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Prince of Bugs

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About me (and you) * 1
    #5186902 - 01/16/06 02:31 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

When debating with you guys (and gals), I find it easy to be sarcastic and demeaning b/c I view many of you not as people with feelings, but as some entity created by the create and mighty internet.

I figured I would share some information about myself with you, and perhaps you will want to do the same. This might help the general war-like attitude that has developed between certain members during the past year or so.

I have no legal concerns, so I will share a great deal of information about myself with you guys. I understand if you don't want to share the same amount of information, due to the nature of this website. My goal is to "humanize" the members here so we can view and act towards one another as people, and not just a name who has different view-points as you.

Anyways, about me:

I am a 20 year-old male from MI who is attending a 4-yr college for the purpose of obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in political science w/ a minor in business. I love poli. sci., but absolutely can't stand my business courses. My grade point average is a 3.9, and my academic progress is very important to me.

Once I graduate from college, I hope to move away from the midwest and after a year or two of working, either go to law school or get my master's degree. Either that, or attempt to get an internship to the Ayn Rand Institute. My goal in life is to be a successful writer and eventually a politician.

Growing up, my parents were very objective while talking to me about politics, so I was allowed to form my own views on different issues. To this day, I still have no idea which way they vote, and honestly, I like that. I, myself, tend to sway between a libertarian view of things and a "bleeding-heart-liberal" view. I tend to be cynical about the motives and actions of the government, but do not usually buy into conspiracy theories (though I find many of them extremely interesting). Regardless of my political leanings, I attempt to keep an open mind to the agruments of all political affiliations.

I have only been interested in politics since the end of the 2004 election, and to tell the truth, I didn't even vote. My embarassment over being so apathetic about such an important aspect of citizenship is what eventually got me interested. This forum has fed my knowledge of both domestic and international politics greatly, due to the wide spectrum of political representation here. At first, I just lurked, due to my lack of knowledge, and fear of being made a fool of, but eventually I decided to post and I have been doing so ever since.

I count many of you as my friends and teachers, and my home is open to any of you in travel or a need to rest your head. Just ask Randall. :wink:

I hope you feel like you can share yourself with me, so I can attempt to see where you are coming from and what affected you political development. If you have any questions of me, please ask.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm] * 1
    #5187018 - 01/16/06 03:08 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

White male, early 20s. Grew up in various neighborhoods all around the same general area. Lived in an all Italian neighborhood, normal middle class area, and the hood.

Never was one to hold a "normal" job, so I gravitated towards alternative employment. By the time I was 20 I was well to do, but living in a shitty neighborhood for various reasons. A few months ago I called it quits on what I was doing and have been "retired" since.

Within the next 2-3 months I will join the Army and go one of three paths. Either stay for life and rise through the ranks until I am a General, do ~6 years, then apply to the CIA, FBI, a couple other alphabet groups, or do ~4 years and join a company such as Blackwater.

Growing up I never talked much about politics. Most of the people I know didn't care at all, so I kept it to myself. I've always loved shows like Meet the Press, and I watch an unhealthy amount of C-SPAN. Aside from that I try to read as much as possible.

I always did very well in school(straight As), but never wanted to attend college for a degree. I teach myself what I feel I need to know, and that is good enough for me. I love reading biographies, and the works of, people like Washington, Caesar, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Livy, Plutarch, Machiavelli, Alexander, etc.
I also enjoy studying the work of people such as Michio Kaku, Edward Witten, and other theoretical physicists.

I suppose I can be described as imperialist with a touch of anti-federalist. In an ideal world I would be an isolationist, but this is no longer feasible. I came from nothing and by taking control of situations I made my own, comfortable, path. I would like this to be reflected in my country's approach to the world. If it's out there, we should have it.

On a local level I am a firm believer in greasing the political wheels to get things done. It shouldn't be this way, but until it changes, gotta play the game. So I don't care who wins as long as they do what they're told.

State level is a joke to me. Most states have lost the balls to stand up to the federal government, and until that change I have no respect.

Federal government I truly despise. It should be way smaller and less complicated than it is. The congress is corrupt and I yearn for the day we can start fresh there.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5187056 - 01/16/06 03:17 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I'm a 23-year old male living in northern California who just graduated college with a B.A. in Sociology, and am now trying to look for work. I'm living with my parents at the moment, but hope to be moving out and into my own place within the next year. I'm not sure what job I want to look for, but I'm considering either working for the state of Oregon(where I want to move) or for some college or university(something like admissions or registrar's office). One option I'm considering is possibly going back to school for a year to get my teaching credentials, so I can become a high school teacher.

I was always into politics for as long as I can remember. My parents are liberal Democrats, and raised me as such. Not only have I always been into politics, but debate runs in my blood. My dad's a lawyer, my grandfather's a theologian, and my uncle's the president of a non-profit organization. You should see the arguments at Christmas!

I've tried to keep an open mind, and this forum has certainly helped me with that. I went from a liberal to a libertarian, and now I'm somewhere in between. I guess I would now categorize myself as a centrist.

I hope to eventually publish some books about my political philosophy, but I know that'll take time. In the meantime, I'm happy to debate people here and refine those ideas, as I have been all along.


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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm] * 2
    #5188644 - 01/16/06 10:02 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I am a 26 year old male living in Pennsylvania. I was not interested in politics until I was about 16 years old.

As I entered the world of politics and philosophy my personal attitudes were extremely Leftist. After several years I experienced a gradual shift away from the Left. Eventually I was consumed with an absolute hatred of the Left which was quite reactionary. It is a habit of mine to wholeheartedly embrace an intriguing new thing when I encounter it. This can sometimes lead to hyperbolic and biased thought. This negative feeling toward Leftism still exists in me, but it is less shrill and hostile. I can say with certainty that I attack the Right just as much as I attack the Left nowadays. I despise extremists of any stripe.

Next, I developed a strange amalgamation of beliefs which control my thinking and reasoning to this day. I became an ardent theist, nationalist, and traditionalist. But, at the same time I became an existentialist with nihilist tendencies, a supreme cynic, and a rejector of ideology, movements, and institutions. Common sense would dictate that these attitudes could not possibly exist within the same mind, but they do in mine; and not always harmoniously.

I can admire the gumption of people who act on their beliefs. I myself am more of a political theorist/political complainer. I have found action to be fruitless because humans are too flawed.

When it comes to governments or people who attempt to impose their particular ideology upon the world, my opinion is simple: Don't blather on and on about how your vision is the ultimately correct one, don't tell me what to do, and stay the hell out of my life.

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Fred's son

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm] * 3
    #5188838 - 01/16/06 10:44 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I was born in Canada in the early Fifties and lived there until early 1988 at which time I moved to the Dominican Republic where I live today. I have a high school diploma (kindergarten plus the thirteen grades in Canada at the time I was going to school).

My first paying job was manually setting pins in a bowling alley on weekends at age twelve. I also spent seven years sorting mail manually on the night shift. For three of those years I was a union shop steward. I've tended bar, been a windsurfing instructor, sold clothes, cars, stereo systems, real estate and computers (not in that order). I've owned two businesses of my own and managed businesses for others. I've also built a couple of beach erosion control projects here in the Dominican Republic.

Like virtually every young man who came of age in Canada during the Hippy Era, what few political views I held were originally Liberal. My evolution from Liberal to Laissez-Faire Capitalist began during my years working in the Canadian Post Office, whose union is about as Leftist as you can get; at the time I was a shop steward the majority of the national executive of the CUPW were -- I shit you not -- pawns of the Canadian Marxist-Leninist Party. Some of them were card-carrying members of the party.

By the time I hit my early twenties I was a confirmed Laissez-Faire Capitalist, and I have seen nothing in the last three decades to dissuade me that Laissez-Faire Capitalism is the only politico-economic system worth supporting.

The main reason I left Canada (and a six figure income, of which more than half was seized by the Canadian government before it ever reached my bank account, then another fifteen per cent was charged in sales tax on almost everything else I bought other than most categories of food and prescription medications) eighteen years ago was to escape the stifling hand of government. Where I live now the government does nothing for me (and I mean that almost literally -- I have no health care, no old age pension, no unemployment insurance, and if I want the services of a policeman I have to bribe him to do his job) but on the other hand they ask nothing of me (I have paid zero income tax in the eighteen years I've lived here). And that's the way I like it. I couldn't ask for more.

I started posting here over five years ago because I'd heard that LSD and psilocybin were effective treatments for Horton's Syndrome (otherwise known as Cluster Headaches or Suicide Headaches) -- a neurological syndrome from which I had suffered since the mid-Eighties -- and I needed to brush up on my shroom growing techniques. Thanks to the superb FAQs at this site, I needed very little time to get up to speed on modern techniques (I had first grown shrooms in the Seventies by following Oess and Oeric's book) and was able to verify for myself that psilocybin did indeed keep my symptoms under control. See my posts in the Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms Forum for details on the upcoming clinical study at Harvard regarding the treatment of Cluster Headaches with psychedelics. http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/2410501#Post2410501

Once I had learned all I needed to know about growing my own medicine, I looked around the other forums. The Political forum was a new addition at that time. I posted a few times and got hooked.

End of story.



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free radical
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm] * 1
    #5188845 - 01/16/06 10:44 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

i'm a 22 year old male from pennsylvania. i'm a university student studying horticulture. when i graduate soon, i'd like to work for a museam, arboretum, or botanical garden in a fun city. that or work for a commerical nursery and/or landscape design/build firm.

i've worked a ton of different jobs, from a painter (with a ladder, not an easel), to planting tomatoes, to being a research assistant for a blind grad student. i've been in prison. i'm into computer stuff (i'm a bit of a *nix zealot), politics, music, films, the outdoors, and of course plants. i like art and science. i used to be a bit of a firearms enthusiast.

the first time i really got interested in politics was when i came into a discussion on this site making a few comments coming from simple, obvious, leftist common sense, and a user named pinksharkmark hit me with some questions i could not answer. i got thinking. i think the first big debate i got into on this site was about gun rights. i've always liked guns.

for a while i called myself a libertarian and i'd still describe myself as one if that told the whole story. i don't like the government and i think there should be less of it. i think it should stay out of the market as much as possible and for the most part just leave people alone in their private lives. i also don't like consumerism. i find many faults with the system we've built, and it's not just with the government. i'm a lot less serious in real life than i am on this board.


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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5188886 - 01/16/06 10:53 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I'm a 25 year-old, white male. I live in the midwest, grew up poor, have a degree in biochemistry, and currently attending grad school. I will probably drop-out after I get my masters this year and go fuck shit up in the cali bio-tech industry.

The simultaneous events of 9/11, my graduation from school, and later the 2004 elections propelled me into the world of political and social philosophy. I tend to look at these subjects from an ego-centric point of view and draw from my life experiences and knowledge to establish a position because it is the only thing I can be sure of. I am very open minded but often skeptical of the agenda of others.

My family is ultra-liberal and I live in a blue city/state. I am a conservative in all areas except legislation of morality. I think individualism and competition breed creativity and excellence. I hold the constitution in high regard and I believe in minimal taxation and limited governmental involvement in society.

I have had a good time here and learned a lot. This is the most intelligent and balanced political forum on the net.

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Vote Libertarian!!

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5190116 - 01/17/06 06:58 AM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I'm a 35 year old white male (German/Italian/English). I'm a traditional Libertarian, though I haven't always been a Libertarian, I used to be a conservative in the 90's.  Well I was a conservative as far as the definition describes and not what it is today. I'm not a lover of the left/democrat philosophy and up until our current president I'm no lover of the Republicans neither.  I'm not a very compassionate person towards people who can do things but won't for any reason.  I've been interested in politics since I was 21 and have voted in every election since I was 18, however I don't normally vote in local elections.

As far as education goes I have a BS in Architecture and an MBA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!)with a concentration is Human Resources.  I work as an Architect at a large company and actually enjoy it.  I've lived in Michigan my entire life with the exception of my military service where I lived in Washington and Oklahoma. I have a wife and no kids but she's expecting our fist child soon.

I am heavily into sports, Hockey, Football (American), snowboarding, hunting and fishing. I love snowboarding since I was about 18 though I don't do half as many tricks as I used to. I used to be on this site quite a bit but now my work only allows me a few posts a day.  I've been hunting since I was 13 and been fishing all of my life.

My turn ons are puppies, kittens and walks on the beach
Turn offs: liberals, Birkenstock sandals and vegetarians


America....FUCK YEAH!!!

Words of Wisdom: Individual Rights BEFORE Collective Rights

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Live to party,work to affordit.
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5192332 - 01/17/06 09:10 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

White Male Mid thirties, I grew up in South Florida. My mother is a Democrat and Jewish (non practicing), My father is agnostic and worked for Jimmy Carter but now is a Republican. Both sides of my family were very involved in politics.

I grew up "above middle class" and fucked around in high school. I have a BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida 2.8 GPA?.( Unfortunately I fucked around in college too.)

Joined the Peace Corps (Guatemala, Central America.) Met my Wife( she was also a Peace Corps Volunteer.) in Honduras. She is Hispanic and From San Antonio and that is what brought me the Great State of Texas.

Was a Civilian Social Worker in the City Police Department for 10 years. The Sworn Personal all Bitched that I was a Liberal. (the Irony) One day I realized that I could not do 20 more years of this and quit!

Now I am Mr. Mom during the week and on the weekends I work with some friends/family Catering at company Picnics, Private Parties, State Fairs/Festivals and lots of Rodeos. We have two Tejano Conjunto Events that we do on our own. it is a lot of Fun, but i am not getting rich.

My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and I have two daughters, 8 and 2 years old that I love very much. I try to live every day like it is a New Life.

And Catalysis said it best

"I have had a good time here and learned a lot. This is the most intelligent and balanced political forum on the net. "

America's debt problem is a "sign of leadership failure"

We have "reckless fiscal policies"

America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.

Americans deserve better

Barack Obama

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horrid asshole

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Innvertigo] * 1
    #5192341 - 01/17/06 09:12 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

I will be 50 this year. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Brooklyn and then moved way upstate to a town of 800 in the Thousand Islands. Because of my promise I was sent to a boarding school near Syracuse. I was a scholarship kid on merit. It was a pretty positive experience. We had a dress code and the dorms reeked of pot. My first concert was Black Sabbath and Mountain. My second was breaking into Jethro Tull for the Thick As A Brick show. I have always been seriously underestimated athleticly. I am very (strike that, was very) quick and faster than most. I was the stealth student. I hung out with the lowlifes because they were more fun and had better dope. My SATs were a major surprise to the other people in my class (SATs were posted).
I went to college in Buffalo (great party town, SHIT weather). During the summers I worked (begged for and was lucky to get) construction. I started out premed/psych. Old man wouldn't pay if I majored in English. Can't say I blame him. Dumped premed plans when I realized it was gonna be work. Took the courses anyway, just didn't care about the grade. Realized psych was total religion. Also realized it was a cake degree. Had a great fucking time and learned what I wanted to. Dissected a monkey and lectured on left hemisphere language ability. Played intramural football on an elite team (200 team league, no school team, all-county teammates).
Moved away, anywhere South, which ended up being Lexington KY. Strange town. Shit pay in construction but a cool party place. Punk club opened, Club Au GoGo owned by a transvestite heir with endless cash. Heard Johnny Depp mention ole Bradley in an interview once. Quite the character.
Moved back to NY. Westchester Cty. Got more experience and became a contractor at 28. It doesn't suck to be a quality contractor in one of the richest parts of the world. Any reasonably competent tradesperson can work for themselves and make very good money. A little more savvy and go for it attitude and there is no limit. Second wife done right. 16 yr old daughter may just be smarter than me. A dancer and pretty too. I am well armed.
Was always of a mind to be left alone. You don't owe me, I don't owe you. Ran into Ayn Rand at a point when she pretty much just encapsulated what I thought independantly. Stopped believing in god when I realized there weren't really flying reindeer. That shit just didn't work for me. When 47 people are telling you that their way is the only way the odds are that they're all full of shit. Same for psychotherapy. Same for a lot of things.

Finally, I love it here. This place leans no more left than any other group that tends to this age group. Most people are able to articulate their ideas, no matter their merit, more than fairly well. There is also a punching bag faction that just keeps coming back. Most of all, I like the opportunity to write and be read. I've had a few great lines here (and read a few)and they never would have existed at all if not for the Shroomery


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Prince of Bugs

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5192837 - 01/17/06 11:20 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

Thank all of you for your wonderful responses. I think this sort of thread is good (and necessary) so we can feel a little compassion and kindness for the next member, regardless of how their views differ from our own.

Once again, thank you. I enjoyed reading all of the posts and hope that others will share with us.


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Sun-Beams out of Cucumbers
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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5193904 - 01/18/06 04:02 AM (15 years, 5 months ago)

Interesting thread, theres alot of you I'm curious about. Its cool to see what makes you all tick.

I dont post here that often anymore, but I'll fill ya'll in anyway.

I'm a 23 year old Male from the Lake Michigan Coast of Wisconsin, in the US. I'm currently in my Senior year at the University of Wisconsin, about 4 months away from graduating with a Geology/Geophysics degree.

I'm an extremely liberal person, both personally and politically. The state of Wisconsin as relatively high taxes to support the large amount of social programs we have in this state. I dont have a problem with this. My family is extremely poor. I remember my father when I was in middle school having to go to the local welfare office to get a check. He worked two jobs, but we still needed extra help. Without government assistance, there is literally no way I could attend school. As it is, the government grants me low interest loans so I can pursue my education. My experience with social programs has been nothing but positive. I think people tend to lump those who recieve government aid as "Lazy" or "Stupid". But I dont believe this. I feel strongly that while some people may abuse the system, there are an equal if not greater number who utlize well and truly appreciate the help the receive.

I've voted Democrat in every election I've been able to vote in. This doesnt mean I toe the party line though. I own a hand-gun and do no support gun control. I would say the most important political issues to me are the environment and Education. The Republicans have proven themselves time and again to be complacent with destroying the environment for short-term gains, as well as undermining the educational system to further their own agenda. See "The Clear Skies Act" and the preaching of "Intelligent Design" as examples.

As for future plans for myself, I should be graduated in a few months and hope to find a job with the Forestry/Nat'l Park service, either here in WI or elsewhere. I would love to know I'm doing a small part to help repair the damage that humans have done to the planet. (Yes, I hug Trees)

After one comes, through contact with it's administrators, no longer to cherish greatly the law as a remedy in abuses, then the bottle becomes a sovereign means of direct action.  If you cannot throw it at least you can always drink out of it.  - Ernest Hemingway

If it is life that you feel you are missing I can tell you where to find it.  In the law courts, in business, in government.  There is nothing occurring in the streets. Nothing but a dumbshow composed of the helpless and the impotent.    -Cormac MacCarthy

He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.  - Aeschylus

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5199747 - 01/19/06 07:52 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

Republican here, but don't like labels. More of a peripheralist, far right on some issues, far left on others. Like to eat mushrooms though, edible ones, though had my fair share of shrooms back in the day. B.A. Polisci UNF Summa. Check out my poltics page at www.louisrose.com

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5203055 - 01/20/06 04:37 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)

i'm in my early 20s, half white (mostly slavic), and half indian (the country, not native american). was born and raised in the midwest (ohio, then michigan) - moved to Norway when i was 17, to go to an international school for two years (a united world college, if anybody knows of those). I lived there for two school years, then moved to K?benhavn, Denmark for some months. Moved back to Michigan, got a job (computer programming, systems administration, etc) for a friend's company. Moved back to Denmark (?rhus this time), lived there until this past fall. Had come back to the States, planning on moving to Vancouver where I was supposed to attend the University of British Columbia (on quite a lot of scholarship) - however, couldn't get a visa due to having an OWI on my record. So am working fulltime now, and will probably go back to university in the fall somewhere.

As for politics, my upbringing was focused much more on a spiritual life (my father is quite an avid hindu) - but when I was about 15 or so, I started becoming interested in economics/politics/etc. Was a "Marxist" before i really knew what it meant. Have since learned a lot, lived a lot, and thought a lot - in terms of political parties in the states that i mostly support, I guess you'd call me a Green. I also draw a lot of inspiration for my political philosophy from the philosophy(s) behind the open-source movement, as well as from my spiritual beliefs.

I guess that's about it...


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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm] * 2
    #5212539 - 01/23/06 01:35 AM (15 years, 5 months ago)

Birthyear: 1966
Sex: male
Race: caucasian
State: California
Political Views: very liberal
Political Party: Green
Religion: athiest
    BS Mechanical Engineering, '91
    BS Mathematical Science, '91
    BS Engineering Sciences, '91
    Masters in Business Administration, '03
Past work experience:
    US Air Force - 8 years
    Program manager, material handling equipment - 2 years
    Current Occupation: Product Manager, semiconductor processing equipment - since 2004


I believe it is important to understand the benefits and drivers behind both Laissez-faire economics and pure Communism, as well as the shortcomings of each.

I strongly agree with Innvertigo on one very important point:  GO BLUE!!!

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Prince of Bugs

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Falcon91Wolvrn03] * 1
    #5213631 - 01/23/06 12:10 PM (15 years, 5 months ago)


I strongly agree with Innvertigo on one very important point: GO BLUE!!!


I bleed Blue and Maize.

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5365129 - 03/04/06 06:41 PM (15 years, 3 months ago)

Only child, I've been into music, dancing and arts my whole life...
on my spare time I luv to play pool, play piano, sing, go out with friends, try new things, learn, spend time with the self and others...
Born in Connecticut, moved to North Carolina, Then To New Brunswick, Then to Ontario and then back to New Brunswick....
I'm currently in College taking Multimedia
I luv to fill my head with information....I enjoy philosophy, phycology, spirituality, graphology.....a lot of logy's and phy's anyway, haha....
Politics I was never into but a lot but I have a lot of opinions on the state of the world....I refuse to choose a party and say i'm that....I think humans have a big need to categorize themselves...which all in all just seperates us as humans.....First off I think the governments currupt as it is with all the secrets and the scandals and the lies....not only that but humans run the ideas behind it and you know...humans will be humans........ Second, Any party that has most of their problems decided upon before they even appear....idiots...no offense but idiots......
I don't really think theres much difference between facism and communism.....the big difference is communism makes it blunt that you don't have control...and facism gives you some leeway so that you think you have some control....either way, to change the way it is you need something.......LeGenDarY!!! mwhahah haha haha.....ah um, yes...

Apart from that....rock on , i luv you each in different ways!!!

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Cosmic_Dragon]
    #5365257 - 03/04/06 07:44 PM (15 years, 3 months ago)

Welcome to the forums.  This, and the Culinary Arts, are the best.  Add some shit and enjoy our ramblings.

And get them sentences in order, that was too hard to read :laugh:

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: daimyo]
    #5365292 - 03/04/06 08:05 PM (15 years, 3 months ago)

haha thank you!!

I will try to keep my sentances in order next time...my thought process is kinda all over the place ha  :smile:

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Re: About me (and you) [Re: Redstorm]
    #5396413 - 03/13/06 09:48 PM (15 years, 3 months ago)

20, New Jersey, highschool dropout, community college. This semester I intended to major in political science and journalism, now I would like to major in sociology and/or history. My life revolves around school, work, and alcohol. I posted here regularly before this. Hungarian/Puerto Rican mix and living in a city where Hispanics account for over 70% of the population and I am in the minority.

This Summer I am going to central Europe and in the Fall living/working in the UK. I will decide what to do with my academics after that one. If my EU citizenship through ancestry goes through, I will remain and enroll in an English or Scottish university.

My parents are the apathetic, non-voting, working class, live paycheck-to-paycheck sort. Moderate liberals, I suppose.

Politically, I veer towards elements of anarchy, socialism, and libertarianism. I question those all the time because of the necessary assumption of humans in order for any of those systems to function. It's tough business.

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