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DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Long Trip Report]
    #4571332 - 08/23/05 05:16 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

DXM Taken: 720 mg
Cannabis Smoked: (5 hits)

Cannabis with DXM Makes for Beautiful Effects
There was a long journey to be made late Thursday night for DXM. It was a two mile walk to the Wal-Mart that Nathan and I made to acquire what we, who are read or write these experiences, seem to enjoy so much. We had to make sure we got the Robitussin by that night, so were were forced to begin walking around 9:30pm due to my late arrival. The walk took a long time, and we got back about 12:30am to find his dad watching TV in the living room as he often was at this time. Seeing as how we were visiting his dad, and my mom, for the weekend, we didn't have our own rooms since it was just a one bedroom apartment. We had no choice but to leave right then since we knew the trip would last anywhere from four to eight hours (we didn't want to start too late), so we just took the risk of leaving without making sure he was in bed (he has a tendency to sleep in the living room until 4 or so). So, with that, we added to that which we had already walked and made the decent-lengthed walk to our ritual smoking spot to take the Robitussin.

The time is 1:25 am. This is the beginning

We got to our private smoking spot, Nathan measured out the dose to take 360 mgs, and I did the same. Drinking the Robitussin was only mildly unpleasant, and quickly after taking all of it we made mention that "Theres no turning back now." Waiting for the effects to take place, we went to some swings near the playground and made light conversaton for a while discussing what we expected, and trying to create a positive palate for the trip ahead. We sat here for a good while, sometimes creating sensations in our heads to make it seem like things were happening. It was about 1:55am and we began the walk back to our smoking spot from the swings. While we walked back, we immediately noticed the visual change when you turn your head and your brain takes a moment to process the new information, very similar to being drunk. Once we got back to the spot of ingestion, we waited a few moments before smoking the cannabis, since we decided to give it 55 minutes from the time we drank the Robitussin to when we smoked.

The time is now 2:20 (T: 55 minutes)

A bowl was packed and was smoked. The weed immediately hightened the effects of the DXM, and the marijuana was heightened by the DXM. The perceptual stages were in what would be called the first to second plateu. Heavy subtle changes, but new mindsets. Walking back, not too much time had passed, it was about 2:40, now an hour and fifteen minutes since we first drank the syrup. Making the walk back was much more pleasurable, the body and mind felt great and both Nathan and myself had grins on our faces due to how good the high at that time felt (Which could best be described as a super-high, where every positive aspect of cannabis is increased). We closed our eyes while we walked and could, on a two dimensional scale, imagine that we were in a different location walking -- through a forest, through a cartoon sometimes -- it wasn't incredibly vivid, and used quite a bit of imagination to achieve. It was simply an intensified high for the time being, the effects of cannabis and DXM multiplied by one another in a fashion.

The time is now 2:55 (T: 1 hour 30 Minutes)

We couldn't go back to the house. Our pupils, now dilated, and vision began to take on a whole new definition, we knew from the get-go it would be impossible to go back to the apartment with his dad up, so, to our delight (and in accordance to our original plan anyway), we went to the pool in the apartments close to our residing area. We layed down on the pools lounge chairs (Which, is tradition when coming back from the smoking spot), and immediately, almost as if we couldn't have processed it by walking, we noticed as we sat down the beginning of the full effects. Nothing could really be focused upon, and double vision was already making a place for itself. I remember that, instead of looking around with my Stobe light-like vision, which I thought was a very curious sensation, I closed my eyes. Full three-dimensional effects and fully bright colors in the sense of everything being abstract. It was something I had been wishing to experience for some time. I overheard Nathan repeating lines over and over. Since his trip began he had been talking, not communicating so that he was attempting to speak with me, he was letting his thoughts flow from his mind to his mouth with no real consious thought inbetween. It added to my experience, I heard his words and they went on and on, almost in monotone and many times seemingly without purpose (Though, I think after further view much of what was said could have been very interesting to hear). I decided to enhance the 360mg dose. I drank half a bottle.

The time is now 3:20 (T: 1 hour 55 Minutes)

I tried to communicate with Nathan that I had done this, almost ashamed of it in a way (I got the same kinds of feelings as if you told your mother you wet your bed when you were a kid -- like "look what I accidenally did") but I couldn't say it, so I just showed him the bottle. He paused for a moment and assured me it was just fine, but he still looked puzzled. He continued to speak from his mind soon after this, and I then drank the rest of it, literally, without thought or realizing it. My world and reality soon flipped upside down. I wasn't sure that it was myself experincing these thoughts, almost as if I didn't take my own existance seriously. I didn't know if it was myself seeing these things, it didn't make sense. Nathan and I could only communicate with one another slightly, since things were so different and I was so far gone, I conveyed my thoughts through slurred words. I made mention that, perhaps, we should get up and go around to the other apartments. He thought it a good idea, but I miscommunicated. No matter.

The time is now 3:45 (T: 2 hours 20 Minutes)

When I walked I got to experience this "Robo-Walk" I had heard so much about. I had no control over it, as much as I tried. With my strobe-vision and double images, I walked on through the gate and had quick movements. Nathan kept making mention that he wasn't trying to control my mind, which he later told me that he thought that I believed he was attempting to overhaul my thoughts. I couldn't see depth, and things became simply two dimensional. I could see three-dimensions when I closed my eyes, but only two-demensions when I had them open, directly opposite to what it was only hours ago. It would have been impossible to tell if anyone had been around us at that hour. I couldn't process information like I normally ccould. Someone could have been ten feet to my right and I would have never known it, you simply can't see that.

We go to the door of our apartment -- Nathan thought I said lets go back to the house a little earlier when I said we should walk around. We robo-walked to the door and then turned the handle. Ok, step one of door-opening complete. Step two? Pushed the door. It isn't opening. I was shocked, but my lack of belief that anything was actually happening dampered my shock of the situation. By this time life just wasn't anymore. I was no longer myself, and nothing was as it was originally intended. The real world had no bearing since all vision was shot, all mind processes were extreme and heavines seeped its way everywhere inside my mind. I sat on the stairs with Nathan, and he was still talking from his mind. We stopped for a moment, and I came back to. I sat, still listening to Nathan speak about everything under the sun in a way that just fit hand in hand with the whole experience. I then realized our position.

"Oh my god"

We were locked out with no way in but to knock on the door (Which means they would have known something was up. So, we either knocked on the door now at 4 in the morning, or waiting until 10 or 11 for them to call and be worried, and then wonder why we were out that long.) Nathan said everything would be ok. I didn't believe him, but the reassurance was what I needed. I couldn't feel my body anymore, but could still control it. He said something, and to it I replied.

"The flaghip burns the golden flame"
"Tomorrows window soars."
"The boat will row only so far."
"Tomorrows window soars again."
"The flight will not be easy"
"But once we get there, we will soar"

And played this comment game for a while, which was amazingly delightful and almost introspective in a way. I tried to give him a high-five, but soon after I dropped back out of reality. I began to get dizzy from double-images sifting its way to my brain.

The time is now 4:15 (T: 2 hours 50 Minutes)

We walked back to the pool after trying the door one more time with no luck, and I no longer existed. This is a funny sensation because I was shocked sometimes when I would try to tell myself that this was really happening. I would push those fleeting thoughts away as soon as they popped into my head. I robo-walked slowly, and we were halfway to the pool when I threw up. I continued walking as if it weren't happening. I was walking and expelling syrup at the same time. Nathan asked if I was ok, and said with throw up spewing out of my mouth that "Oh yeah man, don't worry about me, I'm just fine." And I was. I was terrified of my lack of "being" and existance, but as far as sickness and health goes, I was just fine. We got to the pool and I was having to go down two steps to get to the chairs. My brain knew from sober experience that these were steps, but that isn't what my eyes saw. All my eyes could see was two bright panels, a flat surface all around. I could not tell depth perception, so I slowly, like a baby taking his first steps with cuation, walked down to a chair. I couldn't muster up anythign to say. Without my lips moving I said "Nethun, geh... wah'er" I showed him a dollar to get me water, since I had just been throwing up and really desperately needed it. He left to get the water I asked him to help me with, and then I didn't know where he went. I was afraid that I was officially alone, and now my brain was removing characters from the world.

The time is now 4:50 (T: 3 hours 25 Minutes)

We layed in a lounge chair and my effects were stronger than ever -- I was still fighting between actual existance and reality, many times either side would lose. We didn't know what to do about the locked door, so we began to accept that we would have to fall asleep outside by the pool. The thought terrified us both. It didn't stop us both from sifting in and our of consiousness effortlessly (Sleep.. OBE). The truth was obvious though, even to our brains that neglected reality, we HAD to get inside. We walked back to the apartment after small conversation (which should be noted: "conversation" wasn't a whole lot of conversation, it was more of him mentioning something and I would reply with one or two word response that didn't make sense). We walked back, this took us no more than three minutes to walk about 50 feet. We removed a plant from the back patio surface, Nathan tried his best to get over the back patio fencing. He didn't have too much trouble to my shock -- I was impressed, but he said it was only as difficult as trying to walk. Very insightful. I watched him go back and try the door. My jaw trembled as it had been the whole night (an effect of DXM I don't totally understand). He dissapeared, and I knew what that meant. He soon came around the other side and we both went inside. Incredible excitmenet and joy.

He said that my mother was sleeping on the couch as he came in, to my surprise. She went to bed promptly without conversation to our relief. We finally got inside and situated, put on The Grateful Dead. It was a little past 5:20am, and I was not yet coming down. Sleep came quickly and very easily. We woke up just five hours later without being an alarm and went on an enjoyable walk where we experienced the real end of the trip, almost sending the trip off. This walk was very neat because we both still felt like there were a lot of the effects still there. Trembling jaw, strange vision. Just very light, though. The rest of the day we felt quite content and relaxed as the effects wore off quite quickly.

The experience was incredible and I would reccomend it for those who are looking to have an intense and, even, in my experience, an amazing time. My world flipped upside down, not knowing whether we would get in the house, feeling as if my body weren't my own, or things becoming so incredibly unclear.We found throw up on the pavement the next day to which I claimed as my own (Since it was bright red...). I love DXM, and will likely do it again in the near future. I want next time to be able to learn from it and hopefully it will be half as enjoyable as this trip was, and I would take nothing back from this trip.

Thank you guys very much for reading this trip report.

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Re: DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Re: SketchyTX05]
    #4573640 - 08/24/05 02:46 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)


SketchyTX05 said:

Cannabis with DXM Makes for Beautiful Effects

isnt that the truth, if only i had more DXM.  :ashamed:


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Re: DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Re: Thrasher420x]
    #4577617 - 08/25/05 03:15 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

That was my favorite combo for years :smile:

Now I like DXM + Mush + Herbs!

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Re: DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Re: SketchyTX05]
    #4578397 - 08/25/05 12:17 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Grrrreat trip report! Thanks for contributing, I really enjoyed the log aspect of it.

Acid doesn't give you truths; it builds machines that push the envelope of perception. Whatever revelations came to me then have dissolved like skywriting. All I really know is that those few years saddled me with a faith in the redemptive potential of the imagination which, however flat, stale and unprofitable the world seems to me now, I cannot for the life of me shake.

-Erik Davis

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i am the sacredone
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Re: DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Re: bluedolphin]
    #4578508 - 08/25/05 01:10 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

i might try a dxm and mush combo today.

I Ain't No Fool. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool.

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Re: DXM and Cannabis - A beautifully ridiculous combination [Re: mushiemountain]
    #4585353 - 08/26/05 10:17 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

I tried DXM one night. 40 pills of 15 mgs. I threw up three times. My entire body felt as though it was on fire and I was itchy all over. I felt drunk out of my skull. It was terrible.

I'm never going near DXM ever again.

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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience >> Trip Reports

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