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Welcome to Violence

Registered: 07/12/03
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You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug
    #4707983 - 09/25/05 02:48 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Its long but read it all because it is an intense crazy story that i will never forget.

You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug

Those words never meant quite as much to me until last night. The following story is 100% fact although times and minor events may be slighty off due to my own head full of mush and epinephrine.

So it started off as just another normal day of going to work but once i came home and started making some calls i learned my friends had just come up on a 1/2 oz of mush. Three of my friends were planing to trip and they were wondering if they could use the cabin next to my house. I figured, "why the fuck not, i might as well trip myself since i havent in a long time." So D, T, and N arrived at my house at 7:20. Everything was set up in my cabin and everyone ate their mush between 7:30 and 7:45. I ate 2 grams, D ate 2 grams, T ate 2.7, and N ate 3.7. I KTFO two guys and defended my belt in Fight night Round 2 while i was waiting for the mush to kick in a little before starting up the movie we decided to watch.

Around this time debo, H, M, and A arrived. Everyone got comfy in the cabin and i started up "The Toxic Avenger." Around this time a blunt was smoked. Everything was going well and i was feeling the mush nicely until roughly 8:30 when most everyone decided to go outside to smoke a cig. All of a sudden D colapses backwards on the ground outside and i quickly rush over thinking something bad has happened.

First let me give a little background on D. He has partaken in a lot of drug use much like most of the people in my circle of friends. He was always very level headed in all of his experiences up untill about a month and a half ago when we were all rolling. He started getting tripped out and thought reality was a game. This built up and he actually thought he was on TV getting punked by all of his friends. He then ran off at full speed and luckily was caught rather quickly. After this he did not say a single word or acknowledge anything for a couple hours. All of a sudden he snapped out of it and was fine. A similar thing happened about a week ago where he was very drunk and high and got caught in a thought loop over word usage. Because of this he couldnt talk or acknowledge anyone and finally passed out for 30 mins and when he woke up he was fine. A major cause of this as D explains is the horrible shit that happened to him in the last year. He starts thinking about it and gets stuck in bad thought loops. On top of this he was assualted the day prior to this and was then verbally attacked by the cops he called. We all should have seen this coming. I really dont know what i was thinking.

So after D falls down he gets right back up and says he started thinking about the horrible shit that happened to him and it caused him to trip out and colapse. He says he is fine although he seems to be acting a little funny. We think it is just the mush as all of us tripping are a little out there. Around this time W wants to come over and D tries to give him directions to my house. Just by the directions he was giving i could tell something was up since his confusion was incredibly bad and his brain was mixing very simple things up to a crazy extent. So W finally arrives and now W, D, H, and A are in the front of my house. Some random person walks by my house and D starts screaming at the top of his lungs at him, "Officer T, Officer T, Stop!" who was the cop who verbally attacked him the day before.

At this point i am called and i come out to find D sitting indian style right next to the street curb in front of my house. I get very pissed at this for my friends to allow this to happen and my epinephrine starts kicking in. I go up to D and tell him he has to go inside the house although i meant the cabin. He does not acknowledge me so i get behind him and forcibly lift him up walk him towards the house with my arm around him. Suddenly he violently dashes right toward my front door and I grab ahold of his back trying to pull him of the door thinking he is gonna go apeshit on all my stuff once inside. He manages to get inside but very strangely stops resisting right when he gets inside. I walk him back outside at which point he jumps on the front hood of a friends civic. He has this very crazy look in his eye and is not speaking at all. I put my foot down and say people cannot just be out in the front of my house like this making a scene and that D must go back into the cabin. We keep on asking D to go inside and finally someone says to D, "Move your eye to left if we can carry you inside." He does this so two people pick him up and carry him inside.

He sits down in the very back right corner of the room opposite the tv and remains there silent for an hour. During this time people don't want to watch "The Toxic Avenger" anymore because it is getting to wierd so i put on Pulp Fiction instead. At this point debo, M, W, and N left and J arrived leaving me, T, D, H, A and J in the cabin. Because of what happened earlier in the front of my house i am unable to have a good trip and i feel somewhat emotionless and calculating as if something is about to happen although i just figured it was the epinephrine.

Randomly D stands up and we think he has snapped out of it but he just stands there not saying a word. Then compleatly by surprise as if it were a dream and not really reality i see D running full speed at the opposite side of the cabin right into the TV and a lava lamp which he knocks over. He then starts swinging at the walls as hard as he can and puts a good sized hole in it. I jump up out of my chair and pounce on D trying to restrain him as best i could. I could feel every muscle in his body constract very hard and i desperately tried to get him to the ground. All of a sudden his body compeltely loosens and he falls to the floor. Me, H, and J stand there in disbelief at what just occured as A and T had ran outside because T was tripping very hard and couldn't deal with something that crazy happening and A was fearing for her life.

Then i see D's muscles start to contract again and he rapidly gets to his feet and starts swinging blows in my direction and he catches me in the face, cutting the inside of my mouth. Me, J, and H jump on him and try and get him to the ground. After 30 seconds of struggling his body loosens again and he falls with our weight on top of to the ground. On his way down his head smacks a metal bar of a chair and we all think he was knocked out. Then shortly, like clockwork his body starts constracting again and he gets to his feet at which point we jump on him again. This time we get him to floor face down fast and one person gets on top of his back and controlls his arms while another gets on his legs.

These waves of violent spasms lasted for about an hour. During this time me, j, and h are trying to controll D to our best ability while A gives us water and pours some on D to try and get his high body temp down. All of us are now covered in sweat and D seems to be getting tired as the waves of muscle contraction are coming farther and farther between and each is with less strength. During this whole time we are trying to talk to D to see if we can get him to snap out of it but he remained silent. A couple times he tried to hurt himself and he grabed A's foot at one point when it got away from J's grasp. We had also called W and N so they could come back to help and they arrived at this time.

After this hour we put on some rap music to see if that would help at all. To our surprise D's starts bobbing his head to the music but is still very out of it. Finally D starts talking but not to anyone in particular and it is all nonsense. He sings, freestyles, mentions colors alot, and his brain seems to be crosswired as he mixes things up like saying "NFL Basketball." Out of the blue he snaps out of it for a second, says he is fine, can't explain why he doing this, and that he is sorry. Then he goes back to the nuttiness and incoheirancy. Soon he starts talking to people but is still very out there and not making much sense. Debo returns at this point alone. By this time he hasent violently fought or contracted his muscles in a while so we decided to get off of him.

He sits up agaisnt the wall and puts his pants back on as they had come off in the struggle. He mentions the unexplainability of the events and seems fairly coherant for a few seconds. The nonsensical speak that we had become accomstomed to now began once again such as "We get some weed, and in a microwave, and the pots and pans with non-stick grip, and its goooooood, oh yeeeeea." He spoke continuously and would even read labels and talk about things in the room. Other things seemed much more unintentional such as mixing up things to which he would say "Why the fuck did i say that?."

He began to calm down and his coherancy returned as we where reaching the 6.5 hour. At 7 hours J gave him a ride home and he seemed fairly normal although i could tell he was still a little off. At 7.5 hours D called me and asked me to tell him the whole story. I did and i noticed he was still not sober as he refered to himself in 3rd person, was still convinced the person on the sidewalk was officer T, and his tone was unusual.

The day after he is perfectly fine except for some soreness. I'm glad we were smart enough not to call 911.

Anyone else have similar stories? Please share

I'm a nihilist. Lets be friends.

bang bang

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Registered: 10/29/02
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: d33p]
    #4708587 - 09/25/05 06:04 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

wow crazy experience. it seems like you were with a few too many people or something. the same thing happened to my friend one time. it wasnt until 6 months later we had a good talk about tripping and bad trips.. we have tripped again after that and everything was cool. he didnt feel loopy at all.

"Psychedelics should be used not to escape reality, but to embrace it"

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hash smoker

Registered: 06/22/05
Posts: 1,124
Loc: mediterranean sea
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: danlennon3]
    #4708600 - 09/25/05 06:11 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

tell him not to use drugs anymore

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in a pinch
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Registered: 10/20/04
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: d33p]
    #4708663 - 09/25/05 07:09 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

I'd keep an eye on him in the future. The drugs obviously are the main factor but this turn of events for your friend D reminds me of a friend of mine who had a manic episode about a year or 2 ago:

He was a levelheaded guy but over the course of a cross country road trip, where the only drugs he did was weed and caffeine pills to help him drive, he started acting a little weird. We wrote it off as sleep deprivation and the weed pretty much.

It passed, but a few weeks later he started acting weird again but this time when dead sober or just after getting a little high. It was kinda like your friend where he would speak incomprehensible shit for awhile, tense up, and then would snap out of it with little memory of what happened.

At first it was only for a few minutes but as a few days went by it became more frequent and lasted longer. It got to a point where he was staying up all day and night and when you actually could understand what the hell he was saying he would talk about doing things like starting up a company making car speakers out of plywood and ductape (I shit you not) or moving to the Africa savannah. He also decided he was going to drop out of school and become a musician (even though he didn't play), he even bought a guitar and would spend hours staring at it, speaking to nobody if they said something, and plucking strings at random. Basically he had no concept of reality much like you friend and seemed constantly confused.

Eventually we naturally got worried and tried talking to him which only seemed to make things worse. He would deny anything was wrong, not acknowledge anybody, or get borderline violent if you confronted him. Eventually we tried to forcefully bring him to the hospital, which didn't work, and had to call the cops because we really thought he was going to hurt himself or somebody else. They found him (because he was punching walls n shit in at a nearby mall and somebody called the cops) and just brought him home because they said they couldn't do anything and were just being stupid, useless-ass cops.

He wouldn't talk to anybody so we called his mom who drove 3 hours to come pick him up and bring him to the hospital. I have no idea how she managed to do that by herself. After a week or so in the psyche ward the doctors said he was going through manic episodes that may or may not have been triggered by the weed and caffeine pills. He was having alot of stress in his life about where he was headed, what he was doing with his life, etc. etc. and the shrinks guessed he just couldn't handle it.

He has been living with his parents ever since then and hasn't been the same. He is loaded up with meds all the time now and you can tell he still isn't right. He needs to be monitored because sometimes even on the meds he relapses and does crazy shit like earlier this year he stole his mom's car and drove it into oncoming traffic, putting himself in the hospital.

Your buddies behavior reminds me of this and since you say he is going through a tough time right now maybe he is having a difficult time dealing with it or is overly frustrated and this is how his mind is reacting. Especially since this behavior is recurring while he is on different drugs, even with just beer and weed.

Keep an eye on him b/c it might indicate something worse that is to come.

"And we, inhabitants of the great coral of the Cosmos, believe the atom (which still we cannot see) to be full matter, whereas, it too, like everything else, is but an embroidery of voids in the Void, and we give the name of being, dense and even eternal, to that dance of inconsistencies, that infinite extension that is identified with absolute Nothingness and that spins from its own non-being the illusion of everything."

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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: DirtMcgirt]
    #4708691 - 09/25/05 07:40 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

One thing that's important is if you do anything for a person having a rough ride. Make sure any effort you make to chill them out is real subtle and indirect. Encourage them but don't reprimand them unconstructively. If you don't like what they are doing and they are not listening, change the subject and suggest something else for them to do. Calm them by speaking calmly. Then... Kill him!

"You might not be aware of this, but there are a lot of dickheads on the Internet." - D. Wong

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Human Being
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: Cowgold]
    #4708758 - 09/25/05 08:58 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

once when i was tripping i started talking non stop and it felt like i wasn't even the person speaking. and i'm sure it was some silly shit...also at one point everyone had passed out and i still thought they were awake and kept talking to myself all night while hearing their voices thinking they were talking to me. it was very strange.

your friend should see a doctor.

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Registered: 07/18/04
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: d33p]
    #4709906 - 09/25/05 03:13 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

I think your friend should lay off the drugs for a while, until he gets things in his life figured out. you guys did a good job keeping the situation under control, especially considering you were all tripping hard as well. good work on that one. definitely keep an eye on this guy and try to be there for him.
i had the "crosswiring" thing happen once on a hard trip. it was strange, it was like i was seeing pieces of different scenes all around me. grass and wildflower landscape in my room, pieces of other people's rooms combining in my field of vision, almost a broken mirror effect. i tried turning on the tv to calm me down, but ended up seeing an espn sports ticker on the bottom of the screen while watching family guy and things like that...nonsensical for sure. i was alone, so i didn't speak, but i bet it would've sounded similar to your friend.
just serves to remind us how powerful of a tool our mind is, and how subjective our everyday reality can be. until your friend comes to grips with this, he should definitely stay away from the drugs.
good luck, peace :sun:

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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: Hendostan]
    #4710382 - 09/25/05 05:15 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

I sort of had the same thing happen to me once, but i was just really really drunk.

I was up at my friends house on this mountian, drove my friend out there, but he said he'd drive back and i could get as drunk as i wanted too, which i did with great succes. I ended up dozing off on the couch around 5am and probobly 15 minutes afterward my friend wakes me up, which was very difficult im sure, and tells me that he isn't having a good time and wants too leave, right now, at 5;15am.

I wasn't too thrilled about that, but was going along with it anyway, but i needed to take a leak before we hit the road, so i walk into what i thought was a bathrooms, which was actually a closet, couldn't find the light switch, then the door shut behind me, so i just said fuck it and laid down. My friend apparently left as soon as i headed for the bathroom which made me extremely pissed off because he woke me after i was stone cold passed out, waited maybe a minute for me to realize where i was after waking up, then procceded to drive my car 20+ miles at 5am after drinking all night.

I didn't yet realize he had left after i made it out of the closet, so when i walk outside to see my car missing, i was pretty pissed. I didn't know when he had left, but i assumed it couldn't have been to long ago, so i walk down the back driveway to the road to see if he was in sight, he wasn't so i turned around and started heading back to the house only to be knocked sideways onto the ground by another one of my friends who was at the party and was also very drunk, who then proclaims that i was trying to walk to my house and that he had to hold me down because i was being billigerent, which i was wasn't, because i was just standing there. Then my friend starts taking swings at me, and im doing my best to avoid him, and after about five minutes of dodging i hit him in the jaw to see if that would straighten him out, it didn't because he then ran back up to the house saying i attacked him, which im sure it looked like i did because he was bleeding alot from his mouth, I walk up to the house to be greeted by a room full of people who think i just viciously attacked one of my friends after he tried to keep me from walking the 20 miles back to the house. I was in no shape to try and reason with anybody, so i just went to bed, which didn't work out because people kept coming in to ask me why i attacked this guy and acting like i was the worst person ever.

I have some very irritating friends, who aren't too smart to begin with, and whose cognitive skills are set to toddler after they've been drinking.

that was the longest thing i've typed in probobly a year.

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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: deryl]
    #4710575 - 09/25/05 05:50 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

I had a crazy trip one time right after i moved to St. Croix...I was new in the school and i had gone out with one of my friends i met there and we found a bunch of copes. I was planning on tripping with my friend and this other guy, lets call him Jason, in his cousins apartment. We get there and it's a nice little apartment on the beach, what appears to be a good place to trip. My friend and I both eat about 7 grams and Jason ate about 2. We start playing Mario Kart until they copes begin to kick. I enter first and then my friend, and last Jason. All of a sudden Jason starts throwing cups off the table. He begins breaking glass all over the apartment, and upsetting his cousin. His cousin, who is totally sober, begins yelling and throwing stuff too. I start to wonder if I should stay or not, but I'm tripping pretty hard and have a detached view of reality so i think it is perfectly fine to stay. The whole time I feel like I'm dreaming. I get up to go to the bathroom and when i come out I see Jason standing in his boxers laughing, about 15 feet in front of the door holding a giant knife. I begin to question if I should be scared or not, but for some reason keep telling myself it is a dream and nothing bad can happen to me. He begins to take small steps towards me still laughing. As he gets closer people begin to see that he is not playing around, I still don't know what to do. He starts slowly moving the knife towards my stomach. Out of instinct i guess I hold his arm, a struggle, but not a fight. I really don't do anything to stop him from trying, I just try to keep the knife out of me. After a while i push him into a wall, he drops the knife and his cousin grabs him. I sit back down and begin playing Mario Kart. After about 15 minutes this girl from my school escorts my friend and I out of the apartment. We walk about a half a mile down the beach and lay down. I wake up about 3 hours later in my boxers and stumble to my car. I cool out there for a while until I feel comfortable to drive, still not totally sober. I drive to a gas station near by and try to sleep it off. I return home at about 6 in the morning and sleep until about 6 in the evening.


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Madge the Smoking Vag
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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: d33p]
    #4710843 - 09/25/05 06:59 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Zip ties are good for situations like that.


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Re: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug [Re: HELLA_TIGHT]
    #4710895 - 09/25/05 07:21 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

It's one thing to read about a crazy experience like this, and another to actually witness/partake in one.

A friend went beyond bonkers on 20x salvia, and yes I understand crazy things happen on salvia. It was amazing... once he chilled out I started feeling bad because I knew something fucked up was going on in his head. He said he kept falling, falling, falling... and we had left him at the top. Then he kinda tilted his head and muttered for a while...

When the stress burns my brain it's like acid raindrops
maryjane is the only thing that makes the pain stop

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