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Registered: 03/27/02
Posts: 2
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Good places to trip
    #590675 - 03/27/02 03:37 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

A lot of people stay home with friends when they trip and this is probably the best idea to avoid having a bad trip and freaking out, but if you carefully venture out into the world when you're on a shroom trip, it can make it so much more exciting. I find that the more complicated the place, the more amazing the experience can be. For instance, a friend and I were just rocked on a good shroom trip and we went into a 24-hr Walgreens and just walked around the isles looking at things and picking them up and trying to figure out the pictures on their packaging and everything. It was mad fun. We had the sense that we were actually physically unable to leave the store. That is until a bin of beanie-babies attracted me and a koala bear started talking to me and told me to buy a bottle of chocolate milk. It was well worth it going there.

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Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 15
Loc: Cali
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #590687 - 03/27/02 03:53 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

hehe..funny shit...i usually trip at my friends pad with other peeps ...but this one time four of us shroomed in Glendale, its a city near Los Angeles. We ate the shrooms and it started to kick in first for me in about 30 minutes..we were all sitting in Baja Grill and all of us started to feel the mushies...what a trip..we all just started laughin n shit..then we also went to the arcades and played games...i waz sure that the manager knew that something was wrong with us all..he kept on lookin at us..then i just went up to him and punched him in the face ..jk..we also went to the movies..but couldnt stay in there for long cuz we were trippin by then...damn..it waz fun as hell...

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Registered: 03/10/02
Posts: 282
Loc: The Twilight Zone
Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #591109 - 03/27/02 05:19 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Try shrooming at the Mall of America... fucked up shit.

- xnevermore

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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Vallecem]
    #591131 - 03/27/02 05:52 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

did someone not yet say the beach? seems to be the case so i will say it: the beach is a fantastic place to trip. now i'm not talkin' beach like the Santa Monica Pier where there are hundreds of people all over (although that could be cool.. i know a dude who tripped there with his girl and they spent most of the time under the pier just listenin' to the ocean), but small, secluded beaches are the best. they aren't hard to find if you're on the pacific coast line either. the coast is especially beautiful up through northern california and oregon, but you can find nice spots pretty much anywhere. in short: trip at the beach, it's a great time!


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Registered: 03/28/02
Posts: 1
Last seen: 15 years, 1 month
Re: Good places to trip [Re: geokills]
    #592345 - 03/29/02 12:21 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

I want to get my friends together in this grove like place. It's really green, lots of trees, green, creek near by, really cool. the thing I'm worried about is that how can the trip sitter keep an eye on everyone?

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Registered: 11/17/01
Posts: 163
Re: Good places to trip [Re: Mersh]
    #593324 - 03/30/02 02:40 AM (15 years, 30 days ago)

college campuses are the shit. Don't know if anyones heard of the oval at OSU before, I've done it there a few times and its the bomb-it was made for mushies. The best has to be walking through a forest or overlooking one from a hilltop, thats just my opinion though.

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Registered: 03/30/02
Posts: 1
Last seen: 15 years, 29 days
Great places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #593873 - 03/30/02 06:59 PM (15 years, 29 days ago)

One of the most euphoric experiences I have had on mushrooms was in a hot tub.  There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling the rush of the bubbles, and the hot water.  Just be warned if you try this be sure to drink lots of water, as mushrooms + hot tub can = serious dehidration.  You get a bit of an added bonus if you can be in a hot tub in freezing temperatures (ice grows in your hair) :smile:

Have fun. 

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Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 41
Loc: Berkeley
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Re: Great places to trip [Re: shrooms4me]
    #601804 - 04/08/02 03:04 AM (15 years, 21 days ago)

my favorite trip was when some friends and i rented a house on the secluded bluffs and beach of N. Cali during a rainstorm in the late afternoon. The huge waves crashing against the rocks and the rain was amazing.

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Registered: 10/08/01
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Re: Great places to trip [Re: RedFluX]
    #602023 - 04/08/02 11:00 AM (15 years, 21 days ago)

My favorite place is the closet. It's so dark it feels like a section of subspace...

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Registered: 01/29/02
Posts: 7
Last seen: 14 years, 9 months
Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #603445 - 04/09/02 05:15 PM (15 years, 20 days ago)

I took a rowing boat out on the river in my village in England yesterday. That was beautiful. The water was amazing and every now and then another boat would pass us whilst we were wedged in to the bank laughing our heads off. They thought we couldn't row. If only they knew.

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Registered: 01/27/02
Posts: 11,522
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: shifty_vic]
    #604305 - 04/10/02 02:49 PM (15 years, 19 days ago)

i like gong to national parks, like uwharie, with a small group and setting up a camp site, then bulding a fire and ocaisonally wandering off or going on "adventures" if i'm not to tripping.

I once took a half a hit of acid and went snowboarding, that was neat. I'd imagine it could be pretty dangerous if you took to much, which i did not. STAY ON THE GREEN CIRCLES!

and of course the movies and concerts can be fun, it can also suck though.

oh yeah, and if you go swimming, and you smoke. take a hit the go under and exhale.it rises out of the water in these bubbles, and its pretty cool!

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Registered: 11/27/01
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: JonnyOnTheSpot]
    #605080 - 04/11/02 08:26 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

Nature is probably the best place to trip...
I like to do the same as you Jonny, set a little camp , a fire and let's trip....
It can be fun but also very hazardous to go in public places....Once we went to a supermarket while tripping. We had great fun for 30 mins but then the security guy who was watching us since we arived came and told us to leave the store if we didnt want to buy anything. (We were just pickings items, laughting at them and then replacing them) The guy seemed very aggressive to us and we had big difficulty to understand why we would have to leave. The guy was getting angry at us because my friend couldn't stop laughting. We turned very anxious in a second, and we got out of the supermarket before things get too weird. For 10 minutes then we stayed very anxious. I just couldn't have a single moment of logic while in front of the security guy.....saying weird things to him and all....
In general i try to avoid crowdy area and non-shroom aware people.

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Registered: 12/11/01
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #605157 - 04/11/02 10:27 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

I like going to the beach in the dark....watching the the light reflect off of the water.
Getting rained on or snowed on is a plus..feels good.

Going for a walk in the woods at night is fun too....during the day too.

Red Square at the University of Washington is pretty cool looking while trippin.
All the bricks and beautiful buildings.....creates a neat atmosphere. geometric.

The steam tunnels under the U.W. are pretty cool too...most people don't know they are even there.....huge tunnels that supply heat to the buildings.....they are lite up.

Gas Works Park.....climbing around on the old plant while tripping is fun at night.

Concerts are fun.....sometimes a bit too much.

Laterz, Road

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Registered: 03/11/02
Posts: 484
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #605390 - 04/11/02 02:35 PM (15 years, 18 days ago)

beaches are great.
the city is great, alota things moving and interacting.

i once made it to some beach in the dead sea colonized with hiipies and some other wierd people...
man, its the wierdest place on earth. u can float on the see completly , without effort (no need to hold air, just lie down and youl be above the surface). the water has alota oils and salts in it so it looks realy psychedelic when u look close.
therse mud that gets to you knees when u walk, and some well hidden unsalty ponds and a little pool with a waterfall. all that and the company - a preaty wierd place. i didnt trip there , but i should have. im not gonna go there again though because some one was murded there - found in the mud. kinda a bummer.

also a nice situation to trip in is while shnorkeling. we have this beautifull coral reef. another dimention.

a growin original

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Registered: 02/12/02
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #605488 - 04/11/02 04:29 PM (15 years, 18 days ago)

I'm not a very experienced mushroom tripper, but this past weekend was a good one. Thursday, I went to go pick up a paycheck from the local hospital and I saw one of my old friends. He told me he could get shrooms. I ended up buying around $60 that night on shrooms. Anyways, I decided to do some by myself. Be reminded that this would be my second time tripping on mushrooms. I tripped all night long, mainly in my room. I almost started having a bad trip earlier in the night but I pulled myself out, and ended up eating some more shrooms. The next day, a friend and I had planned to hang out. We ended up going down to a park that is by the Mississippi. We started walking a trail. Not to long after we started walking he had to go urinate. Anyways, he walked quite a ways off the path to go. He started comming back and he told me it was awesome by the river. So we both walked to the river (by this time we were just about to peak). Well, with the intent of only looking at this place he had told me about, we ended up tripping out by a marsh for 2 and half hours, and not really noticing it. It was great. I would go back there in a heartbeat if I could trip on shrooms soon. Anyways, I like the woods. But like I said, I am not a very experienced tripper.

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Registered: 10/28/01
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: growin]
    #605604 - 04/11/02 06:52 PM (15 years, 17 days ago)

One of the best places i tripped was at a string cheese, ben harper, blues travelers concert in steamboat on the hill. We set up camp with a couple of hundred other people (mostly all the hippie type) in a place i like to call shanty town. We walked around there all night the hippies were sellin all sorts of shit, pipes, neclases, food, beer ganja bownies you name it they had it. It was awesome there weren't any cops or anything all night the atmoshpere was just perfect. Another good one i had was me and a couple of my friends went swimming, and we were going really good by the time we got there. Going under water and holding your breath is about the craziest thing ever, after that we walked down to this lake that has woods all around it. There wasn't any wind that night and the lake was like a mirror to all its surroundings. So in short i would have to say places with a good atmosphere, concert, places where you can go swimming, and places where you can get lost in nature.

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Registered: 03/30/02
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: copeman25]
    #605669 - 04/11/02 08:37 PM (15 years, 17 days ago)

I trip at school lately :smile: it's quite fun. I went to an assembly today where i had to talk to my principal....now that was some freaky shit.All of my teachers suspect i'm a druggy, but hey they can't do anything. School is great when the lights are off too, and there are so many people to fuck with :smile: 

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Registered: 03/30/01
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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Maximilian77]
    #606259 - 04/12/02 12:16 PM (15 years, 17 days ago)

parks are fun... my Dad's place has a 'recreation area' right near it, it's awesome at night. You can see all the way across the water to Baltimore. I used to go there.

Also, try mountaintops, but don't try flying or anything!

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Re: Good places to trip [Re: NextGenHippie] * 1
    #606302 - 04/12/02 01:01 PM (15 years, 17 days ago)

Every time I've shroomed out in nature, I had the extremly energetic shroom trip. Most of the times I've shroomed at a house, I had a kind of weak, energy drained shroom trip that was still enjoyable.

But I always find nature shrooming to be the best.

A place that I think would be wonderful for an intense shroom trip would be on a mountain, ovelooking the ocean. I would watch the sunset and the clouds would look like colorful islands out in the ocean, that would give me the BEST vibe.



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Re: Good places to trip [Re: Jeff17]
    #607086 - 04/13/02 08:58 AM (15 years, 16 days ago)

I haven't done shrooms before, yet, but done a few trips on acid. I'd say the best thing to do is be in the outdoors under the stars. The last few times, I've been tripping out at camping sites and just lying watching the stars and clouds with a good CD. A few weeks back I did 2 tabs at a really buzzy camping area amongst a forest and ranges, and ended up lying in a field watching the clouds whirl past, while listening to Pink Floyd. Only downside, was fatigue kicking in later on in the trip, and starting to feel a little drained.
Oh, one more thing, last night a film festival here played Dark Side of the Rainbow (Dark Side of the Moon with Wizard of Oz) on the big screen with an awesome sound system. Shame about the heat and having to take a piss bad halfway through, but overall good fun.
Indoor tripping is good, but not as amazing as the smells of nature and feeling the wind on your face

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