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OfflineLizard King
King Lizard

Registered: 10/03/99
Posts: 1,998
Loc: GA
Last seen: 17 years, 5 months
New forum suggestion/rule
    #671345 - 06/10/02 07:23 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

As of late I have been getting numerous PM's asking me to disclose my picking locations/sites. Of course I always refuse to release this info because its my opinion that one should find their own patches/fields, and that if you can't do that, you don't deserve the experiance of the mushroom anyways. You can'r expect someone to tell you exactly where to go and how to find them, this is your job as a "hunter".

Now I don't want to make a new rule based on my own opinion, I'd like to hear what you all have to say about this. I think it shold be a general rule of thumb not to blatently ask the forum for site locations. Not only for my reason stated above, but because of the possible legal troubles with giving out locations. When a location becomes well known its only a matter of time before police are involved and tresspassing signs are put up. Not to metion that the patch/field is usually raped of every fruit body in it, even pinners that haven't had the chance to sporulate. Usually its a matter of time until these over picked locations quite producing.

So lets hear it, should people be able to ask for picking locations? This same rule would also apply to those trying to share locations with the forum. This rule however would not apply to anything done in private, if you want to ask someone for a location or give out a location to a friend through private messages, its your buisness, so long as its not posted to the forums.

Whadda ya say??



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 User Gallery

Registered: 12/18/01
Posts: 7,264
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #671423 - 06/10/02 08:16 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I personally agree with you. Whats the fun in hunting when you already know a field or location?!

There have been numerous posts on what shrooms grow in what states and what not and I feel that has been a little annoying. I feel that answering questions about where a certain species will grow at what time of year and weather conditions is benifical, however telling where they will actually be is not a good thing.

Its like telling a fisherman or game hunter where all the animals are. Most will go and shoot whatever they can, thinking the other guys will get them. Soon all will be lost. People would rape the feilds of the pinners like you said, and soon bring the mushrooms in that field or area to extinction for longer than they would be gone if no man had picked them.

I think a lot of people trying to hunt do it because they dont want to spend money on any and/or find a huge patch and sell them. That will lead to a depletion in that area.

Er thats my 2 cents i just woke up sorry If I didnt make much sense ...

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Registered: 12/23/99
Posts: 8,946
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #671457 - 06/10/02 08:36 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I dont think its a problem...i think that it is more than EXPECTED..when we post these gorgeous fruits from something so beutiful and free like our loving mushroom friends. of course a bunch of dickheads are going to want a piece of the action (drugs).

You and i and others here all know how to spot these people.
The #1 red-light siren is "dude i wont go there and take all the mushrooms everyday i promise". Thats the biggest pile of horse shit ive ever heard about 200 times.

Ive gotten hundreds of emails asking for locations in my area and around florida... who cares what they email me, i dont have to mail them back anything i dont want.

The truth of the matter is, is that i think every damn cow field in sarasota/manatee county has had Shrooms growing on it at least once. I no longer believe in field that do not produce shrooms.

I vote no new forum and no new restrictions on field locations or any Psilocybe Weilii patch locations.

Everybody please come see my new website;
Keep shrooming,

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Registered: 06/13/01
Posts: 26,656
Trusted Identifier
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #671478 - 06/10/02 08:55 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I agree with you 100%.

Mainly because of the legal troubles assocaited with this. I would hate to be arrested in a field or location I always go to.

If people gave out exact location it would not be called hunting, it would be called picking.

To those people who expect to get exact locations: you should grow mushroms, you are not qualified for hunting.

Peace out,

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Registered: 04/04/02
Posts: 421
Loc: Washington
Last seen: 21 years, 4 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Gumby]
    #671531 - 06/10/02 09:37 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

i agree with you too, i am all for this.


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Registered: 12/23/99
Posts: 8,946
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: NewHunter]
    #671770 - 06/10/02 11:59 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Ok, so, lets just be hypothetical for one second here...


...do i get a warning?
-who gives the warning?
I wont.
So, i suppose either lizard king or levi7 will be in charge of banning people who ask for field locations.

And what if someone asks,
"I know of a good field here in Naples florida, if anybody else would like to trade spots thatd be cool..at least, if that is ok with the moderators."
-Is that against the Rules too? or do we let stuff like that slide.?

Should we punish only the field location people that we dont like or dont know, or should we just punish all of the people asking for field locations.

And i assume that the punishment is to be banned from the message boards for a week or so
-Or maybe they are just banned from mushroom hunting.

GGreatOne234 is almost 100% German..but i am No Field-Location-Nazi.

And where the heck is Levi7 when all these tough mushroom eating/hunting deciscions are made.

I say, Levi7 makes it or breaks this rule.
-There are three moderators for this forum,
So, i think he should have 1/3rd of the say on this.

I think that punishing people for asking for a field location is rediculous.

If that rule goes through, then i want the rule that nobody in Sarasota Florida is allowed to be here except me..cause, well ya know

And lastly, if you have a Psilocybe Weilii field, and you start posting the most raunchy Shroom pics to ever hit the big screen...well then, maybe they should just be banned from posting Psilocybe weilii photos.. but, wait, you cannot ban the photos that have already been posted, ??just no more NEW photos of Psilocybe weilii. (From the PSILOCYBE WEILII PATCH)

Lizard King, ... hehheheheh you rock dude, but i feel this is like censorship.

If you dont want people to ask you where your shroom spots are at, then the answer is simple,

and then, you will most definately see your Personal message box dwindle down to only mushroom related questions and much less people prying for information on where they can be found, Exactly.


p.s. Where the heck is Levi7 when you just KNOW he is probably out there somewhere eatin' shrooms.


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Demolition Man
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/05/01
Posts: 354
Loc: Wonderland
Last seen: 11 years, 2 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #671794 - 06/10/02 12:15 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I agree with ya all, Hunting for the shroom's it's self is half the fun
And i dont agree with people giving up location's via the message board
And it would fuck up what ever patch if to many people knew about it, Because they would no doubt they would not watch were they put there feet and probly trample baby shroom (pins) , Espicly if they have not had any experince at shroom hunting.
So it's a big fucking NO NO from me, that's my vote.



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Registered: 07/21/99
Posts: 13,774
Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: GGreatOne234]
    #671975 - 06/10/02 02:46 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Hey Great One,

Not every field does have mushrooms in it.

When I lived in jacksonville Florida during the spring rainy season, four six months I went dail tot he Dinsmore Dairy farm outrside of Jacksonville, Florida. These farmers had many pastures, even some connecting ones yet they had many pastures where in that six month period, no cubensis ever grew and there were no copes on their land whatsoever, although I picked many near Gainesville.

And no, people should not share there patches over the internet. As some people above said, it is the task of being the hunter which makes the sacred mushrooms more valuable an asset to the person picking them for himself and a few friends.

GGreatOne234 is right on about the a-holes who say things like I won't pick them all out.

I have taken people to numerous picking locations in the past. In 1986, a person I went picking with to ten different spots got caught in three mushroom patches where he shouldn't have been a few weeks after I took him out.

I actually gave him two nice blue ringer patches and still he went into my private spots I shared showing him. ON his solemn word that he would not go to these other places.

Anyway, one patch was at the VA hopsital on Colombian Way on Beacon Hill. (Don't worry shroom hunters, that was 1986 and they do not grow there anymore). Another spot I took him to was across the street from the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo on Phinney Street.

I saw him there at the Va patch about 8 iin the morning so I left and did not say anything about it. Went to West Seattle and picked for a few hours and walked a lot of miles.

Then I caught the bus to downtown from West Seattle near the Vashon Ferry boat dock and then went to North Seattle to the place by the zoo and there he was picking my patch.

A few days later he was at a third location and gave me a line of BS as to how he was just driving by with his friend (who was also picking) and saw the big patches and just couldn't resist.

|Well I called him a liar and told him I was going to come back and fungicide the patch because he brought bad kharma to the scene with his bs. I told him I also saw him at two other places he told me he wouldn't pick.

Well every year since 1974 I have had at least one person who went back behind my back to private picking spots I shared.

Of course I have taken many righteous people out picking and they keep there word when they say they would not go to these places to pick shrooms if I wasn't there with them to pick.

It took me over a year and a half before I found my first mushrooms, the liberty caps. ANd when I did I just found more and more and more. They appear to me in my sleep. I dram of them every day and there they are, waiting ofr me to call out to them. So if one keeps looking and looking and looking, sooner or later one is bound to come across the real thing. Son Juan said the journey to the mushroom is a long and hard road and he had met many who had died along the way. Died from maybe eating the wrong mushroom.

I actually misidentified my first discovery of shrooms as Psilocybe pelliculosa because the shrooms I picked resembled the photograph of P. pelliculosa in Alexander H. Smiths, "A Field Guide To Western Mushrooms." His Eastern guide has a good picture of Psilocybe caerulipes in it.

Anyway, newbies should either pick with someone who knows them or make sure someone who knows them, knows them well enough to properly id them without poisoning someone.

I swear there are a lot of people who frequent the shroomery and I sure would be afriad to eat what they might pick.

Example, I once showed a whole bunch of people at a mushroom workshhop pictures of Galerina Marginata and Galerina autumnalis and many told me they ate them before and had a great high.


Another tale from the shroom.


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OfflineLizard King
King Lizard

Registered: 10/03/99
Posts: 1,998
Loc: GA
Last seen: 17 years, 5 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: mjshroomer]
    #672125 - 06/10/02 04:20 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

This is good imput, mucho appreciated. Its only a suggestion as of now so don't get too worked up or anything

I hear what yer saying GG, I'm not a fan of censorship either, but I think it should kind of be a rule of thumb not to broadcast exact locations over public forums, share in private and its not a problem. And yes, people could still post asking if anyone would share/trade a few locations, and if someone says yea sure I know of a field I'd be more than happy to share with you, than do it in private. The only thing I'm really trying to stop I guess is public posting of picking locations, as it can and does draw attention to law enforcement. I think the north florida shroom guide proved that for us.

What you share privately is your own buisness. If you want to post and ask if anyone is willing to share or trade locations, thats fine, just don't share it in the forums.

Does that sound fair?? I'm not trying to stop experianced hunters from sharing knowledge, just the newbie trying to leech off someones locations for quick easy free drugs.

And hell no I'd never ban someone for breaking this rule. I know the shroomery seems to be trigger happy on banning lately but thats never been my style and never will. Hell, I might not even lock the post if the person sounded civil, a simpple reminder of the forum rule should suffice. Don't worry about anyone being banned over something so ridiculous though, the notion wouldn't even cross my mind.



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Registered: 05/18/02
Posts: 26
Last seen: 19 years, 5 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #673048 - 06/11/02 10:06 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Very intersting. As an economics student (this is very boring of me) this is screaming: Tragedy of the Commons. The original article was published by Garrett Hardin in Science, vol. 162 (December 13, 1968). You can find it by searching in google (also try searching: overuse of common property).

Anyway the point is without summarising the entire article (it is really worth a read) each individual (hunter) wants to maximise his/her own individual satisfaction (utility) and this is through picking shrooms maybe? Anyway this may not be true for all people but what the theory assumes is that each individual is thinking that if he does not gather the mushrooms then someone else will so he might as well. This is not a problem when only a few pickers are around but is when more come along.

When there are only a few individuals picking they care for the field and make sure young mushrooms mature and drop there spores so the field continues to thrive. When more pickers come along there is less supply and the younger mushrooms get picked before they can drop their spores. The result: no more muchrooms and everyone involved is worse off.

There is no economic solution to the tragedy of the commons (without intervention).

I like to share the knowledge. I don't blag locations on forums but if I meet someone out picking I might share a few spots (I don't have many) and try to get some off them. And also see what they are picking. If someone shows me a spot and then asks me not to go there without them or not to tell anyone about it I repsect that.

You can always spot shroomers in the distance hunched over starring intently at the ground, haha, nice.

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Registered: 09/21/01
Posts: 31
Loc: quasi space
Last seen: 20 years, 8 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: mjshroomer]
    #673507 - 06/11/02 04:03 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

No wonder there are no mushrooms out here in Seattle, everyone is racing out early in the morning before anyone else can get them.

Makes you wonder why the earth refuses to put out as many as it once did, do we really deserve something that some choose to horde?

Many people only eat mushrooms once or twice a year, what are their chances of finding anything when people spend everyday trying to get them all before anyone else can?

Could the possiblilty exsist that every spot that you claim as private or special, could be found by another and claimed so?

Is not the purpose of these mushrooms but to attract an animal species that can spread it exsistnce for it.

The mushie juice is just the bur that has caught it tentecles in our veins of furry curiousity?

I would think that going to a persons private spot is not as bad a commiting a second kharmatic wrong and being the person who says "if I can't have it to myself not one can have any!" by threatening actually "KILLING" mushrooms with no purpose.

Sure they came to "your" spot, but to destroy life with no purpose is horrible, and selfish.

Hopefully the druids here in Seattle don't curse you for such a threat on the little fungi's.

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Registered: 12/23/99
Posts: 8,946
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: braski]
    #674407 - 06/12/02 06:49 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

It paints a sort of comical image in my mind..
Seems like every year mjshroomer threatens to fungicide the blue ringer patches..

Dont bother me none,
I don't live in seattle. !

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Registered: 05/22/02
Posts: 58
Loc: MIA
Last seen: 20 years, 3 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: GGreatOne234]
    #675624 - 06/12/02 06:39 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

As a newbie to this, I 've noticed that there is enough rumors and chatting in the shroomery database to supply all the internet lurkers around with areas nearby to search. All you need to do is drive and find the cow pastures in a 'hot' area, then go tromp on some shit. There is no need for giving exact locations over the internet, there's enough info(at least for S.and C. Florida) out there for those willing to do the research.

No one should be banned for asking questions, its kinda hypocritical to be sharing knowledge about drugs and then to be banning someone who asks a question that threatens your personal supply.

++You are the slave of what you say and the master of what you keep silent++

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Puppet BountyHunter
Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 69
Last seen: 20 years, 8 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #676508 - 06/13/02 10:43 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I agree, you shouldn't be posting exact locations of where mushrooms grow... Maybe you could give general tips like, "there are alot of pastuers over in such and such county, i haven't checked it out yet, but there might be some mushroom producing feilds in that system" I also think you should help the advancing noobs once you get to know them. I've asked alot of people on the shroomery who live around me if I could accompany them on a new expedition, but i've gotten little to no reply's I've searched the woods, nature trails, forrests etc. no luck at even finding the poisonous or edible variety. Maybe when the next front comes along there will be rain and I can get my nerve up to venture into some horse of cow pastuers, wish me luck!

I offer my services to the highest bidder.

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Hunter & Collector

Registered: 01/04/02
Posts: 279
Loc: Australia
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #679148 - 06/14/02 05:38 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I like most people here enjoy Hunting for Shrooms. But please be careful to preserve the sacred shrooms and remember we are only caretakers of these beautiful things our world has to offer. Seek and you will find and when you do, please make sure to take only what you need. Then more people may travel the road to enlightenment.

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Registered: 07/26/01
Posts: 556
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #682063 - 06/16/02 01:00 PM (21 years, 8 months ago)

Do not give out your locations.

-SumGuy :cool:

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Rise ye Must!
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 3,182
Loc: South GA
Last seen: 6 years, 10 months
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: angryshroom]
    #690029 - 06/20/02 07:58 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

I think it's okay to give general locations, and exact for trades. Not everyone knows any good spots, i searched about 15 horse fields when i first started b4 finding my first patch.


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Registered: 08/06/00
Posts: 761
Loc: pac northwest
Last seen: 3 months, 4 days
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: rommstein2001]
    #697216 - 06/23/02 08:43 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

Wait, where are the fields in texas? My friend told me but i havent found any, where should i got hunting?!?!

stay off my land

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Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #707392 - 06/28/02 07:43 AM (21 years, 7 months ago)

- Post History Deleted Upon User's Request -

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Bite me, it's fun!
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Registered: 06/28/02
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Trusted Identifier
Re: New forum suggestion/rule [Re: Lizard King]
    #708467 - 06/28/02 04:18 PM (21 years, 7 months ago)

The rule we've used in mycological societies for years now is that you only describe the habitat. Stuff like altitude about 8000 feet, under lodgepole pine, on moderate east facing slopes. Or open, grassy pastures with cattle or horses, on the dung. You've told them how to find them, but there's no specifics to get them to your place, and they can find some if they'll put forth the effort.

Happy mushrooming!

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