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Registered: 10/20/01
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HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s)
    #534456 - 01/28/02 09:43 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

My very first Shroomery post:
About a year ago I decided that I was tired of being clean and sober, so I looked into growing my own on the web. Found the Shroomery (along with the Forest Floor and Mycotopia - Shroomery is the best:). Spent about 6 months reading posts and researching because I didn't want to be one of those idiots who gets flamed for asking a newbie question ("How do you grow mushrooms? Isn't that illegal?") Also had to learn how forums work, never been on one, took me a while to learn who AFOAF and 'my monkey' were. Once I thought I had a good grip on things, I began. Innoced 12 jars BRF, using MMGG Tek, 6 with Hawaiian, 6 with Mazatec/Mazapatec (ordered syringes from Psilocybe Fanaticus - THANKS PF!). Cased 3 cakes (2 together, one alone - all using "casing for dummies tek' from Forest Floor), put 2 jars in a window, ala 'neglect tek', put the rest in terrariums w/ perlite, some directly on, some raised on a mesh. Figured I could expirament a little, find what was best. I have now enjoyed the fruits of my labor (and was VERY pleased with the results) and I wanted to thank all of you who make this site what it is!
Special thanks to Roadkill, Trailblazer, Anno, and Captain Max - your posts have always been polite and hugely informative.
Special thanks to Thor - for running this mess. My contribution is on its way!
Big thanks to everyone else who answered my beginner questions without knowing that I ever asked them. If I had known how easy and fun this would be, I would have taken up this hobby years ago (instead of paying others!).
I apologize for the length of this post, I know that's another no-no, but I really do have some questions:
#1 - Long Term Storage:
By long term, for reasons that I won't go into here, I'm talking about growing piles now (all for personal use) and still being able to count on them in 3 or 4 years! The best I've seen thus far is grinding and powdering them. Is that the way to go?
#2 - Contams:
Bear in mind that I am a cheap bastard. I decided that I would only do this if I could use stuff laying around the house. My terrariums are old fish tanks (rinsed with hot water and bleach). 1/2 way through the colonization phase, had a bathroom flood through my grow room, releasing god knows what into the air. I lost 0% to contamination! Are contams really as bad as every one makes them out to be or does it just take a little common sense? (Although JayBin's recent trip to the ER certainly should shake one up!)
#3 - Newbie Questions:
I can certainly understand why someone would be annoyed when you read a post that has been answered 10 times already that was placed by someone that you *know* didn't bother to search. But considering the change in traffic to the site over time, isn't it a good idea to ask the same old question every once in a while, just to get a fresh perspective. (Please don't flame - just making an observation:)
#4 - Next Phase:
I've decided that I will next be doing a batch of all cakes (no casings). My Hawaiians had better yield than the Mazapatecs, so what strains would you recommend I get this time. I'm looking for something as easy and prolific as the Hawaiians, while of course, aiming for maximum potency. I also plan to move into self-sufficiency by making spore prints and my own syringes, so something that works well in that area would be good. Then we are back to the long term storage question - What's the best way to store prints or syringes (for 3+ years), is that even possible?
Again, I apologize for the length of the post and congratulate all who stuck with it. And again, I thank all of you who enabled me to take up this hobby!

:mad:angerman pursuing faster, angerman the angry master.

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Registered: 09/02/01
Posts: 493
Last seen: 21 years, 10 months
Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: angerman]
    #534490 - 01/28/02 10:26 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

1 powdering is a good way to go for long term preservation.
2 contams can be very minimal if simple procedures are followed, but i think that we've all lost a few cakes now and then. Many newbees just pastuerize on the stove, which is fine, but they dont do it long enough which probably accounts for many of the contam reports you see here. Some peoples houses are cleaner than others too.
3 um..flames are actually minimal around here. I usually just give a link to pf tek, (now included in my sig.)
4 prints last for years syringes are not so good for long term storage, i like cambodians.

btw, long posts arent frowned upon....as long as youre making sense.

Edited by fresh357 (01/28/02 10:31 PM)

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Registered: 11/01/00
Posts: 58
Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: angerman]
    #534609 - 01/29/02 01:15 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

1. Crumble the mushrooms into zip-lock baga and put all of the bags inside a big jar. Put that in the freezer. Crumbling is an easy way to reduce space needed.

2. I was thinking the same thing, and then I lost 8 jars due to a contamed syringe, made by my own. Thought I was invincible :-)

3. Perhaps; or put in in FAQ which is updated regularly. And announcements posted about questions updated. Or something.

4. Don't know. I bought one syringe PFE ("Amazonian") from smartbotanics, and have been self-supporting ever since. Just put a cap in a closed petri-dish and wait. Remove cap and you have a nice print ready to use.


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Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: angerman]
    #534678 - 01/29/02 03:29 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Good post for a first post.

I'm not as good as you think i am.....but i am getting there...lolz
Anno is .....he is one of the best.
I love to read his posts....and i ask him when i feel stumped.
I was like you are.....I didn't post for a long time....I didn't want to sound like a dumb ass.
So i read as much as i could for 3 months and then started to interact.
I think i read back posts for 6 months, maybe longer....lolz
Seeking knowledge is a wonderful thing.

#1 - Long Term Storage:
I'd have to go along with grinding and powdering...then putting them in capsules.
Or drying them out and using one of those info commercial Vaccum Pack sealers...lolz

#2 - Contams:
I think contams are dependent on how clean you are with your procedures.
Everyone gets a few bad jars after some time. Then you have to try and figgure out what you did.....so you don't repeat the same bad procedure.
Like not flaming or cleaning a needle....Not cooking the subtrate properly.....Having too much water or not enough water in your substrate....Not having a clean work space....and having dirty air or a draft in the house.... Not having clean hands...touching stuff with dirty hands.....Breathing into your work space.....all sorts of things come to mind....Use common sense.

#3 - Newbie Questions:
I don't mind helping the newbie....you won't see me flaming a newbie.
I'll flame an asshole in a minute....if they deserve it.
Sometimes i see people upset over newbies asking the same questions over and over.....i can see their point....They should have spent more time reading or doing a search first.
But i think that some people don't have the time to spend countless hours reading like some of us do.
I try and treat people the way i'd like to be treated.....and i have made some wonderful friends here.

#4 - Next Phase:
fresh answered that one...he's a good guy.

I like the Cambodians too....They colonize fast.....They fruit very fast....at least mine have.

Joshua.....has a great spore print Tek.

I don't have all the answers.... I wish i did.
I help when i know the question at hand....when i don't know the answers.... i don't reply.....then i look up the answers.
That way i learn in case i need the knowledge later.

knowl?edge (nlj)
1.) The state or fact of knowing.
2.) Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study.
3.) The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned.
4.) Learning; erudition: teachers of great knowledge.
5.) Specific information about something.
6.) Carnal knowledge.

Good luck to you on your new hobby! 

Laterz, Road

Who the hell you callin crazy?
You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating froot loops on your front porch!

Brainiac said:
PM the names with on there names, that means they have mushrooms for sale.

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Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: angerman]
    #535724 - 01/30/02 08:56 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

For long term storage, glass is the only way to go. Avoid plastic! My friend puts a little "Dry Rite" in the bottom of a quart canning jar, followed by a folded up paper towel followed by very dry fruitbodies (whole, not powder). She then uses CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) to flood the jar. (Paint ball supply stores have small refillable CO2 tanks.) Put the canning lid on and seal it up tight, wrap it in something dark, and store it in the freezer. Your four enemies during storage are oxygen, moisture, heat, and light. If you powder the fruitbody, there is more surface area exposed to react with available oxygen. Using this technique, my friend has reported minimal/undetectable loss in potency after more than a year of storage.

Just another spore in the wind.

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Registered: 04/27/01
Posts: 23,480
Loc: Caribbean
Last seen: 26 days, 23 hours
Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: angerman]
    #535728 - 01/30/02 09:04 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

My friends has had her share of experience with contaminates. She had a few clean grow cycles before a contaminate moved in. She found that it is much easier to stay clean in the first place than to get rid of something after it moves in. Many newbies ignore the warnings and wonder why they end up with green stuff everywhere... or have grown a crop or two with no problems and begin to let their guard down. I doubt there is a grower out there anywhere that has been growing for a substantial length of time that hasn't had a dish, jar, or tray go bad at some point.

Just another spore in the wind.

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old timer
Registered: 01/26/00
Posts: 702
Loc: VT
Re: HUGE THANKS (+ a few ?s) [Re: Seuss]
    #536678 - 01/31/02 07:38 AM (22 years, 1 month ago)

well the rest of your questions have been answered so i wont go into them. but for number one grinding them up (coffee grinder) is the way to go as others mentioned and then putting them into capsules (http://www.capsuleconnection.com)
peace, ar393

Edited by ar393 (01/31/02 07:39 AM)

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