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Your world
    #571299 - 03/06/02 06:54 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Cauac, 2 Ceh, 10 Caban

Greetings! Again we come, dear Hearts! Your world is in the midst of a great power struggle that has continued for the past two years. We are determined to help those who have chosen to wage a successful campaign against the dark. To this end, we ask you to continue to focus upon your forthcoming victory and the fruits that it bear. In the meantime, let us examine the shift in your reality and how it relates to the construction of a new spiritual/scientific paradigm for your reality. In previous messages, we explained that your world is enmeshed in a series of similar realities. These realities, in turn, are connected to a number of other reality clusters that form physical Creation. Physicality is like a series of nested energy patterns that are connected together in many different ways and that complement each other. Each has assumed a role that is integral to the unfolding of Creation. Like a skilfully constructed play, each performer works its magic off the actions of the others. Together, their combined efforts allow them to reveal the main plot that underlies each of their individual actions.

Return your focus to your own reality, which possesses its own unique purpose and mission. Part of that purpose was a responsibility to lower its Light and become part of the dark. You were mutated into limited conscious Beings and your cluster of realities was also affected. Suddenly, a new paradigm was adopted that favored lack, limitation, power and division. You lost your connection to your history and to a sacred set of beliefs, which the Anunnaki and their carefully chosen minions replaced with a new conception. As a result, they ruled you as your 'gods' and 'goddesses'. They brainwashed you to believe that they were your 'creators' and that the past wonders of Lemuria and Atlantis were myths. They ordered their minions to institute 'writing' as an agent of their own glorification. These acts are recorded in the ancient tablets of Sumer, in the steles of ancient India and in carvings found throughout Europe, Australia, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Now, as your consciousness expands more quickly, you are coming to see these tales for the elaborate fiction they truly are.

Your origins are not of this world, but are extraterrestrial in nature, and are to be found on a planet that circles the star Vega in the Lyra constellation. Yet, you have achieved more than to travel a mere 26 Light Years to reach your present home. Many millions of years ago, you became part of a vast rebellion by the Light against the dark in this galaxy. The uprising began in Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings ('constellations'). Eventually, this rebellion led to the formation of the Galactic Federation of Light, over 4 million years ago. At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromedan Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Of these, Sirius is most sacred and the place where the Great Blue Lodge of Creation has chosen to enter this galaxy. Originally, it was defended by a Lion people who decided to settle only on two planets in the Sirius A star system. Later, with their permission, Humans from Lyra were first to colonize Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D.

The Sirian star system is filled with the great energy bestowed by the Great Blue Lodge. This energy obscures its exact configuration. The system is an anomaly. Sirius' energy defies the physics of stars' normal construction. Sirius A and its companions seem to be what they are not. Thus, to your scientists, they appear, incorrectly, to be exceedingly dense. This seeming density is due to the energy exerted upon them by the Blue Light of Creation. From within this Light, Sirius gathers up the great energy and disperses it to the galaxy. This energy also transforms the way in which those who dwell here see themselves and their sacred mission. It has led Sirius to assist in spreading the energy of its galactic society to a multitude of solar systems throughout this galaxy. The 'Four Great Laws' were presented, long ago, to humanity on Vega and reached their fullest potential on Sirius. Your ancient Lemurian civilization brought them to Earth and they were anchored here by its descendants - the Inner Earth realm known as Agartha (Shambala).

In the language of Sirius B, our star-nation is known as 'Akonowai', meaning 'sacred path of Creation's Light'. The third and fourth planets in our system circle a blueish-white star. Its light forms a pattern in our atmosphere that creates a red-orange sky filled with the rare blueish cloud. Most of our vegetation is quite purple-blue in color. Infrequently, it is green, orange or brown. On our main world, Sirius B's third planet, there is one interconnected sea that contains cetaceans, fish and many creatures unrelated to any aquatic species existing on your world. We dwell in this land of lush forests, huge mountains, enormous prairies and very high mountains. Our main cities are located some 50 to 200 miles (80 to 320 kilometers) beneath all this beauty. On the surface are only 144 main temple sites. The largest is the grand temple of Atar, dedicated to the spiritual warrior clan named after our largest bird - a six-foot tall eagle that we call an 'Atar'.

The dimensions of the grand temple of Atar are astonishing. Its main hall contains 576 columns, each exactly 288 perdums or 312 feet (94.8 meters) in height. Its roof is covered with a special lacework of pure gold to let in the majesty of our Sun. Its floor tiles are inscribed with the text of the Great Book of Understanding, in which the Creator bestowed upon humanity the blueprint for physicality and the wisdom to fulfill its potential. The main hall is most sacred. The remainder of the temple complex is designed to support and accommodate the rituals practiced within. In the exact center of this very large hall is our planet's main node. The temple is situated on a huge cliff that looks out over our one great sea. The energy that emanates from it each day forms a ring of golden Light around it. At night, when viewed from the ocean, this Light seems like a strong beacon signalling to a ship far out at sea.

The beauty of our world is sacred. Soon, the limitless glories of your world will be apparent once again. Despite all that you have done to her, Mother Earth's magnificence is clearly visible from space. This water-world of yours is utterly exquisite. Soon, most of its deserts and the fierce heat that envelops them will be transformed. Ice caps will vanish and the wonders of your most southern continent will be revealed. As you help to return your world to its original, pristine condition, recall what we have ever so briefly told you about our home. Like the two water planets of Akonowai, your solar system embodies much that is sacred. In a short time, Mars will bloom once more, and the desolation on Venus will metamorphose into a land of abundant oceans that teem with life. Such a destiny awaits you and is truly not as distant as you may imagine.

This realm is shifting in accordance with the sacred decrees of the divine plan which have established a timetable for your transformation into fully conscious Beings. As a result of this process, we have come from all sectors of this galaxy to form your first contact team. We are totally dedicated to completion of the mission that Heaven has entrusted to us. Right now, dear Hearts, when much is unfolding in your world, you must continue to focus closely upon your sacred intentions. Be firm in your commitment. Know that your victory is inevitable. Know also that you are not alone. Heaven has sent many to assist you. They have come from this and many nearby galaxies, and from the vast Orders and Life-streams of Heaven. The will of the divine will manifest upon this realm, dear Ones. Feel it in your heart and remain united in your intentions.

Today, we have examined the elements that are transforming your reality. In doing so, we have given you a brief glimpse of our beautiful realm, which we all deeply Love. We in this most sacred organization of Light salute you and fully support what you are actively accomplishing. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know in your hearts and souls that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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Invisiblemr crisper

Registered: 07/24/00
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Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #571771 - 03/06/02 05:42 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

is this a movie script?

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Registered: 01/30/02
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Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #571973 - 03/06/02 10:04 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

for a silent one, you sure do talk an awful lot. adios. peace.

a blurry dot dances among the shadows
bends the light
and fizzles into my pink and glowing mind

-ian gato

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Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #573653 - 03/08/02 06:16 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

To what do we owe this insight, one of the Panaeolus species, Psilocybe azurescens or
a particular variety of Cubensis? Let me know, this sounds pretty cool...

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Re: Your world [Re: ]
    #573955 - 03/09/02 01:37 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

To what do we owe this insight

Not a drug, but apparently the zeta reticuli belief system. I really don't mean to descredit silent_one's insight but point out to you that the power of myth/belief/religion can just be as powerful and worthwhile as a psychedelic experience.

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Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #573980 - 03/09/02 02:44 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

"i never thought i'd say this, but you smoke entirely too much weed," halfbaked

through our senses the world appears. through our reactions we create delusions. without reactions the world becomes clear.

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Registered: 12/11/01
Posts: 30
Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #577773 - 03/13/02 09:46 AM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
5 Cimi, 8 Ceh, 10 Caban

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts, with much to tell you! There are many events occurring, now, that are laying the groundwork for some startling announcements. In addition, a vast restructuring of your global financial system is almost complete. The stirring revelations to be made to you will include a quick proclamation of our existence. Moreover, the great extent to which we have assisted the success of these efforts will also be publicly disclosed. With them, we will be able to begin formal flyovers of many areas of your world. These announcements will include news of the release of secret technologies long held by a number of your globe's secret governments. The covert conspiracy that began in earnest at the end of WWII will be no more. In its place will be extraordinary tools to help your world. Consider them to be only the beginning. Once we officially mass land upon your shores, you will receive even more wondrous devices. Now, because of what lies ahead, we must divulge new data, which includes a new scenario for first contact.

The fundamental reason for our efforts is the promotion of world harmony within the immense cultural diversity that exists throughout your global society. The cultural nuances that exist in every corner of your globe can help to forge your galactic society. Another decisive element in this process is an increase in your liberties, and the assurance that it culminates, rapidly, in full and legally recognized personal sovereignty for each citizen of your realm. That need has led us to assist certain groups whose principal goals match those we have just mentioned. This special coalition has reached the point at which it can soon make many significant public revelations. These announcements will lead many major governments on your world to resign, or to largely reform the leadership and policies to which they are committed. We ask you to maintain your wondrous positive intentions concerning these matters. Your energies are vital to the coalition's success. Once this success is achieved, vast abundance will rain down upon your world.

At the outset of first contact, we acted both as a coalition member and a resource that could ensure its inevitable success. However, the degree of our intervention has been tempered by the Spiritual Hierarchy's divine supervision. Above all, this first contact has been precipitated by the wishes and divine decrees of Heaven, which form the very core of our actions. We will do nothing that has not first been approved by the heavenly Administration assigned to this sacred mission. Presently, you are experiencing the very edge of an old world-view that has held sway over you for many millennia, and the birth of a new one that is about to take control. Such a process requires a period, set by the divine, in which to create a new world-view and prepare your globe for first contact. Thus, we have secured a number of agreements to guide this approaching brief period in your history. At that time, we will appear, openly en masse, in your skies. And, through your radio, television and computer networks, we will begin to reveal to you the true picture of your world's history.

With their earthly counterparts, our liaisons have been establishing the means by which this programming will be carried out. We intend to disclose information that your world's many secret governments have long denied you. Their conspiracy of denial has deprived you of a vast series of vital facts. It is imperative that you know your true origins, as well as the number of ancient civilizations, their achievements and the wonders they created. You also need to understand how this conspiracy has robbed you of an enormous cache of technology, in order to maintain the wealth and power of the few over the many. It will be replaced, dear Hearts, with an infinite array of wondrous knowledge and with open abundance for all. Initially, we intend to act only as divine overseers. In this way, we can reveal a great deal that our coalition partners could not easily do.

Once your global society has discovered these things, a certain sense of shock will pervade your world. This is the time when the old ways of power will die. A new paradigm, to replace the old, will state that your new governments are only temporary. Then, the first crucial moves toward producing your galactic society will formally begin. Because it is important for this process to be divinely directed, many of your Ascended Masters, Archangels and other, lesser-known members of your Spiritual Hierarchy will appear when required. Our task is to follow this divine guidance and help you to prepare for transformation into fully conscious Beings. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to create organizations that will aid us in this mission. The time has arrived to foster world harmony, expose your world to its true history and oversee the construction of new governance.

This operation means that many special world centers, dedicated to these objectives, will be created. They will deliver global messages, education and a transitional paradigm vital to the implementation of this mission. Many events are coalescing on your world that will manifest these centers. To this end, we are working diligently to see that these events naturally manifest where the centers need to be. The approaching transitional realm is totally different in its intentions from that in which you now exist. Politically and financially, the shift in power will already be under way. A new paradigm will have been agreed upon that uses your diversity, freedom and personal sovereignty to create a new concept of what it is to be a free and conscious Being. It is the prelude to your acknowledgment that you are savoring the last vestiges of your present, limited-conscious lifestyle.

One key element is a complete change in the secrecy that surrounds your transformation into fully conscious Beings. A vast conspiracy has kept this information from the public, and even from much of the world's medical professionals. These facts can help to show your world's population the degree to which it is mutating. This process has altered your genetics, begun an ongoing detoxification of your physical body and encouraged the integration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Yet, the wide range of related health issues has not been openly or frankly presented to the world's citizenry. To do so is yet another of our major objectives. By being informed concerning what you are actually undergoing, you will better understand the divine origins of this first contact and why we have arrived upon your shores.

Yet another aspect of this first contact involves the changing nature of Mother Earth. It is her divine timetable that ultimately limits the schedule with which Heaven has provided us. Like you, your beautiful, wonderful world needs to transform into a new, fully conscious Being. You and the cetaceans will be its chief guardians. At the present time, we are standing in for you, temporarily. Although Mother Earth loves all of you deeply, she has a timeframe by which Heaven has permitted her to change completely into her new self. Once this transformation begins, you will no longer be able to live on her surface. You will have to be relocated, swiftly, to the extraordinary dwellings that we have built in Inner Earth for this purpose. There, you will be quickly changed into your fully conscious selves. Consequently, the time for your coming transition is not very far away.

Today, we have discussed the unfolding sequences for first contact. We will continue our discussion of this information in coming messages. We are sincere in our intention to inform you fully of our efforts to manifest first contact and to create your galactic society. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart that Heaven's countless Abundance and Prosperity is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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Re: Your world [Re: Silent_One]
    #577857 - 03/13/02 12:05 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Lets see,
first post: 03/06/02 05:54 AM
second post: 03/13/02 08:46 AM

You're dosing every 7 days

I'll ask you again, to what do we owe this insight (other than your religion),
one of the Panaeolus species, Psilocybe azurescens or a particular
variety of Cubensis?

Please let me know, I'm really eager to try them...

Edited by evolving (03/13/02 12:08 PM)

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Re: Your world [Re: ]
    #577870 - 03/13/02 12:23 PM (21 years, 6 months ago)

Heh, I went to www.victoriaslight.com and in her links section, there was a link to the site from which this information was obtained from... I don't remember which site it was. Look around, you will find it... Kinda interesting if you're into the whole UFO thing. Hmm... Seems she took the link off of her site... Ah well :P


Found the link to the site... Here it is. http://www.paoweb.com/index.html Enjoy...

*The above post was entirely fictional, and should be regarded as thus.*
[blue]Got a question? Check here first![/blue]

Edited by Mygnyl (03/13/02 12:27 PM)

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