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Registered: 09/30/09
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: DeadPhan]
    #11322305 - 10/26/09 02:52 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)

dude i was almmost diagnosed with that, i say almost becasue the counsilar i have to see for probation said you might be schizo. but dude im fine i dont know if i am actually schizophrenic i almost went crazy and like convinced myself i am but mow i dont think so as much, i just tripped into a really big dark hole

ps. anti-psychotics are terrible, please dont get on them


have a grateful day motherfuckers!:sun:

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The Duk Abides

Registered: 05/17/03
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: DeadPhan]
    #11322381 - 10/26/09 03:58 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)

I take anti-psychotics, but I need them. It doesn't sound like you're anywhere close to being schizophrenic.

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Registered: 03/16/09
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: Shroomism]
    #11322461 - 10/26/09 04:22 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)


Shroomism said:
yeah.. schizophrenics make collect calls to the rain maker on a non-functioning payphone and hold detailed conversations


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Registered: 07/12/99
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: DeadPhan]
    #11322528 - 10/26/09 04:53 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)

Maybe someone will find this helpful:

An Interview With Dr. John Weir Perry - Michael O'Callaghan

MICHAEL O'CALLAGHAN: How does one define so-called schizophrenia?

JOHN WEIR PERRY: Jung defined it most succinctly. He said...

"Schizophrenia is a condition in which the dream takes the place of reality." This means that the unconscious overwhelms the ego-consciousness, overwhelms the field of awareness with contents from the deepest unconscious, which take mythic, symbolic form. And the emotions, unless they're hidden, are quite mythic too. To a careful observer, they're quite appropriate to the situation at hand.

The way "schizophrenia" unfolds is that, in a situation of personal crisis, all the psyche's energy is sucked back out of the personal, conscious area, into what we call the archetypal area. Mythic contents thus emerge from the deepest level of the psyche, in order to re-organise the Self. In so doing, the person feels himself withdrawing from the ordinary surroundings, and becomes quite isolated in this dream state.

O'C: Did Jung really see this as a healing process?

PERRY: He did indeed! He believed that "schizophrenia" is a self-healing process - one in which, specifically, the pathological complexes dissolve themselves. The whole schizophrenic turmoil is really a self-organising, healing experience. It's like a molten state. Everything seems to be made of free energy, an inner free play of imagery through which the alienated psyche spontaneously re-organises itself - in such a way that the conscious ego is brought back into communication with the unconscious again.

O'C: How long does the experience normally last?

PERRY: The acute hallucinatory phase, during which these contents go through the re-ordering process, usually lasts about six weeks. This, by the way, corresponds to the classical description of visionary experiences in various religious texts, such as the proverbial "forty days in the wilderness" often referred to in the Bible. Anyway, six weeks is roughly it.

O'C: So are you saying that the reason we have so-called "chronic schizophrenia" in our society, - where a person is medicated, distressed or hospitalised for decades - is really cultural? A society which refuses to understand the healing nature of the phenomenon?

PERRY: Yes, it seems so. Of course, there are some unusual cases where the individual simply can't handle the impact of all this unconscious content, or doesn't know what to do with it, and freaks out. But from my experience at Diabasis, I've seen so many people go the other way that I really do feel "chronic schizophrenia" is created by society's negative response to what is actually a perfectly natural and healthy process. I hate to think of what happens to people who go into the mental hospital...

O'C: Who experiences a "schizophrenic break"?

PERRY: Well, there's a lot of controversy about this! There is a constitutional element, which is often interpreted as a "genotype of pathology", but this depends on how you see it. I see it as a genotype of sensitivity! Among adolescent siblings in a family, for example, its usually the most sensitive one who's going to catch it.

O'C: How many people are "schizophrenic?"

PERRY: Approximately two percent - that's over one hundred and sixteen million people! It's about one in five of all the hospital beds [in the developed countries - ed.].

O'C: What does it feel like to go through a "schizophrenic break"?

PERRY: The overall experience is described as falling into a kind of abyss of isolation. This comes about because there is such a discrepancy between the subjective inner world that one has been swept into, and the mundane everyday world outside. There seems to be a total gulf between these two. Of course, this is exactly what happens in our society: the individuals around such a person are bewildered and frightened. They have absolutely no trust in what is going on! So everything is set up negatively, and this gives rise to fear - on both sides.

O'C: So it starts with a feeling of isolation...

PERRY: Yes. Now the symbolic expression of this is falling into a death - not only a death state, but also a death space - the "afterlife," the "realm of the ancestors," the "land of the dead," the "spirit world." The common experience here is for the person to look about and think that half the people around him are dead too. While in this condition, it's very hard for one to tell if one is really alive or not.

Right away at the beginning, the death experience is accompanied by the feeling that you've gone back to the beginning of time. This involves a regression, a return to the state of infancy in one's personal life history. But hand in hand with this is the feeling of slipping back into the world of the primordial parents, into a Garden of Eden. For example, it's a very common experience to feel one is the child of Adam and Eve, say, at the beginning of time. This is very symbolic, obviously. It's pretty much a representation of the psyche at the start of one's individual career after birth.

So these are the outstanding features. All kinds of imagery comes tumbling across the field of awareness. It's like the mythological image in a perfect stained-glass window being smashed, and all the bits and pieces being scattered. The effect is very colourful, but it's very hard to discern how the pieces belong to each other. Any attempt to make sense of it is an exercise in abstraction from the actual experience. The important thing is to find the process running through it all.

The thing that I'm particularly interested in here is the clash of opposites. The individual usually has a feeling of intense fear, as he contemplates what seem to him to be the forces of disruption, of chaos, of the Antichrist, of the Communists - whatever the ideology happens to portray as "evil." In any case, these forces are seen as tending to destroy the world, and the "good guys" are those who would try to preserve it. This is the element I try in particular to explore, because it connects to all kinds of other general cultural and political phenomena that we could talk about! What makes this visionary state appear so very psychotic, is that an individual with a paranoid ideology or ideation tends to identify with everything that comes up from below, and one is very apt to get confused. A woman who identifies with the Virgin Mary, for example, may then believe she's about to give birth to a redeemer. Actually, there's many a pregnancy test that we do in these emergency situations, you know, because you can never be sure! And the men are very apt to feel they're specially elected to be the second coming of the Messiah; or, if they're very paranoid, a great political of military leader such as Napoleon or Hitler. The delusions of grandeur become very evident, for as soon as one's identity gets hung up on such archetypal identifications, there immediately arises the "enemy out there" who is trying to undo what the supreme power has brought about. There is a deeply-felt fear of being toppled, a feeling of immense danger. This again has many cultural connotations...

O'C: So if the person experiences himself as God, might he then also feel the Devil is out to get him?

PERRY: Yes, that's pretty much adequate. If one is Christ, the Anti-Christ is around somewhere at work; and if one is in a supreme position of political rule, then there is sure to be a disruptive revolutionary political party on the other side of the planet which is trying to topple you! It's rather scary, when you consider that the collective unconscious projects such huge shadows upon whole nations or superpowers...

O'C: What about the death / rebirth aspect?

PERRY: Well you see, the state of being in a realm of death in the beginning is pretty soon accompanied by the idea of either being born, or giving birth. This is really the fundamental ground of the whole experience.

So there are two or three transformative elements that run through the phenomenon in a sort of overall direction. First, the feeling of death and rebirth, which is really symbolic of the process of disorganisation and reorganisation; second, the fact that this happens both on the world level as well as on the personal level - the world is also going through a disruption and a regeneration; and finally, the initial inflated notion that one is a supreme power (a great spiritual force, a supreme being, a supreme intelligence from outer space or whatever), gradually yields to a deeper overall preoccupation with the issues of relationship. The feelings and motivations tend toward love and affection in general. The sexual element is stirred up quite a bit, but mostly it's on a symbolic level. The process of psychological individuation required to achieve this feeling of loving relationship is also what social evolution is all about.

In this regard, the concerns of the regression to infancy are no more personal than one would expect. They are mostly concerned with the interpersonal field, with the parents and siblings, and with the problems of childhood and adolescence. The great surprise, during these weeks of turmoil, is that even more of the concern is about cultural and societal issues. I was totally unprepared for this: in the Freudian setting of medical school, there was no mention of it at all. At first, when Jung told me about it in Switzerland, I found it very hard to believe. I had to see for myself if he was right. This then became one of my motives for going my alternative way with these people.

Our new understanding shows that the process of re-connection to the unconscious, which these millions of people go through in a way that's usually so very hazardous, isolated and uncreative, is nonetheless made up of the same stuff as seers, visionaries, cultural reformers and prophets go through. They also experience much of the same content, except that in their case it is specifically concerned, first and foremost, with the culture itself. Any kind of personal subjective ideation is made to serve and clarify that end.

When I started looking into these cultural parallels of the "schizophrenic" process, I also began to find very clear similarities in the rituals of almost every society. There are striking parallels in the visionary states of reformers and prophets and Messiahs. Messiahs are found all over the world, you know! Almost any culture that's going through a profound upheaval of rapid turbulent change, produces seers and visionaries who glimpse the new myth-form and express its guidelines - the basic ideas and paradigms that give the people a new sense of direction. This is particularly true, of course, at the tribal level - in almost every part of the world. The shamanic visions are particularly close to what we see in "psychosis," with all the ideation of death and rebirth, and symbols of world destruction and regeneration.

O'C: Are you saying, then, that the psychosymbolic images, feelings and ideas which emerge into consciousness during the "schizophrenic" process, also carry basic symbolic relevance - at the level of the collective unconscious - to the alienation of Humankind as a whole?

PERRY: Yes! One thing that is quite significant in this respect is that each decade shows a marked difference in the typical content of the ideation. During the Fifties, for example, I used to see alot about "Democracy" and "Communism." For many Americans at that time, the coincidence of opposites was symbolically expressed in terms of America versus Russia, and a big showdown between the forces of liberty and oppression. A little later on that content tapered off, and the moral values and the issues of war and peace that typified the Sixties came to the fore. In the Seventies, I saw alot of concern with global concerns like preserving the planet and paying attention to nature. The "bad guys" in this case were cast in the role of those who had a disregard for the needs of Nature.

Now of course this is not too different from what one finds in dreams. For dreams also tend to reflect cultural issues, and as soon as one gets into any kind of therapy that deals with the psyche at this deeper level of the collective unconscious, one comes to the inevitable realisation that we are not going along in our psychic life, you know, just in a realm of interpersonal relationships. A very powerful culture such as ours projects huge patterns, huge conflicts and turmoils, and we all experience them, although we may not be conscious of their inner meaning at all. In this sense, Humankind is still enormously alienated; the point is, it doesn't happen just in Washington and Moscow - it happens within the psyche of the whole people. The political spokesmen are only giving voice to what is going on in all the individuals...

This brings up the question of myth-form. You see, the big problems facing society are perceived in symbolic, mythic expression, and for this reason their resolution takes place on the symbolic, mythic level as well. If there's work going on in a culture to reorganise itself, then it's a process that must occur on both levels simultaneously: individuals will go through their personal visions, and collective spokesmen will express collective visions, which get worked out and implemented on a cultural level.

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Man of the Woods

Registered: 08/18/04
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: DeadPhan]
    #11322548 - 10/26/09 05:04 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)


DeadPhan said:
im serious.  unless the symptoms for it are just so general as to describe anyone questioning reality, but some of the things are crazy.  more than anything, hearing people talking about me when they are across the room and i dont even know them.  taking peices of conversatoins around me and hearing them all be on the same topic, and that being, what a unaware skitzo i am.  and that its my fault and i should suffer for it.  i could go on and on...and granted  i am still here.  i struggle every day.  thats life just as well but, sometimes i wonder.  24 years old.  maybe i should go see someone.  anyone else?

lol sounds like side effects of LSD + being around shady people


"You all are just  puppets... You have no heart...and cannot feel any pain...""
you may think thats pain you feel but you must have a heart to feel true pain and that pain wont be yours

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ಠ︵ಠ balance ಠ_ಠ weaver ಠ‿ಠ

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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: thedudenj]
    #11322556 - 10/26/09 05:09 AM (12 years, 3 months ago)

there was a point in time i had the same feeling. i have not looked further into it, but i had alost all the posotive and negative and a raised pallette.:shrug:were all bozos on this bus:yesnod:


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Registered: 07/03/10
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: Salomon]
    #12939710 - 07/23/10 10:20 AM (11 years, 6 months ago)

sounds like you just smoking bit too much pot. Don't try to find out whats 'wrong' with you. or you will have something wrong with you. schizophrenia is a really broad definitions and at the end of the day it is a label which you dont want to be stuck with. tread carefully with psychiatrists and what not. theyre basically paid to tell you whats 'wrong' with you and when you believe them your in da shit for years and years.
tread carefully my man and use your own good wisdom

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Sall Growman

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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: NorMaL_81]
    #12939794 - 07/23/10 10:56 AM (11 years, 6 months ago)

schizophrenia is just a scary term stupid doctors made up

theres so many smart people on here. and a lot have similar experiences to you including me. itll be alright man, remember you arent a bad person because of this. you probably arrived where you're at because you made the choice to think deep. and when you got there you lost some touch with physical reality. a lot of people make the choice to tread water, its easier. they run into hypocrosies and ignore them or they are too lazy to think harder about whats really happening. but we all have them. just make an attempt to become more physical. practice paying attention to detail. practice making conversation with people. if you have bad thoughts in a group of people take action on it and get closer to them and with them. it doesnt matter what they think. it doesnt have to all change at once, take it easy.


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Alternate Internet Ego
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: Middleman]
    #12940225 - 07/23/10 12:44 PM (11 years, 6 months ago)

Excellent post Mr. Middle, I enjoyed the read.

OP- My grandmother has been schizophrenic my entire life. My female cousin was recently diagnosed as schizophrenic (age 25). My sister has had a pre-schizo personality her entire life and has started to have a "ghost" follow her.

Schizophrenic is real, don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. The reality of it comes along with the reality that we have no fucking idea what it is the result of, or how to make it better.

My grandmother yells at people who are not in the room with her (from our point of view), thinks her deceased husband is running around town with another woman, and will not leave her house. My cousin hears voices all day long telling her that people are going to take her children from her.

Nobody replying to this thread is a doctor. You need to see a doctor (or multiple) who can do a proper evaluation and diagnosis. It is your choice to take medication or not, my grandma has lived a life quite similar to many "sane" people despite staunch refusal of medication.

For now I would take the advice to stop smoking pot/ do drugs/ drink alcohol and see if you can clear your mind up. Surround yourself with anyone whom you trust (even if it is only one person - could be your mother/father/whatever) and realign your mind. This may take a while but 3 months off from work/school/drugs/stress is nothing compared to a lifetime of paranoia and/or anti-psychotics.

Good luck :heart:

Be Here Now

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 User Gallery

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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: conan]
    #12940249 - 07/23/10 12:49 PM (11 years, 6 months ago)

Just develop a serious "don't give a fuck" attitude.  It'll all pass.  :smile:

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Male User Gallery

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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: Freakdaddy]
    #12940398 - 07/23/10 01:22 PM (11 years, 6 months ago)

Everyone is crazy.

My advice to you: don't start taking drugs as a solution unless things get really serious (you become dangerous to yourself or others).

Schizophrenia is extremely tricky... I still think there is a possibility that we are medicating some people who genuinely have special abilities.

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Alternate Internet Ego
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Registered: 09/03/06
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Re: I think i might be schizophrenic [Re: morrowasted]
    #12940446 - 07/23/10 01:32 PM (11 years, 6 months ago)


morrowasted said:
Everyone is crazy.

My advice to you: don't start taking drugs as a solution unless things get really serious (you become dangerous to yourself or others).

Schizophrenia is extremely tricky... I still think there is a possibility that we are medicating some people who genuinely have special abilities.


Be Here Now

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