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Post deleted by Moe Howard [Re: The_Clash_UK]
    #900139 - 09/22/02 07:57 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: ]
    #904210 - 09/24/02 10:06 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I experience a "bad trip" when I have worries and concerns during the peak.

While peaking strongly, I delve into my unconscious mind (like dreaming), and lose touch with my conscious mind, and what's really going on.

The concept of time becomes lost, and I'll forget that I allocated time in my life for this trip.  I'll worry that there's something important I should be doing that I've forgotten.

I seem to be able to avoid this problem if I write myself a note before the trip -- stating what time I took the shrooms, what time the peak should occur, what time the peak should end, and what time all effects should be gone.

A good thing to write on the note would be something like, "Note from straight self to shroom self:  everything is fine, you've allocated a few hours for a nice little trip, enjoy yourself, take notes, and I'll see you after the peak :smile:"

My last trip was a little overwhelming... I tossed about 3.5g of shrooms into a blender with orange juice, let it sit a few minutes, and drank it down.

The trip hit within 15-20 minutes, and in less than an hour I was peaking quite hard.  I ended up spending two hours in the rain feeling very uncomfortable, and my sitter was unable to convince me to come inside out of the rain.

I had no idea I was soaked (or wet at all) until the peak was over.

Once the peak broke, the effects of the shrooms were pretty much gone... visuals were completely gone, and I was in a reminiscent state of mind.

I didn't end up doing anything crazy (other than pacing around looking at my watch), but I was in a bit of a panic, and had to keep convincing myself to relax, and to put my trust in the fact that I had a sitter with me (even though I had lost conscious contact with her).

If I would have had a nice little note to myself, things would have been a lot better.  The cold rain didn't help either :wink:

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Dead wishes

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: The_Clash_UK]
    #905219 - 09/24/02 04:53 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

the simple phrase 'its all inside my mind' saved those only 3 times i had a bad experience. in a few seconds i am a different man - or should i say i am on a different trip, happier and healthier.

athens, greece

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: The_Clash_UK]
    #905956 - 09/24/02 11:29 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I've never had a bad trip... but I write my self a note that says "you are home, it's just a drug, you will come down". But, I agree with a lot of these posts that environment is everthing. I usually find that if I get a little agitated during the trip that a change of environment does a world of good.

What you see in life really depends on what you are looking for.

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: Blazeurbuds]
    #906476 - 09/25/02 02:59 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I sort of accept a bad trip. I had a bad trip(well...i wouldn't necessarily say bad...because in a way i enjoyed it) on purpose. I was by myself. It was going to be my third time tripping. I took 3 grams and put it in a honey and jam sandwhich(and i didn't eat much that day). I had the house to myself. So the trip started as normal...and i did some of the normal things. i went on the comptuer a bit...listened to music, etc. about a half an hour before my peak started...i went upstairs and put on a cd i made(mainly pink floyd...but also had some aphex twin on it too). i sat down in a comfortable chair and turned the lights off. now once my eyes adjusted, it only seemed semi dark, so of course i could see the picture above the fireplace. And it just so happened, when i'm all relaxed and staring ahead of me...the thing i was staring at was this big picture(it's just a artistic picture of a forest and stuff. i couldn't see it 'that' great). i listened to 'echoes' while staring off in the direction of this picture. Well i can't explain half the shit i saw...but it was messed. there were, what i would call, demon's faces, coming out of the picture and shit. they all seemed to look greenish in colour(the picture had a lot of green in it). and i also saw...i don't know what it was...but a big evil grin that stretched the length of the picture. it was smiling at me. like...it was happy about something it was doing to me. and all these demon's faces kept popping out of the picture and screaming and laughing(evil laugh), etc(that song was making the noises i guess). and this continued for the entire song(27 minutes or so). And i could notice...i was shaking a bit(only a little bit). like, my body was scared...but i kept on wanting to look at it. to kind of say ,'don't be scared of shit like this. it's just hallucinations. don't let them get the best of you'. and let me tell you...what i just described is only a LITTLE part of all the shit i saw and the feelings i felt. i knew, somewhere in my mind, i was a little scared...but i WANTED to keep looking and listening. and i sat through the ENTIRE cd. so much shit happened, that would take me so long to try and describe. but you get an idea. i was seeing horrible images. I did all that intentionally(that was what i wanted my trip to be like). and i enjoyed that trip(well not as much as good one of course).
And now, i actually don't think that much could phase me. sure...i haven't experienced ultimate doses and all that, but i'm sure i could get through almost anything. like, seeing the 'devil' or whatever, i'd be like 'whoa thats kinda scary. oh well'

but other times(other trips) where i've started to see or feel something that would be described as 'bad', and i don't really feel like seeing it or feeling it(just because it's not AS fun)...i do these four things...
1. turn different or more lights on
2. change the song
3. go get a glass of water
4. go take a piss

I saw my mind do warp 10, hit the brakes, put it in reverse and back all over me

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Feed Me A StrayCat

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: The_Clash_UK]
    #907095 - 09/25/02 11:33 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Ive only had one bad trip, and it was uncontrollable. It started as the best trip of my life, I had eaten a little more than an 8th and a lot of it was shake. I truely dont remember how long it went on, but it was myself and my two best friends that were tripping and a few sitters. We were in the woods of west va and things were quiet, dark, and somewhat peacefull. I dont know what it was but after what felt like an eternaty of clarity i thought my friend was reading my mind. I later found out he wasnt, but at the time it was too scary and i lost my dinner. I had never felt so bad, I then started to think my thoughts were in a continual loop. My thoughts were not changing, but time was proceding. I thought i was insane, so i made my friends promise to kill me instead of putting me in an institution.
I dont know how that could have been avoided, but it was scary as shit.
Don Carlos said that Don Juan would submirse him in water whenever he "endulged" and this seemed to pull him back to reality, and saved his life many times, but i dont know, water seems a little to crazy when im trippin

Gaia, as you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed.

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The Art of Casterbation
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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #913723 - 09/27/02 10:37 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Actualy now that you mention it, taking a piss works great. Especialy on LSD. I notice that I will forget to piss and can't feel the pressure but my body is uncomfortable some pissing feels like all the bad energy is going out. Especialy if you think about all the bad energy going out as you piss. Afterword I always feel so relaxed and like a whole new trip. Even good trips are made better this way.

Be all and you'll be to end all

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Re: What to tell yourself if going into bad trip? [Re: mntlfngrs]
    #914472 - 09/28/02 08:46 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

my first real bad trip was actually my first trip on mushrooms..
Well, evrything had started fine, and about half an hour (euh.. not sure actually. I though Itripped for months... well, about one month..) after the peak.. We went to a friends house, and I was staring at myself in the window, and everything started to get distortioned and like "broken" ... voices were just popping here and there in a great feild of silence, and my whole vision was like shattered to piece.. when I was looking at pipol, I couldn't imagine they existed... well, lots of other stuff like that, with this curious impression of been in a dream.. anyway, I got out of there as the trip started going down, and, funny, I just knew it was going down, even if I had completly forgotten what reality was.. but, I was just following the little parachute... anyway what was curious, is the fact that I had been litteraly obseesd by shrooms for the last 6 month ( in reality) and had started growing them, and knew eveery single info on shrooms and trips on the net.. but no once did I think about the phrase "it's just a drug.." even if I was fully aware of what to do during a bad trip, I just sat there and took the ride... now, I don't know if that was bevcause I was tottaly overwhelmed by the experience and I had forgotten what reality was, and I just forgot it was a trip, so logicly I didn't think of what to do during a bad trip, as I wasn't aware of it ( :confused: :grin: ) that I didn't think about that, or if my inconcious self just though it wasn't worth the hassle of getting out of there.. the funny thing is that, after that bad trip, I was totally changed.. I didn't trip for about a year after that, and actually, I've only low-dosed since.. but I think I have learnt all I had to learn from that intense trip, and I am now ready to trip hard again.. I've managed to tell myself that bad trips arn't hell, it's just a side of tripping.. and they are perhaps the best was of making you THINK after the trip.. (well, as I haven't tripped hard since, I can't say that is general  :grin: but I'll see quite soon... :wink:  but, my bad trip was about reality and worlds been crushed & crumbled and all existencial questions freaking me out.. no seing scary spiders or stuff.. but I think that depends on the person tripping...
see ya!!  :smile: :grin: :smirk: :ooo: :shocked: :tongue: :laugh: :wink: :cool:

I am the holy spirit
I am whole in spirit

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