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Wild Woman
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Registered: 06/06/03
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"Miracle Spring Water."
    #4488678 - 08/03/05 07:29 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

I just saw a commercial for this on TV.  The man (Reverend Popoff) is claiming that drinking this water will bring miracles to your doorstep. 

Sales pitch:

"God doesn't want you to settle.  He wants you to recieve!" 

I mean, I like spring water as much as the next gal, but come on!  :crazy2:

Here's the site of the reverend selling it.

Thought some of the guys in here would get a kick out of it.  :smirk:

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the cool fool
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Registered: 11/17/02
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: MOTH]
    #4488689 - 08/03/05 07:37 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

haha stupid christians are really gullible

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meet me in thedreamtimewater...

Registered: 02/17/05
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: MOTH]
    #4488711 - 08/03/05 07:52 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

i never know weather to laugh, cry, or get angry at those sort of people.

"Gently return to the simple physical sensation of the breath. Then do it again, and again, and again. Somewhere in this process, you will come face-to-face with the sudden and shocking realization that you are completely crazy. Your mind is a shrieking, gibbering madhouse on wheels." - ven. henepola gunaratana

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roving mycophagist
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Registered: 04/20/98
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: KingOftheThing]
    #4488713 - 08/03/05 07:53 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)


hahaha those videos are INSANE! X))))

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roving mycophagist
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Registered: 04/20/98
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Loc: in a van by the river
Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: Arp]
    #4488717 - 08/03/05 07:56 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Peter Ripoff X)

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Wild Woman
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Registered: 06/06/03
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Loc: In the jungle
Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: Arp]
    #4488721 - 08/03/05 07:56 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Miracle "Testimonials:"


Rev Peter Popoff I am so glad that we are in contact with each other, your prayers for us is a blessing, one thing I have been asking the lord for was a home, thanks to you for all of your prayers my wish came true. I now have a home of my own and that's not all my husband received a $302,000.00 check in the mail the other day unexpectedly. You told me in the letter that miracle money would come true and it has. Thank you so very much for all of your prayers god is good and he has blessed me tremendously .
-- Mrs. Bladensburg

As I used the red prayer cloth for contact, I received $1,500.00. I was in need of fast money... the red prayer cloth really did work. I thank God for this ministry.
-- Sister Ellington, Oakland, CA (1/11/05)

I just had to write and tell you that I received your spring water December 16 and I followed your instructions. My daughter was blessed with a new home that same day I used the spring water. Thank you for praying for me and my family. I wrote and asked you to bless my daughter with a new home. May God bless you.
--Sister Butler, Roosevelt, NY (1/21/05)

After receiving you letter, the blessings have begun. The very next day, a woman I barely know wrote my wife and I a check for $825.00 for bills. So, therefore, I would like to thank Jesus, [and] you? for your prayer and fasting.
Bro. C. Ghent, Winter Haven, FL (02/10/05)

I laid my hands on[to] yours through the [television]. You looked right in[to] my eyes [and began to tell] the financial burden that was depressing me and making me sick to go [away] in the name of Jesus and I felt it leave?. You also said I would receive money with the next four days. Well Praise God! Three days later I received enough money to make a house payment. Thank you so much for letting God use you!
--Sister B. Bowen, Constantine, MI (3/18/05)

I put $76.00 in the mail you asked for. On the third day of March, that same day, I got a call from the Human Services. They are sending me a check for $1,800. You said you saw Feb and March is a bless month for me. Feb of this year, my son sent me $500. I know the lord reveals these things to you. You are really a man of God.
-- Sister L. Brown, Jackson, TN (3/23/05)

Thanks for your prayers. I am seeing miracles happening in my life. Right after I ate the anointed miracle cakes I got a $5,000 bill paid off by being able to refinance my house and then I got a much lower interest rate and now I can buy groceries to eat and I can pay my gas bill. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you and help you to keep doing your good work.
-- Sister J. Chase, Winnipeg, MB CANADA (4/15/04)

I received the miracle spring water and the blessed cakes in Jesus' name. Everything around me and my family is different. Blessings have been occurring. You were not wrong; it was a $17,000 loan that was granted to me to pay off most of my debts. You're a guiding light. I thank the Lord for your prayers. I see myself now walking in the right path.
Brother E. Sotomayor, Bronx, NY (4/22/04)

I sent for the miracle water last month and used it as directed. After using the water, I was blessed with a peaceful mind, deeper reference for our Lord and a financial blessing of $2,000.00, a refund from the school I graduated from in 2002. Glory to God! Thank you for your constant prayer, encouragement and love.
Sister P. Williams, Bronx, NY ( 4/29/04)

A lady owed me $3,535.00 but did not come through. I asked for my money for the last year with no luck but thanks to God I prayed about it. I tried the Miracle Water and it worked. She called me and gave me back $3,000.00 and said the balance would be paid in two weeks. Brother Popoff, it worked for me also, I am feeling much better in my body.
Sister M. Walker, Mineola, NY, (5/3/04)

Pastor Popoff, I praise God and the great things [that have] happened to me since you [have] been writing to me: my hip does not bother me anymore, my feet feel great and my left heel (at one time I had to tip on my toes to walk). The spring water was a great healer.
--Sister Vivian Riddick, Gates, NC (4/11/05)

Just as you instructed me to wash my eyes, feet and mouth with the Miracle Spring Water, God healed my ears, I can hear better, God healed my feet; I am able to walk without any pain. Prasie God I can walk better and hear better. He is doing things in my life.
--Sister Gladys D. Kalamazoo, MI (4/11/05)

I had to write you right away to tell you of the miracle that took place with me after using the Miracle Water packet. I followed your instruction. I put some of the water on my back, where I had a small growth on [my back] for about four or more years. This was Saturday morning. So Sunday morning, when I got up to take my shower for church, I said "let me feel and see if the growth [is] gone from my back". When I put my hand on the place where it [used] to be, it was not there, instead I felt on my hand some kind of fluid, I [looked] and it was a black substance, so I [mashed] the place again and more and more black fluid came out. I came out [of] the shower [and] I told my husband. So he [mashed] it and got more, until all was out. We all were very happy. Thank God for you, Rev. Popoff!
--Sister Martha Bookard, Columbia, SC (4/11/05)

Thank you for the awesome miracle I followed your instruction and did exactly as you said. It was amazing. Peter the minute I put the salt on my tongue I felt the power of force went through my body. The day went by, but when I went to bed then I realized the miracle that has done I could stretch my body, turn my neck and, move both my hands and feet. Peter I was so happy the stiffness in my body was gone after so many years I can finally move my body.
-- Sister J Maraj, Brooklyn, NY (4/13/04)

Oh, My daughter, Tracy, I had you pray for her a while back about her medicine she was taking for her over active thyroid-she is healed! The Lord has healed her. She doesn't have to take any thyroid medicine-it's normal! Thanks to GoD.
--Sister Howard, Boswell, IN ( 2/18/05)

You told me that I would be healed from the ear problem in the year 2004 and in December 2004. I was completely healed thanks to God working through you and your prayers!
---Brother Gregory, London, England

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I wrote you for the anointed Spring Water. Instead I received the green prayer cloth. I say anointing is anointing whether it be water, oil or cloth it's from the hand of an anointed man of God. I have glaucoma and could not see without glasses. Now I write this letter without glasses and can read my Bible without glasses. I thank the Lord for what he has done through you.
--Sister A. Lockiby, Trinidad (5/14/04)

I received the Miracle Spring Water. The same night, I anointed my lower back and my knees. I also stopped my medication. Well, it is going on nine days... I have no pain! The pain I had in my lower back I had since 1973. Many thanks and God bless you.
-- Sister J. Morency, Perth, ON CANADA (5/17/04)

I am writing you to inform you that since you send me that miracle water I been blessed in health. I can't walk five steps. My son called me and said "I am taking you for a walk". He took me to the lake. I walked one mile. My body feels like a new me. The next day he took me to walk some stairs. I walked 3 hundred and some stairs. That's the greatest thing I ever witnessed.
--Sister M. Jackson, Oakland, CA (5/19/04)

Thank you for your recent letters. First I must tell you about my answered prayer, thank you for the miracle water. When this water was received I took some and touched my husband's head while he was asleep. Well it has been several weeks and he no longer smokes. Devon (my husband) was a smoker for many years. Thanks be to God for this miracle. I also touched my 14 year old son, Jonathan's head and prayed for him and he is doing much better in school.
--Sister J Moody, Toronto, ON ( 6/25/04)

Give God the glory! My brother Steven has been set free! He was an alcoholic and we prayed for his deliverance and turned him over to the Lord. I came home to find Steven in my driveway . Tears welled up in my eyes as I heard Steven say he needed my help. Steven has been dry since that time, has gained weight and is working. My brother is back from the living dead. Thank you Jesus and thank you Peter. Oh glory, it is truly a miracle!
--Sister S. Blondis, Prospect, CT (7/12/04)

After receiving that water I took the water and placed it under my husband pillow because he has a bad gambling habit?.And also he lost his job. Months later you wrote me and precisely told me that you was praying for my husband Gregory?.you told me that God was getting ready to deliver Gregory from that problem [and] about two months later I noticed Gregory's gambling habit was slowing down. And about one month later he received a phone call from his gambling buddy asking what happen I haven't seen you at the games lately. I heard Gregory spoke these words from his mouth he said, "Man, I don't gamble no more. I quit." After a month later Gregory was blessed with another job. Tears came to my eyes because I know in my heart that Peter it was your prayers [and] my faith and your true connection with God."
--Sister G.E. Haynes, Brooklyn, NY (7/30/04

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Folding@home Statistics
Registered: 01/09/03
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: MOTH]
    #4488726 - 08/03/05 07:58 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Rev. Peter Popoff is a well-known charlatan.

He 'cures' sick people at his heavily attended (for a fee) sermons. Before the show starts, his goons comb through the audience picking sick people to be cured on stage.

Those selected are usually old people in wheelchairs or with walkers who are 'auditioned' before the show to make sure they can walk at least the length of the stage. Anyone truly wheelchair-bound is summarily not selected.

A local news crew at one of his sermons recently took a mother and her truly wheelchair-bound 12 year old son with leukemia to a Popoff sermon. Her son had been given a few months to live by doctors and she was at the end of her rope. In sobbing desperation, she pleaded on her knees for the Popoff auditioners to let her son go on stage and be cured by Popoff's intimate connection to God. The auditioners, knowing that there was no way the seriously sick boy could possibly manage to walk, declined. The whole pathetic scene was filmed secretly by the reporters.

More telling is this. During his shows, which take place in huge stadiums, Popoff has his goons pick people in the audience at random and ask them a few personal questions about their illness. Papoff, who is on the stage, then claims to speak to God telepathically and receive those personal tidbits which he repeats to the audience, to the amazement of the duped audience member selected.

My buddy James Randi ( http://randi.org/ ) decided to look into this amazing ability. Read for yourself:

The first words were captured by a secret team of researchers as the Reverend Peter Popoff of Upland, California, stepped onto a stage at San Francisco's Civic Auditorium, where he was about to start a faith healing service that would be videotaped for his weekly national broadcast. The team heard (and captured on tape) an affectionate feminine voice from above: Hello, Petey. I love you! I'm talking to you. Can you hear me? If you can't you're in trouble, 'cause I'm talking as well as I can! (Her voice suddenly becomes businesslike.) ;I'm looking up names right now. This secret team of two was located in a hidden section of the auditorium complex. It consisted of Alec Jason, an electronics expert, and his assistant Bob Steiner. Jason was giving the thumbs-up sign to Steiner as they began a number of surreptitious recordings designed to expose how Reverend Peter Popoff was able to "divinely" recite personal details about audience members and their afflictions during his popular faith-healing services.

Peter Popoff, like many faith healers, calls out the names, illnesses, and sometimes addresses of people at his crusades, then "lays hands" on them and prays for their healing. The impression given at such services is that the information comes directly from God; indeed, a magazine distributed by Popoff's organization described an audience member being "called out by the Spirit for healing". Those in the audience are so impressed by Popoff's "Gift of Knowledge" that they break into applause. The subjects picked are so overwhelmed that they often break into tears. One woman who was "healed" at one of the meetings and later interviewed by CSER stated: " know he is real from the way he talked. He actually knew my address and had no notes to look at! he is real, all right!"

Evangelist/healer Peter Popoff has headquarters in Upland, California, whence he sends out slick fund-raising literature that is generated and printed by computer to appear as if it were personally typed and signed. Those on Popoff's mailing list have received Russian currency, handkerchiefs, and red felt hearts to be carried or worn, then each to be sent back with a check attached. Special envelopes and endless appeals for the emergency needs of his ministry arrive every week. Each is personalized by the computer, which drops the recipient's first name into the text occasionally after the salutation "Brother". Sometimes the letters start off typed, and in an ensuing page turn into what appears to be a handwritten request for money from Reverend Popoff himself. This "handwriting" is printed as well. A man preparing to enter the Popoff crusade in San Francisco in February was approached by a TV interviewer, "Why are you coming to see Reverend Popoff?" he was asked. "Peter wrote to me", replied the man, "and wanted me to come here today for a special message God has for me." He was blissfully unaware that thousands of persons in the Bay area received identical letters - identical, that is, except for the personalized effect generated by Popoff's computer.

These slick mail campaigns have paid off. Popoff is seen nationwide on 51 television outlets and heard on 40 radio stations, and has an average monthly budget of $550,000, according to his business manager. Popoff's effect on his followers is so great that on several occasions he has asked his audience to "break free of the Devil" by throwing their medications up onto the stage. Dozens of people have come forward and tossed their medicine bottles onto the platform. Prescriptions for digitalis, nitroglycerine tablets, oral diabetes medication, and many unidentified pills were discarded by people who might have needed such substances to stay alive.

Despite this, a gaggle of True Believers (numbering in the many tens of thousands) pay for admission to every one of his sermons year round. Gotta love those TBs... they're consistent.  :sad:

Republican Values:

1) You can't get married to your spouse who is the same sex as you.
2) You can't have an abortion no matter how much you don't want a child.
3) You can't have a certain plant in your possession or you'll get locked up with a rapist and a murderer.

4) We need a smaller, less-intrusive government.

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Registered: 06/29/05
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: MOTH]
    #4488737 - 08/03/05 08:17 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

People like this (Reverend Popoff), who prey on the helpless, and
hurting of the world, need to be draged to the streets and stoned to death, like they would have back in the days of Jesus.

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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: rod]
    #4488889 - 08/03/05 10:16 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)

jesus was crucified

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¡(Bound to·(O))be free!
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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: fresh313]
    #4489035 - 08/03/05 11:09 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)




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The Minstrel in the Gallery

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Re: "Miracle Spring Water." [Re: Gomp]
    #4489127 - 08/03/05 11:44 AM (12 years, 10 months ago)


"Don't believe everything you think". -Anom.

" All that lives was born to die"-Anom.

With much wisdom comes much sorrow,
The more knowledge, the more grief.
Ecclesiastes circa 350 BC

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