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Registered: 10/12/01
Posts: 65
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: accept [Re: marx2k]
    #439377 - 10/28/01 02:38 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

My advice, Through lots of experience in being busted, Is "NEVER" get to pissed, Once you've had to many, Things tend not to be as secret anymore.I've been raided 3 times in the last 8 years. Suppose doesn't help when you have 6-3 metre tall fuckers tied down in the backyard. So don't get to pissed, To loud or make trouble and you'll be fine. As for penalties, Move to oz and get slap on wrist, For first timers anyway. Ain't been to jail yet, But have a bad record when it comes to cultivating and posession of pot. And if you still get caught, Just plead guilty to personal use, Don't want to piss the judge off.

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Registered: 10/09/01
Posts: 51
Loc: California
Last seen: 18 years, 2 months
Re: accept [Re: OLD_NEWBIE]
    #439498 - 10/28/01 05:08 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Shit! Hope everything turns ok. You can still enjoy the shroomies though, right? I mean they won't be able to detect them if they drug test you... just don't fucking screw up that hard again. It sucks that Mr. Alcohol lead you to this problem. Ermm... what else can we do but learn from our experiences, eh?

When I was 18 (oh wait.. I still 'am) I was driving around celebrating 4/20 and the purchase of a beautiful bong around town at night (1am I believe) on an uninsured and unregistered vehicle (no license either.. only learner's permit) with a friend. We were sorta thirsty after enjoying a few hits of Maryjane so I decided to pull over the local high school and buy myself a drink from the soda machine. Hmm.... we ended up hitting the bong in the car too. Then we decided to drive around a little more to look for a chill spot to rest...... AAAAAH! Right when I was pulling out of the school a po-po suddenly appears from a cross-street and starts following us (only car driving around so late at night) I was fucking paranoid that I didn't completely stop for a stop sign so before I know it I start seeing flashing lights behind me. Ack! Being all stoned and paranoid I didn't stop for about few hundred feet. But my consciousness finally cought up and I pulled over. lol idiot me.

Oh.. well... the cop comes to my window and asks for my keys (he already took a nice wiff of the odor and a good view of my red eyes). At that time I already knew I was screwed big time so the paranoia left my system and I was pretty cool. I was nice to the policeman and told him ALL THE TRUTH. He asked me if I had weed.... I said sure and told my friend to hand over the nice old man the stash and the bong.
I have a good memory so I will write down our conversation instead of explaining it:

Po-po: Who?s marijuana?
Stoner: Mine sir.
Po-po: But your friend had it are you sure?
Stoner: Yes sir I take responsibility, the stuff is mine.
Po-po: Good friend. How much did you get this for?
Stoner: Umm.... 40$ bucks.. That?s two grams.
Po-po: Really? This looks like some good stuff for that price.
(Indeed it was.... nice plump nugs with light green foliage and red/orange hairs sticking out everywhere with a shitload of crystals)
Stoner: Heheh... I guess
Po-po: Well... I?m going to take this pipe too.. is it yours?
Stoner: yep
Po-po: Ok well?. You guys pulled out of a school at 1am in the morning.. we?d had theft in that school this past month so you guys looked really suspicious. You ran over a stop sign and didn?t stop on my request. I?m glad you did? this poor man is about to retire and doesn?t want any problems. Let me go check you up on my computer.
Po-po: It seems that you have a warrant for your arrest for not appearing in court. I should take you in but I?m going to give you a court date instead?. (he hands me the court ticket) I can arrest you and take your car too but that?s too much trouble so I?m just going to charge you for the possession. (starts jotting stuff on the ticket) What kind of insurance do you have?
Stoner: Errr?.. none.
Po-po: Damn! Oh well (he just scratches a line across the insurance section and asks me for my license)
Stoner: I have a permit.. but it?s at home.
Po-po: Ok. Park your car correctly I?m going to take you home. (my other friend is talking to the other cop and is taken to his house and only charged for curfew violation (underage))

Well? he takes me home and asks me to show him my permit. I give him some wrinkled (with pizza stains or something) learner?s permit. He stares at me and nods. He told me to stop with all the bullshit I?m doing because I could have gone to jail.. had my car impounded?. And my license take away till age 25. Oh and to have a licenses adult pick up the car the next morning where I parked it.

Cough?.. lucky me I guess. Mommie wasn?t home that time so she didn?t find out. Only sister was home and she kept her mouth shut. I went to court for my other warrant (it was for not being at school at a certain time?. I was chilling at Mobil munching away when a cop decided to harass us poor kids) but didn?t go to court for this shit. To make a long story (woops already is) short I ended up going to jail for 24 hour (mommie didn?t want to pay $500 bail?. I told her it was just for marijuana possession) and was taken to court. The judge dropped the $300 fine and suspended my license for 1 year (yup by that time I finally got it). That?s it. I have 1 misdemeanor on my record and 2 past warrants. Lol?. I think I learned my lesson.

Reflecting ourselves through Unity to escape the claws of Duality and become the
creator that experiences creation.

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Power of Lard

Registered: 10/06/01
Posts: 5,060
Re: accept [Re: SpiralMix]
    #441392 - 10/29/01 11:22 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but... If you get almost any one of these charges (drug related) you can't go to say, the U.S., if you're in, say, Canada. Right?


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Registered: 09/06/01
Posts: 11
Last seen: 22 years, 26 days
Re: accept [Re: Ulysees]
    #441409 - 10/29/01 11:47 PM (22 years, 1 month ago)

When i first got my licencse i was pulled over with 3 other people in my car (violation of the 3 month thing) with some opium under the passenger seat, me and my friend were high and the 2 in the backseat were drunk and one had a warrent out on her. luckily i thought the opium was back at a friends house, i wouda me wigging out about that. Any way the Mr PoPo asked for licence and Registartion, and i gave it to him, in the end he said to "Quit my Crabgrassing" and got away with out a warning even (i was swerving a little, partly becasue the car was jank and party becase i was high. I've been pulled over about 7 times for speeding and chirping tires but still never got a ticket, i got a warning by the indiana state police, woulda got off clean but i couldn't find my registration. Does anyone know how long warnings stay on your record in indiana

"I'm Here Now, But Star Trek Is Funner!"

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Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 31
Loc: CO
Last seen: 21 years, 9 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: insaneone]
    #473117 - 11/28/01 11:59 PM (22 years, 6 days ago)

Damn I remember my dad telling me stories about how back in the day, cops and security guards at concerts and everyone would do the shit with you


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Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 31
Loc: CO
Last seen: 21 years, 9 months
Re: accept [Re: SpiralMix]
    #473130 - 11/29/01 12:11 AM (22 years, 6 days ago)

Ok, ive got a question... Im 17, so im still a minor, live in CO, and have the following record: harassment, assault(which got dropped down to misorderly conduct), and a pending felony theft of 1000 dollars from a store (which we got a good lawyer and should be dropped down to a misdemeaner and then get some probation and my record is cleared at 18)... with that record, if i was to get caught slangin weed or growing shrooms, what kind of edeucated consequences you think i will get? ----And one more thing, sentencing is all different based on if your an adult or minor, like fighting for example, if your over 18 then you can be sued and all that BS... but ive got a question, if you do something when youre 17, like beat up a kid or get possesion, but the court date is after youve turned 18, what happens? you are an adult at the date of sentencing, but minor when it happened... ive heard people say they go for minor and adult... what have you all heard?----


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Registered: 07/26/00
Posts: 156
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #473236 - 11/29/01 02:42 AM (22 years, 6 days ago)


I'm glad that everything worked out the way it did. Don't let anyone call your irresponsible or an asshole for drinking and driving--IMHO; in the grand scheme of things, none of us posting on this site are any "better" than you are. Insofar as our government countenances it, what's the difference between DUI and cultivating hallucinogens in your own home? Both are seen as equally punishable.

Some say "move to a more lenient country."

I say fuck that. We're living in the best country in the world.

I admire you for coming back and posting the consequences of your actions. I remember well when you first posted about this incident.

Be a good boy for the duration of your probation.

And as Camper Van Beethoven said in a song "And at the risk of falling from favor. . . . " I'll say this: If you think it's time to stop--then maybe it is.

just one guy's opinion.

". . . and I'm searchin' for the latest thing, a break in this routine--I'm talkin' some new kicks; ones like you ain't never seen. . . . "

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Re: accept [Re: parsonsproject]
    #473384 - 11/29/01 09:12 AM (22 years, 6 days ago)


Do yourself a favor, lay low for a few years and stay out of trouble. It doesn't sound like you have a very good track record at this point. Also, the stealing is giving you bad karma.


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Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 41
Loc: hills in bumble fuck
Last seen: 21 years, 9 months
Re: accept [Re: OLD_NEWBIE]
    #473455 - 11/29/01 10:55 AM (22 years, 6 days ago)

dont trip dawg i have already been through the system and back home. like u said bout getting fucked at 17 and cort date aint untill you 18 its all good. because your charge is when you were a minor and possible put on a front stating that it was stupid and now that your 18 there have been alot of changes in you....... bullshit your way out, thaz what i did but on the flipside i had to quit smoking chronic. but thats cool though , uknow cauz i rather be home than to serve another 364 mutha fuckin bullshit azz tiim again. !!!alternative!!! living my life solo with the help of shrooms an liqour... my advise do what your told by the judge or your P.O. (heaven forbid if you ever get one) later dawg

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Registered: 11/26/01
Posts: 36
Last seen: 18 years, 1 month
Re: accept [Re: SuFdAwG]
    #473471 - 11/29/01 11:15 AM (22 years, 6 days ago)

Damn, some of you guys have had run ins with some very lenient cops. I have no such faith.

I have been searched and breathalized and they were PISSED they couldn't bust me on anything. Like they just had to bust someone that night to feel good. I got in huge trouble (and so did my friends), but the cops had nothing on us! They just said our eyes "looked funny," and the "knew we were drunk," when the breath test showed 0.00 on all three of us. They still wouldn't let me drive me friends home and called their parents (this is back in high school). When they pulled up the my truck was stopped at 7-11 and my friends and I were eating Twinkies.

Hell, I had a cop come into the bedroom at a party while I was having sex because he felt he needed to investigate all the rooms. Again, I wasn't doing anything illegal.

I'm sure if I was caught with a one forgotten mushroom in the bottom of my pocket I would be hauled in like I was a major threat to society.

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Registered: 10/01/01
Posts: 199
Loc: San Diego California Baby...
Last seen: 21 years, 11 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #473934 - 11/29/01 06:24 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

"In all honesty, you might consider not using drugs anymore. You are apparently not intelligent enough to handle them responsibly. "

Amen to that.

Some people were not meant to use/abuse drugs, and brother, you are obviously one of them.
Thank god they got you off the road, and to the sober life you need to live.


I'll die high. But not taking anyone with me.

Peace out

If things get any worse, I'll have to ask you to stop helping me.

Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

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Registered: 11/18/01
Posts: 113
Loc: sn-sky-mun-strz
Last seen: 20 years, 10 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #473964 - 11/29/01 06:52 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)


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Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 31
Loc: CO
Last seen: 21 years, 9 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: COZMKSTRCHLD]
    #474203 - 11/29/01 10:47 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

I wonder if you could use that as an excuse if you get caught with shrooms... that it was for religious mediation... and if you could get out of it with a decent lawyer, thatd be cool, i follow the shroom god now!!


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Registered: 11/29/01
Posts: 1
Last seen: 21 years, 10 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #474217 - 11/29/01 10:58 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

you made a lot of mistakes, these were bad choices. But you already know that, and you got lucky.

I would say that this is one more reason why drug laws are not doing us any good. With the exception of the DUI, nothing you did (possession/paraphenalia) should be illegal.


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Registered: 01/28/00
Posts: 50
Loc: kootenay mountains
Last seen: 21 years, 11 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: Thinka]
    #474247 - 11/29/01 11:28 PM (22 years, 5 days ago)

because you were CLOSE to a daycare???
that sounds kind of ridiculous to me.

well, your a drug war vet then.

I salute you.

may I take this oppertunity to slag the USA?
What kind of fucked up country would threaten 21 years in jail for this offence?
Shit, you could hardly get that for murder in Canada!
I hear American prisoners are forced to do, like, telemaketing in jail for next to no pay. For years and years!! Talk about bullshit! Sounds like a backdoor way to keep wages down, and a recipe for madness of the prisonner.

We will overcome!!
Onward my soldiers!!

Marijuana is a herb. Bush is a dope.

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Registered: 09/29/01
Posts: 384
Last seen: 10 years, 5 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #477633 - 12/02/01 08:42 PM (22 years, 2 days ago)

Sounds like a bad time. but im the kinda person that pokes holes in stories when they look like they need a poke.You said,
"I bought 1/4 oz shrooms"
And towards the end you state,
" I don't even want to think about what would've happend if they found out I was growing the shit"
So i was thinking, knowing what i know now, i dont think i would ever buy shrooms again, except for maybe an exotic strain, that i havent seen for sale in print or spore form. So i guess the ? is, why would you buy, what you could grow, if you really do grow?
Wetchaser-- not "Sporecloud"

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Registered: 09/25/01
Posts: 8
Last seen: 21 years, 11 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: sidd]
    #477731 - 12/02/01 09:48 PM (22 years, 2 days ago)

wow its really gunna suck when i get the blunt end of the stick...i was cought with 5 casings and about 20 colonised jars...may think id get off by the responses here....too bad cops round here grow out ur shrooms and then charge you with manufacturing a controled substance....sux 4 me, live in secret and eat shrooms

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The Greatest
Registered: 10/27/01
Posts: 306
Last seen: 12 years, 11 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: IN_DEEP_CRAPOLA]
    #477745 - 12/02/01 10:02 PM (22 years, 2 days ago)

Just as a general tip, never bring more then the amount of drugs you plan to consume.. if you were planning to consume 1/4 an Ounce well DAMN

Anyways, secondly whenever and I do mean WHENEVER Im driving around with drugs, I hide them very well, my sits kinda have holes in them, not very big but you can make it wide enough to fit a bag in, shove it all the way in the back, and cops will never find it, cause when yer done putting it in it jumps back to being a whole the size of a penny...
Just some friendly advice

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Registered: 12/20/00
Posts: 202
Loc: Australia
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: cahnooka]
    #477755 - 12/02/01 10:13 PM (22 years, 2 days ago)

Yeah, that is so weird being busted for being *near* a daycare centre??? Is it the same with schools, churches etc?

There are laws here in Aus that make street prostitution illegal if someone tries to solicit near a school, hospital, church, private residence or somewhere like that; but I don't think they enforce it too enthusiastically from what I can see.....

btw canooka, I have to agree - you'd NEVER be sentenced to such a ridiculous amount of time for what is a possession offence in this country either......
.....I think a 'life' sentence for major crime here is only about 15-18 years, out in 8 or so for good behaviour :-( ....not that this is necessarily adequate for a serious crime, but for god's sake 20+ yrs for drug possession is insane.....

Edited by zhukov (12/02/01 10:25 PM)

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Registered: 03/17/01
Posts: 28
Last seen: 21 years, 9 months
Re: HELP: Arrested with shrooms - update [Re: zhukov]
    #478194 - 12/03/01 10:37 AM (22 years, 2 days ago)

I got 2 tickets in 2 months... one for smoking on the CTA platform. This is a law, and there are signs all around, but it never gets enforced unless it's the subway... these are open air elevated train stops, nobody is going to be subjected to smoke from your cigarette. The cop just stopped me because he thought I was underage. Unfortunately you can't just pay the fine, you have to go to an "administrative hearing" where there's a judge and a prosecutor. Then before you go in front of the judge you go into this side office with the prosecutor and they look up your ticket and tell you that you have 3 options: plead guilty & pay $xx depending on offense (50 bux for smoking + 10 court fees) , plead guilty & pay $5 and do 1 day community service picking up trash on the side of the road, or plead innocent and [in very intimidating voice] FACE UP TO $500 in fines and court fees if found guilty. Everyone before me pled guilty and payed the fine. But I was bored, so I pled innocent. So I go before the judge and there's no cop there. What he wrote on my ticket is his sworn testimony and he doesn't have to appear. So the ticket says "suspect was smoking a cigarette on the platform" and I claimed that I hadn't lit the cigarette yet [lied in a court of law, so sue me, I was pissed that everyone else just took the fine without a fight] and the judge looked at me, looked at the prosecutor and decided that I was lying. Well no shit, I can't even talk to the cop and ask him any questions, all she does is read his sentence on the ticket and decide from that. So now I'm freaking out, is she gunna charge me the $500 max fine? Well she just gave me the same $50 + $10 court fees. Lucky me. I could appeal to the circuit court but the paperwork was 5 pages thick and seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth, I could just work a day and make the money back instead of taking another day off and having the judge believe the cop instead of me again and probably pay alot more in court fees.
My other ticket is public urination. I got caught taking a piss inbetween two houses, the cop must have had some eagle eyes to see me peeing at 1am in a rainstorm as he drove down the street. But he jumped out and caught me mid stream, I didn't even get to finish! Luckily he didn't take me in for underage drinking, he asked me if I had been drinking and I said no. That is going to be $85 dollars and another half day of work missed. I swear there is no way to get out of tickets like these. Parking tickets you can mail in an appeal w/ pictures and usually just make up something good to get off-- for ex. on my street cleaning ticket I just said that all the signs were torn down-- just those temporary ones they tie around trees, sent in a letter w/ picture and won [who tore down the signs? not me, probably some kids or something....]. So what did I learn? That cops are assholes who want to give you tickets for bullshit. I hate cops and will not help them out in any way. 1) the smoke wasnt bothering anyone, blowing away on the open air station. 2) peeing on the ground in a rainstorm... it's getting washed off right? Seriously, nobody could see me so it's not like someone would be offended by my oppressively large wang. Dogs can piss wherever they want, but people cant, that's bullshit.

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