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Tonight's Fantastic Journey...
    #4586387 - 08/27/05 03:41 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

OneMoreRobot, you've inspired me to drop my report for tonite:
Where to start? Mushrooms, yes, wonderful things, they are. I'm still in the come-down period, so excuse me if it's a little jumbled here.
I started with 2.5 g dried aborts not knowing how hard they would hit me (2 knocked my sox off! so, I was being cautious) I thought no matter what the outcome, that was my dose.
I ate them and washed 'em down with oj  :smirk: I figured I'd eat them on an empty stomach and then grab dinner 20 min. later.
I'm going to trip at home, in my room. That's usually the plan (wish I knew more ppl like you, nobody I know seems to be to good at trippin :shrug: ) and I just go from there, where ever the mushrooms take me.
So, dinner is delayed :tongue: and it's almost an hour after initial ingestion, I don't feel them kicking like the last batch of aborts, I'm munchin'. No scale this time, I'm just eatin 'em like potato chips, right outta the bag :smirk: and washin 'em down with oj :stoned: So much for "that's my dose", I figure, if Imma trip tonite, Imma do it right :thumbup:
If I had to guess, I'd guess I ate 4.5g dry all total.
I'm bein psilly, I don't think this will be too long (??) but there is definately a point, so, as I was eating them I realize I'm aproaching the 1 hr. mark (which is normally the come up mark, unless they're gonna hit me like a brick sh*thouse in 20 min. like last time) and I can feel the aborts starting, I grab dinner and settle in for the ride. I browse the internet for a while, looking at some art, reading trip reports and the like. good pretrip stuff IMO. I liked reading the reports, they add to the intensity of the come up.
At just about 2 hrs. after ingestion, I turn my dim light out and close my eyes to get a glimpse of the best movie ever made :grin:
And it fails not, just as undescribable and intense as it ever was. So, I figured tonite was going to be a night to watch the movie from beginning to end (if it has an end), I layed down in my bed and watched the universe unfold. I found myself in a flat place where everything was flat, the walls were high, I feel the need to point this out b/c the "movie" as I call it had a break, a pee break. but when I came back to my original position I slipped back to this same place only the colors were different (I don't remember exactly how, but it's unimportant) My body rises up, and I am free now.
It's such a cool place, no boundaries, no weight, the immages as usual are intense. Except this time I notice something different, I'm experiencing auditory hallucinations (I haven't had that since I last knew lucy some 12 yrs. ago[and just for the record, the mushroom has shown me that she need not be missed])
So, I lean over to put on some 'dead -space to enhance. i'm travelling through space, knowing I'm going somewhere, but not knowing where that will be till I get there, just like in the chocolate factory :laugh:
I see all kinds of wonderful things colors, I see skulls, peace signs, mushrooms, lol I know that this is just mild entertainment along my journey and accept it as such. I see a castle of many colors, a rainbow colored sky and the silouette of the reaper. now, I must stop here and say that I do remember myself making a concious effort to not fear, it is nature and accept it as such also.
I'm checkin out a little orange mushroom against a dark background off in the distance, and suddenly there is a very large cap looming over me. I was not affraid, fear is what keeps us from seeing or doing, I just accepted what was comming. The  cap descended real light and fluffy like a parachute comming down over a skydiver.
I saw many things there. The mushroom was telling me things, but it was not auditory, it was showing me, but telling me. I remember feeling like alice in wonderland, for the first thing I saw was milipedes. They weren't smoking hookas, they were just being milipedes. They were quiet. I remember seeing one crawl over the ridge of the cap an he went up on top of the cap, I did not follow. I found myself close to the stipe. The cap was turning very slowly, for every gill I penetrated was a new storm of colors : psychsplit: sorta like that, but not that sh*t brown color, lol
Anyway, I could see different things happening within the gills. Some things I remember are, I saw a dragon in one, he breathed fire against the stipe, well, it had intensity like fire, but a rainbow better describes it  (let's just go ahead and say a rainbow took a shit in my skull, ok :lol: )
I saw blackness in another and there was a firy that kinda looked like : fairy: only much cooler. Edit: I had to disable those emoticons.
Then I saw something, the meaning, eyes everywhere. The eyes of man. It seemed like all the gills were this way. In my mind I asked the mushroom a question, i don't know if I remember the question I asked, but I remember the answer, and it was auditory.
The answer was I hold power in the grand scheme, I hold hidden powers, I hold secrets. But, I am not (O, I'm remembering the question, I'm wondering if the mushroom can do anything to help the destructive, or self destructive (something of that nature) ways of man) all powerful. He told me plainly that the human mind is the most powerful thing on this earth.
As if I didn't already know that :rolleyes: sheesh.
It looks kinda plain in words, but it was a wonderful journey. It is now 9 hrs. after first dose I've been typin for, crap, an hour and a half I've been trippin the whole time, still am. But I'm on the downside, I get to see where what I've learned makes sense in the world. I'm not sure of it's practicality just yet, but I think before 24 hrs. when I return to this post, I will.
And so I come full circle, 'Robot, after reading the forum rules, you have inspired me to write this out.
I'm anxious of it's outcome and will keep it updated. I hope you get something from reading about my experience, more people should do it, it's good for the soul.
Comments welcome


"That's why you get in close to them, and then take the picture!! Don't be a pussy!" ~CC

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spirit molecule

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Re: Tonight's Fantastic Journey... [Re: LouiseLouise]
    #4587516 - 08/27/05 03:38 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

excellent. i love dragons and rainbow clouds  :fairy:

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Re: Tonight's Fantastic Journey... [Re: puwtrip]
    #4590195 - 08/28/05 05:23 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

very intense trip. i wish i had shrooms

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Registered: 11/02/04
Posts: 3,898
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Re: Tonight's Fantastic Journey... [Re: LouiseLouise]
    #4590541 - 08/28/05 12:23 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

ok, I'm back. First, I'd like to thank 'Robot for getting me to do this, it's actually making things very clear. What I mean is that usually, the enlightenment just sinks in and goes into the history books, where I think it adds to confusion. This time around is a bit different, I'm actually learning, this is what seems to be comming of it.
First off,, after some examination, I'm seeing things like this: The enlightenment we are getting is already there, it's just that we don't take enough time, nor do we have the capability w/o pshychadelics. It's just that (I) get a chance to "magnify" and explore my mind and what's in it.
Do you know how binnoculars work? They are a tube that holds magnifying lenses. The more something is magnified, the darker and more obscure it becomes. Prisms and mirrors help to enlighten or reduce loss of light and to clarify the immage, and turn it right side up so you can view it normally.
Well, the mushrooms in this case would act as the prisms and mirrors, thus allowing me to magnify the things in my brain. How I arrive at this is to look at the things that my enlightenment is about. I think everyday alot about how people act, how they step on each other to make gains, how they hurt each other for personal gain or entertainment. So, I'm getting clearer or magnified insight to these thoughts.
With that, I'll go on and add some things that I had forgot about while I was still tripping. I also saw something else. At one point I started to think about the Grateful Dead (Jerry in particular) and all those strange noises they produce, the way they played they're music for 3-4 hrs. everynight. I know it means more than people give any thought to, but what?
I began to wonder in my psychy about Jerry in particular, was he rich? Why did he do what he did? He probably had a lot of money when he died, but with all the touring and performing, when did he actually have time to enjoy it? What good did it do him ?
Well, I know that Jerry, unlike say, Mick Jagger [?] or Ozzy [?] :whistling: was not about personal gain, he had a talent and wanted to share it for the good of people. He shared, so everybody could enjoy. Let me give an example; first, their music is free, you don't have to buy it to get to enjoy it. Steve Parish, Jerry's personal roadie and manager wrote a book "Home By Daylight" where he gave a demonstartion how Jerry was -" We were getting out of a limmo, and heading into the theatre [where Jerry was about to give a show] and the slimiest, stinkenest bum aproached us. His clothes were raggety, he stunk of alcohol, puke, pee (disgusting, I know) when they spotted him standing there, they wittnessed and dark stain growing in his pants. Steve said he was trying to stay as far away from him as he could. Jerry, on the other hand, threw an arm around the bum, reached into his pocket and handed him a fifty dollar bill, and told the man, "It's ok, man" Steve also mentioned in the book that this is the reason Jerry was so attracted to NYC.
So, I was thinknig about the meaning, while I was tripping, I came to realize that in the grand scheme of things money means absolutely nothing. Let me see if I can illustrate this. We like to have money, we like to be able to jump on the boat and go for a ride whenever we want, or go shopping just b/c we want. It's nice to be comfortable, yes it is. But in the grand scheme comfort means absolutely nothing. What does matter is you are the owner of the most powerful thing on this earth (your brain) and in the end, what have you done with it? Have you used it to make accomplishments? Were those accomplishments used for the good?
Personally, I don't understand how somebody could sit at home everyday, do nothing and yet expect to have some kind of life. BTW, I also notice that these people have to wear extravagant clothing and drive accentuated cars, maybe it helps them feel better about themselves.
At any rate, your life is yours, you have the whole wide world at your finger tips, you can mold it and shape it. And in all actuality this molding and shaping is creating the world around us, the one we see as a whole everyday.
Pretty deep, I don't think I originally intended to go that far. Before I conclude, I want to add a little bit more about it already being there in our minds. I've wandered into monetary and quality of life issues. In my journal I make an illustration of how I compare our behavior to that of wild animals alot of times. As for some people, I think about how they cry about not having anything, about not having enough to survive on. I wonder how some people can just expect that things will be handed to them? I think about an alligator in the swamp, nothing is going to be given, he must learn to hunt, he must learn to catch food or he will die. It's called natural selection. What's more is the very way he does things, for example, if he finds a better way to catch food, it becomes the new way (other members of his society learn the same behavior) for if they don't they will fall behind and wither. And such is the way we mold our world.
Something that I had forgotten about is within the gills of the mushroom I also saw a coral. There were fish swimming about. I saw an invertabrate, an octopus maybe. It was litterally lying on the bottom with it's head to the side. I think it was saying to me that it feels worthless. Yet, it showed me it's wisdom, for it reached out a tentacle and rolled it over, I could see a rainbow of suction cups extending far as the eye could see. I know there was wisdom in the cups, but I could not decifer, or don't remember what was going through my mind at the time.
Also, on the power and potency of the fungus, after I wrote my original post I layed down for sleep and entered once more into a realm of CEV's. This time I saw the flat place real good, and where the audios were comming from (there was no music on now). It looked like two walls close together and rounded, kinda like I stuck my head inside of an oyster. The walls were smooth and multi-colored like walls of steel reflecting a rainbow.
There were other people there I was like looking out a big openning like the openings of a parking ramp and had my head stuck out (actually half my body was stuck out like I was made of plastic and stretching out between these two walls) I could hear the other people that were standing in the other opening, but couldn't see them. This reminded me of the same flat place except this time it was not horizontal and skyward, it was upright.
Weird, huh? I hope this is enjoyable or beneficial for somebody to read. This is just one trip, I've had hundreds. Each one is just as psychologically active  :cool:
I know it's a bit jumbled and out of order, I may edit it over time. Comments are welcome. And OMR, if you see anything that needs editing, or if I'm out of line at some point, feel free to set me straight. The whole purpose of this report is to spark input and even debate.


"That's why you get in close to them, and then take the picture!! Don't be a pussy!" ~CC

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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience >> Trip Reports

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