehyde; para-Tolyl Acetate; para-Tolyl Isobutyrate;
para-Tolyl Phenylacetate; Triacetin; 2-Tridecanone; 2-Tridecenal; Triethyl Citrate;
3, 5, 5-Trimethyl -1-Hexanol; para, alpha, alpha-Trimethylbenzyl Alcohol;
4-(2, 6, 6-Trimethylcyclohex-1-Enyl)but-2-En-4-One; 2, 6, 6-Trimethylcyclohex-2-Ene-1;
4-Dione; 2, 6, 6-Trimethylcyclohexa-1; 3-Dienyl Methan;
4-(2,6,6-Trimethylcyclohexa-1,3-Dienyl)But-2-En-4-One,2,2,6-Trimethylcycloh exanone;
2,3,5-Trimethylpyrazine; 1-Tyrosine; delta-Undercalactone; gamma-Undecalactone;
Undecanal; 2-Undecanone; 10-Undecenal; Urea; Valencene; Valeraldehyde;
Valerian Root Extract; Oil and Powder; Valeric Acid; gamma-Valerolactone; Valine;
Vanilla Extract And Oleoresin; Vanillin; Veratraldehyde; Vetiver Oil; Vinegar;
Violet Leaf Absolute; Walnut Hull Extract; Water; Wheat Extract And Flour;
Wild Cherry Bark Extract; Wine and Wine Sherry; Xanthan Gum; 3; 4-Xylenol; Yeast.

Mmm makes you want a cigarette doesn't it?


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Space Travellin
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936056 - 10/06/02 04:59 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Yes that's right kiddos with every pack of cigarettes you get a paint stipper, a toilet cleaner, a lighter fuel, the chemical in mothballs, a poison used in gas chambers, a rocket fuel, and much MUCH more!!! All in one simple easy to use package! Act now while supplies last.


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Space Travellin
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936057 - 10/06/02 05:02 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Of those listed these are the most toxic chemicals. Those proven to cause cancer are marked with a C, those that increase the risk of birth defects marked with B

Acetic acid

Acetone (B)


Acrolein Acrylonitrile (C,B)

Aluminum Aminobiphenyl (C)




Aniline Anthracenes Argon

Arsenic (C,B)

Benz(a)anthracene (C)

Benzene (C,B)

Benzo(a)pyrene (C)

Benzo(b)fluoranthene (C)

Bertzo(j)fluoranthene (C)

Benzo(k)fluoranthene (C)

Butadiene (6)


Cadmium (C,B)


Carbon monixide (9)

Carbon sulfide


Chromium (CB)

Chrysene (C)


Crotonaldehyde (C)


DDT/Dieldrin (B)

Dibenz(a,h)acridine (C)

Dibenz(a,h)anthracene (C)

Dibenz(a,j)acridine (C)

Dibenzo(a,i)pyrene (C)

Dibenzo(c,g)carbazole (C)

Dimenthylhydrazine (C)

Ethylcarbamate (C)



Formaldehyde (C,B)

Formic acid




Hydrazine (C)

Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen sulfide

Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene (C)



Lead (C,B)

Linoleic acid

Linolenic acid

Magnesium (B)

Mercury (B)


Methyl formate

Methylamineethylchrysene (C)




N-Nitrasoanabasine (C)

N-Nitrasodiethanolamine (C)

N-Nitrosodiethylamine (C)

N-Nitrasodimethylamine (C)

N-Nitresoethyl methylamine

N-Nitrosomorpholine (C)

N-Nitrosopyrrolidine (C)


Naphthylamine (C)


Nickel (C,B)


Nitric oxide


Nitropropane (C)

Nitrosamines (C)

Nitrosonornicontine (C)

Nitrous oxide phenols


Palmitic acid




Polonium-210 (C)

Propionic acid



Quinoline (C)






Stearic acid


Styrene (B)

Titanium (B)

Toluene (B)

Toluidine (C)

Urethane (C)

Vinyl chloride (C,B)



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Post deleted by Administrator [Re: Shroomism]
    #936105 - 10/06/02 07:33 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

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Confused,dizzy,wheream I again?
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Effed]
    #936112 - 10/06/02 07:46 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Yes tobacco companies add alot of chemical compounds to cigarettes.Be it for "flavoring" or whatever.But ANY smoke also contains hundreds of chemicals.Burning matter isn't healthy.Everyone knows that breathing fire isn't a smart idea.Blah.

The above is just like,my opinion man

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936118 - 10/06/02 07:59 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

/me puts out his cigarette...

good thing i smoke lights  :grin:

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Smack31]
    #936120 - 10/06/02 08:04 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Sure smokeing takes years off your life... But theyre the last years, when your old, so its Ok.



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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Effed]
    #936132 - 10/06/02 08:19 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

i quit 3 months ago... im free now... and i save a SHITLOAD of $$$


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InvisibleLittle Shroom
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: In(di)go]
    #936179 - 10/06/02 09:27 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Apple juice...

I wonder what that part's for?

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Smack31]
    #936289 - 10/06/02 10:50 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

With lights you atually cause more damage to your lungs by sucking harder to get the desired sensation.  A doctor once told my dad if he's going to smoke at all to smoke Camel straights(unfiltered).  Nastiest (big brand name) smokes ever!

People, don't smoke cigarettes! There's no other reason for it in this society other than trying to fit in, or be different, depending on your situation.  If you asbolutely have to smoke tobacco why don't you roll your own?  Get a rolling machine it's easy. If it's a visual thing, you like the feeling and look of smoking, that's fine, but roll some joints with that rolling machine!! SMOKE WEED INSTEAD FOR GOD SAKE!!
If health is not a major concern maybe knowing that you're a nice little SLAVE to daddy Morris , or whoever you buy from, will make you want to quit.
:wink: :smile: :laugh: 

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Shaman I am

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936320 - 10/06/02 11:09 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

No wonder they taste so gooood :smirk:


"We are the one's we have been waiting for" - Hopi saying

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: DreaMaTrix]
    #936341 - 10/06/02 11:20 AM (21 years, 4 months ago)

No wonder their 4 bucks a pack. That is alot of additives. :smirk: 

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Infinity In AGrain Of Salt

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936544 - 10/06/02 01:21 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

That's fucking disgusting Shroomism!

I remember seeing Arsenic on the ingrediants for a Canadian Pack of cigs, they have to list more ingrediants than we do here...

I am glad I quit cold turkey when I turned 18.
I knew if I didn't quit before college I never would.

I still had the occasional one when drinking, but not for a while now.

They just smell nasty after you quit... I wonder how I ever enjoyed it.

I sometimes wonder if pot will smell bad if I quit it.
Wait, no, that's impossible.

Taking a break makes it smell even more scrumptious when you come back.


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part of thewhole
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #936793 - 10/06/02 03:12 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

I've been smoking Winstons for a long time now.
less chems, more tar and nicotine. Yay!


Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience.
It isn't more complicated than that.
It is opening to or recieving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is,
without either clinging to it or rejecting it.

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Space Travellin
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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Effed]
    #937024 - 10/06/02 04:44 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Yeah.... I smoke...  :blush:

Though lately I have been smoking American Spirits.. 100% all natural just tobacco. Sure still not good but a hell of a lot better than that lethal cocktail listed above. I think I'm going to quit soon. 


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Post deleted by Administrator [Re: Shroomism]
    #937067 - 10/06/02 04:58 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Effed]
    #937681 - 10/06/02 08:24 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Ive never smoked tobacco, that shit even smells nasty and its smell makes me sick! man all those chemicals would drive a chemitrist mad!

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: Shroomism]
    #937994 - 10/06/02 10:30 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

thats why i smoke american spirits No chemicals

smoke crack, its got less chemicals in it. :wink:

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: JonnyOnTheSpot]
    #938116 - 10/06/02 11:16 PM (21 years, 4 months ago)

Post deleted by Administrator

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Re: List of chemicals in most cigarettes [Re: JonnyOnTheSpot]
    #10080588 - 03/31/09 02:04 PM (14 years, 10 months ago)


JonnyOnTheSpot said:
thats why i smoke american spirits No chemicals

smoke crack, its got less chemicals in it. :wink: 

teh hehehe..

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