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InvisibleMr. G
Registered: 04/23/99
Posts: 46
Loc: Treasure Coast
Why all this now, and the facts
    #607717 - 04/14/02 12:57 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

I am sure you all are wondering why I have been rather upset, let me clarify so everyone will understand. I decided to get back into the "stream" a couple of months ago. I approached people at the shroomery and they all seemed to want to welcome me back and let me hlp again. I do have some good info and the best recipes and teks. I have seem Psilocybes and Pans in the wild almost daily for the last 10 years. I have been studying them for much longer then that, and even do consulting on commerical grow operations, just like Stamets, not quite as cheap, but niether is the product. I follow the law to the letter, and this is done only in places where things such as this are allowed.
I am pissed off for several reasons, here they are.

The B+ whatever it is, and it is no longer a Cubensis evem though sometimes there is a resemblence. The Macroscopic differences: Huge, Caps vary from Saucer shape to Cubensis look, to mutant looking, irregular and freak caps. That is language we can all understand, we have seen the pictures or can easily in the shroomery gallery. When you look under the cap of a B+ you will notice a lot of vertical ridges runing down to almost the annual ring if the ring had not disappeared. The magority on the real B+ veils are very thin and fragile looking and do disappear with no trace. I have seen a few with veils but all frutings have mutants. If I told you some of the things I have seen, indoors and in the wild you would not belive me anyway. If anyone doubts what I say and can prove, please contact me and I can take you there and "show you where". The B+ will thrive on wood and has gone wild in several places. I guess spores must have gotten got in the air and carried them there;-0
The second thing was when I "Isolated" the Tropicalis, unlike MJ telling me he "Discovered" several species of bluing mushrooms in the last several years and Guzman has not the time to get to them yet. He then sent me a recent letter flaming me for claiming to "discover" something that had been around thousands of years. I have that email and many more fromyears ago, and including the ones i sent to hawk and workman asking for peace and apologizing even though they were wrong not me. They told me to go and, well you can guess the rest, myself!. I am THE person who "discovered the species in Florida" and no other fruitings have been found in the wild. I know where the only field is that produces them. I can easily produce wild on demand. I gave the strain to hawkseye the same deal, acknowledge the isolater. Now this shroom is all over the internet. The truth about the Treasure Coast is simple. We have more active species of non indiginous mushrooms then any county in any state on the NE coast. The following is plagerized on Hawks site. It was in a e-mail I sent him. He posted and as far as I can tell there is no "article by" or "theory by" Mr.G the discoverer of the Florida Tropicalis? If i am missing it please tell me, I will indeed apologize.

Origins of our mushrooms on the Treasure and Gold Coasts.
Treasure Coast's Cubensis Strains. They came here from Cuba and South American during the Spanish conquest. The Spanish were stealing gold and using horses and solders to do it, as well as transporting animals, plants and exotic trophies back to Spain. They then sailed to Cuba where they waited till they were resupplied, and there was a big enough group of ships they felt safe in the numbers. They sailed from Cuba through the Florida Straits and kept the coast in sight until they reached Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. This is documented, especially by the late Mel Fisher, whom I knew personally before he died. The Spanish made two terrible mistakes. They didn't discover about hurricane season, and they did not realize how far out the reefs went, 3-7 miles in some places. When you are out seven miles you can barely make out the Coast (thats about what they held from shore). It is easy to see, but detail is gone, it is 15 miles or so before you lose the horizon. Well, the ships would get caught in hurricane gales and get blown to the reefs. The vast majority of animals made it to freedom and safty by swimming to shore. They carried everything in there bellies from South America and Cuba. Which raises the interesting question where it was the Cubensis first originated. It may have been "discovered in vietnam in 1904" quote from MJ or JA, which ever you prefer to call him. That doesn't mean it started there, does it. It is not quite the same thing. I think it (the Cubensis) went from South America, to Cuba, to the Americas, and even over to Spain traveling in the bellies of animals. The paneolus species have a similar tale of hitchhiking. Martin County Florida was at one time the pineapple capitol of the USA. The commerce and trade between here and Hawaii was rather intense. We were bring in all kinds of pineapple slips, fruits, plants, products, animals like cows and horses, chickens and pigs, poulty etc. I believe all the hawiian strains and species of mushrooms made it over here that way. This is where a real pisser begans and here is the story. Oh, by the way, recognize any of the story I told you above? It was sent to Hawk and he posted it when Workman and everyone of his puppets started screaming that the Tropicalis was a Pan Cyan. Well if they were using the shroom of coplandia on MJ or john allen's (no caps on purpose, supposed to be a oriental insult) page as the visual comparison, they are totally blind. The have seen the same big, highly active shroom I have, that is called by our locals the Pan Cyan. The Coplandia on MJ's page is entirely different and not as potent. The Pan Cyan IO know is like a Tropicalis, but much larger. The cap expands to a full plane on maturity, it is white and stains heavily though not nearly as quickly or as dark as the Tropicalis. Workman said it was merely a subspecies of the Pan Cyan. I had found a minature, according to him. I was called names and we began the B+ dance again. I feel I have done nothing worong and if ANYONE has a complaint about a B+ or Tropicalis that was bought from me I will give you a double refund right now. I was getting so many letters of praise and amazement it bogged my email for months. The same with the Tropicalis. I would guess most could not get it to fruit, but it starts turning blue (the mycelium) after about two weeks on a Petri Dish. I was written to about some very intense experiences, drinking mycelium water from colonized jars of Tropicalis. The Pan Cyan grows in a differnt season, and will grow directly on dung, which I have seen with the Tropiocalis do, but very rarely. Oh, excuse the grammer and spelling but I have had back surgery 3x, have a steel rod in my left shin, have netal reconstruction in my right foot, have broken my right hand 4 times and cut a tendo once, 5 times in a cast. The knuckle of same hand, index finger, was shattered in a Motorcycle accident when my mint KZ 900 smashed into the side of an old snowbird bitch. She waited to "ambush me" before pulling out from a Stop Sign. I did a couple 360's in the air and landed flat on my back on the other side of car (hit her front driver quarter panel) and believe in helmets! I am a chronic pain patient and have much greater things on my mind then spelling or grammer. My grammer is a cross between native Floridian an the Shenandoah Valley in Virgina. I am damn proud of it. If it offends you, up yours. I am in the real world, one of pain. I do over 400 mg of morphine a day, plus 24 dilaudid, and other goodies and you know what, I don't even feel it, period. I am in agony all the time, so as to grammer and since I am not in college, or high school, like the vast majority using this sight. I rarly consdier it. Wish they had a spell checker on these posts. I like southern expressions like, "it was so good it made you want to slap your gramndmaw". My favorite and what I have been feeling lately after seeing the shroomery after a 3 year sabbatical is "F%$# me to tears!" I bet I got the quotation marks and the exclamation point backwards or is that right? Well since I have red hot rod down my whole left leg and feel like someone hit me in the lower back across the kidneys with a Aluminium baseball bat, plus being in two car wrecks in 6 weeks, neither my fault, and getting lost in a Cactus, Saw palmetto swamp at night with dead flashlight batteries, well my grammer may be shaky. I may be a wee bit touchy. Excuse me if I am, I really want to help and have peace. If anyone wants to volunteer to kill me, be my guest, at least that will solve one religous deleima(sp), right? The pain is almost that intense and will be getting worse. I have severe arthritis in my knees and right shoulders, and my liver isn't what is used to be.

You would be wise to listen as I can help you all.

I am good at what i do and we offer the best spores and we are only offering the spores from the treasure Coast and our own isolations. We may offer hawks Ecuadorian (see i credited him for that fine strain) but i am undecided. We are going to have twop differnt mexicans, so you guys better think of something else you can say it is, Workman.

The real pisser came when John Allen, MJ, looked at our website. He flamed me about advertising my mushrooms as Tropicalis (he didn't know who I was, Mr.G) and told me I was an idiot to think it was possible for spores to travel. Well excuse me, but it happened. I have had extensive hours of research into the ways of infiltration of Nonindiginous pests. I have done a lot of work as a filed agent for the florida carribean science center ans even found a Asian Clam that had to be destroyed in a ponmd in Stuart. I not only THINK it happened that way, I think it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to prevent. Funny how that same piece of plagerized material is on hawkseye, John's friend. Why dosn't he catch hell for the "untrue material", does he put money in your pocket John? Does he think that is a hawk original theory? It is my research and work. Why would he play "spore police" and why would he think he has any control over me? I don't remember Christ returning and making him the right hand man or anything, guess it is the self important ego. The more likely is Hawk pays good money for all the "Exotic" strains, and buys most of the syringes from MJ. Is this true? Hawk, John? If so defend yourself and if I am wrong I will apologize.

When I spoke to someone at the shroomery, they welcomed me back in the fold with open arms. They told me they had heard Workman and Hawk say great things about me. Well I found that strange. I asked him for sure and he said yes, they did. Well, they did because they knew I had fathered the isolations it was just too well know to cover up, they knew they had to act like my friend because we treated our customers well, they are NUMBER 1 to us. They had to act like they were best pals with me, to make it look like they were part of the in crowd and something special because the famous "Mr.G" had personally given them spores for the masses. They were my best friends I bet, my ass. They though I was never coming back and could get away with stealing my theories and taking credit for the strains eventually. the crowd here turns over close to 100% I bet in 4 or 5 years. If they started now and paid someone to rename a photo, "Herben's B+, and got my name erased everywhere, then eventually they could steal the credit for the discovery of all the fine strains I shared with them. Well I am back. I did give them spores and a mission, they failed miserably. Mr.G www.fmfarm.com
Would the public please let me knoiw if I am right or totally unreasonable. Think about it fairly and as if it was happening to you. Mr.G
P.S. If you want these real McCoys come to our site or email me.

Mj is quite a piece of work. He turns me on to a Ph.D. in Germany who has an extensive collection and knowledge. The poor old man still uses a typewritter and refuse to go email. Well i sen hin the spores of the new species and a breif introduction letter. I sent the spores just so i knew ther woukld be a print there in safe keeping and wroite a very brief letter to the Doctor as an introduction and arequest for help. MJ said he got a letterfrom the professor thast's tone implied i was an idiot, i didn't include every single piece of film, documentation etc. Well he was a stranger, who a whacko had refered me to, would you have sent the whole prescoius

"Mr.G with a rose, in and out of the garden goes, country gharden in the wind and the rain whereever he goes the people all complain!"
"The Grateful Dead" Thanks boys, I miss you Jerry!
Did it hurt that much?

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Re: Why all this now, and the facts [Re: Mr. G]
    #608631 - 04/15/02 01:23 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Why don't you post in the right forum?

I'd like to know what cubies are Gourmet/Edible/Medicinal Mushrooms?

Lets get this party started. :wink:

First off.....I think your on too many meds......and need to chill.
Maybe you need to eat about 10 dry grams of those mushrooms that you have discovered and talk to god.
Cause your out in left field....and no one is playing ball with you.....*hint*
We don't want flames in the Shroomery!!!!

Secondly....MJ aka John Allen is a friend of mine.....and the guy is a walking talking Encyclopedia about  Mushrooms....they are his life.
Basically you are trying to flame MJ.....and MJ doesn't deserve this.
MJ should have a fricken strain named after him.....as far as I'm concerned.
I absolutly love this man as my brother. :smile:
I will defend MJ til the day he leaves us and goes to Mushroom Heaven!!!!
Please stop emailing him....your driving him nutz!!!

I don't know you from Adam....but you seem like a very confused little man.
I know of your so called contributions to the mushroom community.
Thank you for that....but
Why come back and look like a fool ?
Too bad the famous Mr. G is in need of Kudo's!
You left under bad conditions last time.....then you come back and people are nice to you.... they welcome you back with open arms..... and you start in on them.

Just to make you feel better....after you go to Mushroom Heaven.....I'll tell people that you brought your strains to the Mushroom Community. :wink:

Listen to your heart.... It will always tell you the truth.

This belongs in OTD.... btw

Laterz, Road

Who the hell you callin crazy?
You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating froot loops on your front porch!

Brainiac said:
PM the names with on there names, that means they have mushrooms for sale.

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Registered: 08/29/01
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Re: Why all this now, and the facts [Re: Mr. G]
    #608689 - 04/15/02 02:44 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Blah Blah Blah, no body cares

Growing anything is good for the soul

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InvisibleChampion des Champignons
long standing member;)

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Re: Why all this now, and the facts [Re: MeltingPenguin]
    #612281 - 04/18/02 07:57 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

damn you MeltingPenguin, you took the words right out of my mouth...


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Re: Why all this now, and the facts [Re: Champion des Champignons]
    #614719 - 04/21/02 12:50 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

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