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Love of Life
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: SherlockDrubu]
    #576240 - 03/11/02 08:59 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

not to learn but to understand

Evolution of Time.

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Registered: 05/13/00
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #576290 - 03/11/02 09:54 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

To eat and avoid being eaten until you reach sexual maturity.
To mate as many times as possible before you die.
To ensure your offspring live and breed.

That's all, folks. Thank you for playing.

What? That's too boring, you say?

Oh, right, that pesky cerebral neo-cortex thing you grew in last million years or so. That was only supposed to help you climb through the jungle more effectively and make tools to beat the shit out of the other monkeys, and somehow it took over to the point of negating 3 billion years worth of hard-learned instinct.

Now you've mastered Life. You think you're above it. Ok.

Here's a game that will keep you busy. The first rule is- stay in character at all times. It only works if you act like this new game IS "Life." Got that?

The rules are quite complex. You will spend the first quarter of your natural lifespan being taught them, trying to live by them for the second quarter, trying to enforce them on others for the third quarter, and after that you're pretty much too old to play.

You live to make money.
Money is the most important thing in the world because it can buy happiness.
The more expensive toys you have, the happier you will be.

In order to get money, you must work. You must work hard in school to become a more productive worker for a corporation later. Do what you are told. The more hard-working people in your country, the richer you will all be, and the more toys you will be able to acquire, and the happier it will make you.
And you'll be happier than those other people in other countries, which means you're winning and they're losing. This is important.

You must work all your life because you need to be married to be happy, and you can't get married unless you own a house. No one has enough money to buy a house except banks, so you have to work to pay the bank for the house. Then you must have children. If you do not want your children to become bums or criminals, they must go to college, which also costs more money than you have.

So put it on the credit card.
Debt is healthy.
The richer the corporations get, the more luxurious toys they can supply us all with.
If money is the most important thing in the world, who has the most money? That's right, the U.S. Government. So listen to what they say.
But the second most important thing is business; because corporations are the second richest things in the world. You must watch television so you can be shown advertisments. The entertainment you rely on for your daily social conditioning is supported by advertising revenue. Also, this is the only way you can know which corporations you should give more money to. If you buy the wrong products you will not be popular.
Popularity is the only way to get love, and thus sex (they're really the same thing, and they're both practice for marriage, the goal.) You should have learned this in high school. Of course you understand "Us versus Them". This is a delightful little sub-game that takes many forms, from Catholic vs. Protestant to Coke vs. Pepsi. The more tribal associations you display the cooler you will be, and the more other people are on the same side as you in each one, the more popular you are. This part of the game occupies the primal, reptilian, limbic system of your brain which might otherwise be revolting at the lack of stimulation of cubicle-based work, couch-based entertainment, and the society-wide erotic deprivation protocols.
Also, it allows the Governments (richest, and most important things in the world, ultimate deciders of private happiness) to spend trillions of points on impressive new toys for killing Them (the bad people, who are not Us) with. Making jobs, allowing more of Us to work and be productive. Allowing them to pay the corporations (dictators of Popularity, and thus Love) to keep you entertained. And therefore, happy.

...You're not happy? Doesn't this game sound like fun to you?


What are you, an anarchist? A Communist? A TERRORIST? Some kind of new-age hippie fag? No matter.

You still fit into the game, of course. You may have missed the rules concerning the prison-industrial complex, and the psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry, and their function in society, but you will find out soon enough.

:smile: Have a nice "Life". :smile:


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Registered: 03/11/02
Posts: 7
Loc: near NYC
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #576314 - 03/11/02 10:16 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

I haven't been asked this question lately. Cool.

Our purpose in life is to revel in our humanness, in this I AM. In the gift and the curse of consciousness. We must make the best game of it that we can, and rely on death to mitigate our eventual psychic or physical misery.

We must assign value (judiciously), and embrace it as valuable. If, in reality, this is ultimately an exercise in emptiness, well, we don't live in the realm of the Ultimate.

The floor beneath my feet is not really there, but the illusion continues to hold my interest.

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Registered: 03/11/02
Posts: 7
Loc: near NYC
Last seen: 21 years, 11 months
Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: Xibalba]
    #576328 - 03/11/02 10:39 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

Xibalba, you obviously need a hug. Here's one. I'd offer you a hit, but looks like that's been taken care of.

I don't know your situation or your level of sensitivity. But even a life that is characterized by a certain degree of humiliation is worth living, especially if you believe that's all there is.

If I were enslaved in cruel conditions and had no hope of liberation other than by my own initiative, I would scheme and struggle for my freedom, even if it killed me, or I would resign myself, but I would not kill myself. The use of the imagination that I, a human being, possess, is too much fun.

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Registered: 02/06/02
Posts: 87,069
Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #576620 - 03/12/02 07:44 AM (21 years, 11 months ago)

I did & do alot of thinking on Philosophy, Cosmology & like and on a regular basis come up with alot of braincracking questions & theories. I won't torment you with stuff like: "The ABSOLUTE void surrounding our Cosmos stretches out into Infinity, yet it's infinitely smaller than a single grain of sand..." so I'll go straight for the Main Vein.

In my opinion, every is pre-destined. Why do you exist? Well: why does my computer have Chip XZ-23? Because without it it wouldn't function and it would be incomplete. Swap "Computer" for "Universe" & "Chip XZ-23" for "Me" and you'll get a basic idea where I'm coming from. Since I think everything is part of a Whole and everything is linked by Cause & Effect that rules our particular Cosmos, I'd say there's no Freedom, no Free Will, and everything we do or don't is all part of our Role in the Grand Plan.
Now don't whip out the Prozac just yet!

If you follow this stuff along it's theoretic line, it can only mean that everything in existence (including YOU) is destined to resonate between Existence & Non-Existence into Infinity, experiencing everything there is to experience, living every possible life from every body/mind that'll hold your Soul. So what that we're pulling a Genocide on everything alive we know? So what if a Comet the size of NY state burns this planet barren TODAY? Everything in existence is ingrained into the fabric of the Universe, so NOTHING DIES FOREVER !!! On the lighter side: That very same bud you just smoked re?ncarnates forever too, stoning every Pothead in existence for All Eternity!!!

To bring you the News: I believe every one of us will Re?ncarnate without a beginning or end, we always have & always will. I believe there's only One Soul and that everybody else really is yourself in another life. The Totality of Everything I call GOD, but that's just me being religious. We'll live forever & experience everything possible into Infinity, unable to deviate from the Master Plan.
Now ain't that Purpose & Meaning enough?

higher knowledge starts here

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #576697 - 03/12/02 09:33 AM (21 years, 11 months ago)

The purpose of life is to exist.


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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Registered: 03/08/02
Posts: 42
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: Xibalba]
    #576959 - 03/12/02 02:01 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

a bit cynical perhaps ;-D made me laugh.

one of my lecturers said to me the other day:
"the child must adapt to the system not the other way around!" - yeh maybe i'll think like that when i am not permantly skint and watching the whole world crumbling around us.

The world needs more sex, if i had more sex, i wouldn't be tapping a load of nonsensical abstract thought into a white plastic box whilst smoking bizzare plants to reduce my sex drive and fill my hard drive.

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Registered: 02/18/02
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: MAIA]
    #579000 - 03/14/02 06:00 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

I won't bother to find a purpose untill I know for a fact that there is life. Am I really alive?? are all you people alive. Its hard to live when you dont exist and im not thourouly convinced that we do exist. Everyone is amazed at how miniscule we are in the universe but our whole gaping universe might not even exist, there is just nothing. I am sitting here typing but maybey im not even thinking or even really typing.

Go through the orange yesterday

I watched intently for a while to both sides, infront of me and behind me.
I was impressed to learn there was another way to look... UP!
More impressive still was the fact that there were beautiful stars in this direction
Most amazing fact of all was the prospect of another direction when I was done with up. DOWN! Which, based on the feel through my toes would be a fine sandy beach!

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Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 51
Loc: Saskatoon, SK., Canada
Last seen: 21 years, 11 months
Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #579137 - 03/14/02 08:49 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

Hey, If you are looking to find yourself, you are probably looking in the wrong places. The answer does not lie in your thought process ( conscience ) but in your astral body ( soul ). I will start you on your limitless journey, where you go from there you will decide. Tonight as you climb into bed and turn in for the night, stop, think of nothing, but yet become fully aware of all your senses, your body and what it is doing, it might start to feel heavy, this is normal. Your body will eventually go into paralysis, make sure your mind stays on and alert as this is happening. Tap into your astral energy form by feeling the chakra ( energy ) flowing through your body, you might hear a loud bang when this is all happening, relax it is normal, do not panick. after or during this time you may feel your astral body shift, this is felt through vibration within the body and can be very intense and frightening, just relax. By now you will feel as if in a higher state of consciousness, you may begin to hear things ( voices, music, noises ). You will also most likely be treated to a visual trip, open your astral self into inner space, imagery, your thoughts will guide you visually . This is all part of the astral process, just enjoy it. This is the time to ask the questions you have been waiting to hear the answers to, to pray, or whatever you want, the possibilities are limitless. What happens from here is yet unknown to myself but I soon plan to venture there ( OOBE'S ). You may feel as if your body is floating, or trying to jerk away from itself. Your journey can become dangerous from here, so read lots a info before you venture any further.

<+> wOrLd PhIlOsOpHy CaN OnLy bE UnDeRsToOd ThRoUgH aStRaL aWaKeNiNg<+>

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Registered: 12/09/99
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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: Xibalba]
    #579221 - 03/14/02 10:57 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Truly. But, I wonder about the perceptive guy who sees all this, and still registers all this cynicism and angst. I read this to my lady, who got the impression that you are perhaps angry that you are yourself taken in by all this conditioning, but cannot transcend it.

You can apply Alchemical processes to the 'Prima Materia' of Existence. You can learn to filter or Separate out useful elements; Distill out meaning from the obvious forms, and so forth. Take from all of these social processes the elements that you need to create the home or 'hermetic vessel' in which you can develop [gestate] your Inner Man, and recycle the rest.

You see the leaden dross of gross existence, but bewail its lowly nature. Why?Transform that which is leaden into that which is golden. Be in the world, but not of the world. You can learn to work for, and drive a decent car without having to identify yourself with being the driver of the car. One can reject gross materialism without rejecting the material. Materialism is what used to be called idolatry.

When the Mazda Miata came out in 1989, my ex-wife pushed me to buy one. OK, it was fun, but people jumped out of cars at lights to "Ooh and Ahh," and to them, I was 'The Man.' Today, I still drive that Miata - just and old car and I've long since stopped being 'The Man' to the eyes of the world. However, I still am the man who bought that 'toy' of a car. I didn't buy it to be 'The Man.' That was incidental. The world is incidental to the Inner Work. Fun is still OK. It is childlike. On the other hand, the pursuit of social status; of ego-aggrandizement; of wealth, is all about life in the lower chakras. That's all it is. Honor it as the Earth and Mother's womb that it is: Mother-Mater-Matter-Matrix of existence, and emerge from it. Transcend it. Be born again into the Light. Peace.

γνῶθι σαὐτόν - Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself

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A Drug AgainstWar

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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #579484 - 03/15/02 08:24 AM (21 years, 11 months ago)

I think Timothy Leary knew the pourpose of life;

Turn on
Tune In
Drop Out


"Sex is like a gun.. you aim, you shoot, you run" - Aerosmith

Come visit SacredShrooms.org!

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Re: What is the purpose of Life ? [Re: StrangeDays]
    #579779 - 03/15/02 02:50 PM (21 years, 11 months ago)

If I look at other living things besides humans, the answer appears simple enough
live and create more life, create conditions which help the new life to thrive so it can
create even more life. This is instinctive. But humans are unique, we are endowed
with a sense of a soul and with this sense of a soul comes a seemingly insinctive thirst
for something more. I think Alphatrion said it very well, we need meaning and to discover
the meaning is the purpose of the human soul.

But then, I could be full of shit...

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