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Registered: 01/01/05
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Loc: The Barricades
    #4716839 - 09/26/05 10:40 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

I found this site about baiting pedophiles into chat and humiliating them. Check out this chat convo:

samlizski: 25/m/orlando
Jenny9956: Hey you Florida stud!
samlizski: whats uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
samlizski: where you from jenny?
Jenny9956: Wow are you slapping the keyboard with your cock?
Jenny9956: Wisconsin
samlizski: I could be
samlizski: Are you really 14?
Jenny9956: Yup...
samlizski: Are you just one horny girl or what?
Jenny9956: Well common sense would tell you that from reading my profile.
samlizski: What are you doing right now? u at home? School?
Jenny9956: I'm at home....skipping school today...
samlizski: Cool. So why do you like older guys?
Jenny9956: Because they are experienced with fucking....and I like they have lots of money for me to spend.
samlizski: lol
samlizski: Whats the oldest guy you have banged? OR blown
Jenny9956: 30
samlizski: Damn! How did you meet him?
Jenny9956: He is one of my teachers.
Jenny9956: Are we gonna fuck?
samlizski: Sure. You got a pic?
Jenny9956: Nope, sorry
samlizski: Well, if I am gonna let you suck my cock you have to tell me what you look like!
Jenny9956: I am 5'9".short brown hair, blue eyes, 110 lbs, 36B
samlizski: Nice. You spit or swallow?
Jenny9956: I gargle...
Jenny9956: Just kidding.... Swallow
samlizski: lol
samlizski: good. I love girls who swallow. Ever had it in the back door?
Jenny9956: Yes, I let many men violate my asshole...
samlizski: Are you for real or just pulling my cock, er I mean leg?
Jenny9956: I am the real deal.....Is pulling your cock like pulling your finger?
samlizski: A fart won't come out if that is what you mean. A sweet surprise will come out if you pull on it for a while!
Jenny9956: Will you do a roleplay with me? A fantasy?
samlizski: Sure. But how many guys are you im right now?
Jenny9956: None...only you
samlizski: liar
Jenny9956: Nope...telling the truth...
samlizski: Ok, i don't believe you but what is the fantasy?
Jenny9956: What the fuck does it matter if someone is IMing me....?
Jenny9956: Okay, you are a Caveman and I am a Cavewoman
samlizski: IT DOESN"T!
samlizski: Just wanted to know if this was a gang bang or not
samlizski: Im a cave man go ahead
Jenny9956: We are outside making fires with sticks and shit like that.
samlizski: Ok
Jenny9956: When I notice your neanderthal bulge in your loincloth
samlizski: Ok
Jenny9956: UUGGHHH....Me Like Big COCK!!
samlizski: Me like to give it to you
Jenny9956: MMMMmmm....My PUSSY feel mighty and fierce...
samlizski: MMMMMMMMMMM me put fire out in pussy with cock
Jenny9956: Me Like Your Stinky Balls and Cock...You no shower...I clean you with my mouth
samlizski: YUM You make me cum
Jenny9956: *Suddenly I grab a bone off the ground and throw it into the air.....it twirls higher and higher
Jenny9956: *And suddenly it reaches the limits of outer space and becomes a spaceship...You and I are astronauts now*
samlizski: Cool Keep going
Jenny9956: We are on a mission...A mission to be the first to cum in space...
samlizski: Are you going to help me reach our goal?
Jenny9956: Yes....we must....For the good and advancement of our nation....
samlizski: lol
samlizski: How good is your suction? It must be top notch!
Jenny9956: Let me check...Well, I can suck...and I can blow...
samlizski: Good. Latch on. It is going to get messy.
Jenny9956: Oh no, an asteroid field!! I'm getting thrown around!!
Jenny9956: My suit ripped!!
samlizski: Don't let go! Iam almost at climax!
Jenny9956: Okay...it's over. We are safe now.
Jenny9956: My suit is ripped though....I must get it off..
samlizski: Good. I have just climaxed in your mouth. How does it taste?
samlizski: Let me help
Jenny9956: Better than any of the 101 flavors at Baskin Robbin's!!
samlizski: lol
Jenny9956: *Suddenly our spaceship hits some sort of time portal and we are launched into the not-to-distant future*
samlizski: Where are we cum girl?
Jenny9956: We are on a strange but familiar planet....
Jenny9956: I am scared.
samlizski: It is ok. Just let me insert my locking device into your cunt so we can stay together
Jenny9956: Locked and cocked...
samlizski: Good. You are safe now. Uh oh.
Jenny9956: Look in the bushes!!
samlizski: Yours or the ones over there?
Jenny9956: Over there!!
samlizski: What is it?
samlizski: a monster?
Jenny9956: No worse....
samlizski: WHAT?
Jenny9956: *A group of militant Black Panthers and Farakhan come out from the brush, brandishing handcuffs, billyclubs, and dildos*
Jenny9956: *They look at me with lust*
samlizski: They have to get around me and my giant cock first!
Jenny9956: *In your heroic efforts you don't see me sneak behind you and hit you over the head with a pool-cue. You fall to the ground unconcious*
samlizski: Why?
samlizski: What the fuck?
Jenny9956: *I whip out my cock and start sodomizing you while the Black Panthers beat you with dildos....Farakhan wants some fine white meat, so he starts sucking your cock....All your holes are filled.*
samlizski: Your cock?
Jenny9956: *Then you realize...This is Earth....And in the future it is ruled by gay, black militant men......You cry out as you feel the wrath of 20 13 inch dildos across your face*
samlizski: Is it over?
Jenny9956: Yes, my cock...and it feels so good in your ass....
samlizski: Are you sure you are only 14?
Jenny9956: For you? Basically....You are sent to a gay concentration camp where you are forced to service black dick for the remainder of your sad life.
Jenny9956: 15 next month
samlizski: I don't like this fantasy.
Jenny9956: I do...I've cum like 5 times already...
samlizski: for real?
Jenny9956: Which part of it didn't you like?
Jenny9956: Yeah....my keyboards a mess....I can't even use certain keys because they are stuck//
samlizski: the cock in my ass. Fantasy or not i don't dig dick
Jenny9956: *Oh, but word gets around that you are a good lay, so you become Farakhan's personal bitch boy...He thinks you're a good fuckin cracker ass cracka!!!
Jenny9956: Okay, what if I pretend to be a chick again?
samlizski: you mean your a guy?
Jenny9956: Ummmm....no.......
samlizski: ????????
Jenny9956: Oh wait.....a guy? Yeah, that's me....
samlizski: You fuckin fag
Jenny9956: I thought you asked if I was gay....
Jenny9956: Yeah we were fuckin pretty good weren't we? You take it in the ass like a pro...
samlizski: You are one sick puppy. How old are you anyway?
Jenny9956: Ummm......14.....15 next month....
Jenny9956: Sick? Is that what you tell all the guys who make you blow your load?
samlizski: just girls. Why do you have jenny as a name then?
Jenny9956: So I could turn a man's crank and get him all hot and heavy for some hot homo loving sex
Jenny9956: My uncle also used to ask me to call him Jenny when he would bathe me....God, he loved to take pictures
samlizski: Well you have just grossed me out. and if you are 14 you are full of shit. You are probably some 30 year old pedaphile
Jenny9956: Oh, I'm the pedophile huh? Is this role-reversal roleplay now?
Jenny9956: Grossed you out? I guess a 25 year old guy fuckin a 14 year old girl was on the top of your 'normal' list...

Previous message was not received by samlizski because of error: User samlizski is not available.

Jenny9956: Dammit....he left me blue balled....


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Registered: 01/26/03
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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4716850 - 09/26/05 10:43 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

comedy gold :lol:

"I don't like this fantasy"


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Registered: 05/01/04
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Re: Baiting [Re: mantis]
    #4716863 - 09/26/05 10:47 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

That was some masterbaiting.


"It seemed to me culture is a shabby lie. Or at least this culture is a shabby lie. If you work like a dog, you get 260 channels of bad television and a German automobile. What kind of perfection is that?"-McKenna

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Space Monkey
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Re: Baiting [Re: McKennaFan200]
    #4716870 - 09/26/05 10:48 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

I was once banned from the pub for baiting. It sucked.


Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself.
  -Mark Twain

"The time has come the walrus said, little oysters  hide their heads, my Twain of thought is loosely bound I guess its time to Mark this down, Be good and you will be lonesome
Be lonesome and you will be free
Live a lie and you will live to regret it
That's what livin' is to me
That's what livin' is to me"
Jimmy Buffett

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Registered: 01/01/05
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Loc: The Barricades
Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717019 - 09/26/05 11:14 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Another great one

NeoCitizn: whats up?
NYCockExchange: Just sittin' here, playin' with my laptop.
NeoCitizn: SoO may I ask what U look like?
NYCockExchange: No.
NeoCitizn: ok
NeoCitizn: umm
NeoCitizn: What do U do for fun?
NYCockExchange: Well, not a lot besides chatting. Sometimes I check out baiting.org and go for motorcycle rides, but that's about it.
NeoCitizn: soudsn good... U play any sports?
NYCockExchange: No. Are you looking for an athletic person, or something? I'm not very active.
NYCockExchange: I usually just kind of stay still and let the guy ride me.
NeoCitizn: thasts even better
NeoCitizn: I'm not looking for an active kinda perons
NeoCitizn: I just need someone worth talkin to
NeoCitizn: what hobbies do U ahve besides chatting and riding bikes
NYCockExchange: Ah. So you're looking for a partner that - if on the top - you'll kind of sit & ride?
NeoCitizn: no
NeoCitizn: I'm active
NeoCitizn: but I enjoy just ebign together
NeoCitizn: without all the clutter
NeoCitizn: your 13?
NYCockExchange: Oh! You want to be in CONTROL then.
NeoCitizn: not really
NeoCitizn: I like to be equal
NYCockExchange: You want to do all of the rocking back and forth while being penetrated.
NYCockExchange: Yeah, I'm 13.
NeoCitizn: wellz I'd like her to be pleasured
NeoCitizn: more than I am
NYCockExchange: Yeah, I'm that way, too. Can't be a greedy guy, you know?
NeoCitizn: I kno
NeoCitizn: I'll take second to her
NYCockExchange: Great! Seems that we have just as much in common in our sexual philisophies as we do in our physical aspects.
NeoCitizn: are you very expericned?
NYCockExchange: Yeah, I am.
NYCockExchange: I've sodomized more guys than you could shake a finger at.
NeoCitizn: whene did U start??
NeoCitizn: LoL~... wow... my kinda gurl
NYCockExchange: Ah, not long ago. ....Your kind of girl?
NeoCitizn: wellz expericend
NeoCitizn: is always good
NYCockExchange: Yeah - if you want you wanna be sodomized the right way, I am the one to come to.
NeoCitizn: mmm... what nationality are you
NeoCitizn: and how did U start haveing sex?
NYCockExchange: Well, I'm mixed, with some white, Filipino, and Ibait.
NeoCitizn: soudsn good...
NYCockExchange: And you?
NeoCitizn: korean
NeoCitizn: 100% pure
NeoCitizn: but very americanized
NYCockExchange: Oh. So, you're kind of a freedom-embracing gook, then, would you say?
NeoCitizn: hellz yea
NYCockExchange: Alright. So what are you in the mood for?
NeoCitizn: good ol chat
NeoCitizn: the dirty kinda
NeoCitizn: if your in the mood
NYCockExchange: Oh... sexy chat? I'm in the mood. But the question is: Is IT in you?
NeoCitizn: oh yea
NeoCitizn: can U handle me?
NYCockExchange: I sure can 'handle' you!
NeoCitizn: good...
NeoCitizn: what are you wearing babe?
NeoCitizn: can I ask what your name is?
NYCockExchange: You like being man-handled by younger girls?
NeoCitizn: never happened but I'll give it a try
NeoCitizn: if thats your thing
NeoCitizn: what aer U gonna be doin during the chat?
NYCockExchange: Wearing blue, ripped jeans and a white baiting.org t-shirt.
NYCockExchange: What will I be doing?
NeoCitizn: I'm asking you
NeoCitizn: will U be arousing yourself in any way?
NYCockExchange: I'll probably have my right hand half-curled, strokin' myself up and down.
NeoCitizn: sounds very very nice...
NeoCitizn: well where should we start??
NYCockExchange: Oh, it is nice... I'm just hoping we can do this together!
NeoCitizn: oh yea
NeoCitizn: we will
NeoCitizn: so should I start?
NeoCitizn: or let ladies go first?
NYCockExchange: Sweet! You stroke your erect cock, and I'll rub my rigid member up and down.
NYCockExchange: You can start.
NeoCitizn: who are we?
NeoCitizn: and where are we
NeoCitizn: U choose
NeoCitizn: well
NeoCitizn: we start kissing
NYCockExchange: I'll be a 13-year-old girl from Utah, and you can be an incomprehensive gook.
NYCockExchange: And.. yeah.
NYCockExchange: We start kissing.
NeoCitizn: deep passionate kissing
NeoCitizn: psuhing my tongue against yours
NeoCitizn: and my ahdns roam and carress your nice breasts
NeoCitizn: lightly pinching your nipples over your shirt
NYCockExchange: Yeah. You push your tongue closer. The stubble between feels a little itchy, but we kiss deeply.
NeoCitizn: I slide my left hand under your shirt and start pulling dowono on your bra
NeoCitizn: kssing you deeper and deeper
NYCockExchange: My nipples are hard, poking at the fabric of my www.baiting.org t-shirt.
NeoCitizn: gettin lost in each others mouth
NeoCitizn: I pull your shirt over your head
NeoCitizn: and lay you back
NYCockExchange: I gasp lightly, presseing against you - you can feel the stiffness growing against your leg.
NeoCitizn: still kissing I massage your milky breasts
NeoCitizn: and start to nibble your neck
NeoCitizn: and move back to your lips
NeoCitizn: and tastey tongue
NYCockExchange: Milky? That's for pregnant women. Just work your way down my stomach and start to fellate me, K?
NeoCitizn: k
NeoCitizn: I move down your body
NeoCitizn: sliding your jeans off
NeoCitizn: and removing your pnaties
NYCockExchange: Awesome. I lay back, letting you work your tongue all over my scrotum.
NeoCitizn: I gentlyr rub your mound...
NeoCitizn: I lick your lips
NeoCitizn: and lightly nibble
NeoCitizn: I extend my tongue
NYCockExchange: Rub that mound... fondle that pitcher....
NeoCitizn: and push it deep into your pussy
NYCockExchange: I moan deeply in delight as you go -
NeoCitizn: Mmm.. you taste so good
NYCockExchange: My what?
NYCockExchange: Into my what??
NeoCitizn: your love mound
NeoCitizn: sorry
NYCockExchange: Oh, okay. The love mound, with the pitcher there?
NeoCitizn: LoL~..
NeoCitizn: no
NeoCitizn: what would U like em to call it?
NeoCitizn: hello?
NYCockExchange: I'd like to have a meeting on my love mound, between my little "pitcher" and your mouth.
NYCockExchange: You can call it... my "scrotum".
NeoCitizn: ok..
NYCockExchange: Right. Describe how you are fellating me, K?
NeoCitizn: I likc it deeper and deeper and rub your clit as I push my tongeu all around
NeoCitizn: taasting your insides
NeoCitizn: as I lick deep in you I gentle grope your breasts
NeoCitizn: mmm...
NYCockExchange: My he-clit throbs wildly as you slide your tongue all around.
NeoCitizn: I push my tongue deeper and deeper
NeoCitizn: I rub your clit
NeoCitizn: more and more
NYCockExchange: As you taste my insides, I moan - you give incredible analingus.
NeoCitizn: now with my left ahdn
NeoCitizn: I insert a figer
NeoCitizn: finger
NYCockExchange: Into?
NeoCitizn: and I rub, lick and finger your love mound
NeoCitizn: more and more tasteing and getting intrapped in your womenness
NYCockExchange: My scrotum tingles wildly with delight as you.... um.
NYCockExchange: Wait. Womenness?
NeoCitizn: your womenhood
NYCockExchange: You mean my masculinity, right?
NYCockExchange: They're a little different.
NeoCitizn: no
NeoCitizn: your a gurl
NeoCitizn: right?
NYCockExchange: Oh. So you're talking about my womanhood?
NYCockExchange: Sans wo?
NeoCitizn: says your profile
NYCockExchange: Oh yeah - that. *nods*
NYCockExchange: Okay, where were we?
NeoCitizn: ??
NeoCitizn: no no no
NeoCitizn: UR a gurl right?
NYCockExchange: Oh yeah, you were tounging and fingering my nutsack, while licking my asshole and rubbing my cock, too.
NYCockExchange: You could have scrolled up and read to have figured that out, though.
NeoCitizn: why doesn your SN say 13 F
NeoCitizn: as in female
NYCockExchange: Does THIS look familiar? :
NYCockExchange: ... I don't ask for cyber and I'm not gross in that way at all!!!...
NeoCitizn: wellz
NYCockExchange: That's in YOUR profile.
NeoCitizn: I do it time to time
NeoCitizn: wllz
NeoCitizn: I am horny
NeoCitizn: so
NYCockExchange: Right! And I have a big, hairy cock from time to time.
NeoCitizn: ok
NYCockExchange: Well, okay - it's always there, with the nutsack right below.
NeoCitizn: why do U pretend to be a guurl then?
NYCockExchange: *blank stare* What?
NeoCitizn: your profile says your a gurl
NYCockExchange: I wasn't pretending anything! I told you to lick my scrotum (nutsack), and you dove right in!
NeoCitizn: wellz
NYCockExchange: I told you I had a half-curled hand stroking my member up and down. And you say: we start kissing
NeoCitizn: why does your info say your a gurl?
NYCockExchange: Just admit that you're flaming and gay and we can get on with this.
NYCockExchange: Okay. I fixed it.
NYCockExchange: Now, can you cut-and-paste the new info into the chat so we can make sure?
NeoCitizn: what chat?
NeoCitizn: and why do U do this?
NYCockExchange: The chat window we're chatting in right now.
NYCockExchange: Where you type - paste it in there.
NeoCitizn: why do U do this?
NeoCitizn: answer me this first
NYCockExchange: Can you just paste it in, already? *sigh*
NeoCitizn: I'm a middle-aged man, you gook.
NeoCitizn: tell me now
NeoCitizn: why
NeoCitizn: U bother to do this
NYCockExchange: God, I love you. Now see that "Block" button in the lower left corner of the chat window?
NYCockExchange: Click on it.
NeoCitizn: bye
NeoCitizn: ok
NYCockExchange: No, that was the "Warn" button!


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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717046 - 09/26/05 11:17 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Your writing is too good for a 13/14 year old. I'm surprised they don't notice that a 13 year old types better than they do.

So long as you are praised think only that you are not yet on your own path but on that of another.

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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717088 - 09/26/05 11:24 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)



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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717293 - 09/26/05 11:54 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Here's one from Doug Stanhope's website:

WildOne44231: hey
ToolMySweetAss: Fuck off.
WildOne44231: ok
ToolMySweetAss: There?
WildOne44231: yea
ToolMySweetAss: Whats so wild about you?
WildOne44231: i have a 10 inch cock
ToolMySweetAss: Not really wild if you don't
do anything cool with it.
WildOne44231: and i like using it on little girls
ToolMySweetAss: How little?
ToolMySweetAss: I'm pretty little!
WildOne44231: yea how old
ToolMySweetAss: 13
WildOne44231: ooo
WildOne44231: id like that
ToolMySweetAss: How old r u?
WildOne44231: 21
WildOne44231: 22 june 12
ToolMySweetAss: gemini rocks!
WildOne44231: hellz yea
ToolMySweetAss: I was raped once by a gemini!
WildOne44231: o really
ToolMySweetAss: He could decide between my mouth and ass.
ToolMySweetAss: couldn't*
ToolMySweetAss: Thats the scales for you.
WildOne44231: how good r u at sucking
ToolMySweetAss: Anyhoo, what r u into?
ToolMySweetAss: Oh, I am good!
WildOne44231: surfing women clubbing
ToolMySweetAss: I once had to suck my way out of a Mexican bar brawl.
WildOne44231: ooooo
WildOne44231: how was it?
ToolMySweetAss: The donkey died of a heart attack between shows and Joaquin refused to return anyones money.
WildOne44231: aww
ToolMySweetAss: The next thing you know, chairs are flying, bottles are breaking and I'm sucking anyones dick that has a gun.
WildOne44231: u have any pics?
ToolMySweetAss: Nope, confiscated my the state when my dad finally got busted.
WildOne44231: oooo
ToolMySweetAss: I have a sketch I could mail to you though. Got a PO box?
WildOne44231: yea
WildOne44231: email u mean?
ToolMySweetAss: No, I just drew it on a bar nap and was gonna mail it to you. It looks exactly like my real pussy.
ToolMySweetAss: I'm quite an artist.
WildOne44231: oo
ToolMySweetAss: I can trace my hand.
ToolMySweetAss: Tell me about yourself, Nigger.
ToolMySweetAss: Hello?
ToolMySweetAss: Oops, I meant it in the "Nigga" sense of the word. Testy pedophile. : User
WildOne44231 is not available.


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Animals Are Cool
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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717376 - 09/27/05 12:06 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

so are they real pedophiles? or are they just people fucking with other people.

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Re: Baiting [Re: p4kSouL]
    #4717445 - 09/27/05 12:18 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

It's fairly simple really. These people just make AIM profiles saying they're 13-14 years old and like sex, and these pervs IM them looking for cybersex.


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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4717579 - 09/27/05 12:41 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)



Mp3 of the month: One Of Hours - Psychedelic Illusions

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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4718327 - 09/27/05 02:53 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Another one by Doug Stanhope:

Joshey10: hey
PorkPipeAnnie: Yes?
Joshey10: im 23 m ny
PorkPipeAnnie: Great! I love NY.
Joshey10: kool
Joshey10: i horny
Joshey10: *im
PorkPipeAnnie: Poor bastard. Want some help jacking off?
Joshey10: ya
Joshey10: will you?
PorkPipeAnnie: Sure, what do you like/
Joshey10: im 5'10'', brown hair, brown eyes
Joshey10: tan
PorkPipeAnnie: No, what are you into?
Joshey10: i like sex
PorkPipeAnnie: Say I was a hooker and you were going to kill me afterwards anyway. What would you do to me first?
Joshey10: i would get head
PorkPipeAnnie: Thats all?
PorkPipeAnnie: Just head?
PorkPipeAnnie: Would you cut it off first?
Joshey10: you do something
PorkPipeAnnie: Ok, so I am a hooker and you want head.
Joshey10: i'd want you to do stuff to me
Joshey10: anything
PorkPipeAnnie: You bring me to a hourly-rate crack hotel.
PorkPipeAnnie: You take out a Poulan Chainsaw X-T 950.
PorkPipeAnnie: The whine of the motor terrifies me.
PorkPipeAnnie: Without so much as a crack in your expression, you saw off my head.
PorkPipeAnnie: Now you take my bloody skull, pull open the mouth and drop it onto your rock hard cock.
PorkPipeAnnie: It falls top-heavy and your big dick pokes out the neck like a turd sneaking out of an asshole
PorkPipeAnnie: Did you come yet?
PorkPipeAnnie: Hello?
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: not yet
PorkPipeAnnie: Ok.
PorkPipeAnnie: My corpse lies on the floor with blood cascading from the neck.
PorkPipeAnnie: You do another bump of meth and try to tug some life into your syphlittic twisted cock.
PorkPipeAnnie: Cop car sirens wail in the night and give you the fear.
PorkPipeAnnie: But they aren't coming for you. Not yet.
PorkPipeAnnie: You spread the ass cheeks of my cooling corpse and find that I voided my colon when I was killed.
PorkPipeAnnie: You stick two fingers into the waste and hold it under your nose.
PorkPipeAnnie: You know that smell. That is the smell of Power.
PorkPipeAnnie: It makes your cock swell like a thumb caught in a car door.
PorkPipeAnnie: Did you come yet?
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: almost
PorkPipeAnnie: You remeber that I am a heroin mule and have recently come back from a trip to Bolivia. On a hunch you jam your entire hand to the elbow in my ass.
PorkPipeAnnie: You can feel the skin and flesh tear.
PorkPipeAnnie: You feel a baggie way up in my colon and no you've struck paydirt.
PorkPipeAnnie: You remove it and your whole arm is dripping blood and feces.
PorkPipeAnnie: You lick it clean like a wounded animal.
PorkPipeAnnie: There's a knock at the door.
PorkPipeAnnie: *Knock - Knock*
PorkPipeAnnie: I said Knock - Knock!
Joshey10: who's there?
PorkPipeAnnie: "It's Thaddeus, Kareena's pimp. Where's my mutherfuckin ho at?"
Joshey10: not here
PorkPipeAnnie: You look through the keyhole and start to panic.
PorkPipeAnnie: Its the biggest angriest black man you have ever layed eyes on.
PorkPipeAnnie: He kicks in the door before you have a chance to slide the deadbolt.
PorkPipeAnnie: There you are with his prize whore's head impaled on your cock and his bag of Horse in your hand.
PorkPipeAnnie: "Mutherfucker, You killed my best ho"
PorkPipeAnnie: You are speechless.
PorkPipeAnnie: He tells you that there is a high paying client waiting to fuck that ho, who you have no ruined.
PorkPipeAnnie: They only way he will let you live is if you dress up like a girl and let this guy fuck you.
Joshey10: eeeeewwwwwww.....
Joshey10: n
Joshey10: NO
PorkPipeAnnie: You jump at the chance.
PorkPipeAnnie: Wait a minute.
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: im not getting fucked
PorkPipeAnnie: A minute ago I had you licking blood and feces of the fist you just pulled out of a headless, dead hookers ass... but NOW I went too far?
Joshey10: im not gay
PorkPipeAnnie: Oh, My bad.
PorkPipeAnnie: So any way..
PorkPipeAnnie: Here you are covered in the shit and innards of a dead crack whore, fresh from fucking her in her decapitated head.
PorkPipeAnnie: Her pipm is now standing in front of your naked body and he's pissed off.
PorkPipeAnnie: pimp*
PorkPipeAnnie: He grabs the back of your head like a basketball and pushes it down on his dirty, uncut, stinkin black cock.
PorkPipeAnnie: You take it in your mouth and try not to vomit.
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: sick
PorkPipeAnnie: He tells you that in order for him to come, you have to lick his ass.
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: fuck you
PorkPipeAnnie: What are you, a racist?
Joshey10: no
Joshey10: im not gay
PorkPipeAnnie: I didn't say you LIKED it, did I?
Joshey10: no
PorkPipeAnnie: Do you kill hookers with chainsaws?
PorkPipeAnnie: No, you don't. But did you get all pissed off when I put it in the fantasy?


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OfflineCaptain Loafy McPoopdick
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Re: Baiting [Re: Silversoul]
    #4718364 - 09/27/05 03:12 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

haha we should start doing our own

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I'm so fly.

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Re: Baiting [Re: Captain Loafy McPoopdick]
    #4718367 - 09/27/05 03:14 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

I'll do one.

I just joined a youngins yahoo chat, it's full of old men.

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