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geo's henchman
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Re: native american indians [Re: rhiggatwat]
    #510553 - 01/04/02 10:10 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

my grandma says im 1/16...i have no clue about who when and where though

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Registered: 01/07/01
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Re: native american indians [Re: tak]
    #510921 - 01/05/02 11:21 AM (22 years, 5 months ago)

ohh so thats why you look so ugly.

Give a man a match and he will be warm for an hour. Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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Registered: 05/14/01
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Re: native american indians [Re: drunkgoat]
    #510997 - 01/05/02 12:53 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

Yes, the inner identication is becoming apparent it seems........
I am S-to-O, but apparently.....
to each his own, or however that goes.

I'm praying for infinite lapdances in heaven and an infinite supply of cocaine to snort out of Angelina Jolie's ass crack.

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Registered: 02/08/01
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Re: native american indians [Re: KeepAskingTime]
    #513438 - 01/07/02 04:23 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

I like where this conversation is going now that drunkgoat has not been able to make a statement as of late. Pynchoen and Rail_Gun, I apologise to both of you I was just understandable becoming defencive.
As for things I take for granted in todays society, well your right and wrong. Yes there are things which are alright "endulgenses(sp?)" but I would do happily without them. About the only thing I woud miss is an ample supply of paper and writing utencils. I live much today like I would have then, except I live in a house (sparcely furnished) and have a toilet. other than that not much has changed. And once I finish my education, I plan onliving like they did. With some paper and pencils ofcoarce, hey I cant give it ALL up.
I can understand all you opinions(except drunk goats), I dont hate white people, I dont hate anyone. I just become defencive. I figure, shit happens, its in the past, nothing we can do about it now. I know of the ancient europian cultures as well, they were beautiful and earth based just as much as the native americans, I believe there spirit was poisened some how. Many if not the good majority are begining to go back to the old ways, and it makes me glad, but I too fear it is too late. But any step in the right direction, whether to late or not should be a welcome one, perhaps the cultures of today can ask forgiveness from our mother before we destroy eachother and cleanse an old stain of blood. I certainly hope so anyway. PLUR
I forgive you drunkgoat.

" I have decided to become an example for others, although I have never been one for moderation. I have decided never to eat LSD while asleep, never to refrain while awake, and to never eat less than 10 hits at a time."

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Registered: 07/05/00
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Re: native american indians [Re: ArchDruid]
    #513471 - 01/07/02 04:52 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

The story of the Nativa Americans is so very very similar to our Australian Aboriginal culture. I've been studying Australian Aboriginality all year, and have come to understand that although Aboriginies were certainly defensive (understandably) about people taking over their land and after their initial shock about seeing white people for the first time (believing they were originally ghosts or spirits), they tried many times to stop the flow of Europeans.

This however was often countered by ten fold retaliation from the whites, and due to things such as disease and genocide, blacks lost their land (and thus their religion, because their religion was based on the land) and as a consequence lost interest in life.
Many became fringe dwellers on the newly formed white society and became dependant on alcohol and tobacco and other novel drugs that Europeans brought.

Certainly the notion of the "noble savage" was correct to some extent, but not to the extreme that it was a perfect society. There was still problems, but it was handled in a unique way that relied on the hierachy in the societal system. White people destroyed this hierachy, which destroyed the method of control over dicipline of the young. Some tribes had disturbing practices, such as documented records of forced anal sex as a rite of passage, children forced to eat their brothers or sisters (I am not joking) and other things. This did not happen often, but still did happen.

Anyway, I am not too sure if this is exactly the same as the Native American situation, but there are aspects from both cultures that can be taken and used together. Alot of Aboriginies have adopted Christianity, placing their ontology in a transcendental state where it cannot be destroyed like their land was.


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Registered: 02/08/01
Posts: 268
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Re: native american indians [Re: wintertime]
    #513479 - 01/07/02 05:00 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

I love the aboriginal culture, Im studying it in my free time right now. I think it was worse for them for a few reasons. 1- There was never a whole lot of them to begin with, because of harsh conditions. 2-Australia was a prison colony, atleast the whites that came here were more often than not somewhat christian in practice.
I plan on going on a walk about some day, I think it would be great. Did you know aboriginal people only had to spend an hour a day looking for enough food for the whole day. Thats so fucking cool, the rest of the day to paint, play music or just lounge. Much respect to them.

" I have decided to become an example for others, although I have never been one for moderation. I have decided never to eat LSD while asleep, never to refrain while awake, and to never eat less than 10 hits at a time."

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Registered: 11/18/01
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Re: native american indians [Re: Ellis Dee]
    #513581 - 01/07/02 06:48 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

pynchon- paler shade of white??? i'm just a deadhead who cares. i'm proud of my family, but ashamed of many characteristics of the white race. railgun-- casino profits are going to create for the indian nations. money talks and they're getting filthy rich . what will be done? i have no idea.but, it will be good. drunkgoat--- IF you even partake of the shroom, you haven't learned a damn thing. you hate too much to be a fngsumngs.

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Registered: 06/23/00
Posts: 42
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Re: native american indians [Re: ArchDruid]
    #513590 - 01/07/02 07:04 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

my grampa grew up on the pine ridge rez in south dakota. they called him 'little moon face.' sometimes he says he is 1/16th indian but i have never known if he was just joking or not.

i'm a peaceful person and mankind's history of war and cruelty carried out by any and all races in any and all parts of the earth breaks my heart. it sure would be nice if we could look back on a history of white man coming to america and forging peaceful relations with indians. but humans are weak, ignorant, greedy, and stupid. the vast majority of european immigrants were simply poor opressed folks looking for a better place to live. they didn't come over here to kill indians, they came over here to get away from poverty and political injustice in europe. but the greedy and the power-hungry are seldom stopped by the innocent and peaceful until it is far too late--a lamentable fact of human existance.

so a few dirty white bastards mounted a campaign against the indians and a few indians were just as cruel and inhumane to a lot of innocent white settlers. i don't think the european's technological superiority or the indian's spiritual superiority really have a damn thing to do with who was right and who was wrong. there were surely evil and ignorance, as well as good and peaceful intentions, on both sides. history played itself out and here we are, in modern america, 200 years later, and nothing we can say or do can change what happened.

i have often pondered these issues, as i still live in south dakota, and there is a large indian population here. many problems still plague our relations with the indians, and i can't begin to guess how we will solve them. of one thing i am certain: we will never solve our problems debating which race or culture is responsible, or right, or wrong, or good or evil. we are one race--we are the human race--and we share this earth, we share these problems, and we share one future.

the only choice we have to make now is, will we continue to foster hate and ignorance, or will we work together for a better future for ourselves and our children?

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Registered: 01/07/02
Posts: 7
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Re: native american indians [Re: drunkgoat]
    #513795 - 01/07/02 10:07 PM (22 years, 5 months ago)

Hi everybody, my name is Fred and have been lurking here for awhile and this is my first and possibly last post. Drunkgoat, I would specifically like to address some of the inherent misconceptions in your obviously hateful and racist version of social darwinism (which has nothing to do with Darwin's ideas I am afraid), but instead I find myself so attracted to your rough masculine attitude that I cannot concentrate enough to come up with a reasoned response.
I find myself imagining nibbling on your ear and rubbing both your bald heads at the same time since I am ambidextrous ; )
We could dress up in pseudo military costumes and play a CD with war noises on while we run around my penthouse trying to engage each other in "combat" if you know what I mean. Oh, its probably never going to happen and my fantasy will not come true. Just like many of your fanasies will not either (thank God or whoever). We have so much in common. Why don't you take out all that aggression on me? I have a whip and some chains if you like that kind of thing.
By the way I am white and so you won't find me ugly!!!!!!


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Slow Learner

Registered: 04/28/01
Posts: 578
Loc: New Zealand
Re: native american indians [Re: capslock]
    #513934 - 01/08/02 12:37 AM (22 years, 5 months ago)

That better not be your last post, Frederick...you have class.

COZMKSTRCHLD -- I was addressing Rail_Gun with the "paler shade of white" remark -- yeah, it was stupid. I was rotten drunk when I wrote it, tho'...I am also a paleface, for what it's worth.

I should probably say something about the indigenous population here in NZ, the Maori. They put up a hell of a fight when the pakeha arrived, and it's quite possible some of my earliest ancestors were served up as a late-afternoon snack. Their "aggression" did little to stave off the inevitable, however...tho' it should be noted that *some* of the atrocities visited upon the Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals were conspicuous by their absence here. The Maori even managed to get themselves a Treaty granting them soveriegnty...a fact which has been ignored -- sorry, "debated" -- into obscurity, much to the fury of the Maori. Despite what is often said, there is still a great deal of racial tension in NZ...arguably because, whereas in, say, Australia, where the country is big enough for the Aboriginals to live in their own settlements (ie, seperately), in NZ, the Maori genuinely believe they have a shot at returning "New Zealand" to "Aoteroa" (it would be very interesting to see what they would do with the whites should this ever occur). Many are very politically aware/active (in stark contrast to the political apathy of most NZ'ers), fiercely proud and, at times, totally unreasonable (making claims under the Treaty for control of the electromagnetic spectrum, for example).

No race is perfect. But where wrong has clearly been done (and in all likelihood, continues to be done), restitution is only fair.

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