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fluffy bunny
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Re: The girlfriend [Re: MyInnerChild]
    #7242136 - 07/31/07 03:15 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

What's with the E bashing? As if doing it once a month wouldn't be fine. The only people i know who have been strung out bad on E were the ones necking half a dozen pills a night, three times a week for months and months at a time. I don't know how E got such a bad rep, seems to me to be the least destructive of most of the drgs there are.

Its the other drugs often sold as E that you have to worry about, speed, meth, pcp, k, but regardless, i can't see you having any long-term side effects from having a pill every month, its not like your going to keep that up for decades to come.

A pill once a month, less in winter whatever would seem to me to be a pretty responsible use. If you or she is still worried about it, get some 5-HTP. It's a lifesaver.

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Re: The girlfriend [Re: F1234K]
    #7242151 - 07/31/07 03:21 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

I dont have a problem with E ... just getting some right now is my problem. 3 a day easy right now....... life sucks

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Re: The girlfriend [Re: F1234K]
    #7242663 - 07/31/07 08:45 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

It sounds like you're in a hell of a situation, my friend.

First off, as drug enthusiasts, I think we all have the responsibility of telling the REAL truth to our friends and loved-ones who have been brainwashed by the media.  This is a tricky proposition, as you have to know when to present your case, and when to retreat  (telling your grandma, who grew up in the reefer madness era, how LSD is impossible to overdose on, and can be helpful in self-exploration, probably won't EVER work). But if those of us who know the real deal don't put in the effort to work against the propaganda machine, this shit will be illegal and feared by the mainstream FOR EVER. We ALL need to exercise our minds, and educate ourselves to educate others, to rip apart their wall of ignorance brick by brick. 

My second thought on this matter... aside from this issue, you really should give a lot of thought about your girlfriend, and your relationship.  How long have you been together?  Can you picture marriage?  What is it exactly that you love about her?  I, personally, wouldn't go too far out of my way to change my habits for anyone I've been with for less than a year. And to me, psychedelics are important enough, that any girl I'm with HAS to understand and respect that.

You are going to have a hard time arguing in favor of ecstasy. The evidence on both sides of that issue are conflicting, and (to me) somewhat inconclusive. Being an amphetamine-based drug, I do not trust it completely. I have taken it a couple times, and have never had any problems (I always checked the pills I took, to verify their contents; and I have always taken responsible amounts, hydrated properly, etc....)    I would explain to her that E is CAN be potentially dangerous (the honesty may help your other arguments)  but that the known cases of harm coming from ecstasy were due to problems related to overheating and dehydration... things which are easily guarded against.

Tell her that when you get E, you look for your pills at  http://www.pillreports.com/  If you live in Texas, and you see blue Mitsubishi's from Dallas on pillreports that have tested positive for mdma, you can be fairly certain that your blue Mitsubishi's contain mdma as well.  And make sure you're not lying about this... you should check your pills.

I would explain to her the concept of LD-50  (the term used to describe the dose of a drug which will reliably kill 50% of the population).  Then I would relate to her the LD-50 levels for LSD, psilocybin, and THC.  This should show her that these substances are extremely non-toxic.  LD50 Information  LSD  psilocybin

After that, I would defy her to find ANY proof that these substances harm any other bodily systems.  (Some of this burden of proof should rightly be her responsibility, if she expects you to stop.)  If she manages to find something from a government website, I would point out to her that they are biased, and explain to her that the government makes money on the war on drugs, by seizing billions worth of cash and property. Therefore, it benefits them to have drugs remain illegal, and they need a REASON for them to be illegal.  Thus we get false-claims, to generate drug hysteria among the public.

I wouldn't ONLY argue against the claims of negative health effects.  I would talk about the many positive effects of use.  Look for information about studies that have been done regarding psychedelics and psychiatric counseling.  There have been some great studies done, especially in the 60's, showing that under proper guidance, psychedelics can be successfully used as an adjunct to therapy. They have even been shown to reduce relapse-rates of hard drug addicts, and reduce recidivism rates among prisoners.  The book Acid Dreams by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain has some good statistics from these and other studies. And it's a good read.  Acid Dreams

I would look for other studies and experiments, which can show the life-changing and spiritual effects that these drugs can have.  There has been some recent work done with psilocybin, and there is always the classic Miracle at Marsh Chapel experiment.

I don't really have time to hunt stuff out right now, but I'll throw in a few links that you can pore through to get you started.

I hope I've helped somewhat... and Good Luck.

Marsh Chapel

2006 Psilocybin Study  This is a PDF document. The title is: "Psilocybin can occasion mystical-type experiences having substantial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance."

MAPS  (of course)

The Psychedelic Library
Check out the links to sections at the bottom of the page, such as "Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Drugs"  and "Psychedelic Research of the 1950's and 1960's"  (Remember, that some of this research was done BEFORE there was a bias against psychedelics.

Some interesting info, and videos

I'll see if I can come up with anything better later.


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Re: The girlfriend [Re: CidneyIndole]
    #7242939 - 07/31/07 10:38 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

For every research article I can find that suggests E isn't all that harmful I can find another that suggests the opposite...

My impression is that it CAN be harmful if abused- but how much is abuse?

I have a friend that does it pretty frequently - to the extent that he takes like 5 pills at once sometimes and he's pretty fried out.

Then I also know people that take a pill or two every once in awhile and they're perfectly fine. Maybe the difference is they put less strain on themselves and give their bodies a chance to repair. Also, friends who take supplements after a night of partying or just generally take care of themselves in terms of every day health handle recreational drug use pretty well.

As for acid - I also know someone who's done a LOT of acid. He sees trails sometimes but no flashbacks or anything like that.

I think people who can limit themselves, as well as stay healthy and informed should have no problems with this stuff - just my opinion. :smile:


"I can't be told by anyone how to live. If I said to the minister 'Move from your home' he would think I was mad." Bushman : Botswana

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Wizard Of Tryptamines

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Re: The girlfriend [Re: sadspacemonkey]
    #7243259 - 07/31/07 12:42 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Much useful info everyone thanks! Yeah sadspace with me I have so much control over my drug use its crazy. I will not buy anything unless I have extra money kicking around. Even then I try to limit myself as I want each trip (with mush at least) to be real and not a spur of the moment thing.

I took a break from most drugs after a rave when I took 1 e pill and 2 tabs of acid and the next day / week my speech was very stuttered. But I stopped and it came back to normal very soon.

With my girlfriend its almost best not to argue because it does not help us that much. Its best usually to just not bother her with the drug issues. Its not like I would hide my drug use, I would rather just not argue about the dangers because (sorry if this is sexist) girls are "always right"

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InvisibleSophistic Radiance
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Re: The girlfriend [Re: F1234K]
    #7243897 - 07/31/07 03:41 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

You're never going to win the argument if you refuse to argue.

Though you probably shouldn't put too much effort into convincing her that E is all right, because it's really not. If you can be careful with it and not abuse it, the harmful effects remain at a minimum (as I said earlier I believe my once every 3-4 months is a good policy), but if I used as much E as I do mushrooms and LSD I'm sure I'd be an irreparable emotional wreck right now.

You might tell her about DMT, and how in spite of being the most powerful psychedelic known to man it is also manufactured by the human brain. Explain that the other big psychedelics, like psilocybin and LSD, are closely related to this natural brain chemical in both structure and effect.

I do think it's really important that you explain to your girlfriend why psychedelics are not only safe in the right hands but highly beneficial. It's a major part of your life (I'm guessing) and it's a point of friction that should be smoothed over when possible. And of course, ad CidneyIndole said, it's kind of our duty to educate the misinformed masses about the real nature of psychedelics.

Enlil said:
You really are the worst kind of person.

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Re: The girlfriend [Re: F1234K]
    #7247752 - 08/01/07 04:07 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)


F1234K said:
Much useful info everyone thanks! girls are "always right"

I agree that you've received some comprehensive replies here...well done people!  :thumbup:

For that last comment..I'll repeat a joke my husband enjoys telling our guests. It's a mock intellectual query that goes like this: "If a man says something and there is not woman there to hear it...is he still wrong?"
Good one eh? :laugh:


My inner child runs with scissors but plays nicely with others!

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