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Are "We the people" stupid?
    #561579 - 02/24/02 01:25 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I'm not saying that I agree with everything said in this article,
but it raises some interesting points to ponder. Any comments,
elucidations or additions to the thoughts expressed by the
author are welcome...


Hey Stupid!
By Hari Heath : 02.24.02

stupid: adj. [L. stupidus, fr. Stupere to be stupified.] 1. Wanting in understanding; in a state of stupor; stupefied. 2. Sluggish in understanding; slow witted; crassly foolish. 3. Resulting from, or showing mental dullness; foolish; witless; as a stupid book. -- Syn. Stolid, obtuse, doltish. See BLUNT -- Ant. Acute, keen, alert, bright, sharp, shrewd, intelligent. -- n. A stupid person. ~ Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 1947

Sometimes we just don't look at what is really going on around us. In many instances we become too immersed in the distractions of the world to pay attention. In other instances the realities of the world may be too painful for us to face head on.

This is no accident. Modern media, its allies in the entertainment industry and the indoctrination we received from the public education system combine to create many illusions in our collective national consciousness. By design, our ?realities? have been molded for us to such an extent that many Americans exhibit one or more of the definitions of stupid indicated above.

These manufactured illusions perpetuate the mental entanglements that have come to inhibit our ability to exercise otherwise common sense. Our modern virtual reality, which objective reasoning would evidence as non-reality, has become reality for those who let others do their thinking for them. In short, stupidity has become a way of life for the masses who fail to look, learn and connect the dots of the ?realities? which surround them. Nowhere is this more obvious than the U.S. government's current campaign which is best referred to as ?Operation Enduring Stupidity,? a.k.a. the ?War on Terrorism.?

Three of our prominent buildings were bombed with airliners last Sept. 11, killing thousands of people and laying a hush of terror across the world. This is arguably the most significant act of terrorism committed on American soil, but who really caused it? The ?Osama was behind it? mantra has been blasted into our consciousness by an all points media. The government's mouthpieces have laid a grand scheme of blame but, Hey, stupid -- where's the evidence?

Ninety days after September 11, and two months after we began a billion-dollar-a-month military campaign in Afghanistan the first hint of ?evidence? emerged. The government ?discovered? a tape in an Afghani apartment which they claim ?proves? Osama was behind the ?attacks? of 9-11. How credible is this evidence? According to a CNN poll, one third of Americans think the tape is a fake. The administration first called their war in Afghanistan, Operation Infinite Justice. Why the name change? Hey stupid -- justice is something that happens after the evidence is in.

We have been told and told and told that 19 Islamic hijackers took over the four aircraft used as bombs on 9-11. But the passenger manifests from the airlines didn't contain any Arabic passenger names. Not to worry. The FBI corrected this little problem. The FBI's passenger manifests conveniently have about a half dozen more people on each plane than the airline's manifests. But then, there is another little problem with the FBI's version of the story. Amazingly, within a couple of days, the FBI knew who all the hijackers were. Names, pictures, everything we needed to know about them. But they also said the hijackers used fake ID. The same names that the FBI used in their list identifying the hijackers were the names the FBI also claimed to be fake. Some of them were names of people known to be still living in Arab countries or known to have already been dead before 9-11. Hey, stupid -- just how did the FBI figure out who these hijackers were so quickly when the physical evidence (their bodies) was well shredded and buried in mountains of rubble with hundreds or thousands of other human remains? How can the hijackers be both correctly identified and using fake ID's in the same name? Were there really any hijackers at all? Was there some other means to accomplish the control of those ill-fated flights? Is the whole story of the hijackers a concerted media spin effort to conceal the real people, and their goals, behind the terror of 9-11?

We must remember the historical conduct of our main source for our current information/misinformation. The FBI has been exposed for operating an evidence manufacturing laboratory which has been used to concoct evidence and fraudulently convict innocent Americans. The FBI is responsible for truckloads of lost or missing documents and countless bungled investigations, especially when the investigations begin to reveal that those within government are responsible for criminal activity. They continue to possess 22 high quality video surveillance tapes collected from cameras which recorded the Oklahoma City bombing. The FBI still refuses to release the tapes, even though the federal law enforcement agency has been court ordered to do so. Experience has shown the FBI can't be trusted with the truth. Hey, stupid -- with the FBI's previous history of either manufacturing, falsifying or destroying evidence in critical, high profile cases, aren't these passenger manifest discrepancies, which led to the quick identification of the 19 alleged Arabic culprits of 9-11, a little suspicious?

We have been told over and over again that the Flight 93 passengers rushed the cockpit to wrestle control from the hijackers. Two facts leave a reasonable doubt as to the ?official? explanation of what happened. One, the plane crashed and two, there was an eight mile long debris trail of Flight 93 parts across Pennsylvania. The all-knowing media has informed us that the passengers who rushed the cockpit, crashed the plane to prevent it from being used as a weapon. Hey, stupid -- what Americans in their right minds are going to intentionally crash a plane loaded with innocent people, including themselves? If they regained control enough to crash the plane why didn't they attempt to fly it to a safe landing? And what about the eight-mile long debris trail? This evidence, which was quickly covered up after being well reported on the first day of the event, leads us to the obvious conclusion that there was some kind of explosion which occurred in mid air. Was it a bomb carried on by the alleged hijackers? How did they get it past the airport security system that was already in place before 9-11? Was Flight 93 shot down by our own military? Why were the original reports of the debris trail covered up and replaced with the stories about ?the heroes of Flight 93? who fought the terrorists? Hey, stupid -- we are being lied to by the media and fed a line of patriotic baloney to conceal the real facts? Again? Still?

How did Pennsylvania's governor Tom Ridge get ushered in to his new position as the Homeland Defense Czar? Was he rewarded for his efforts to hush the shooting down of Flight 93 with his new federal position? And how was that position created? President Bush informed Congress during his ?War Speech? that Governor Ridge was now a member of his cabinet and the new head of the Homeland Defense Agency. Where does Article Two of the Federal Constitution authorize the president to create such an agency? How can he fill the top post and add a cabinet member without ?the advice and consent of the Senate?? Hey, stupid -- are you beginning to see that the Constitution no longer has any real force and effect and we are now living under an administrative dictatorship? Have you not seen this administrative dictatorship grow by leaps and bounds since 9-11 -- under the guise of homeland security? Is there anything left, that is worth waving your flag over, as we march off to be administered through our bio-metric National ID cards in gulag Amerika? Safety and security? Try stupidity and ignorance of our nation's founding principles instead.

What rights do we have left? If you knew what they were you would know that they are gone. Have you ever read the Bill of Rights and understood the rights we are supposed to have with a government established under the Constitution? Contrast those rights with what happens at a post 9-11 airport. When checking in for a commercial flight, can you speak freely at the metal detector? Don't say, ?Hi, Jack,? even if you meet your friend Jack. Can you peaceably assemble with your family and friends at the boarding gate? Passengers only are allowed beyond the security gate. Can you bear arms to secure your free state while flying? Hijacking would hardly be possible if gun owners weren't so infringed. Is there any warrant or probable cause to search YOU, when you board your flight? You are automatically being treated as a criminal just for being there and a bureaucratically employed person will simply take any of your property that they consider contraband, without just compensation. Does placing your baggage on the X-ray conveyor, compel you to be a witness against yourself? Where did the presumption of innocence and the burden of evidence go? Out the constitutional window along with any opportunity for due process or the right to challenge your accuser in front of a jury. Has your basic right to travel been eliminated until you consent to the surrender of your liberties? Does the Constitution convey any power of government to compel the surrender of your rights? To what part of government can you effectively petition for a redress of grievances, now that your rights have been violated? Hey, stupid -- don't wave your flag and talk about how our nation is great because it is founded on a Constitution which gives us so many rights and then go to the airport and surrender them, because you must, before you can fly around in the land of the free. Your precious Constitution and rights are gone.

And what about that billion-dollar-a-month operation going on over there in Afghanistan? How are we going to pay for America's New War and what are we going to use to pay for it -- good old American ?dollars?? Hey, stupid -- there aren't any ?dollars? in circulation anymore. Not even any ?notes? which can be redeemed in dollars. Our economy is nothing more than debts and promises traded for more debts and promises.

Dollars haven't been dollars since the 60s when the government ended silver certificates and silver coins. The ?Federal Reserve Note? in your pocket is three lies rolled into one ?bill.? A dollar bill that only promises more debt. They are not federal. It is a privately owned banking system that was fraudulently ?chartered? by Congress in 1913. They have almost nothing in reserve. They loan out more than they have, with a fractional reserve scheme, keeping only a fraction in ?reserve? to ?cover? the day's transactions. In 1928 alone, the Federal Reserve Bank made loans, of the then gold backed dollar, to its member banks, in an amount that was six times the known gold supply of the world. Since 1933 when FDR banned gold as a medium of exchange to prevent the imminent run on the banks, there has been almost no substance to our national economy. With the end of silver based currency and coin in the 1960s the remaining substance to our economy was gone. That's the third lie -- the Federal Reserve Note isn't even a note. Legally, a note requires four things to be valid: There must be a payer, a payee, something to be paid and a time when it will be paid. A ?dollar? note backed by silver and issued by a bank or the government (payer), pays to the bearer (payee) and amount of silver (something to be paid), on demand (time when it will be paid). Hey, stupid -- the ?Federal Reserve Note? pays nothing, to no one, at any time. It's not even close to being money, in any real sense.

The media hyperventilators blow life into our fantastic elastic ?monetary supply? with their daily reports of how the economy is going. The ?economy? is created and maintained by the pundits who are paraded across our viewscreens and journals manifesting reality on the force of their say so. ?Consumer confidence? is what makes the wheel of unreal money turn. Our fiat, or faith based economy exists solely on the ?full faith and credit? of the American people. Hey, stupid -- it's ?faith,? because enough people continue to believe that unreality is real, so we can pass notes that really aren't even notes, between ourselves under the collective belief system that it is somehow money. And ?credit,? because it was all borrowed from nothing but a mostly empty bank in the first place. So how are we going to pay for America's New War and all our new security apparatus with an economy based on nothing more than the stupidity that paper and ink and digital account balances have value? Hey, stupid -- we are perpetually indebted to a fraudulent economic system.

Doesn't the thought of such economic slavery make you sick? Especially if your life savings are stored in a banking system that can inflate or deflate the value of your account at will, through manufactured inflation and expansion of the ?money supply.? Consider the implications of having your retirement based on a ?dollar? that lost 92 percent of its purchasing power between 1933 and 1995, all while the ?money? in circulation increased sixty-fold, nearly doubling every year. Hey, stupid -- just what did you plan to retire on?

Better not let those facts make you sick. Allopathic medicine has taken over and monopolized ?health care? with its pharmaceutical administrations. Your chances aren't too good if you read the allopaths' own reports. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (Lazarou, J., JAMA, April 15, 1998; 279: 1200-1205), an estimated 106,000 Americans die from adverse drug reactions (ADRs) every year. The study specifically excludes adverse drug events (ADE's) which include the improper administration of pharmaceuticals and their abuse. These estimated 106,000 deaths are the direct result of FDA-approved drugs properly administered. That simply is bad chemistry and a national tragedy. ADRs are the fourth leading cause of death in this country after heart disease, cancer and strokes -- according to the study published in JAMA. Hey, stupid -- do you really consider the health care benefits provided by your employer a ?benefit? when more people die from adverse pharmaceutical chemistry than from all kinds of accidental deaths combined? Think about it.

Depending on the report, an estimated 7,600 to 17,000 people die every year in this country from stomach bleeding caused by aspirin. That's significantly more than the numbers of people who reportedly died in the terrorist events of 9-11. Hey, stupid -- why aren't we waging a national campaign to go after the Aspirin Terrorists? Wouldn't a billion of those ?dollars? a month going to root out those Aspirin Terrorists save more lives than bombing caves and civilians in Afghanistan? Instead, Bayer just recently became a publicly traded company that profited $billions in the sale of the antibiotic Cipro in the wake of the post-9-11 anthrax scare. You can now invest your 401K in the Aspirin Terrorists. It might be a better hedge than, say, a ?secure? investment like a Certificate of Deposit at your local Savings and Loan.

As Hitler said: ?How fortunate for the governments which administer them that the people don't think.?

For all of our God given intelligence, humanity too often validates Rule Number One: People are stupid. And that often results in the imposition of Rule Number Two: Stupidity is its own punishment. It appears that Rule Number One has been with us for some time and will naturally continue to provide our own punishment. Look at all the happy people around you that are flying their flags, eager and willing to trade their liberties for a little temporary security. Soon they will be asked to march right up, one by one, so their retina scan and fingerprint can be digitally imposed on their National ID Card/drivers license. This of course, will make us all safer. And more secure. And the administrative dictatorship which has replaced our former constitutional republic will have new powers of which Hitler could only dream.


'I heartily accept the motto, - "That government is best which governs least;" and I
should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally
amounts to this, which also I believe, - "That government is best which governs not
at all;" and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which
they will have.'
----- Henry David Thoreau (On the Duty of Civil Disobedience)

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Re: Are "We the people" stupid? [Re: ]
    #562036 - 02/24/02 11:19 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

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Vote Libertarian!!

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Re: Are "We the people" stupid? [Re: ]
    #562261 - 02/25/02 06:37 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I wouldn't say stupid...more like incurably ingnorant


America....FUCK YEAH!!!

Words of Wisdom: Individual Rights BEFORE Collective Rights

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Re: Are "We the people" stupid? [Re: Innvertigo]
    #562458 - 02/25/02 10:58 AM (21 years, 9 months ago)

I think that everyone should secretly organize and leave d.c. Leaving all the politicians free to be bombed...

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Re: Are "We the people" stupid? [Re: djfrog]
    #563059 - 02/25/02 09:00 PM (21 years, 9 months ago)

Thanks for that link to the Onion. That site's humorous, I should read it more often...

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