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Is reality a lucid dream?
    #4490493 - 08/03/05 05:11 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in a while. I've been immersed in life, exploring the boundaries of thought with my ally DXM. I am committed to my spiritual evolution and want to share what I learn as I learn it. I guess I am a dextro-shaman. :smile:

I'd like all your opinions on this. What do you think of what I have to say? Let's converse, to sharpen each of our respective views on things!

Here is my website for those who are interested. And this is my Xeper.

What is a dream?  What isn't, for that matter? Perhaps it's equally difficult to describe either, as description has its limitations when it comes to describing experience. And it is the world of experience we're talking about when we talk about things, things like waking reality, or dreams, or lucid dreams as I would like to talk about in particular.

What is a lucid dream? Is it not whenever you can say sound asleep "I think, therefore, I am"? If my physical existence confirms my reality in the waking state, and my mental existence confirms my reality in the dream state, then both are referring to my physical body in the Now and everything therein.

How literally, then, are we to take Blake when he talks of seeing the universe in a grain of sand? What would that mean about reality as we know it, if infinite was present in every spec of space? Surely reality still exists, but a peculiar common denominator emerges between the waking state and the dream state, the famous signpost claiming what is real beyond a doubt, coined by Descartes: ?I think, therefore, I am.?

But in the realm of experience (a constant state of change, perpetual Becoming)?although it is true to say that because I think then I know that I exist even if sensory data is not to be relied upon?"I am therefore I think" is the accurate way of describing the present state of affairs we are all Eternally in. But perhaps description was not Descartes' aim, but rather assertion. He was stating a proof positive of the 'realness' of reality.

In this vein does society repress general, public knowledge of  something the elite and the underground have known forever?the key to life, the key into awakened experience so to speak, the key H.P. Lovecraft refers to as the silver key. There is no key to base experience of existence itself, for we all exist. But what of our potentials in this Eternal Now?

The key is realizing that the waking state and the dream state are the both of them real, the very composition of the definition of what is ?real? and physical being in dispute. What is real in life is what each of our unique, individual, respective Selves experience?a constant flow of sensory data, coupled with self awareness. What is real is what is perceived, to the extent that it is perceived, the act of perception being the synthesis of sensory data and an observer registering it.

The human body can be said to be divided innately in a physical/mental manner. We are mentally conscious beings, and there is a distinction, and indeed a correlation, between what we think and what we physically experience, between the sensory data we receive and the way we receive it, between observed and observer. But the subconscious controls certain functions of the physical body; let?s get to the bottom of this!

Because when going about something, the point of beginning is, well, the beginning. And when going from point A to point B then the foundation of departure?point A?must be defined and known beyond a doubt; otherwise the entire trajectory till point B must be amended. In this vein, considering all our unique positions in the Now, we are all the centres of our own respective universes, and this fact must be embraced in entirety, from the bottom up, if we are to evolve.

The map is not the territory, but it is still vital in terms of navigation, to vector one?s evolution. First the map must be understood as different than the territory, lest one proceeds to wander aimlessly. Second, the map is the territory, though only partly, as everything that exists is part of reality being navigated through, and one?s mental map of reality is a real mental concept.

Third, the nature of reality, it must be emphasized once more, is of an experiential nature, and experience must be lived and experienced to be understood. Think of it as a lucid dream in which the present state of affairs is in constant flux and does not limit freedom of action, but rather constitutes the boundaries of a framework for potentially limitless freedom. In the sense that to fully understand the potential for action, first the present state of affairs must be fully understood and embraced. And such acceptance transcends strict rationalism, to the extent that duality is paradoxical.

Fourth, my existence in the Now is both a beginning and an end. I know everything about how I arrived at this point in the Now, and now I stand at the edge of a precipice, looking out into surreal infinite of potential. That ?I think, therefore, I am? asserts how I got here, that I am essentially consciousness, manifest into physical existence. That ?I am, therefore, I think? asserts that I am fully conscious of my physical existence, ready to do what I will in the Now. In the words of Aleister Crowley, ?do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?!

This last saying is like the synthesis of ?I think, therefore, I am? and ?I am, therefore, I think?, asserting that I am there, in the Now, for I think, because I am consciousness manifest. I am here for I think, which is basically saying I am here for I am here, thinking being the measure by which consciousness can be said to exist in the sense that consciousness is thought.

So as a human, part of my being is of a physical nature, and part is of a mental nature. To realize one?s HigherSelf and be guided by one?s TrueWill is to realize the full spectrum of one?s being, to understand how universality and individuality exist simultaneously, culminating in the present experience of the Now where, as Crowley says, love is the law, love under will.

There is Nothing, to which I am connected through my subconscious. I become conscious of my subconscious through realization of my HigherSelf, and I become conscious of universal oneness by accepting and embracing my HigherSelf and therein Nothing. My ego is a vessel, granting me presence in the Now, expressing my HigherSelf and therein Nothing. The will of my HigherSelf, my TrueWill, is like the Holy Ghost, my umbilical chord descending from Nothing. I am love, the ultimate expression of oneness, the manifestation of Nothing.

The subconscious is connected with Nothing first in that our individual subconsciouses are united in humanity?s collective subconscious. And just as our changing selves are living expressions of the archetypes that constitute humanity?s collective unconscious that Young speaks of, so are these archetypes quite alive, living expressions of Nothing?s various facets.

The archetypes are Gods and Goddesses, the manifestations of our collective unconscious, just as our individual consciousnesses are their manifestations; there is no straight distinction between observed and observer, self and other, individuality and universality, apart from the Eternal Now wherein we experience individual existence simultaneously to universal oneness, Acintya-Bhedabheda-Tattva, simultaneous oneness and difference. Our HigherSelves are the manifestations of the archetypes, our subconsciouses flowing through our conscious egos in conscious light, Nothing manifesting as Something.

If we are all God, it is in the sense that we are all Nothing, qualitatively speaking but not quantitatively speaking. If I say I am a deity then, again, my ego is different from the deity in question quantitatively, but in this lucid dream of life not qualitatively. I am my HigherSelf, I am all the Gods and Goddesses, and ultimately I am Nothing, and yet simultaneously I am me.

When I am in ignorance I am me, when I am not self-realized then I am only my ego, but enlightenment is keeping two contradictory ideas in mind and still functioning. So in light of simultaneous oneness and difference, I am ignorant and all-knowing simultaneously, as the infinite realm of potential opens up to the seeker who quiets their mind. The ego is constantly (and consciously) the element of transference, which amounts from a literal and linear perspective to transcendence, channelling the HigherSelf through itself.

The self-realized ego is the meta-human, the 3:1, the synthesis of past, present, and future in experience of the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now is oneness, the Ineffable always changing shape to look at and experience itself in different ways. And to regard the Ineffable as known is to be self-realized, it is to regard It and one?s Self as Nothing. Thus proclaim the Eternal Word of Set: Xepera Xeper Xeperu: I Have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming Into Being, the Process of Coming Into Being is Established!

Thus it is a risky business to define what is ?real?. By creating a false and confining definition of reality, society represses the masses. Because reality is in one?s mind, and here society rules the day with a legal definition of ?sanity? and laws against the use of consciousness-expanding drugs such as marijuana, LSD, and DXM.

Let us pry the sword of logic out of society's cold, dead hands, and let each of our unique, individual, and fully-realized Selves wield it and smite duality! Society would distract us and have us direct our logic towards the "Ineffable", but it is not meant to be applied as such. Its role is thus, to step back and consider that if one makes a leap of faith and one's faith is confirmed, then the leap was not blind.

This is much different than strictly logical materialists who would arrogantly demand physical proof of the Ineffable, of Nothing. As if they extend their hand and demand something of an infinitely subtle nature manifest into the physical world in the name of proof, right in the palm of their hand. Such a demand is a contradiction of Its very nature, is an impossibility born out of misunderstanding, and rather a leap of faith must be made, one must prove themselves worthy. Then it is realized that the leap, the risk, was real, but there was never any missing link in logic's chain.

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Re: Is reality a lucid dream? [Re: the_phoenix]
    #4490682 - 08/03/05 05:51 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

I entertain the idea that reality is an illusion or dream, but lucid dream certainly not. I started lucid dreaming right before I went to college, when I started doing it every night I got really sick and had to stop. It was hard at first and I ended up having 'regular' dreams that were forged within my lucid sleeping state. Suck. If reality were a regular lucid dream, you would be able to control the world around you completely. If reality is a construct within a human kind of consciousness' lucid dream the world wouldnt be as consistent as it is. I guess that kind of requires me to be a good example of human which I may not be, anywayzz. Ive thought 'God' may have 'dreamt' existence and is constantly upholding the laws of the universe and fools itself into being every conscious being, but I would call that reality and not a dream.

Gaia, as you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed.

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General Interest >> Philosophy, Sociology & Psychology

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