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Registered: 04/24/07
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Indescribable (Better Version)
    #6888494 - 05/08/07 11:56 AM (14 years, 6 days ago)

This is the second, more descriptive version of my previous trip report:

Dose: 14 grams
Time mushrooms were consumed: 1:00pm PST

Date: Friday, april/ /2007

Here we go!

At 1:00 PM, I had completely finished consuming my mushroom gel caps. A turned down the lights to a soft glow, turned on some infected mushrooms(cant remember which song) and lay down in my bed waiting for the trip to begin. I closed my eyes in wait of the upcoming trip.

At about 1:15 PM, I still had noticed no profound changes in my sense of reality. I opened my eyes, and felt a lightning fast buzz fly through my brain. I was there for a quick 1/4 of a second, then gone. I shrugged this off, guess it was my brain trying to understand this strange chemical entering my system. Still, having started consuming the mushrooms at 12:00 PM and still feeling no effects, I decided to get a drink of water, think in the back of my mind of having defective shrooms. I stood up from my bed(I had been lying down). As soon as I got up, BAM! It felt like I had been hit with a cannon, but in a good way. I was literally thrown back onto my back, on my bed, and the trip began.

The first thing I noticed was the incredibly intense high I was feeling. It kept coming in waves onto my body. With each wave that passed, the high grew more intense, growing stronger and stronger. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine an ocean, but I was only able to see fantastic shapes and colours and stuff. After what felt like hours (which was actually a few minutes) I opened my eyes.

Everything was alive. Everything. I looked at my walls, and they were covered in all these fantastic geometric shapes, all multi-coloured, and all moving. I saw words flying across the open space in my room, but, at the time, was unable to decipher them(the words were "Nothing is everything, everything is nothing). I looked at the floor, and there was a swirling whirlpool of colours, all mixing and blending and creating these kick-ass colours i've never even seen before.

Just as I was enjoying everything around me, it all stopped. Literally, all my hallucinations stopped; no shapes on the wall, no swirling vortex, nothing. I couldn't even feel the body high anymore, and my head was clear of abstract thoughts and I could think straight. At this point, I freaked out a bit, seeing how after consuming 14 grams of magic mushrooms and for all hallucinations to stop, this sort of thing probably shouldn't happened.

I looked at my sitter, who was reading a magazine, and told him this. He said I was being silly. Right after I told him, like as soon as the words left my mouth, I felt "mixed up". It felt as though every section of my brain that was responsible for tasks like talking and seeing an such, were all trading spots with one another. I layed back down on my bed, and the high started up again, only much more intense.

After a few minutes of being indulged in the high and feeling my brain mixing up, I looked down at my floor to find the swirling rainbow whirlpool. Instead, I saw nothing. As my field of vision was working it's way above the floor, something caught my eye. A spark of electricity. It was a solitary "boly" of electricity, wriggling on my wall. It was small, maybe 4 or 5 inches tall. A gazed at it in wonder, and suddenly, it began growing; it increased in height until it reached my ceiling. As soon as it hit the ceiling, it spread like wild-fire in a dry bush. Within what felt like nanoseconds, it was everywhere; my walls, floor and ceiling. I lay there, mouth wide open, staring at it dumb-founded. Then, I heard a crack. The kind of crack you here when you hit a piece of glass but it doesn't shatter, it just cracks. After hearing the crack, I looked around trying to determine it's position. I discovered it was on a point on my wall where the floor meets the walls. What I saw was a red glowing crack; jagged, medium-thickness hairline cracks, emitting a soft glowing red.

As I lay there staring at this crack, it started getting bigger. It grew taller, and wider, and eventually, these red, glowing cracks covered my wall. After it covered the first wall, it began moving faster, quickly consuming the other walls, the floor, and eventually the ceiling, all the while emitting the sound of glass cracking. After all the surfaces in my room, except for my bed, were covered in these red glowing cracks, tiny little pieces started falling away. I'd look at my wall, at little shaddered spaces would be remaining. Just as I was turning my head to look at my other wall, everything "exploded". My walls, ceiling, and floor broke up into millions of little pieces. I lay there in my bed, watching my world as I know it break and fall away.

As soon as the remnants of my room broke away, I was surronded by nothing but darkness. Darkness, everywhere. Now, everybody at one point in time has been in the dark. But this felt completely different; this darkness was evil. I could feel it envelop me, yanking at my mind, pulling at my arms, legs, head, everywhere, trying to destory me, trying to make me into the darkness which was soon to kill me. I clenched my eyes shut, trying to will the darkness away. Through my eyelids, I could see light. I hastily opened my eyes to discover a small bright dot of white light. I stared at it for what felt like hours. Soon, many other tiny little dots appeared around me, providing me with warmth, and taking away the darkness. I felt an unimaginable feeling of relief, now knowing that I would not become nothing, that there was hope. I glanced around, and more dots appeared around me. That's when it hit me. I'm in outer space.

As I lay there, I noticed the stars were slowly moving past me, or I pass them. Gradually, I began moving faster and faster, and the stars started racing past me, no longer dots of light but long streaks, like tracers almost. I could feel myself move faster and faster, moving quicker and quicker. Stars whizzing quicker past me, and then STOP!!! The tracers stopped. The feeling of moving stopped. I was once again surronded by stars, but something was different. I could feel a change in or around me, like I was about to be part or witness something wonderful. I looked around, and thats when I saw a strange cloud of what looked like gas. It was giving off magnificant colours and patterns, the likes of which I've never before seen. It took me a moment, but then I realized it wasn't just a cloud...it was a planetary nebula. And I just floated there, staring at this cloud of unimaginable colours. I started to cry. I started feeling what I can only describe as a new emotion within me. It felt like a cross between fear and love and relief.

Slowly, my crying stopped, and I watched my tears I previosuly shed start falling toward this nebula. As soon as my tears struck the nebula, a huge ripple eminated on the surface. At gave off even more brightness and colours then the entire nebula itself. Then, slowly, the nebula started spinning. Slowly at first, but it began to pick up speed. It kept turning faster and faster, all the while the colours which were part of the nebula began to "shed", floating out into space, and landed on me. I could taste the colours, feel them, sense them, know that I was a part of the colours, that I was a colour.

I looked back toward the nebula, and noticed it shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, until it was the size of a marble. Then, a massive blast of light erupted, and I was momentarily blinded. Soon, this bright light began to fade, and I could see the most beautiful thing in the world. A planet and a sun. And not just any planet. It was Earth. I stared in amazement and awe at the thought of witnessing the birth of everything we know and love. Earth.

As I lay there in my bed, floating in space, staring at the planet I had just witnessed being born, the darkness began to return. Only this time, it was far more powerful. The Earth and Sun slowly started fading from my view, being filled with nothing but black. I started feeling a sense of helplessness, until I realized that I was glowing. Glowing red. I stared at myself, and was covered in the same red glowing cracks with had destroyed my room. I closed my eyes, and willed myself back into the light; urged my soul to find light and to escape the darkness. I opened my eyes again, looked down at myself, and instantly at that moment, I "broke" into millions of little pieces. Literally, my entire body exploded like a hammer hitting a pane of glass. At this point I felt...strange. I was still there, but I had just witnessed myself "exploding". I look at myself once again, on,ly to discover not a body, but a shape resembling my body, giving off a medium-blue colour emitting a soft blue glaze. My soul. At this exact moment, everything came into my mind. Everything.

Every emotion I've ever felt, every good feeling I've ever had. All my senses blending into one, and my thoughts and ideas becoming ONE. Then I felt IT. The feeling of purity. Love, hate, fear, relief, tired, awake, angry, happy, sad, contempt, sight, sound, everything melding into one single feeling. This feeling I cannot begin to describe. It's unimaginable happiness, sadness, love, hate; all emotions thrown into a blender and gooified into a single feeling. The feeling of purity, of having a clean soul. I'm sorry I can't describe this to you better, but there is no way possible.

I opened my eyes again and realized I was no longer on my bed. I was standing in a white robe, in sandles, on a white puffy cloud. I was staring down at my feet when I opened my eyes. I looked up, and saw HIM. God. Creator of the universe, of Earth, humans, everything, standing 6 feet away from me, towering over me, with a fluffy white beard, wearing a white robe, sandles, with his hands behind his back. I dropped my mouth wide open, and stood ther for what felt like hours just staring at God.

"Welcome my child. This is heaven" God said.
Still, I stood there in awe with my mouth wide open.
"I have called you here for a reason. To tell you an important message, and give you the most valuable piece of advice a man can recieve."
I still stood there. I didn't know what to say.
I finally mustered up the courage and said "Hi".
God laughed and replied with a friendly handshake.
"What is your message for me, God?" I asked
To which he replied "I have called you hear to tell you to live a good, happy life. To be free from the temptaions of evil, and to live a happy life. As for the advice..." he paused for a moment.
"Living with yourself is easy. It's living with your desicions which is difficult."
I stood there, thinking about this, smiled, and nodded. Suddenly, I started moving backward. Slowly sliding over the cloud covers. Then, BAM!

I heard a massive explosion, and began moving a billions of miles an hour, through the universe. The next thing I remember is being slamed into my bed, back in my room again. I was still madly hallucinating, but the trip was over. I didn't have a single thought, didn;t say anything. I rolled over onto my side, pulled the blanket over me, and fell asleep.

The End.

"In god we trust..."

-I guess we're screwed.

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: ThePyschonaut52]
    #6888527 - 05/08/07 12:10 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

Awesome trip report still. So how real where the hallucinations? And do you remember your eyes being open with the vivid ones or where your eyes closed the whole time?


"The dream is dreaming itself"--Kalahari Bushmen

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Registered: 04/24/07
Posts: 982
Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: Salvia_Antics]
    #6888538 - 05/08/07 12:16 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

How real were the hallucinations? Well, for the entire trip, I completely forgot I was on mushrooms.

"In god we trust..."

-I guess we're screwed.

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: ThePyschonaut52]
    #6888663 - 05/08/07 12:47 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

holy fuck! amazing report.

just digestin' infants.

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: lycanthropy]
    #6889527 - 05/08/07 05:02 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

yo, thats fuckin awsome. great trip report, but god? really? cool nonetheless.


the pillars of the universe are taking a break at the moment, please call again

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: Big_Whoop]
    #6893831 - 05/09/07 03:47 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

Totally awesome. I have had some trips where it feels as if I am plugged into something divine and of extreme intelligence, but have yet to engage it in back and forth conversation. Can't wait for that to happen.

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: ThePyschonaut52]
    #6893958 - 05/09/07 04:26 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

What kind of mushrooms did you take?

A human being is part of a whole, called by us, the "Universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

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Re: Indescribable (Better Version) [Re: ProoN]
    #6895096 - 05/09/07 09:56 PM (14 years, 4 days ago)

That's awesome!

I'll never have the balls to take a  half ounce of shrooms so thanks for letting me read about yours :smile:

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