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Re: About me (and you) [Re: bukkake]
    #5401349 - 03/15/06 12:18 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

21. I grew up in Kuwait, lived in Cape Cod throughout some of my childhood as well. My origin is complicated, but I was born American. My entire time in Kuwait while being an adolecent was to move back to the US. My home. The opportunities, the girls, the lifestyle, fuck yeah.

Asside from the CLinton-Lewinsky scandal, I didn't care for politics. At 9/11 and beyond I was forced into politics. 9/11 changed everything. It changed the discussions my friends and I would have, how my remaining time in Kuwait would turn out, and most importantly how life in America would be when I get back.

I won't label myself conservative or liberal when it comes to politics. I will claim neither. Morally, I would be a conservative though. I don't like the direction our country is heading. Our administration is genius, and has the average American by the balls in fear.

All I can say about my observations af people at the places I have been fortuniate enough to see is too many people all over the world develop opinions too fast and react to them in stupid ways. People are ALL the same wherever you go.


Everything that is posted, including pictures and text, are a result of fictional storytelling using images found online and/or created using the latest graphics software. I am a fictional writer who likes to explore the internet world.


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Flip Horrorshow

Registered: 11/28/04
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: ke1n]
    #5411255 - 03/17/06 04:18 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

grad from The University _ with a Bcomm, Finance Major, Math and Stats Minor. Hated the scholastic experience because I never found it conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. The place was designed to hand out degrees, I wanted to learn. I've toyed with the idea of going back for a BA or even a BS in Biology but that is just being kicked around.

And I just got a subscription to The Economist so I thought I'd brush up on my worldly knowledge.

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Daisy Chain Eater

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5443956 - 03/26/06 02:58 PM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Male. Early 20s. Still a student. Sometimes a little nervous about where my life is heading. Lots of other details can be dug up with a search.

I started posting in PA&L soon after I came to the Shroomery, and it's really the only section of the site I visit anymore. This isn't because I love politics, but because I think most of the other forums aren't as good. I never had an interest in politics before I came here. However, I was raised in a somewhat political household, with both my parents being buddhist socialist sorts who still go to protests today (my Mom, given her age, has taken up, albeit in a loose way, with a group called the Raging Grannies). My Dad came from a conservative Catholic NYC area family. My Mom from a politically split family in Oakridge, TN (both my grandparents on that side were involved at a very low level of the Manhattan project, which my Grandmother was dismissed from when her past as a teenage Depression era distributor of socialist fliers was found out). Both my parents, my Mom especially, grew their political views from religious beliefs they had learned at their place of meeting; a Zen temple in upstate NY. I recognized this and because I had no interest in Buddhism at any age, I was sorta suspect of the politics I was raised with. Or at least I was bored with it. That said, there's no real telling how much of an impact it all had on me. I know I considered myself liberal when I came to this board, and nothing's changed to make me think of myself any other way. But I don't really know what liberal means. Now that I've gotten to feel people's reactions to how spread out my actual positions have become, I think I've realized that being a liberal or conservative has almost nothing to do with reality and is just a sort of personal psychological taste, like preferring certain types of clothing. My sister, who's become very political, has different views than me. She likes to only shop at Fair Trade establishments and feels very strongly about communal business. But we recognize that we're still on the same side of the fence, because we both still approach issues in the same fashion. Doesn't really matter which way we decide.

And deciding on political issues has become nearly impossible for me. This board has been successful at making me weigh each one very carefully, cause there's almost always good arguments on either side. A lot of people here are able to passionately argue and justify their views because they have a real ideal, whether it's the Constitution or Buddha or Freedom or Socialism or Jesus Christ or Capitalism or whatever. I'm not one of these people. I don't get to hold on to any of these things because they all just seem like bullshit when applied to what we're all here debating. Being free and loving your brother and having a way exchange the physical manifestation of your family's hard work are all cool things, but unfortunately, to the best I can tell, they all insist on being left in an untouchable and infinite state of purity. And if there's a way to apply a pure standard to even 1 thousand people, let alone 6 billion, I haven't seen a historical example. So I've left myself to fend with less. This is depressing and sometimes makes me worry that I'm heading toward nihilism.

Right now, I put a bit of thought into something Phred brings up from time to time, which is collectivism versus... individualism I guess. I feel like most of my political indecision comes from this and I've gone back and forth on the issue. I feel like both sides are well argued, have good historical representation and are definitely both present in our biology. Hopefully, someone might come along with merger of the two that I can live with. Or maybe I need to throw this in with the bullshit. But either way, I'm can't help thinking that I'll never find a real footing in politics and, if my time in PA&L is any indication, I might get even more confused. The confusion feels really debilitating and sticky. These days, I look at myself as someone who came to this forum 2 years ago asking advise about a splinter, and have since had several major operations performed, leaving me strapped on the table with my guts spilled everywhere. My time here has affected me, and there are times that I'll get emotional in the middle of a thread. This is almost never directed at any of you, but instead a personal frustration with myself for being conflicted over an issue. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for most everyone here.

I feel like PA&L really is a great place. When Iraq heated up, I visited a few other boards, and was pretty disgusted. Just petty bickering and people throwing their respective party's tag lines at each other, with very little originality and nobody willing to change their opinion. Things seem different here. We've got a group where most of us are young, independent and have a strong desire to try on new ideas... Shit I just realized how long this thing has gotten. Alright, that's my piece. Uh, at least some of it is about me. Much love to all PA&L people and especially our esteemed mods and admins. -G

edit: added a few things

what's with neocons and the word 'ilk'?

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Prince of Bugs

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Gijith]
    #5444148 - 03/26/06 04:15 PM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Thank you. :thumbup:


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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5457505 - 03/30/06 12:23 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Im a male, 19 years old. I am currently dicking around at the local community college where I live in Virginia. School isnt really my thing even though I enjoy learning. My favorite tv channels are the history channel, national geographic, and the national geographic Science Channel. I am currently starting my own business on ebay and opening up an auction house near where I live in the comming months. I am a decent golfer and hope to get a partial ride at some point in the next couple of years to a college on it.
This forum has opened my eyes to a lot of different political views that I would never have seen had it not been for the shroomery. I am unsure of my political affiliation to an extent, but have the general views similiar to libertarians. I am not religious at all and tend to view religious people with disdain no matter their religion.

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Day careobserver
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: ACN45]
    #5458545 - 03/30/06 10:07 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Male late forties masters in Organic Chemistry Cal Poly SLO head of R/D Pentachem co 80-84.
Mother emotionaly distant bar tender who "loaned" me to her friends as a teen for sexual favor
Stepfather,Ex golden glove fighter and wise guy was into teaching us how to hurt people, screwing my brother and beating me to hell.

Myself, a conscious decision was made to not pepetuate this sickeness in my own family and I have three really awesome kids because of it.
Politicaly I would just as soon shoot 'em all and start over with a citizen appointed government (like jury duty)but with qualifications. Such as no monetary ties to corporations or political groups and a much smaller scope of influence. I do not believe in corporate capitalism although personal capitalism is motivating IMO.
I guess you would call me a modern tribalist with the ideal social group model being communities of 200 or so with geographical separation and a largely autonomous governance. In other word I am an irrational pipe dreamer largely not fully comfortable in the existing society. I can spot trends in power quite accurately and without partisan influence. I have an unusual perspective on most issues due to psychedelic metaprogramming in the seventies(~.75g pure white LSD delivered to my waiting mouth on my moistened thumb) and the leary method of a sustained dosage of 1mg+ daily for 4months. Ask many of the OLD timers still here how I can turn logic on it's head logicaly. In short I am a wild spirit in a tame world and I think and move in ways that would confound most of the outside observers. I have however been a relatively succesfull personal capitalist and expect to retire in a couple yrs to Potugal (my home country).
I will then torture you all with my decriminalized ethnogarden of over sixty cactus species, various entheogenic tropical plants and pile of shit full of Ps hispanica.
PS I will always pity the poor fool who tries to change me or take my plant allies

I am making a short return to the forum to see if some of my old buddies are still about...Slcorch,Markos, Baby Hitler, any old timers left here?

To old for this place

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Smoker of Religious Figures

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: ke1n]
    #5458641 - 03/30/06 10:58 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

19 year old male live in the US.
Kicked out of high school a few times.
Dropped out of high school.
Got GED. Went to community college. Could not get work in on time...
Waiting to sign back up for classes.

I don't deal much with politics..
I am more concerned with person to person interactions.
I am trying to learn as much as I can..I seem to teach myself better than others teach me... I am into philosophy... I have a strong pull towards Buddhism...I constantly have that feeling inside of me as if something Great is on the tip of my tongue(though it never takes substance).

I've have been reading these post learning more and more from you all and I just want to say thank you all..


"Where that boy at??"

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: SmokenBabyJesus]
    #5458998 - 03/30/06 12:39 PM (14 years, 11 months ago)

20 year old white male, living in Queensland Australia. Both my parents were born and raised in Kenya, I grew up in the rainforests of far north Queensland. Did well in high school, went to uni to do Mechatronic engineering. Struggled with depression after a messy break up, deferred uni for 6 months and did some volunteer work in Costa Rica and Nicaragua making paths for ecotourism and building schools. Now I'm back at uni finishing off my degree.

I got really into politics and religion in my late teens, not so much because I was interested in it but because I thought it would make me an interesting person. After a bit of thought, I realised it doesn't really matter what label you brand your opinions and ideas, all I was doing was hindering my freedom and creativity by trying to freeze the dynamic world around me with ridged theories.

Understanding how my mind works and what the pure elements are that make up my thoughts and desires is much more important to me now then trying to be a figure that I think other people will find interesting. I hope to save the world one day, but for now I need to focus on saving myself.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5460848 - 03/30/06 07:31 PM (14 years, 11 months ago)

what's your favorite color and do you put out on the first date?

All I know is The Growery is a place where losers who get banned here go.

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Prince of Bugs

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: afoaf]
    #5462488 - 03/31/06 03:15 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Blue and yes, for the right gal. :wink:

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5462528 - 03/31/06 03:42 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

im 28 yr male, from the arctics of norway living far away from civilization (but still in touch you might say)., I dont have any school I spent most of my youth doing crime and time. I spent 1.5 year in prison for hash smuggling. After jail i went to this small place i live now under the midnight sun. I am married and a father to two girls today. I make my living using the nature i have around me. among other i rent out huts near lakes where you can fish for salmon, often to german corporations, for a very good price. Also I grow vegetables and such and sell- I
when it comes to politics im very satisfied how things works around me. I dont know what you can call me political wise. I just like to argue. especfially with americans because their views on so many things are so extremly diffrent than what i am used to hear from people here. i have an opinon on most things and i dont really care if the rest of the world disagrees with me in some cases.

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the cool fool
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5498592 - 04/10/06 02:19 AM (14 years, 10 months ago)

im a 24 yr old male. i was born in ohio, near cleveland where i lived for 5 years until my father was transfered. From age 5 to 15 i lived in Baltimore, Maryland, well a suburb of the city. My family was middle class, my mother left her job as a teacher when i was born to stay at home raising my sister and I. At 15 I moved back to the CLeveland area of ohio. I finished high school in Ohio, jerked around for a few years then went to college. I did the community college thing and then university. Now I have a fairly decent job selling cars for a giant autogroup (biggest in NE ohio).

Politcally im left of center. Im not a complete commie however... I would be more centrist if the current republicans in power werent such war mongering, bible thumping coporate sellouts. I dont believe in just handing lazy people all sorts of free stuff... then again i dont believe in a country like this anyone should be starving. i do believe in war and killing if its needed. What makes me despise todays republicans is theyre ties to evangelical christianity. Im sickened how they have to pander to fucking whackos for votes. I find it hypocrytical for them to denounce muslim fundamentalim and embrace christian fundamentalism.

anyway...boh my parents are fiercly democratic. my father was very involved in the democratic party through the 60s and 70s. he was actually in LA at the hotel when RFK got shot. he kinda became disillusioned with politics when they elected reagan.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: KingOftheThing]
    #5530354 - 04/18/06 07:37 PM (14 years, 10 months ago)

I am a 51 year old male from Virginia. I have spent most of my life in a small industrial city where I worked at a chemical plant until I had to retire early because of health problems. I started taking LSD and anything else I could find about 1973. I always enjoyed the psychedelics a lot & I still do, however, I only use shrooms now.

I got arrested for both felony and misdemeanor drug charges when I was 19 and got a couple of years supervised probation. In 1981 I was arrested on a marijuana charge and got 12 months good behavior, but if the cop had checked closer I would have probably gone to prison.

I grew up in a very religious family but I have never been very religious. I have also been all over the spectrum politically but down inside I am basically an anarchist. My main point of departure from most political beliefs is my belief that " When it comes to my personal life, the government has no rights." I refuse to modify my behavior or my beliefs for anyone.

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Quit Fueling MySilent Rage

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: vashroom]
    #5745547 - 06/13/06 02:12 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Once again another Mid-West college student on the boards, and like the original poster, an admirer of political science. Im an education major with emphasis in social studies (poly sci and geography)

I grew up below the poverty line with two brothers (under a single mother) but we lived in a small midwest town just south of a major city, so around christmas time we always had boxes of food from various community service organizations on our doorstep...not to mention, we always were getting assistance in some way outside of the christmas spirit.

Anyways, my love for Political Science has always been unnoticed until i took a few college courses. There are two courses that stand out in my mind as absolutely wonderful. The professors truly loved what they taught, and both were highly intelligent (one has 3 doctorates and is past retirement age but loves what he does...hes also a millionaire i assume from the companies he has told the class about. He is also a political advisor for BOTH major parties. And the other professor holds 2 doctorates and always talks about his rock band in the 80's. He never mentioned his previous schooling and i found out when i searched his name on my campus home page.)

Anyways, after the longest () ever, these two professors have totally brought down every pre-concieved notion i have had about politics. A former anarchist/punk/uninformed, uneducated imbicil, i have completely changed my ways of thinking. Im no longer an anarchist...in fact its embarassing that i ever bought into such nonsense (fucking SLC PUNK coupled with my youth...).

Im sorry im all over the place with this, but what im comming to say i guess im a left wing thinker, with no party identification. Im not quite a socialist, democrat, republican, or anything else of that matter, but i wouldnt call myself a true and loyal independent either.

I guess when it all comes down to it there is no 'right' way of thinking. Every form of government is truly an experiment that is being tested by time. The horrifying truth is, America has the oldest democracy/republic of any ever known. As an average, most democracies last for around 200 years (cited from my poly sci book), so it is interesting to watch a country with a less than 50% voter turn out rate on major PRESIDENTIAL elections (congressional elections are never above the 40% turn out), take its course longer than it should have averaged. The American people dont care, and slowly and surley we have slipped to more of a representative republic, and who knows where it will go from here.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: SoulSuuckinJERK]
    #5781124 - 06/22/06 07:12 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

I am a 15 year old male from Connecticut. I am republican, and enjoy the hate there is on this forum.

The DJ's took pills to stay awake and play for seven days.

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horrid asshole

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: tak]
    #5781259 - 06/22/06 07:58 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)


root-ninja-tak said:
I am a 15 year old male from Connecticut. I am republican, and enjoy the hate there is on this forum.

Let's do lunch. We can play "Hide the Action Figure."
Father O'Blivion


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Re: About me (and you) [Re: zappaisgod]
    #5788265 - 06/25/06 02:23 AM (14 years, 8 months ago)

I'm a 22-year-old male living in south-eastern Ontario. My family are all leftist, and I'm no exception. I'd say I'm a socialist-anarchist of no fixed political party, not that party affliations mean much.

In terms of employment and academic credentials, I've graduated high-school(with OAC) but by the time I'd done that got so disgusted with formal education I've abandoned the prospect of post-secondary education permanently. Employment's about money, to my mind, and money and material comforts matter very little. As a result, there are multi-month periods where I disappear from the Shroomery for want of a computer or internet connection.

I'm generally a very peaceful and relaxed person (see posts of mine in the S&P), but people on this forum aren't likely to see this as politics is the one thing that really gets me angry. I've tended to avoid posting on this forum because I worry I'll go off at people who disagree with me and flame them a new asshole, and I'd hate to do that. So I apologize in advance to anyone I might get grumpy with, please feel free to take it personally though.

This thread is a fantastic idea, I was already getting ready to dislike zappaisgod from other threads on this forum, but I now know that at the very least, I like his sense of humour-> 'Let's do lunch. We can play "Hide the Action Figure."'

Finally, if what I'm saying is bugging you too much, just take a deep breath and read my sig.

Don't worry, I'm wrong.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Panoramix]
    #5837832 - 07/09/06 04:57 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

I'm mid-20's. I grew up in NW Illinois, middle of the cornfields. Not a farm though, as many do assume. My father bought several acres of woodland and moved a large house into the middle of it. He loved to witness and examine nature (and occasionally shoot and eat it). That respect for the living environment was passed on to myself and siblings.

I grew up in a normal enough family. When I hit teenage years, I got heavy into drugs. Mostly acid and weed... then onto harder shit when I was about 17 or 18. By 20, my family had written me off as a lost cause. I couldn't hold a job, dropped out of high school and couldn't afford college. I was a shitbag, plain and simple. The only thing I was good at was getting laid. One day i woke up, hated myself and changed. I joined the military (one of the ones with boats, i'll let you guess) and cleaned up. I'm proud of that only because I've never gotten in trouble, even while watching everyone around me get nailed for something. My family now treat me with respect, and aren't ashamed of me.

I was just married to a this June. I plan on getting out of the military at the start of next year so I can go to college.

All in all, I'm not a very "personable" person. I've found myself actually writing full paragraphs and then deleting them because I don't know what I want you to read. I'm usually the quiet one that everyone knows but keeps to himself. I guess I like being that way though. You learn a lot more if you shut up and listen.

Me, in a nutshell.


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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: TwIg]
    #5928671 - 08/03/06 04:03 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

I'm a 31 years old male, i have a bachelor degree on computers and management. I was born in Portugal right after the end of the fascist regime and immigrated to Venezuela when i was 7 years old. I studied in a catholic college, attending Spanish classes in the morning and Portuguese in the afternoon. I came back to southern Europe when i was 13. I always liked computers, so i began programming at that age, and that's what i do for a living since 1997. I'm also a proud father of a 9 year old beautiful girl, she's very smart and talented, like her mother :wink:

My mother was raised in the "working catholic youth" under the fascist regime, but now she sees herself as socialist, although she has some right leaning attitudes now and then. My father was forced to fight the colonial war in Angola for three years, at first he was a die hard communist but now he sees himself as a socialist as well. First time i read Marx and Mao, were by my fathers books, although i think he probably threw them to the fire already.

Since i came back from Venezuela, life has been hard on me. I helped my father on what he was doing at the time, be it working as a carpenter, as a mechanic or with metal, or even helping to build my parents house, and studying at the same time. I'm someone who values other people hard work and their capacity to succeed in life. I'm also a spiritual person, but you would only be aware of that after knowing me better. I'm an agnostic/theist, i try to respect other peoples beliefs, and also expect others do the same. I also like art, i paint, draw and play some musical instruments as well.

Politically speaking, before reading Mao and Marx, or before knowing something deeper about politics, i saw myself as a centrist. Then, i had my communist phase but that ended when i was 19, and when i realized that all actual political systems are a diversion to the real problems mankind faces. I became apolitical and started reading Bakunin and P.Kropotkin, which enlightened me about the social mechanics under the different political regimes.

Although some might consider myself as an anarchist, and i won't deny it, my objective with politics is to work towards a legitimate objective, which is to free mankind from any oppression, be it political, economic or social. Nevertheless, i am aware that we as a whole, have different needs due to different values and personalities. I know things won't change in the near future, so i consider most political system as intermediary to what's to come. I respect democracy in it's pure form, and i see institutions as a necessary evil to structure our society. I see the state as an organism having its responsibilities towards society, so i don't mind paying taxes as long as i and my family have a secure health care system.

Right now, I'm not affiliated to any party, but I'm part of the "left block movement" as an independent. Although left winged, this movement is not communist (we are known as Trotskists though :grin:) , we fight for drug legalization, we are pro choice and in favor of a more transparent and caring society. Hey, we got 12% of votes on the last general election :wink:


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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Semper Fidelis
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: MAIA]
    #5932507 - 08/04/06 09:35 PM (14 years, 6 months ago)

Well, it about time I guess......

I am white male that has lived in Michigan, California, Indiana, Virginia, and Illinois in the past 10 years. I have seen much of the Middle East and the Orient due to my military service. I am a decorated disabled veteran, however, my real belief, is that the real heroes are the ones that never make it back home. Unfortunately, this has encompassed the vast majority of my friends; my wife is my true happiness.

So why am I here? Well, after battling alcoholism (something that I still fight with)and the brainwashing of the military, I started to change my views about the world I live in. At heart, I am a Conservative (not a Republican clone) but I am open minded and try not to be too judgmental. I believe that the "war on drugs" is a farce, and contributes negatively to the society we live in. I believe in limited government, but a strong defense for its populace. I think that the current representation in our government, does not truly represent the composition of America. I stay in this forum, because my views have been challenged here, more then any other place.

With all of its flaws, I still think America is still the greatest country on Earth.

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.”

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