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Registered: 08/12/05
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Last seen: 12 years, 9 months
my first BAD TRIP
    #4524688 - 08/12/05 01:54 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)


date from wich this all happend 8/11/05

consumption: 17 methylenid

This is a very very true story about me of a day that

started out very good and then within 1 minute it turns

into a nightmare and this is origanly told over aim to my

cosin so i copyed and pasted my parts of the conversation

onto notepad and edited it so it looks like a story.

Alright like when we first took it we took 4 pills each

and it kicked in like an hour later and the high felt

soooooooo fuckin good the high was in are stomachs and

then like the high got really intense and my brain kept

telling me to take more so i took like 4 more and 30 min

later it kicked in sooo hard and i couldnt stay in the

house my brain kept telling me to get out and walk around

so we got up and left and we put 2 pills in are pockets to

save so were walking to this park play structure thing and

to sit down on and while were walking my friends were

talkin to me and all of what there were saying translated

in my head to TAKE THE PILLS TAKE THE PILLS and so we get

to the play structure and we take the pills that we saved

and we just sat there for like 2 hours just stairing at

shit and trippin out anyways i start getting really

impashint and i started walking and all i see is

trees,sidewalk,blacktop, and the street all fuckin swrling

and getting me dizzy it was sooo fuckin sweet so were

walking not even 15 min passed and we take a break on this

bench and i forgot the bottle of water we had (water is

the most addicting thing during the high for me atleast)

so i was going back to get it and im thinking in my head

about all this shit and i start walkin faster and faster

until i noticed i was running and i ran soo far past were

i lost the bottle and i started sayin random shit outlaud

cuz i got extremly piss cuz i ran to far but i grabed the

bottle and went back to were they were sitting and im

walking up to them and there just fuckin zonein out and

shit so i join in and an hour passed bye so fast cuz when

we were walkin to the bench i looked at the time and it

was 6:27 and i was so confused that it passed bye so

quikly and shit so we get up and head back to my friends

house and when we get there we take 5 more pills and we

stay in his room and i went on the computer david and ryan

(who i was with) just sat down and started zonein out

agian so im on the computer lookin for otc pills to trip

off of and i find this tiny fuckin article on somethin i

forgot and it took sooo long to read it lol so i get done

reading it and we decide to go chill in his garodge so

were chillin and every thing and then my mom calls and

says im comin to pick u up after im done at blockbuster

and what i herd in my head was down in the celler are 4

giant apes lol and like hang the phone up on her and i

start like tweaking out as in a scared tweek and so i get

2 more pills and take them befor i leave and my mom pulles

in the driveway and askes ryan to come over and shes askin

him shit about if he's comin with us tomarrow to are lake

house and his pupils are sooo hudge and he's looking down

and shit and im tweekin fuckin hardcore so i get in the

car and were comin home and theres thoses arrow road signs

telling us to get in the left laine and i start screaming

outload "holy shit get over hurry befor we die" i said it

twice and my mom starts askin me what the hell is wrong

with me and lookin at me all weird and shit and i get

really scared and the car starts to get darker like my

vision and shit so im at the point were im gonna cry and

we get off the highway and i see the light turn green and

i get happy and as soon as we get home i get really scared

and i start tweeking out agian and i got up go up to my

room and sit down and call david and talk then i took a

shit witch felt really weird in a weird way too and i

start to get really fuckin hot so i put on my pj's and get

on the computer and now im talking to u and dude idk what

the fuck is wrong with me but imm sooo scared right now

and my stomach feels weird probly cuz i havent eattin

anything yet today but it dosent feel empty and its hard

as shit to type cuz im thinking what leeter to push to

fast and also cuz my hands are trembling and i keep

looking around the house cuz i think some 1 is trying to

find me and kill me thats what my brain keeps telling me

it feels so horrible to be alone im having my first bad

trip but like i feel sooo scared and horrible but at the

same time i can deal with it like it dosent matter and its

confusing me while i try and figure it out

by.Scott s.


this is gonna sound like a blog but i dont give a shit. so

its 11:38pm thursday 8/11/05 u probly dont care but i will alwasy

rember this date. Alright im sitting here in

this old fuckin woodin chair and im tripping hard as fuck

no visuals tho just a WTF IM VERY FUCKIN SCARED bad trip.

what im feeling right now is really bad my stomach hurts

like having butterflys that wont go away and paranoia of

what might happin to me and my organs fuckin i feel like

some 1 or thing is gonna jump out and kill me im really

confused and it makes me wanna throw up and it feels like

im having a slow and very horrible death that i can deal

with but my body cant so its making me more scared and

freaked out and i cant control my thoughts and when i

fight them it only makes me more freaked out for some

reason im tired and i could sleep but my mind is thinking

so much that it wont stfu iv been grinding my teeth sence

10pm and its hurting now that i noticed im dehydrating

faster each time when i drink another glass of water im

really emotional right now i need some1 next to me to

comfort me on getting over this nightmare im thinkg about

apes taking over the world and selling it to the aliens

from another galaxy im twitching and tweeking out really

bad i probly lost 10pounds today i checked my wait as we

were leaving to go on the walk my weight was 135 im a

binny skitch holy fuck the sensation of extreme vision

failior just happend damn i think im gonna post this on a

website when for if i get done writing all this shit

(feels like im talking to alot of people) now theres an

uncomfortable feeling in my belly on the left side its

driving my crazy i fuckin havent put in one period this

hole time hahaha ouch my hands are shaking alot im looking

at people coming home in there cars and it sounds like

thunder my hearing is extra fucked up when im looking

around the house somethings seem to piss me off alot or

they'll make me feel like a piece of shit i hope it goes

away soon cuz idk im really fuckin scared i just wanna cry

but it wont come out i feel like i havent and wont be able

to acomplish the mission or objective that my brain has

gave me but i dont know what it is ok its 12:25 and im on

the phone with my friends who were also trippin on the

same shit there trying to comfort me through this fuckin

horrifing time in this about to be very remberalbe time in

my life wtf it feels like theres so many things i feel

that nned to get done befor i goto bed that im getting

really stressed out and more scared fuckin while im talkin

to them im listing to my vocie its all scratchy and im

talkin in a low tone like if i was behind enamey lines and

talkin to people on the walkie talkie being shot at with

explosions going off all around me while trying not to be

seen or herd its fuckin 1:00 and i only worte this much

and my friends are still outside in there backyard zoning

out while talkin on the phone with me its hard lol its

kinda funny to think of 3 earthings trippin the fuck out

on pills and talking on the phone would be like its like

blah blah blah blah "whooaaaa dude" and blah blah blah

"guys help me man im really scared the room is getting

smaller and darker" blah blah "dude chill out man ur maken

ryan tweak dude" yeaaa thats what its like damn i just

about wrote more about my after experiance then the stroy

i told but i dont give a shit but im getting a little

happier at the moment cuz shit is idk maybe it was the

cheerio's that i just consumed even tho it was like 3

spoons full but im a little less scared and worried i

think drinking milk then having water right after is sooo

gross shit thats nasty uhhh that thing in ur neck that ur

mother call ur adams apple or w/e is like growing largeer

and now im scaring myself the butterflys are still there

the walls are stairing at me and the high istn waring off

and its almost been 12 hours sence the trip started wow i

dont think iv ever typed so much at one time in all my

life or even typed something like a biography witch this

is sorta in my head im becoming more paranoid at this

moment i keep hearing something coming down the stairs but

its nothing the tourettes guy is so funny but right now

its meaningless i lost my will to feel happyness i forgot

what its called i just cant think with all the shit goin

on in my head holy shit i cant believe im typing this shit

for so long i wanna stop but theres so much shit i want to

say o well im gonna end the experiances im feeling cuz i

could go on forever so i can post this shit on some

websites so people can try and feel or relate to this and

think twice befor even doing it still trippin hardcore at

1:21...................END.........i hope

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Registered: 06/06/03
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: TrippinOnPills]
    #4525795 - 08/12/05 10:20 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Hi there!  That is REALLY hard to keep track of!  Can I suggest you edit yer thread into paragraphs - in that form, it'll be easier for people to, as you say you want them to, relate to your trip. :heart:

Acid doesn't give you truths; it builds machines that push the envelope of perception. Whatever revelations came to me then have dissolved like skywriting. All I really know is that those few years saddled me with a faith in the redemptive potential of the imagination which, however flat, stale and unprofitable the world seems to me now, I cannot for the life of me shake.

-Erik Davis

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Registered: 08/01/05
Posts: 35
Loc: Oregon, USA
Last seen: 12 years, 9 months
Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: OneMoreRobot3021]
    #4526066 - 08/12/05 12:47 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Shit. I gave up trying to read this after what you said abou the water bottle thing. Please put it in better formatt its hard trying to scroll down every 5 seconds.

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Registered: 07/21/05
Posts: 30
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: godsdrugofpref]
    #4529119 - 08/13/05 05:39 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

what is mesryhlartheptladfg or whatever you took? (I hope I spelled it right :crazy2:)

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Registered: 08/09/05
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: RuStySC]
    #4529726 - 08/13/05 11:49 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

hhaha yea bad trips suck.
its all about your emotional mental state man.

No matter what I say and no matter what I write here.

I'm sick of always looking at this page with a blank stare.

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Registered: 06/09/05
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: ShroomArtist84]
    #4535285 - 08/14/05 10:05 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Yeah, I got around to the part where you said you were watching people coming home in their cars, realizing I wasn't quite sure what had happened previous to this (despite reading it all very carefuly) I gave up and decided that this was just too hard to follow.

Bad trips suck, but from what I gathered, you took this drug and you knew you'd still be on it when your mom was picking you up (bad idea) and not only that, but you continued taking the drug, even though it sounds like you weren't having the smoothest trip (another bad idea). O well, learn from your mistakes I guess

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Registered: 09/27/04
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: StickyWater]
    #4536637 - 08/15/05 03:26 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

More paragraphs please!!!


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Registered: 06/23/05
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Re: my first BAD TRIP [Re: TrippinOnPills]
    #4538424 - 08/15/05 04:44 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

i gave up to much scrolling :stoned:


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