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old hand
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Weedman makes gubernatorial bid
    #4418938 - 07/18/05 02:49 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)


Weedman makes gubernatorial bid
By:Rachael Bakos

BROWNS MILLS - Local resident Edward Forchion, 40, of Browns Mills, or NJWeedman.com as he likes to be called is taking his cause a step further.

"NJWeedman.com 4 Governor" is his latest message.
According to NJWeedman.com, Forchion has one big problem.
"I can't even campaign in public without being accosted by the police,," Forchion said in an interview Sunday"
With the arrest record to prove it NJWeedman.com, or Edward Forchion as he is known in the system is no stranger to the police.
He said he has been arrested more than 30 times, mostly for protesting.
Recently he said he was not allowed on press row in the State House for the simple reason that it was not open to the public.
Forchion states that he was given no written information that press row was being closed to the public.
His website, NJWeedman.com, explains in detail this and other similar experiences he has undergone.
The website covers his ongoing mission extensively.
The main reason Forchion is running for governor is to send a message to those that will hear him.
"I am not that high that I think I am going to win. I just want to give the finger to the system and rally others who feel the same way.," Forchion said.
His platform is that "Cannabis smokers are the only segment of the population begging to be taxed.
"We believe in taxation not incarceration," Forchion said.
His proposed plan to tax cannabis would help solve three big problems he foresees for NJ in the next four years.
Property taxes, a budget crisis, and a freedom crisis which he thinks is approaching at an alarming rate are all major concerns.
"We are under the guise of fighting terrorism and drugs," Forchion said.
Forchion said he is qualified to be governor because he has served the state.
"I served in our government's military and prison system. Now I want a leadership position," Forchion said.
Forchion said that the last several governors of the state have not served well.
"Christie Whitman was the worst," Forchion said.
Forchion said consolidating the school districts in the state would lead to permanent property tax relief for residents.
"We don't need 180 (school) districts in New Jersey," Forchion said.
Forchion said legalizing marijuana would produce a large tax for the state.
"It would be in the billions," Forchion said.
Forchion also said that limiting the terms of elected officials to one or two, would end corruption, along with increasing the size of the New Jersey attorney general's office.
The website NJWeedman.com can be accessed for detailed information by anyone wishing to learn more about his opinions.
The website will also be offering a CD for sale by the end of this month, according to Forchion.
The CD features the song NJWeedman Theme Song-Superhero to the Potheads which is about voting for him, performed by The Infamous LOS band from Trenton.
Proceeds from the sale of the CD will be used to run his campaign for office.
This and the donations he receives from the website are his only campaign fund sources.
NJWeedman.com is a website with more than 500,000 hits overall in just two years.
According to Forchion, people from all walks of life are interested in his cause.
He is just doing what Bob Marley said to in the song "Stand Up For Your Rights."
In his last run for a state office which was this past November
"The US Marijuana Party" got 7,000 votes in Burlington County. That was the most for any 3rd party candidate on the card according to Forchion.
"Take a toke and vote for the weedman," Forchion said.


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Brainy Smurf

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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: motaman]
    #4418989 - 07/18/05 03:11 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

"His platform is that "Cannabis smokers are the only segment of the population begging to be taxed.
"We believe in taxation not incarceration," Forchion said."

Hell yes! Screw governer, run for president!

>"The US Marijuana Party" got 7,000 votes in Burlington County. That was the most for any 3rd party candidate on the card according to Forchion.

I like that. And I like how more and more states are excepting it. More and more politicians are not only accepting it, but pulling for it. Someday, it will come.

"life is like a drop of rain getting closer and closer to falling into a lake, and then when you hit the lake there is no more rain drop, only the lake."

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Anyone looking to start bulk tubs/mono tubs/shotgun hybrids? Good tubs to use..
How I do grain (old still good tips)
Turn your closet into a fruiting chamber
Casing layer colonization and overlay

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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: motaman]
    #4541935 - 08/16/05 12:44 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

'Weedman' quits pot: Activist giving up the bong but not the faith
August 16, 2005 - zwire.com

No more hits on a bong. No more toking on a joint. No more marijuana.

That's right Robert Edward "Weedman" Forchion, 41, of Pemberton, says he has quit smoking pot and is headed for the straight and narrow.

"I am Weedlessman now," Forchion said in a telephone interview yesterday. "And it doesn't have anything to do with me changing my mind on the substance, but I got a job I really like now."

Forchion says he has cut out his marijuana use since getting a job back in May. At first he quit to take a drug test for the job, but then he decided to just quit altogether.

"It's been more than two months since I smoked (pot), but I had slowed down before that," he said.

Forchion explained his wife and children played a big role in his decision.

"A lot of this has to do with my family," Forchion said.

"Every time I get arrested my wife has to come bail me out. It's been a lot on my family."

Forchion, a Rastafarian by faith and a pro-marijuana legalization activist, was fired from a job about this time last year after, he says, his bosses mistakenly thought he took part in an anti-gay protest against former Gov. Jim McGreevey outside the State House, and became aware of his religious beliefs and political views.

Those that adhere to the teachings of the Rastafarian religion believe that smoking marijuana is a sacrament similar to the Jewish and Christian use of wine.

Although still very much a follower of the Rastafarian religion, Forchion now says he is concerned about keeping the job he has come to love with an understanding that arrests and other run-ins with the judicial system all take a financial toll.

"I need to make money," Forchion said. "I've been poor for a long time."

He says the turning point in his decision to quit smoking came after his arrest at the State House by New Jersey State troopers after he reportedly refused to leave the building when his request to go to Press Row was denied.

Forchion was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and defiant trespass. He is now in the midst of a legal battle with the arresting State Police officer.

A few weeks later, Forchion had another run-in with police officers at the Jersey Shore. He was distributing information on the boardwalk for his Legalize Marijuana Party. An officer told him to move because the boardwalk was not public property. Forchion said he disagreed, but moved to a nearby street corner but police were not satisfied and arrested him.

Forchion has made frequent runs for public office in the past, and now has his sights set on another office. He wants to be governor of New Jersey and admits that cutting out the marijuana use will help his candidacy.

"How can I campaign if every time I go out the police are coming after me," Forchion said. "I'm not going to take my name off the ballot, and I'm still going to give the finger to the system."

Forchion says he will continue to push for his political views, but will also remain concerned about his own safety.

"I know I'm right, but I don't want to end up dead right," Forchion said. "I'm afraid one of these cops is going to shoot me, and then what? Oops.

"Most police officers understand free speech, but there are a few who don't. Those are the ones who worry me."

Forchion's run-ins with the law have made headlines over the years.

In 1997, Forchion was arrested for possession of more than 40 pounds of pot.

He served 17 months of a 10-year prison sentence and was released in April 2002. He was thrown back in jail four months later after he produced a pro-marijuana commercial but was released because a judge determined the commercial was protected by his First Amendment rights.

In 2000, Forchion took his cause to the state's General Assembly and made a point by lighting up a joint inside the Assembly Chamber as the legislative body was in session. He was never prosecuted.

"I think I'm pretty much done with it," Forchion said. "I'm not going to give the police reason to arrest for no reason."

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fuck this site
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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: veggie]
    #4543582 - 08/16/05 09:14 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

""How can I campaign if every time I go out the police are coming after me," Forchion said. "I'm not going to take my name off the ballot, and I'm still going to give the finger to the system."

Me and friends are always bugged by the fuzz when we protest. Even if we aren't doing anything illegal and have permission from the county.

Forchion says he will continue to push for his political views, but will also remain concerned about his own safety.

"I know I'm right, but I don't want to end up dead right," Forchion said. "I'm afraid one of these cops is going to shoot me, and then what? Oops.

that reminds me of the quote in my sig.

"Most police officers understand free speech"


I give this guy props. hes been through some shit (40 lbs of ganja?)...

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Folding@home Statistics
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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: CptnGarden]
    #4547090 - 08/17/05 04:45 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Ha I love listening to the radio when they interview him, he's really cool.  I'm voting for him :grin:

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Registered: 08/21/05
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    #4562042 - 08/21/05 11:27 AM (12 years, 9 months ago)

DIRECT URL: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/12376854.htm

Reefer madness? High times over for NJ Weedman

By Monica Yant Kinney

Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

New Jersey voters will have almost a dozen choices for governor this fall, but none of the candidates cuts a figure quite like Ed Forchion.

Forchion is the dreadlocked Rastafarian free-speech activist better known as the "NJ Weedman."

Like always, he's running on the Marijuana Party ticket.

Slight problem: "The Weedman has become the Weedlessman," he tells me. "I haven't smoked a joint in almost three months."

Not only is Ed not actively campaigning, but for the first time in years, he's not planning any future run.

He might even cut his hair.

The media missed the news about the Weedman's going straight, but it's not exactly their fault.

Most of the political reporters in the state have spent the last week fretting over Doug Forrester's campaign finance fiasco and Jon Corzine's expensive love life.

Ed used to hold news conferences on the Statehouse steps whenever he felt his right to talk about toking was being trampled - which was often.

These days, you have to catch him on the road on his mobile.

The Weedman's got a new mission.

This one's about money and, maybe, making things up to his wife and kids.

Talking about toking

Those who think he's just a loudmouth loser miss the point.

For starters, Ed's the most lucid stoner I've ever met. Even judges who've ruled on his self-fought cases give him props for polished presentations and sound legal arguments.

It was never as much about pot for Ed as it was the right to talk about a subject others would prefer he not.

Sort of like the military moms protesting outside President Bush's ranch?

"During the buildup to the war, when the President was lying about weapons of mass destruction," Ed explains, "I was in jail for making commercials about marijuana."

Every time he got busted speaking out, he raised his voice a little louder.

He distrusts cops but came to respect the civil court system, where, Ed says, "you can get vengeance without being a vigilante."

When the parolee got thrown in jail for proselytizing about pot, he sued and won, arguing that the real crime was locking him up to shut him up.

When New Jersey passed a law requiring parolees to submit DNA to a criminal database, he sued and won, arguing that it amounted to an after-the-fact punishment.

Other stunts fell flat, such as his bid to legally change his name to NJWeedman.com. A judge said the name would promote a criminal enterprise.

Ed knows about crime. In 1997, he got busted hooking his brother up with a dealer who shipped 40 pounds of pot to Jersey by FedEx.

Ed took a plea, but still got 10 years.

It cost him his truck-driving career, a house and his place in the middle class. Now, he wants back in.

Ramblin' on

It gets old getting arrested every time you talk. And, expensive.

Last year, the chronically underemployed Weedman got a job as a courier making $600 a week, only to lose it after his bosses saw him protesting Gov. McGreevey on TV.

He's still fighting a federal case over lighting up at the Liberty Bell.

But after two recent arrests for campaigning in Trenton and Seaside Heights, Ed says he's sick of suing.

"I'm a patriotic pothead," he insists, "but I'm tired of being a one-man show. It gets old."

Other activists think he's "a wacko." And ultimately, either he failed or "the courts failed me."

This spring, Ed fixed his driving record and got another trucking job. I caught up with him by phone hauling bottled water from Maine to Allentown.

It's good money, and there's plenty of it to be made.

With a relative's help, he put a down payment on an 18-wheeler.

Driving a big rig brings big risk, responsibility and random drug tests. So he doesn't dare smoke.

"Imagine if I had an accident," he says. "Imagine the headline: 'The Weedman kills driving high.' "

Anyway, now that he's trucking again, Ed wants to focus on work and repay his wife, who juggled two jobs to support the family and his habits.

"My daughter just turned 10," Ed explains. "Her whole life, I've been the Weedman and we've been poor."

Maybe if he keeps a low profile as "just Ed" for a while, the Forchions' fortunes will improve.

Contact Monica Yant Kinney at 856-779-3914 or myant@phillynews.com. Read her recent work at http://go.philly.com/yantkinney.

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I smoke penis

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    #4562336 - 08/21/05 01:19 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Its a good thing that he is taking responsibility for his family trying to give his 10 yr old a good life. But it also saddens me that someone so intelligent isn't giveing a good fight any more.


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old hand
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    #4563328 - 08/21/05 06:09 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Welcome to the Shroomery NJWEEDMAN.  :smirk:


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old hand
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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: motaman]
    #4584551 - 08/26/05 05:48 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)


Police investigating an apparent hate crime

Burlington County Times

PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP - Marijuana activist Ed Forchion says his family woke up yesterday morning to find someone had spray-painted a 6-foot cross on the side of his house with the words "Get Jesus.''

Police are investigating the incident as an apparent hate crime.

Forchion, who once tried to have his name changed to NJ Weedman, said his wife and children discovered the cross and message at 7 a.m. on the garage door of their Hanover Boulevard home.

First Assistant Burlington County Prosecutor Ray Milavsky said police are investigating the incident as a bias crime, which is defined as one in which a victim is targeted because of race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.

Forchion, who is black, said he does not view the cross as a racial threat. Instead, he said he sees it as a protest against his religion. Forchion is a follower of Rastafarianism, a religious movement that arose in Jamaica in the 1950s. Followers use marijuana as a sacrament.

Forchion said some people mistakenly think he is an atheist, but that's not true.

"To be honest with you I believe in Jesus. I believe that he was a prophet, not the Messiah," he said.

Forchion said his wife is a Christian, and his children attend a Baptist church.

Forchion, who is running for New Jersey governor, has been a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He said he often has been criticized and sent threats through e-mail.

"Over the years, I've had a couple people give me the finger," he said. "But no one has ever come to my house."

Forchion, who painted over the cross yesterday afternoon, said he is upset at this latest incident, but won't allow it to stifle his views.

"Something like this, it won't silence me," he said. "Because that would be giving in."


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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: motaman]
    #4760950 - 10/05/05 11:32 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

October 6, 2005 - ahherald.com

TRENTON, NJ - Are you tired of being harassed, arrested and ruined because you know the truth about marijuana? Do you chose to smoke safe natural 'marijuana' instead of the dangerous Government approved drug(s) like Tobacco, Alcohol and Zoloff? Our Government imprisons hundreds of thousands of it's citizens for disregarding its marijuana lies and using one of the safest substances known to mankind.

Has our Government ruined your life by enforcing these LIES, (that marijuana is dangerous and should be legal)? Have you or a relative of yours been arrested and ruined not by marijuana but by the Marijuana laws? Have you been denied a job because you smoke marijuana! Would you rather smoke medicinal marijuana, than take dangerous Government approved drugs. Would you rather come home and smoke a joint instead of drinking a beer? Than come out on Nov 3rd and GIVE THE FINGER to the POLITICIANS who support the DRUG LAWS!

You don't have to smoke marijuana to believe that it should be legal. You don't have to smoke to believe that people should not be put in cages if they do choose to smoke! What part of 'FREEDOM' authorizes our Government to tell us what we can or can-not put into our bodies!

NOWS the chance to FIGHT back, give the big-finger to the POLITICANS.


This November when all the Democrats and Republicans are voting for one of the status quo 'RICH GUYS' why don't you throw a vote to the little guy (ME) 'Ed the Pothead' better known as NJWEEDMAN. NJWEEDMAN has been publicly fighting for your RIGHT to smoke marijuana since 1997. In 2000 I was railroaded into prison by State officials in a unfair trial where I wasn't allowed to present witnesses or to present a defense (in defiance of 6th amendment protections). I was denied a 'FAIR TRIAL' all because I wanted to tell the truth about marijuana to my JURORS, instead of the lies claimed by the Government. In 2002 I was released from prison but was thrown back in prison for 5 months when I refused GOVERNMENT orders to stop publicly telling the truth about marijuana. I was actually jailed for attempting to air pro-legalization commercials on COMCAST. Only being freed by a Federal who said my imprisonment was a violation of my first Amendment right to 'Freedom of Speech'.

The Government has since refused to allow me to change my name to 'NJWEEDMAN.COM' because I use my name (my website) as a way to spread the truth about marijuana. The State of New Jersey even stopped my child visitation, and changed my childs' name because I tell the truth about marijuana! (Help me give the state the finger!)

Still NJWEEDMAN has successfully fought the N.J. Government's demand for my DNA. I've been attacked by State Troopers for attempting to contact the press in the public state-house, and arrested by the Seaside Heights Police Department for campaigning on the public boardwalk.

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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: veggie]
    #4887825 - 11/03/05 11:37 AM (12 years, 7 months ago)

Weedman plans to give pols the ‘finger’
November 3, 2005 - trentonian.com

TRENTON -- If the phrase "Big Brother is watching," rings true then a pro-marijuana activist running for New Jersey governor can relate to it.

The website of Ed "Weedman" Forchion may be on a list of favorites for state authorities.

Not long after Forchion posted a flyer on his site advertising a rally at the State Capital Building, which is planned for this afternoon, state police requested that he obtain a permit.

In an e-mail sent to the activist, Lt. Brian Crain of the State Police State House Complex Security Unit said troopers found out about Forchion’s plan for today’s march by monitoring his pro-marijuana website.

Crain said all groups of more than 10 "intending to gather/demonstrate at the State House must apply for a permit to gather." Forchion sent picture of his exposed backside in response to the Jersey trooper’s warning.

"I’m not getting a permit," said Forchion. "All those permit laws should be unconstitutional ... No one asks Corzine or Forrester to get a permit and we supposedly live in a free country."

Forchion, who is running for governor as a candidate of the "Legalize Marijuana Party," plans to gather with his supporters today around noon at the Trenton Train Station and march to the State Capitol Building at 2 p.m. Once there, he plans to deliver a speech and close at 4:20 p.m. with a presentation in which he turns around and "give all politicians the finger."

The 41-year-old Pemberton activist called his gathering a peace rally said giving politicians the middle finger is his expression of displeasure. "I want to talk about ending the war on drugs," Forchion said. "What I’m doing is perfectly legal. I don’t have to have a permit to walk down the street with a sign and the finger is not an obscene gesture. It’s an F- you to the system."

Forchion said state authorities and officials have been making regular visits to his website, which he monitors through a return hit counter on his personal computer. State police, he said, have been watching him for years and are gearing up to give him a hassle today at his planned rally.

"We had seen a flyer he had distributed in the area," Crain said yesterday, explaining how troopers discovered the whereabouts of the marijuana activist’s rally. "It was also posted on his website."

Crain said, according to regulations set by the joint management commission that oversees the complex, a group planning to gather for a vigil or other ceremony must apply for a permit 72 hours prior to the gathering. The group can obtain the permit, free of charge, through the state police.

As of yesterday Forchion did not request a permit from the state police. When Crain was questioned about whether or not the activist would be arrested, without the proper paperwork,he had no comment.

Forchion is running for governor as candidate with the "Legalize Marijuana Party.’’ He attributes the majority of Trenton’s violence to the war on drugs.

"I’m trying to spark a reefer revolution," he said. "The drug laws aren’t working. It’s a result of do-gooderism and it’s causing more harm than good.

You have a right to free speech-- I remember that from the third grade."

* Related website: Legalize Marijuana Party of South Jersey

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Re: Weedman makes gubernatorial bid [Re: veggie]
    #4889877 - 11/03/05 07:13 PM (12 years, 7 months ago)

weedman was the only one to show up at the march, gd stoner motivation

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