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Registered: 02/16/01
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Loc: sydney
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recent aussie (nowra) pickins
    #599226 - 04/05/02 01:58 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

i recently went down to nawra and did some hunting. i know these pics may be a bit scant, but i think the small one's next to the D (below the A) might be copeladia cyanecens...but obviously i'm not sure and won't eat these unless someone can confidantly identify them.

i have since dried them, in case any are usable...but i realize those pics aren't very conclusive. let me know if knowing which shrooms came from where will help ident them, as some came from wood, some grass, some old droppings..

live in the present and the future will present itself

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Registered: 06/04/01
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Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: hudsonismss]
    #599243 - 04/05/02 02:24 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

They definately look like Copelandia cyanescens!

I assume they grew from cow dung?

The question to end all speculation: did they go blue upon being handled? Copes go blue very easily, they bruise very dark (pushing black on parts) but blue brusing wherever you touched them should be obvious.

Where did you find the big one? Shroom "A"? Is that a dark ring I see around the stem, below the cap - or is it just shadow? If that was found on dung and bruised blue it is a Psilocybe cubensis. It's hard to tell from that photograph - I didn't think anything till I spotted the ring around the stem.

In any case, don't eat anything unless you're 200% sure.

Copelanias have a jet black spore print and cubensis have a purple/brown/black print. Next time, be sure to get a spore print!

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Registered: 02/16/01
Posts: 58
Loc: sydney
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: oO_wombat_Oo]
    #599327 - 04/05/02 04:58 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

well, i couldn't tell if they brused blue or not, they're so thin and tiny i coulnd't even tell, they just started to get gross (like all the shrooms) and go black-as they have all turned black now. they were growing from some old dung, cow i doubt, they were out near wombat holes, so if anything i'd guess wombats laid those turds, but they were old dried patties either way.
that was just the shadow on the big one.
also, how exactly do you make a good spore print. just put the cap on a piece of paper and press it down with some...then check the color of the print?

live in the present and the future will present itself

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: hudsonismss]
    #599379 - 04/05/02 06:57 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

They look like Cop. cyans, bruising blue is something you have to check with this specie to be sure. They also could be mycenas (hard to tell on those pics)... did they have a greyish look on the stem and cap ?
Also, to make a spore print you don't have to press it down, you have to wait longer, just place the cap on a piece of paper and wait a few hours, the cap will release the spores wich will make a deposit on the paper, then you check sporeprint color and pattern.


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Registered: 02/16/01
Posts: 58
Loc: sydney
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: MAIA]
    #599386 - 04/05/02 07:05 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

well, there were two types of similar resemblence- both were relativly small and very skinny with small caps. one had a greyish yellow cap and the other a black cap. the black ones, if i can remember, were the ones out of the dried dung and the lighter capped one was out of a woodish substrate...

live in the present and the future will present itself

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Registered: 07/21/99
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Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: hudsonismss]
    #599561 - 04/05/02 11:10 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

When you pick the real thing they will definately stain blue.

You will not mistake them.

The bluing is obvious.


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Registered: 12/23/99
Posts: 8,946
Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: hudsonismss]
    #601854 - 04/08/02 02:13 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)


Well, I will post my up and coming article to be added to The Ultimate Guide to Mushroom Hunting, to be added at the Shroom_Wizard's website;

It still needs to be polished up a bit and so on
and no pictures have been added yet,
but, here ya go dude.

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Registered: 12/23/99
Posts: 8,946
Re: recent aussie (nowra) pickins [Re: hudsonismss]
    #601857 - 04/08/02 02:14 AM (21 years, 8 months ago)

[Insert Topic Image: Collection of harvested Copelandia]

"The Blue Meanies of Southwest Florida"

It was a dark November night and I was out Mushroom hunting in Manatee County, Florida. It had rained the day before so I figured that the recent rain would increase my chances of finding mushrooms. The "habitat" (or place the mushrooms grow) that I was searching, was a cow pasture. The objective of the evening was to score at least one Psilocybe Cubensis but that evening I did not find a single Cube. Instead, I discovered an equally fascinating mushroom.

The first one I found was growing singularly, also known as growing "Solitary". I easily spotted its small white circular cap against the background of dark grass. I knelt down to pick it hoping that it would be a small Cubensis, but as I carefully pulled the mushroom from off the dung, the stem felt too thin to be a Cubensis. I also noticed that the mushroom stem did not have a veil. Since it lacked a dark purple colored veil, I then knew the mushroom I held was definitely not a Cubensis.

With a little help from the moonlight, I thought my eyes saw tints of blue bruising on that mushroom, so I held onto it. I continued to search for Shrooms and within a short time, discovered more similar mushrooms growing solitary and directly from aged cow manure. I collected a total of three "specimens" (or samples) and then decided to "bag" (or take home) the mushrooms to inspect them in further detail.

Once I got home, I took what I had found out of the bag and revealed the three small light-yellow colored mushrooms with grayish colored gills. The first thing that I was looking for was the "blue bruising" (a trait of which magical mushrooms are well known for). I noticed it right away. All three mushrooms had tints of blue where damaged. A very beautiful and exciting blue to see at that! The delicate stems and caps had all positively stained blue.

At that point I was already anxious to "bioassay" (or test by means of personally ingesting) them myself to verify if they were hallucinogenic, or not. But being the witty and intelligent Shroomer that I am, I knew that I first needed to positively identify them as magical Shrooms. So I followed the proper procedures for making spore prints (by laying the cap onto a white piece of paper with the gills facing down) and then left the mushrooms to sit overnight.

When I woke up the next morning, I lifted the caps off of the white paper to reveal their spore prints. The print color turned out black. I highly suspected that what I had was "psychoactive" (containing hallucinogenic chemicals), but I also knew that Psilocybe mushrooms all rendered dark purple colored "spore deposits" (another term for spore prints). The mushrooms stained blue, so they had to be magic?Kbut why (if it was magic) would the spore deposits be black and not dark purple??

With that question lingering to be answered, I knew that I needed to do further research to verify the mushrooms exact identity. So I began looking through my notes (taken from the internet) and I located a photograph and description of Panaeolus cyanescens. The picture sure seemed to match up correctly. And the description said that Panaeolus mushrooms render black spore prints. That was my answer. The mushrooms must be Panaeolus cyanescens, synonymously named Copelandia cyanescens, and nicknamed Blue Meanies.

I read through the rest of the description for Blue Meanies and it noted that it also has other "look-a-like" mushrooms. Look-a-likes are defined as mushrooms that can sometimes be confused with other ones due to their close resemblances in appearance. In this case, the look-a-likes are also "coprophilous" (growing from dung) and similar in "stature" (or size and shape). Reading further on, the text described that none of the look-a-likes are hallucinogenic and also, none of them stain blue. Since the specimens I collected all stained a very noticeable blue, that eliminated the possibilities of them being the suggested look-a-likes.

The identification process had now helped me to safely find a "Positive I.D." (or Positive Identity) of the mushrooms in question. All attributes of the mushroom Panaeolus cyanescens matched up correctly. And those attributes are:
Habitat: Growing on cow dung.
Locality: Florida.
Bruising Color: Blue.
Spore Color: Black.
Gill Color: Gray to darker black.
Cap Color: Light-yellow, bruising blue.
Stem Color: Light-yellow, bruising blue.
Veil: None.
Look-A-Likes: All possibilities considered.

I was now 100% certain that the mushrooms were magic ones. So without further a-due, I chewed them, tasted them and swallowed. The bioassay was a wonderful experience for me and I yearned for my next visit to the field to find more of the same great Shroom-caps. During the next few months I continued finding them. Usually I would discover 1 or 2 Shrooms on each cow patty, but occasionally I found 3 or 4 at a time.

Soon I learned to easily recognize that mushroom as "Copelandia cyanescens" (the scientific name for the mushrooms nicknamed, Blue Meanies). When the summer rainy season rolled around, I was blessed with the gift of collecting many more Copelandia. In fact, I found such prolific numbers of Blue Meanies in the cow fields, that there wasn't enough time in the day to pick them all! They grew "Gregariously", or numerously in dense groups. Some of the cow patties had up to 100 Copelandia growing from them.

Not to say that "Copes" (short for Copelandia's) were not the only mushrooms I was finding out there. "Fakes" (slang for the look-a-likes) were also out there. I learned that when collecting Blue Meanies, it is most important to check every mushroom for bluing, because afterwards when sorting through my collection bag I would find a few fakes I had accidentally picked. Fakes sometimes end up in even the best of Shroom hunter's harvests. When picking hundreds of Blue Meanies in an hour's time, mistakes like that can happen. That is why it is most important to double-check all those mushrooms, for bluing.

Every time I went to collect them I became more skilled at distinguishing the real Copes from the fakes. Besides the obvious fact that every Blue Meanie bruises blue, I also found them to have a few other characteristics that help to easier and faster separate them from the fakes. Younger specimens sometimes have a beautiful orange tinge in the center of their cap. On a good day, the orange tinge is a spotty tawny brown splattered on the caps, a truly gorgeous mushroom it can be! The more mature and larger of Copes change to pallid gray (almost silver) in color. Lastly, after the Shrooms have passed maturity and dropped all their spores, they wrinkle and the final color is a very dark-dark blue/black.

When the amount of Shrooms I collected became excessive, I began preserving them for a later usage. I found that drying Blue Meanies is sometimes not an easy task. I would lay the mushrooms down on a piece of paper overnight to dry and come back to see that half of my Shrooms turned into a black goo. The black-goo (as I call it) is actually very natural for all species of Panaeolus, including Blue Meanies. The technical term for this is called "deliquesce". Deliquesce is a process of auto-digestion whereby the mushroom is reduced to a black liquid and becomes paper-thin. I learned the mushrooms must be dried faster, so for drying Copelandia with a 99% success rate, I highly recommend using a food dehydrator.

You may notice that I have made no mention of how potent or what the dosage of Copelandia cyanescens is. The recommended dosages have been omitted and are of course for you to figure out on your own. But I will have you know that after many personal experiences with eating them, I have learn why exactly the mushroom has earned the nickname Blue Meanies.

Have fun but be safe.
And as always,
Keep on Shroomin,


[Add photos of each]
(All growing from Dung)
-Panaeolus antillarum - generally larger in stature "snow caps"
-Panaeolus campanulatus "fakes"
-Panaeolus cyanescens - [Image of large cluster]
-Panaeolus sphinctrinus "fakes"

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