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My first, and most exciting, experience with shrooms.
    #6644142 - 03/07/07 05:21 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

I've been thinking about/meaning to post this for a while, and since I'm up with nothing to do, I guess I'll give it a shot. This is probably going to end up being fairly lengthy, just to forewarn you. If you didn't figure it out yet, this is about my, and my friends', first experience with mushrooms. An eighth each to be exact.

Let me start out with just describing a little about the circle of friends I have who enjoyed this with me. There is a group of about 10-15 people who all grew up together in the same neighborhood, went to the same K-8 school, and eventually ended up going to my high school. Of course along the way some would move or just move on, and others would join, but it's always been a tight knit group of friendly people. Typical high school kids for the most part, they like to party, most play sports, but none are assholes, and it's not a clique, we didn't really have serious cliques in our high school. I was lucky enough to start hanging out with, and becoming a part of, these guys (and girls) my last two years in high school when most of my good friends ended up going away to college.

So when it came time to figure out who I wanted to try mushrooms with for the first time, I knew exactly where to look. I brought it up with one of my better friends of this particular group, Aaron, and he was immediately interested. He had said he had been looking into a little, and was definitely down if I was. We then found a few more to join. Before we knew it, there were a good 20 people that were interested, from a spectrum of life styles, and we knew this just wasn't going to work. Slowly but surely some realized they didn't actually want to do it, and we were able to phase out people we knew we didn't want to trip with. We finally settled with two other people, Rich and Dylan, both a part of the previously mentioned group of friends.

Next came figuring out where to undertake this. After much pondering and debating, we settled on a spot. "The Hill". The Hill is part of a 9-hole public run-down golf course that is owned by the city but also part of the athletic complex at our old high school. It is also, obviously, a giant hill, and atop this hill you are out of sight from the road behind it, and far enough away from parking lots that if cops do decide to show up, you can run into the woods and not get caught. This was often the spot for outdoor parties or even just gatherings when people didn't have a house to go to. You couldn't go to our school without knowing about The Hill. Since it's outdoors we figured it would be perfect. Night sky, large open space that is free of worry, friends, and no time constraints.

Skip forward to the night of the trip. All four of us are excited. We have been looking forward to this for a good month and a half by this time. Everyone decided on dosing an eighth of dried cubes that we had obtained from a friend. After seeing, smelling, and feeling them for the first time, we decided there was no way it they were going to make it down without the aid of something. "Hamburgers?" "Naw, McDonald's is nasty and the only place open." "Powder them and put them in a drink?" Nope, no coffee grinder in the car and we're already out." Oh look, Saba's is open, lets just get a slice each." So pizza it was. After a little flirting with the girl working the counter, and grabbing a drink to wash it all down with later, we were ready to go.

We are greeted at the Hill by a few other friends who are knocking some brews back. It is a Friday night after all, and we wanted some company as we began our journey. One of them decided not to drink as he volunteered himself to be our trip sitter to make sure nothing went wrong. As you will learn later a better word would be shepherd. Some scrunched faces, moans of disgust, and forced swallowing later, we all had our eighths down. Now the wait. And oh what a wait it was. We didn't know what to do. Aaron checked his watch, as I predicted it would be a good half an hour to an hour before they really came on since we had eaten a slice of pizza with them. 10:41.

At first we were kind of anxious and quiet, but after a couple of minutes we returned to normalcy. Shot the shit with our other friends who were with us. We decided to shot gun a beer each for entertainment and to take our minds of the wait. "Hey what time is it?" Dylan asks after being the last one to finish his watered down refreshment. 10:57.

More sitting, waiting, and not knowing what to do. "Time!" Rich shouts. 11:00 on the money. Sit, wait, small talk. "Time!" 11:05. Sit, wait, small talk. "Time!" 11:15. Sit, wait, small talk. Dylan opens his mouth, and before he can even get it out, Aaron replies "Christ, it's only 11:17, be patient!."
"No man, I was just gonna say I'm definitely feeling something. Nothing crazy, just kind of a nice... body high. I like it." Dylan is always the first one to feel the influence of something. Not necessarily a light weight, just a quick hitter.

This catches the attention of our drinking friends, and they start paying a little more attention to us. Asking if anyone else is "feelin' it", or what Dylan is feeling. After a little Rich pipes in that he is noticing some changes physically too. Aaron agrees. The attention shifts to me, they wonder if I notice anything. Someone answers for me "Of course not, you know it always takes Mike forever to feel stuff." Not that I can handle more than others, it just seems that effects for anything take longer to hit, and then I am always the last to sober up, and it appears that shrooms are going to be no different. "Great" I think to myself "I'm still gonna be tripping when they are all coming down."
By this time Dylan is actually what I would now consider in the beginning of his trip. The smile never left his face, and he was more alert, but still care free. No OEVs or CEVs, at least not that he disclosed, but he was definitely farther along than Aaron, Rich, or myself. Rich is the next one to step beyond the come up. They begin talking with each other, expressing what they are feeling. Aaron and I have a little chuckle at their expense, and the whole group decides to move from under the bleachers at the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill in the open sky. At this point I am feeling a nice body high, but not much else. The body high was definitely pleasant, much nicer than any of the other few substances I had tried.

"Wait." Dylan commands as he stops with his arms out. He is staring intently at the ground, and Rich goes over to investigate it with him. Everyone else kinda stands around a laughs a little, it's a silly sight for those of us who aren't on their plane just yet. "What is that?"
"Um, the ground."
"Yeah Rich, I know it's the ground, but what is it "
"Oh wow."
We are all now captivated by the scene they are putting on, and they don't even realize they are our entertainment for the time being. After they go on for a little, Aaron goes over to try and get them along. But as soon as he arrives, he is sucked right in. At this point I realize I am the only one who hasn't yet arrived, even though as the night goes on we all understand that this ground incident wasn't even close to the plane we would actually reach.

Finally we resume our trek up the hill. Upon arriving on the top someone asks me how I'm feeling. "Oh, I'm there now, I'm good." As I gaze around I start to understand what is truly seen while on mushrooms. Pink bunnies aren't going to start hopping across the field. And contrary to what your sixth grade teacher told you, evil trolls are not going to appear and make you go insane. Instead textures are more pronounced. The grass appears different than I have ever seen. The sky is beautifully clear and the clouds pleasantly contrast with their dark background. That ever familiar orange glow from the late lamps is more pronounced. It is no longer night. However, it is also not day. It just is. Brightness surrounds all of us, but at the same time we know it is dark out.

Our sitter points out the interesting formation of the clouds. They all seem to be converging upon a center point. Almost as if forming a hurricane. We are immediately drawn to this. As the clouds grow closer and closer together, we all start discussing how odd and interesting it is. Aaron starts suddenly moves as he stares up at the sky. "Dude what are you doing?" "I'm getting into the eye of it, that way I'll be safe." We all decide this is a fantastic idea, and begin wandering around a little trying to stay in the "eye." No one is worried, we all just understand this is our obligated to stay in the middle.

Eventually the clouds collision course ends in the inevitable giant single cloud, our four drinking friends leave us in the care of Zack, and we resume to exploring this new world. Each does their own little exploring. I am perplexed at how the grass looks almost gravely. It almost reminds me of one of my neighbors driveways I used to ride my bike in when I learned to ride without training wheels. I like the pleasant memory, and reach down to touch this gravel and grass hybrid. Part of me expects to feel the grass, and part expects to feel the gravel. Damp and forgiving, it is clearly not gravel.

Becoming aware of the rest of the world again I look around to see what my counterparts are engaged in. Zack is talking with Aaron, about what I don't know. Rich and Dylan are huddle very close to each other examining the tall, silver chain link fence. They are facing almost parallel to it, and as I approach them I hear them discussing how it is waving, almost as if with the wind. At first I don't see it, but as I get closer and reposition myself I, too, see the fence taking on animation we are well aware doesn't fit with what the fence is expected to do. Zack and Aaron wander over after a little, and Aaron joins the fence observing. Zack is good about not interfering with our actions, and sits down with his back to us to observe the sky as he puts in some dip.

Waving fences get old quick, we expect to witness many things of that nature throughout the night, and we decide we want to go to Zack's car to listen to some music and figure out the next portion of our night from there. I ask the time, it is only midnight, and we gain a new life of excitement because the night is still very young. Since I still have about an ounce of dried shrooms on me (I still don't know why I had them all on me) and our other friends left half of a thirty pack behind, we decide to take the stuff to our car that is parked in the road on the other side of the hill. Aaron grabs the case, and we approach to top of the stairs that can be seen from the road. Aaron stops, pointing out that walking down into a road, that police usually incorporate in part of their patrol of this neighborhood, with a case of beer is a bad idea. We all agree, and stand there wondering what to do. Again Zack allows us to act as we please, and besides pointing out that we could ditch the beer which we all quickly write off, just watches as we figure out what to do. After standing in silence for a couple minutes, I see a cop car crawl by. "Shit, cop." Everyone looks, as it rounds the bend at the bottom of the hill and continues on we can see it's brake lights. "Fuck man, what do we do."

At this point Zack decides he should give us a little input, and tells us to put the beer down and advises me to ditch the shrooms, and then we can just run like we always do if the cops come. I turn to the wooded area and throw the shrooms as far as I can, making sure Zack was watching and noted where they were so we could get them later. Aaron drops the beer down, and we all kind of look at each other for a second.

Then the mayhem ensues. I am the first to take off running, and it isn't long until I'm in a hysterical fit of laughter. I feel like I'm straight from the Monty Python scene where everyone is retreating. Sure enough I start yelling "Run away! Run away!" and from there I go on laughing and yelling other random Monty Python lines as I run down this giant hill towards wherever it was my feet were taking me. It doesn't take long until I realize Rich is right behind me and laughing just as hard. Whether he was laughing at me, with me, or for some completely different reason I don't know and probably never will.

As we approach the bottom of the hill we slow to a jog and see that Aaron and Zack took a completely route. They decided to stay atop the hill, running along the fence and basically perpendicular to the direction in which Rich and I took. They slow down, spot us, and after a second I think Zack realized it would be easier to bring himself and one tripper down the hill instead of trying to get two trippers with no sober guide to come back up the hill. Within a couple seconds they are with us, and I start running again. Zack calls after me "Mike, where the hell are you going?" I stop and think. "Zack, that is a fantastic question, and I don't have an answer, I'm just fucking running." This brings laughter from all, and after looking back up the hill we see no cop had come after us. We realize that we saw brake lights because it was approaching the stop sign that is around the bend, and in hindsight overacted since we know the cops don't mind a couple kids on the hill as long as we aren't being loud, which we weren't. Looking back on it now, I think Zack was aware of this the whole time but decided to just allow us to act on our own free will, and I will forever appreciate that.

Now it's time for Zack to transform from our trip sitter to our shepherd, and for our trip to reach another plateau, although not the final one. He suggests we take the back route, which involves walking across the majority of the golf course, down a couple dead end streets, and through the field of the local K-8 school. We agree, and set out on another adventure. Zack always stays a good 20 feet ahead, but makes sure to keep on eye on both us and any impeding danger. Again, after looking back I don't know if he was actually looking for danger or just making it look like he was so we felt more at ease. It seems like the latter would be true again, since while we were still all happy we were on edge about the cops and he probably didn't want four people tripping and freaking out about police encounters of the third kind.

With our shepherd ahead of me, and my three companions equally far behind me, I went back into exploratory mode. Now more than ever it seemed as if the night had disintegrated into an aura of white, orange, and blue. Colors were more profound now than they had been earlier, and the landscape is ever changing. "I change the landscape as I pass, meandering from sand to glass", the line to Phish's Frankie Sez, seems a perfect fit to what's going on around me, and I start wandering in a more erratic yet perfectly organized path. With my arms waving to change the textures of the ground and the auras of street lamps I can't but help feeling as if I'm a child beginning to understand the world again.

The three that were behind me begin to catch up, since they are walking in a much straighter line than I, and we cross the last green on our way towards the clubhouse and parking lot together. But just as any golf course has, this one has a hazard hindering our path. The dreaded sand trap. As our shepherd observes we all debate how to get from the green to the fairway without letting the sand trap getting the best of us. I decide that my path will be straight through, since the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line, and unfortunately this sand trap lies on that line.
"What, are you fucking crazy?"
"Nah man, I'm not crazy, I'm smart, it's the most direct path."
"Yeah, but you gotta walk through it."
"Bah, it's just sand."
"No, it's a fucking sand trap, that means it fucking traps you!"
"Fuck it, I'm going for it."

I take my first step in and slowly put weight onto the lead foot in the same way you do when you're a little kid sneaking around the house trying not to make the floor boards creak. One foot in, so far so good. Then I take another step, this one is a little more brave. After I get both feet in and I'm not trapped, I continue to walk to meet up with the Shepherd who is now laughing at our situation.

"Man, fuck that, I don't care if he made it, I have a bad feeling so I'm walking around." They all grudgingly decide that's the safest path, and set out as if they are avoiding walking through the Gobi dessert. As they meet me on the other side we hear Shepherd gently calling us, and by this point all four of us are aware of his role. We laugh a little at our little misfortune with sand trap on hole number one, and then met up at the clubhouse.

Sitting on a bench we discuss what we are seeing, thinking, and feeling. In agreement with the profound difference in our perception of colors and textures, we spend most of the discussion talking about our thoughts and what the experience is most like. We obviously immediately recognize this is not an experience that one can fully convey to someone who has no experience with the substance. However, we all stated how it felt as if we were children again. Walking around seeing trees, grass, sand, and even other people we felt the need to further investigate everything. Tree bark was touched, grass was actually looked at instead of just being seen, and we were constantly asking questions on our path to the bench, even if they were just aloud to ourselves. Sometimes the questions were met with other questions, sometimes answers, but most often the were met with silent thought. It was settled, we were children again with no care in the world. And it was that childhood that we would be sure to hold onto for the remainder of our trip.

By this time we are about two and a half hours into the trip. As much enjoyment I have had from writing this out, I cannot carry it out any longer. I need food and drink, not to mention the fact that this is extremely long and only half the story is told. For now I will leave it, and maybe some day I'll revisit my first, and most fun, trip in this forum and finish the story for you all.

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Re: My first, and most exciting, experience with shrooms. [Re: jewunit]
    #6647679 - 03/08/07 03:58 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Wow! That is some good reading.


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Re: My first, and most exciting, experience with shrooms. [Re: the_owl]
    #6651821 - 03/09/07 06:12 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

yeah i printed it out for bathroom material and i was quite disapointed when i got to the end and seen it was unfinished...infact it broke the whole mood to the story.

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Re: My first, and most exciting, experience with shrooms. [Re: makaveli8x8]
    #6653269 - 03/09/07 05:01 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Yeah awsome report dude. Looking forward to the second part!

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Re: My first, and most exciting, experience with shrooms. [Re: AtrocitY]
    #6667547 - 03/14/07 04:17 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

Looking forward to the second half of the story jewunit.

Thanks for sharing

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