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InvisibleMr. G
Registered: 04/23/99
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Albino Post locked? Why??????
    #611730 - 04/18/02 07:58 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Pf must be afraid of losing some business or someone is worried!
The albinos are a natural white Cubensis, they will occur almost always in one of your flushes of a TC fruiting. Growing on a mixture of Brown rice (30%) and birdseed(70%), chilling and casing plus a little moisutre denial and you can force more albinos. I would only expect you sned what you think is fair payment. To me that would be the cost of the TC current, and shipping. That is fair isn't it? No they are not sterile like PF's. PF tried to make most of shrooms sterile on purpose. He wants you to be dependent on him forever. He used to be the only real vendor people used (till 1997). The came FMF, and he was hurting. Then when the FMF spores started producing for people and they were spore self sufficent, (our goal!) many more started vending. I will caution you that while a mushroom will tend to carry the parents traits, if you use multi spore masters for every inoculation you may or may no get albinos. Some of our TC's carry the gene for albinoism because the occur in one filed i hunt naturally. The oofspring with the gene grow best on brown ruics and birdseed mixes and do better then their siblings in extra dry conditions and after some extra chilling. I personal;ly chill everything so i have heavy duty pinning and more even flushes. i belive it is better to chill to try and produce a evem consistent flush then to try and "pure strain" or clone. If you would clone and reproduce from spores, clone and reproduce for spores, etc. You would evenmtually come up with a mostly albino strain. The problem would be you woukld have to enjoy it while it lasted because it would be gentically decaying rapidly. Exactly like Workman's "hammond strain" of Azurescen. He slammed the B+ because he was jealopus we had a Azurescen that wpuld furit indoors with no casing (a first). He went somewhere supposedly and found a single speciman. Why he didn't take a spore print and clones is beyoned me but i have done some pretty stupid things myself. "Experience is the ability to recognize a mistake immediately, when you make it the second time!" His "clone" self decayed and collapsed. I have a strong suspesion that his current Azurescen is a "B+" because he knows if he sells for an Azurescen and people grow like they would an Azurescen, it will look act, and be as potent as an Azurescen. So he is producing B+ which is easily cultivated and a master strain, we always sell masters NEVER clone spores. He laughs all the way to the bank because he is growing one shroom, and probably selling it for two prices. it is easy, just order a B+ from me, and a Azurescen fr0om him. If your spores are not a match under a miscroscope (he wins), the B+ is free and I will send you a free start of whatever you wish at my expense. If they are a match, (I win) please publish your findings, and pay me for a B+. It is easy to think of ways to experiment people without buying a microscope. Go to a local school and ask to share a science project with the kids. Tell them you want to show them posion mushroom spores under a microscope (Hell tell them it is a "Destroying Angel" which I believe is probably white spored, but whould know that, hunh? Hell make up your owqn damned posion mushroom. The general public is steeped in misunderstanding and "urban legends". (ouch, I can feel the heat already if I am wrong, I have no idea whay color they are but doubt if the children will either unless you run across a young me, I would have argued loudly and heatly and made a big scene if you were wrong, my mouth gets me in trouble but I can not stand to see lies or injustice, it really pisses me off!!!). It would give you a chance to access without buying equipment. Use your imagination, order one from Edmund Scientific and then return, say it does not work! You may just end up wanting to keep it, if not sorry Edmund. I have to go, I was in the Hospital overnight and i am rather tired and weak. I lost a couple of pints of blood, no big deal. We try to ship Mondays, Thrusdays, and Saturdays, so if you don't hear from sopmeone don't be alarmed. I must confess my partners are less then pleased with this public idea. They would rather deal with the private sector and rent me out and collect a commission later (royalties you know) and the last time we did this we got sick of the crap when workman and others started slamming on us with his "visual ID " bullcrap. IO was just really pissed when i loggerd onto the web and went for the shroomery for years which i had avoided becasue i know they are tracking all log ons etc. which means others can to (vendors, the man), but I thought since i am doing nothing illegal, and I never do anything but collect spores in this country screw it. There they were, Hawk and "works" selling my damned strains, stealing my work and hours locked in dusty rooms readiung translated spanish bullshit, I could not help myself. I just want people to have the real thing. i have masters saved from every Sporesheet i have ever took. Some of these Spores may have to be rehydrated specially, but I will tell you, let them soak and sink on their won and be patient, a month or so, and even a 10 year old spore will germinate like a fresh. That mean that while their strains were probably still losing integrity either throiugh ignornce, accidnet or on purpose. I still have the very masters they started with, i know mine are right! Bye, sorry for offending anyone and there may be a few mispells but I have been on a morphine push all night and I am a little dizzy. i am sure my grammer is worng, but i could really give a flying shit less..... Mr.G

"Mr.G with a rose, in and out of the garden goes, country gharden in the wind and the rain whereever he goes the people all complain!"
"The Grateful Dead" Thanks boys, I miss you Jerry!
Did it hurt that much?

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Mr. G]
    #611750 - 04/18/02 08:23 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

>Albino Post locked? Why??????

Likely becasue you posted the same thread in 3 different forums....

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Mr. G]
    #611775 - 04/18/02 08:58 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

I have a batch of Psilocybe Cubensis, B+ growing right now.

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Jared]
    #611819 - 04/18/02 10:46 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Albino post locked, why?
In reply to:

your post has nothing to do about advanced or even basic cultivation
-thread locked-

I think that was in the locked post, wasn't it? So far as the rest of your post, I'm not sure exactly what you are rambling about. But the B+ is a cube. If you insist that it get special treatment, fine, it's not a cube, but it is so close to a cube in all of it's macro and micro characteristics as to be indistinquishable from a cube by anyone other the you. Ok, it's not a cube. It really is a Psilocybe newsupremutatedazurescenssubstraingofcyanescensstolenfromyouinsies that just happens to look and act just like the much easier to spell, Psilocybe cubensis.

What is the point of this thread, and what does it have to do with advanced cultivation?

"From a certain point of view"
-Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi

PM me with any cultivation questions.

I just looked at my profile and realized I had a website at one point in time on geocities, it's not there anymore and I have no idea what I had on it. Anybody remember my website from several years aga? PM if so please.

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Mr. G]
    #612070 - 04/18/02 03:28 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Hey dumbass, it was probably locked for the same reason this one should be.....

It's off topic and has nothing to do with advanced cultivation.

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for that my dear friend is the beginning of the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. ~ Adrian Rogers

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Mr. G]
    #612446 - 04/18/02 10:46 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

I can't believe I actually read that long-winded post and I really can't believe I am going to take the time to respond. But here goes.

It is unlikely PF is worried about losing business to fmfarms.com
A white cubensis is not necessarily an albino cubensis.
It is improbable that PF tries to make his mushrooms sterile.
FMF didn't come next, but instead Herben Shaman started selling Mr. G's spores (and funneling me samples for testing, hehe). I am still in contact with Herben, a good guy that really felt betrayed by Mr. G when he found out that the B+ and mexicana he was selling were just common cubensis. No other vendor that sells the widely distributed B+ tries to pass it off as an azure. And the FMFarms mexicana is now the Mexi-cube at Hawks Eye and the False Mexicana at PF. No one is fooled by these cheap substitutes. The online mushroom community has come a long way and is much more sophisticated today. But since Mr. G has been out of circulation awhile he hasn't been able to figure this out.

Ok, now I am at the personal part. Mr. G is pulling stuff out of his ass that isn't remotely true and doesn't even make basic sense.

The Hammond strain of Psilocybe azurescens is not genetically decayed. I harvested a small patch in November 1997, printed and cloned the specimens and stored them under refrigeration. I used the clone to make outdoor patches that fruited profusely the next fall. Prints from the clone patch should be identical to the original collected print, which hasn't been used. The patch is perennial and continues to fruit every fall. There is no danger of losing the strain and there is no indication of degeneration. I still have the original clone and spores to fall back on if that were ever to happen. Besides, I could always drive back to Hammond (near Astoria, OR) next Fall and collect Hammond Strain Jr. Every good cultivator knows the importance of keeping good strains as close to their origin as possible. I still hold viable 1997 spore prints of Mr. G's material sent to me from Herben. Including one never released by FMFarms. These include the B+, B, A, mexicana (not real) and some supposedly genetically modified cubensis with azure genes call Blowpop (cuz it looks like a Charms Blowpop I guess).

I slam the B+ and I will always slam the B+ as long as anyone insists on misinforming the public that it is an azurescens. We are not selling B+ cubensis as azurescens and I find Mr. G's statements insulting and libelous. The Spore Works strives to correctly identify and document all species that we sell. If we can't identify it, we say so. We don't have to hype up a cubensis by claiming its an easy to grow, warm loving azurescens. Our azurescens is not easy to grow, its not warm loving and its not cheap but it is real.

Spores of the Destroying Angel are indeed white as are all of the spores of the species in the genus Amanita. At least Mr. G got one thing right

Research funded by the patrons of
The Spore Works
Exotic Spore Supply

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Reinvesting 25% of Sales Towards Basic Research and Species Identification :amanitajar:

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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Workman]
    #612462 - 04/18/02 11:05 PM (22 years, 2 months ago)

Man I'm sorry but this dude is a clown. Everyday he has to post some crap about how he is the founding father of psilocybe mushroom cultivation, and about how he deserves credit for every strain being brought to the public, yada yada yada. We just don't care Mr. G. Any credit that you "may" have legitimately deserved is completely overshadowed by your arrogance and your constant spreading of misinformation. I mean how many people that demand respect ever really get it? If you have anything to add to this board other than demanding that the rest of us kiss your ass for all that you have done for us, then let's here it, if not please go away and quit wasting bandwidth with all of your nonsense.


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Re: Albino Post locked? Why?????? [Re: Mr. G]
    #612607 - 04/19/02 02:43 AM (22 years, 2 months ago)

hey if u wanna talk about cultivation is fine, this is the right place.
please stop spreading bullshit, and please, show us your incredible azurescens that is growable indoors...
and please...use the enter button from time to time....your post is almost unreadable and incredibly boring


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