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Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 133
Loc: Beyond the sun
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: ]
    #484184 - 12/08/01 03:17 PM (22 years, 4 months ago)

My first mushroom experience was really incredible. I had read a lot about the whole subject - including here on the Shroomery - and figured I was pretty prepared for it. My friend A. had tried them once before and he had told me all about his trip, so I felt I was pretty prepared.

What made the trip strange was that it was my first trip and I didn't have a guide! If I knew then what I know now, about the power of these things, I wouldn't have tried this, but fortunately I didn't, ignorance was bliss, and everything went fine :-) I had a long-distance guide in a sense - A. lived in St. Louis and I lived in Atlanta. We were chatting over ICQ and I mentioned the 2 G's of mazatapec that he had brought me last time I saw him. All at once we decided I'd do them that day, and that he'd "guide" me over chat. LOL. Anyway I was still living with my parents at the time, and my dad was home - DEFINITELY another thing I wouldn't do if I knew more then. But, all went well.

I took the 2 G's Mazatepec at about 11:30 AM or so. Continued to chat with him for a full hour. Absolutely nothing. I felt really disappointed, like it wouldn't work for me. I told him I wanted to take a break from the chat to have some lunch. I told him I'd be back in an hour. I went over, made a sandwich, sat at the table with my dad who was also eating, and started eating and watching TV. Somewhere near the end of the meal, I started noticing that some colors were more vibrant on the TV than I'd ever seen :-) I knew this was the beginning. I finished very quickly and went back to chat. A. was there, and I explained to him how I was feeling. He told me this was it :-)
I continued chatting for a while, and I rapidly ascended. What was strange was that for a few minutes I experienced a *major* time dilation, even thought the rest of the trip I really didn't have much time dilation at all. For a few minutes during the chat, it seemed like I'd type something and then it seemed like literally MINUTES till his reply came (A types extremely quickly) and it seemed like I always knew what he was going to say, down to the word, before it came on the screen. That was strange. We came to the conclusion together that I felt in control and was safe to "go out into the world" as he said it, and leave the chat behind, to experience stuff. So I bade him goodbye and we set a time when I would rejoin him, when I was landing.

I went out on the net and looked at a lot of psychedelic art, which really blew me away. At one point my dad came through and went into the laundry room, then at what seemed like an hour later (after I forgot he even lived in the same house) he came back out of the laundry room :-) That seemed funny to me at the time. Ya know.

Anyway, I spent the trip in about 3 different places - sitting at the computer looking at art and listening to music (Pink Floyd) thru headphones, outside in the back yard wandering around looking at trees and talking to the neighbor's dog, or out front wandering around the front yard. I felt like I was seeing everything for the first time, and I gained a real appreciation for nature that endures to this day. I felt the trees were trying to communicate something to me, and I felt a closeness to the plants and trees, and that dog, that I found really amazing. It was definitely a spiritual adventure. The thought that there was a God of some kind seemed obvious during the trip.

When I listened to the music, that was fun too. I had a strange perception/idea that I could somehow "travel through" the music - to where I don't know :-). Also, when I went outside the music continued to play in the headphones at the computer inside, and I could "hear" the music still playing in my head (it was Dark Side of the Moon, which I'd heard hundreds of times) and when I went back in, the CD was pretty much where the music in my head told me it was.

There were myriad little other details, as anyone who has experienced these things can understand, but what stands out for me was *mainly* a real appreciation for nature, and a new state of being determined to "see more" and to appreciate more of life in the moment, which is still with me (this first trip was in the fall of 1999).

I touched base with A. at the designated time, and told him all about it. He was happy to hear that all was well.

I remember that right near the very end, when I was basically landed, I took a shower and changed clothes, and in the shower reflected that this was some kind of new chapter in my life, and that I had just opened a door for myself, or more accurately took a step on a path, where I realized I could understand a lot about myself and the world.

---- Cantara

[green]Shroomism, please don't delete this thread![/green]

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Registered: 11/05/01
Posts: 30
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: ]
    #484491 - 12/08/01 09:16 PM (22 years, 4 months ago)

My first trip was with one of my friends. We got an eigth
of dried shrooms and it was only the second time I had seen
them. It was all stems and 1 cap. I ate the cap and some
stems and my friend ate all stems. Well, we went to this
one kids house and were chillin in his room. Me and my
friend noticed the shrooms were starting to take effect. We
kept lookin in the mirror aat our diolated(SP) pupils
(still love to do it). About 45 mins after we took them we
just started laughing at each other uncontrollably.
Honestly I can't really explain the fellings I had going
through my body. I also can't explain the stuff I saw that
night accept for when my heads friend shrunk. I can't
recall anything esle I saw I just remember I saw soom kool
stuff. After the shrooms started to wear off I smoked some
chronic at this other kids house. I've never tripped harder
than I did my first time.

I said no to drugs, they just wouldn't listen.

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Registered: 10/24/01
Posts: 168
Loc: The South
Last seen: 21 years, 2 months
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: ]
    #485610 - 12/10/01 12:09 AM (22 years, 4 months ago)

My first trip began before me and a friend went to several parties. I ate just one fatty and got an intense body rush. We went to this guys house and dropped a roll then came back to my place and ate some more shrooms (PES Amazonians.) We decided to go out to a dance club and meet up with the people from the party. Right as I walked in the door of the club both the shrooms and the roll kicked in. Oh My God!!! It was fucking awesome. The walls were breathing, people's bodys were moving fast then slow, fast then slow. I kept seeing fractal distortions all over the place on top of the fact that every time I kissed my fella I'd fall into a vortex of color and music. Kissing is the bomb on shrooms. Every time I kiss somebody while shrooming I start seeing all kinds of crazy shit. One night I ate about 8 large shrooms and 4 or five abhorts and tripped for about 10 hours. I saw shit I can't even put into words. Crazy, unbelievable things. Trees seemed to be singing and turning into red and white stripped candy canes. I had some kind of out of body experience where I was contacted by extraterrestrials that live across the galaxy and communicate through dimensional channels. It was very bizarre.
I can't remember half the shit, it was just so intense and hard to bring back down to Earth. My friend said she saw a Tree talking to me. She thougth it was going to eat me. LOL! I don't remember much about it but I had a flashback the other day that a Tree said something like Gurgle Gurgle Glaw Glaw. LOL!

Shrooms are Awesome!



~It is Green, It Is AquaMarine~
It is Colors I have Never Seen.
I can See Past You
To the White Sands.
Stevie Nicks

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Registered: 12/06/01
Posts: 8
Last seen: 22 years, 4 months
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: Catzeye]
    #491744 - 12/15/01 04:10 AM (22 years, 4 months ago)

my first mushroom experience was my very first ever drug experience. i met a shamen one summer, we spoke of many things, many topics. one day he asked if i would like to partake on such a journey as the one mushrooms take you on. i agreed. we spent 3 months talking about me and it (the journey). he said i needed to be prepared,...and the preparation was in my own mind. he told me to confront all fears i had, and to make closure with all conflicts i have ever had with anyone in my life and especially with myself. he told me that i needed to let go of myself, and to let go of everything, so that my vision would not be clouded. he told me that before we could go that i should not fear even death,....and that my preparation should be that i am actually going to die on the day we go. the day came,.....far away from civilization,....we walked and i ate 1 ounce of dried mushrooms(cubensis). all i can say is that,..........i died out there that day. the shamen walked in there with one person and walk out with something else. nothing is what it seems. you think you know,....but you dont. everything after that day has taken on whole different meanings,.....nothing is the same. the shamen told me i might have some difficulty adapting to this old reality with my new perception of how things really are. he was correct. that day was alittle over 4 years ago and the stuggle continues. dont get me wrong,...this is not in any way a bad horrible thing,....on the contrary,...i cant imagine being here without it,...everyday is a very beautiful challenge,...always so much to learn about this new place i'm in,....forced to unlearn everything i have been taught, i am like a child of age 4 learning everything all over,....but very differently. i now wonder how others have gone their entire lives without knowing such things,...then i see how i went all my years without. everything, everyday, every year, up to the day that i went out there,...seems to me like wasted time. everything that happened to me up until that point was(to me) a bunch of shit, meaningless years of crap, that includes all my experiences. i find myself doing thing i had done before that day again,...just to see how i will perceive it this time. funny how i now always see things totally different than how i use to. i often wonder if there is anyone else out there who has had such an experience,....i know there are,......i guess i would just like to talk to those people. it is unfortunate that this is not the type of experience you talk about when you meet new people,...most people think your crazy or lost your mind out there. and i would reply.." i gladly lost my mind,...but i really didnt lose it,...i traded it in for and upgraded version, all for the low price of my ego and my old perceptions." i listen to trance music and tool,....maynard oddly seems to know what the fuck is up.
sorry so long, but i was hoping to find someone else who has done this and knows what the fuck i'm talking about. i wouldnt change that day for anything. there is nothing more important than knowing and teaching. i thank my teacher.

"the chinamen is not the issue here Dude"

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Registered: 12/13/01
Posts: 79
Loc: California
Last seen: 22 years, 3 months
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: cantara]
    #491947 - 12/15/01 10:51 AM (22 years, 4 months ago)

First trip; let's see....
I crunched about an eighth and a half from a yummy cubensis batch. My partner ate about a half-eighth. After playing video games through the opening stages of the experience I came to find the screen just a little too active for my liking. :) We decided to take a trip outside to toke a few bowls. As soon as I set foot into my hallway and closed my door behind...I got lost. It was dark and I just couldn't seem to make it down the hall to the lightswitch. That was quite entertaining. Once we finally got outside, I crouched as close to the ground as I could and began to run through the desert. My buddy could barely keep up, but he managed. Once we found a nice clear spot, we sat down to toke it up. I held a bowl in my hand for over an hour and totally forgot to clean it out (whoops). When I finally DID remember, I took out a lighter so I could see if I missed any seeds...and *FLASH* I almost fell over from the sudden spark in the darkness....We laughed hysterically for a few minutes before managing to finish that bowl and come inside. My friend got wierd and suddenly wanted to go home (3:00 am), so that was a major drain on my trip. After losing a good hour talking him into going to sleep until daylight before I could offer him a ride home, I lay on my bed and enjoyed the visuals throughout my decline into reality. Even though I spent the final stages in a bit of a ruined mood..it was all in all a good experience. My second trip was by far a better experience.

"Pain for pleasure; pain for adoration; pain is to godliness; bleeding for ecstasy...Divine Pain."
-Morbid Angel

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Banana Spacegirl

Registered: 08/09/99
Posts: 780
Loc: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Last seen: 4 years, 11 months
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: ]
    #492650 - 12/16/01 05:46 AM (22 years, 4 months ago)

My first trip was on about 3 grams of cubies mixed into a really dirty looking, slushy bottle of orange juice. Me and a friend choked it down as the sun was setting and walked to an oval, with the street on one end and bushland on the other. As it slowly darkened I began to notice intricate patterns overlaying my vision, and I realised I was starting to fall deep into the trip. It felt so different to anything I had ever experienced. I think at first I might have been almost ready to hit the panic button.. my mind and body felt very heavy and confused.. but at the same time it was so imposisbly peaceful. Everything was so beautiful I was overwhelmed. Speechless. Everything was just.. everything. It felt like all the happiness and all the sadness in the world was in me all at once. I realised the power of psychedelics and I was in total awe. I was quite surprised that even though I got alot of visuals I didn't really pay that much attention to them. People who haven't tried psychedelics seem to think that seeing cool shit is the main attraction of the drugs but the I think the emotional and intellectual mindfuck tends to mostly override the visual thing. When we got back to my friend's place we spent alot of the night scribbling down random thoughts on a notepad. In the end it was really quite exhausting, but one of the most valuable experiences I have had, and I've never really had another one quite like it.

"On the last day of your life,
Don't forget to die." -- Silver Jews

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Registered: 06/07/01
Posts: 13
Last seen: 22 years, 4 months
Re: What was your first mushroom trip like? [Re: Fina]
    #493319 - 12/16/01 09:42 PM (22 years, 4 months ago)

My first time was with a buddy (Jim), each had about 1/2 an 1/8. I took mine an hour before Jim. Soon after he took his I wanted to go outside and walk. My house is next to a little field next to a factory, when I saw the grass I just crused and we stayed there until Jim peeked.

I closed my eyes and thought I was flying through colourful spirals, no open eye visuals though.

Spent an hour there, picked some flowers, and went to the park. Sat next to the creek and we were hypnotized by the way the sun reflected off it.

We talked about how it was sad a lot of people would never feel the joy we were feeling, and we laughed at all the 'normal' people we passed.

While at the park we decided to leave and while leaving I stratled to feel odd, like when you stand up too fast. Sat down and started feeling a bit hot. Was dying for a cigarette, I think that would've helped a lot.

I was sick for 5 hours. then felt fine. Jim got sick an hour later (I took mine before him) and he was sick all night.

It was worth the sickness. Impossible to explain the feelings you get; but I can't even smell shrooms now without wanted to vomit :-( --- where's that coffee grinder...

Walk around with underwear on your head. Insult other people for being weird.

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