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Registered: 06/02/02
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smoking two days after a trip
    #658526 - 06/02/02 05:29 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Hey everyone. First post here, ive been reading around for a bit and finally have a question to ask. I took a hit of acid wednesday night, my first time, and i guess it just wasn't that powerful, cause from comparing it to trip reports I figure i had a level one..nothing to crazy. Anyways, friday night i smoked a pretty decent amount of pot, it was my first time smoking since the trip. Now my question is, is it right for me to feel like im tripping really hard after smoking two days after a trip that wasn't even hard at all. I was seeing a lot of trails when someone would hold a lighter to the bong, more trails than on wednesday when i had taken the acid. I heard weird sounds that i never heard before, saw little movies when i would stare at a rock surface, colors were really bright, lights wobbled back and forth, and other stuff like that. I had never experienced any effects like this on pot. Not even close. And when i was on the acid, the effects weren't this intense. Well i just wanna know, did i get so high i was tripping on weed?(guess it was better bud than i thought) Or is it possible that the effects of the trip(which i hadn't felt at all when sober the whole day before i stared smoking) were brought back from the smoking?(only way more intense mind you).
well thats all for now, if anyone can let me know whats up id appreciate any ideas you have.

peace. thanks.

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Registered: 03/11/02
Posts: 484
Last seen: 16 years, 4 months
Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: justchillin]
    #658547 - 06/02/02 05:47 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

psychedelics have an aftereffect for a couple or days (weeks, somtimes months) after using them.
the pot rises up that aftereffect.
iv been seeing things move and fliker for a year while a tripping period of my life.

for some reason it dosnt happed anymore.
i wounder if hterse a reaserch in the catagory.

it will slowly vanish with time. its normal. enjoy it.

a growin original

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Registered: 05/12/02
Posts: 192
Loc: Southern U.S.
Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: justchillin]
    #658590 - 06/02/02 06:24 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

I personally don't trip on acid anymore mostly because there hasn't been really good sid in years. Anyway i used to trip alot a couple years back being a stupid teen i guess but found out the hard way that even though it was fun psychedelics do have affects after long term use. Now i am an Adult an recently got into trouble with the law so have to go the sober way for awhile. But to get back onto the subject its been 7 years since my first acid trip an i have tripped way to many times in my opinion over those years, my point is that i still see trails everyday of my life but it doesn't bother me one bit. I understand that acid,mushies etc... opened my new look into perception an some times when really stoned i will catch some C.E.H's. to this day this still happens to me an my old trip buddies.
So "justchillin" nothing to worry about the strong weird trippy feeling with pass but you have now opened the door to a whole new perception some people don't like it some do. If you find that this bothers you then psychedelics are not for you trust me if you think those feelings are bad wait till you get flashbacks. Anyway chill out maybe don't smoke for a week or two you will probaly feel better. Peace out!!!

"Maui Waui x Labrador"
"this is some heavy shit man!!!!" Cheech N Chong

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Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 21,014
Loc: the timbers of Fennario
Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: justchillin]
    #658806 - 06/02/02 09:27 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Yea I remember that..it's normal depending on your outlook I guess.

The bus came by and I got on that's when it all began!

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Registered: 06/17/99
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Post deleted by Anno [Re: justchillin]
    #659472 - 06/02/02 06:04 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

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Beats so hard itrequiresprotection
Registered: 04/06/02
Posts: 183
Loc: New Hampshire
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Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: ]
    #659493 - 06/02/02 06:30 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

I wish I could get high like that!!! If I don't smoke KB's I just feel like I smoked a strong cig.

I keep my posts like a bikini bottom, long enough to cover the subject... short enough to keep it interesting.

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Registered: 03/11/02
Posts: 484
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Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: shroomGod420]
    #660373 - 06/03/02 09:17 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

what's C.E.H?

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Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: growin]
    #660457 - 06/03/02 10:23 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

CEV = Closed Eye Visuals
And I agree with Newt, somking is like cid to me now. My music is expanded, I get CEV, and Time is irrevelant. And it isnt even good grass. i dont know If I changed myself chemically from the years of dropping acid, and munching shrooms. I never do anything excessively, so i wonder why I am having these expereinces. Not that I am complaining.

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Registered: 05/25/02
Posts: 529
Loc: California
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Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: Anonymous]
    #660883 - 06/03/02 03:00 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

I can make myself have flashbacks if I look at things for a while and the object will just start to warp or melt. It was pretty werid today. I was in a very dark room but I kept seeing a white light going in circles. It was very werid.

If I smoke a fair amount of bud I will start to get a high like I was on a hit of acid.

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Plastic Person

Registered: 04/22/02
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Re: smoking two days after a trip [Re: nezshoo]
    #663306 - 06/04/02 08:01 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Edited by mndfreeze

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prozac ├╝ber alles
Registered: 10/22/01
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a month after the trip ... [Re: justchillin]
    #663578 - 06/05/02 03:54 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

this is about a "flashback" (if you want to call it this way) me and b. had about a month after a trip...
The two of us now being very occasional pot smokers ... using it only once in a while (I don't really smoke pot anymore) but anyway... we
looked forward to spending a nice evening with alcohol and pot... so when i arrived at b.'s i RErolled a joint (the one of our trip before actually ... we didn't smoke it then cause we "forgot" about it) Because b. had put it in his troursers at a time while tripping and it
was completely screwed up... when it was "ready" we went shopping (for our beer) ... and we smoked it while walking to the store...
In the store we had a nice feeling ... somewhat mildly confused... yep it does affect the short term memory a bit.. but that's nice too
oh yes combining beer (anything alcoholic) and pot can be VERY nice that's why we chose this combo, it is always a nice way to get relaxed, have a good time and guarantees a VERY nice sleep ... nah just having some fun

Anyway while walking back home we smoked some more... then when arriving home b. and me were getting really more confused forgetting things
we wanted to say... and i noticed at a time how b. said something we talked about before in rapid order then resuming our conversation, and i asked why did you say that ??! and he didn't really know he said anything like that...
Being inside, b's mom was there and b. was acting normal (sober) but failed a little bit... maybe only in our imagination... cause he seemed to OVERact in being sober... so we went to b's room there we sat down... and talking about the confusion we felt (not really more then times before after smoking some pot) while explaining to each other suddenly we recognized to be just talking and talking and explaining and explaining to each other... like starting to talk then stopping ...trying to explain it differently.. stopping again... again trying to explain it in another way... but only getting some word out of our minds... suddenly i looked at B. and b. looked at me with the same expresion on his face... "That was that again"...
We were tripping.... for what might have been only 20 seconds.... then quickly realising it ... I was astonished by it ... my heart was beating fast cause it was so unexpected and i didn't know why the hell we had just tripped for a VERY short while... when we talked further
there was still a seemingly VERY easy to reach "DOOR" to go to and start getting in a state of tripping again.. cause while explaining the sudden rush we both felt we could VERY easily get back into a tripping way to look at things (mentally)... i mean...thinking about things AND feeling things...Seeing through things like you only can while tripping i had NO visual experiences at all... only the state of mind.
The real flashback peaked 2 times... one time very very strongly...
It's like when you're explaining how you feel & suddenly stop to experience you are just explaining what you feel, and then again start explaning it etc... then you can get this weird tripping memory in my opinion...
Then for about the following 70 minutes we could really think about life in a trippy way.. of looking to things from both sides... if you know what i mean... well like : Life is trip of which people are unaware and tripping is coming back to reality... so life is just a controlled trip in which automatons with a narrow way of looking to it all just function...
While in this nice state of mind we watched the movie fear and loathing in las vegas... i saw it 2 times before and it was a really cool movie... but THIS TIME... EVERY little thing in the movie was SO familiar that movie is SO very very IT... it's THE movie that's has everything of a trip in it.. i was so related to the depp and "gonzo" and the way they experienced their reality ... it's a movie with an unseen dept when being sober but it explains the feelings of a trip in every way possible ... that's my opinion...but then again while being trippy ... everything explains what tripping is...you just don't c it when sober...
In short... we had a "flashback" ... it was not like we thought we were tripping... or it wasn't "we felt like we may be trippin" NO it WAS indeed a FLASH and a unmistakable TRIP... and it was SHORT as hell... and it caught me by suprise...it was just an intense memory that brought me back into a tripping state of mind for a few moments... it wasn't visual... only tripping in thoughts... yes it's through what they say... Doors are opened that will NEVER be closed again... and i learned a little thing :
RELAX... you'll feel what you'll make of it... DON'T be scared... DON'T resist... just go with everything... merge... and enjoy... DON'T try to think too much... don't try to GO BACK TO REALITY... cause you can't... and then your in shit... just relax... and you'll learn so much... of the amazing mysterious "things" of life... death , time (hahaha what time?? and everything ...

There ... nowadays smoking pot means tripping mentally in a way ... not as profound as while on mushrooms but indeed trippy (before our mushrooms experiences we didn't notice the real mental "trip" pot causes ... )


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