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Drug Advocate
Registered: 09/16/05
Posts: 19
Loc: Illinois
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My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003.
    #4699574 - 09/23/05 10:16 AM (15 years, 3 days ago)

Hi everyone,

I thought i would post my first DXM experience from 2003.
Here is what i wrote then. Remember, this trip experience was my first and it's from 2003.

Here it is:

Well, here goes:
I am brand new to DXM, and drugs in general. Only started smoking Mary Jane about a year and two months ago. I have also tried codiene(t-3's) at 3 tabs at a time, i dont like codiene, but i am not really into codiene. Anyway i have been reading about DXM for a couple of days now and thought, "Damn, this drug has serious trip potential." So after much deliberation and reading about safety and so forth i decided i would give it a try. So i got a pen and some paper and wrote down exactly what brand and type of product to use, double checked it about five times!( Bwhahahaha! lol! That is how i am!) I decided to make "Robitussin Extra Strength Cough 4oz." my first DXM experience. So, i am driving to the store and i am nervous as hell, even though it's only Robitussin! :parinoid:
So, i walk in the store looking around and thinking, God, i hope nobody thinks i am up to something! I finally make it to the Medicine shelf in the store, it's row 5. i start looking at all the different cough medicine and what-not, and suddenly thought to myself "SHIT, i forgot what to get!" :cry: But luckily i wrote down exactly what i needed to get, along with directions to make sure that the only active ingrediants were"Dextromethorphan".
Here i am skimming along looking for " Robitussin Extra Strength Cough 4oz., "FINALLY, here it is!", i said to myself. I grab it and read the active ingrediants list a couple of times, then procede to the check out counter like a fiend. I start "fake coughing" and acting"sick" to cover the fact i am buying Robitussin, the girl at the counter in pretty young, like 16 i think, but anyway, i buy my "fix" and head home. I came back in the house logged back onto the internet to check this board one more time, to make sure everything is in order with my dosages, what to expect, etc.....
I wait until 1:00a.m. to chug my 4oz. Robitussin Extra Strength Cough. :chug:
The taste was surprisingly pleasant until you get to the last 1/3 of the bottle, then i just slammed it. Put the bottle back in the box and on my night stand, " Just incase i die or something, the coroner will have an easier time discovering the cause of death." :nerd_smile:
My Setting: First of all, i decided to "trip" by myself.
My setting was at home, late night 1:00a.m.
So now it is about 1:20a.m. and i am surfing the net, i decide to read this board, all of a sudden, i think to myself "Am i starting to trip or am i wanting to trip so badly that i am fooling myself?" I jump up and run to the mirror, look at my face, then my eyes, "my eyes look different" i thought to myself. They were dilated big time. Right then i started to feel "funny", but i went back to the computer, reading whatever...blah,blah,blah, reading about the four distinct levels of intoxication from DXM. By now it's around 1:35a.m. and i start feeling..
the 1st Plateau. This is the weakest level i read. I start feeling slightly intoxicating, a little light headed.
"This is no big deal and this is it" i thought to myself. But by the time i had pondered this thought i looked over at the clock...2:10a.m.
Now i have just reached the 2nd Plateau:I read this level is often compared to being stoned and drunk at the sametime. When this might seem true,i also noticed a strong "mental" high. I didnt have trouble talking with myself, but i did have a hard time carrying on an indepth conversation with myself, and concentration on a subject for extended periods of time. I occasionally started to have mild hallucinations. The first one i had was around 2:20a.m. I rolled my head back and closed my eyes and saw the most amazing moving patterns in my mind, it resembled the patterns of rotund rattle-snake skin moving in like carousels.
I looked at this for about 15 secounds and stopped, b/c i started to get "SCARED"!
Around 2:50a.m. i reached the 3rd and final Plateau: I started to feel very strong intoxications and hallucinations.
I get up from the computer, but then i think "SHIT, will i be able to walk and what the fuck is "Robo-walking?" ( I figured out, Robo-walking is like being severely mentally and physically challenged and trying to walk. :nerd_smile: )
I Robo-walked/shuffled to the den stairs, where i carefully peered into the living room at the couch through these doors that separate that section of the house from the rest of the place, it looked fine at first, but just then, it started go all "fuzzy" and it started "twitching" like it was having Grandma-seizure! I got very scared but thought it was funny at the same time, b/c in my minds eye, i thought i was in the movie " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ", only it's different,i am the star and i am by myself, and i am tripping on DXM! Bwhahahahahaha!
Then , i Robo-ran into my room where i laid down on the bed, it was now about 3:30a.m.
I started rolling around at first, b/c i felt like i was on a roller coaster, then i stopped and started to notice my hallucinations. I looked at my bedroom door and it was moving like a flag! I then looked up at the ceiling and it started to bulge downward toward me like a fat man's belly
after Thanksgiving Dinner, This is scaring the shit out of me, but still fun at the same time, b/c i think i am being filmed for my own version of the movie mentioned earlier. I also semi-blacked out about five times during this period, what i mean by sem-blacked out was, i got extremely tired and closed my eyes to go to sleep, but i did not, b/c new i was still awake.
It's now 4:10a.m. the DXM has completly taken over my mind and body, i feel as though i have reached the 4th Plateau: This is the strongest level. I feel as though i was given some type anesthetic drug,similar to what i have read about Ketamine.My mind and body became seperated at this level. I started watching Music Videos on Mtv, i remember watching an R. Kelly video where he is on this yaught in Chicago, and by the end of this video, he is doing this James Brown shuffle back and forth on this slick dance floor with a black hat and black trench coat on! I get very scared at this point, b/c he looked like the Phantom of the Opera/black Freddie Kroger all in one! Another video comes on... It's "Stacy's mom has it going on", nothing seemed weird in this one, but when his little girlfriend caught him "Slappin' his Solomi" in the bathroom while thinking of her mom, i almost literally urinated in my pants from laughing! Hahahaha!
It's about 4:40a.m. now, I actually have the munchies!
So i decide to make some popcorn, but i want to do it the "Old fashioned way" on the stove, which entails taking a pan putting oil in it, then putting some popping corn in as well. Then putting it on high heat and shaking it back and forth like mad while it start popping.
This is pretty easy to do, even a brain-damaged chimp could do this simple task, but try doing while tripping on "DEX"!
I do all the above mentionables, and the popcorn starts to pop, but somethings wrong, it looks fuzzy and realise my other four senses are not working correctly and i am cooking with hot oil! So, i turn down the heat really low on the stove, almost off, nothing happens for like 10 minutes, then i turn it all the way back up and decide to leave it there. It's started popping like mad and grease pops onto my arm and burns me. I just about lose it when that happens. I turn the popcorn off, b/c i think the steam is smoke and the house is going to burn down, i run outside to my metal table slam the pan down. It's 5:00a.m. at this point.
I lift the glass lid off the popcorn dump it into my bowl and go back inside.
I also make a cheese sandwhich on wheat bread, which was surprisingly tasty and easy to make. Popcorn is not a good think to eat while on DXM, it seemed as though i was eating rocks, so i threw it away.
It was now about 5:20a.m. and i thought the Dex was wearing off, so i thought, i continue watching Mtv, when i realized i have dog, "Holy Shit... I have a dog i thought to myself" But i when i saw him he didnt look familiar and thought as though he wanted to bite me, i called him to me, but not by name, b/c i could not remember it.
He was friendly and let me pet him, he then proceded to go back over to lying down by the other chair.
I ignore him. I then notice something out of the corner of my eye, it's him again, but he isnt coming over to me, just wagging his tail and looking at me! I get scared and think " What the fuck man, what is this dog up too!"
He starts sniffing the couch and i think he is implying.... "Let me outside or i will chew this couch up!" So, motion for him to lay back down and not to fuck with me. He got the message.
By this time it's 6:00a.m. and i decide to go to bed, i do so and sleep for about 2 1/2 hours, then i wake up and realize i am still high and it seems as though i had been sleeping for days, even though it's only 8:30a.m.
I go back to sleep and wake around 12:00p.m., i sit in my bed thinking, 'am i still high or do i feel this way b/c i just woke up?"
Well, i sit there for about 15 minutes, i get up and go to the bathroom, look at my face, everything is fine, but i eyes are red as hell and burn like that too. I splash a little water in them and make some breakfast.
I have no hangover, no squirts, only the "Afterglow" that was mentioned in this board.
I still have the afterglow effect now while writing this to you all, it's also around 3:00p.m. and will be time to go to the gym soon.
I hope this post gets to stay and eveybody comments on it.
I think i will definitly DEX again.

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Drug Advocate
Registered: 09/16/05
Posts: 19
Loc: Illinois
Last seen: 14 years, 9 months
Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: RyDog]
    #4700432 - 09/23/05 02:28 PM (15 years, 3 days ago)

any replys?

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I Tell You What!

Registered: 06/25/05
Posts: 5,998
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Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: RyDog]
    #4701246 - 09/23/05 05:35 PM (15 years, 2 days ago)

sounds crazy !

i don't think i'd want to do an upper plateau dose without trusted people around and a comfy environment... but 2nd plateau is pretty fun i think... and could be really psychedelic with the right setting.

I am the MacDaddy of Heimlich County, I play it Straight Up Yo!

....I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow, to feel inspired, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human......
Om Namah Shivaya, I tell you What!

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old hand
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Registered: 12/18/02
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Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: RyDog]
    #4701807 - 09/23/05 07:36 PM (15 years, 2 days ago)

Great report..  Thanks for sharing.  :smirk:


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Registered: 04/15/05
Posts: 690
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Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: RyDog]
    #4701836 - 09/23/05 07:46 PM (15 years, 2 days ago)

aw man, how did you manage to eat a grilled cheese sandwich while on that stuff? It would tear up my stomach when I used to fuck around with DXM, to the point that thinking about it now makes me nauseous.


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Registered: 10/02/04
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Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: NickSoapdish]
    #4702405 - 09/23/05 10:26 PM (15 years, 2 days ago)

That's a good report, and I'm glad you seemed to have a good time. Props on doing lots of reserach!

I don't think you reached the 3rd plateau though, most likely a medium 2nd plateau. 350 mg typically is just enough to get the average person to a light 2nd plateau. The only people I know that have reached the 3p off 350 mg are 100 pound girls. But it seemed from how you described it to be a fairly strong 2p. Bare in mind that hallucinations and robowalking and mind loops do occur at the 2p level. Usually if you reach the 3p you are almost immobilized, and you'd have a hard time even standing up without falling down (most people). So to go and make popcorn you'd probably have been on a 2p. I've been on the 3rd and actually 4th plateau before and believe me it gets crazier than you might think! I've laid down and "exited" my body and journied through realms and gone to heaven and hell. Usually, though, I'd prefer a trip like the one you mentioned. Enough to get great effects, but not too much to be able to function.

This is an old report, though? Or did you write it now? Have you dexed much since then?


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Drug Advocate
Registered: 09/16/05
Posts: 19
Loc: Illinois
Last seen: 14 years, 9 months
Re: My first DXM Trip-- Back in 2003. [Re: matchbook]
    #4705423 - 09/24/05 03:47 PM (15 years, 2 days ago)

I wrote it after i did it back in 2003, then saved it to my computer.

I have done two other trips with DXM, i'll post those too!

Thanks for the comments guys!!!
Yes, i get the munchies on dex, i know it's weird.

Yes, i agree that was a second plateua.

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