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Are you a god?
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Registered: 03/16/05
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My first trip: (long)
    #4399410 - 07/13/05 01:14 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

First off I would like to tell you the situation I was in. My friend (B) and I set out at five o clock to a state park. We got there, I drove. We hiked about a mile into the woods and found a nice little mossy area where we would dose. I had told my dad I would be hiking at the state park.

Now I will split my trip up into sections in the order it happened.

The first forest which we dosed at:

(B) took 3.5 grams and I took 7 grams of potent P. Cubes. This was both of our first times with shrooms and we thought we knew what to expect. We ate our shrooms with chocolate and orange juice. We laid back and waited anxiously for the effects. I began to notice things were breathing and moving unlike I had ever seen. I saw a tree melting. I took a short walk and saw a log that looked like Gandalf and I was talking to it in my head. I looked really close at a tree and examined a daddy long legs which was interesting. It had a blue tint to it. In the forest we chilled out for a while then I felt like we should go somewhere so we walked back to the main area of the park. On the hike back I was overheating. One of my biggest mistakes was not bringing water. I had forgot about packing it in our book bag. I was walking way ahead of my friend and when I got back to the main area where people were I couldn?t stop laughing. This lady was walking with her kids and I just was biting my lip so hard and snickering. That was embarrassing.

I sat down at a picnic table and soon (B) came along too and sat down. He was laughing as well. I couldn?t help but think people knew I was tripping and I felt like I needed to get away, which was probably a mistake. We walked down this trail and found another hiking path which we took.

We walked the trail a bit then made our way off the trail into the woods so we could rest. My trip was becoming so intense at this point. (B) seemed as if he was okay, and having an awesome trip, but a little confused. I was so hot and I felt like I was dehydrating, and I think I might have been. So since (B) was on a lower dose I sent him to get water. I don?t know if the word (sent) actually describes it though. It was more like freaked out and told him to hurry and get water before I die.

Being alone in the woods on when it?s getting dark on seven grams of shrooms?. A mistake Ill never make again. The faces.. The faces I saw. I couldn?t stop the faces. I was in hell. These weren?t friendly faces. Everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING was a demon face. All the leaves, all the tree bark, all the dirt, EVERYTHING. I couldn?t get out. I felt so confused, I couldn?t understand what was happening. I was stripped all but my pants because I was overheating. I wanted to get naked, but I held back. At points I was trying to meditate but I couldn?t concentrate. I was so confused and scared. I was in the woods lying in a ball, crying, and waiting for barry. This was the most horrific moment in my life. I didn?t know what I was doing. That is when I started to have a religious experience. I prayed to God to get me out. To make me better. I prayed and talked to God. I was so scared and confused that at times I think I almost shit myself, and Im pretty sure I may have cummed in my pants. Never in my life had I ever wanted to die. It was more like, I wanted someone to knock me out into a sleep so I could get out. I prayed to God then sat back and if I died, I would be okay it seemed. I saw my hand grow to a tree, that was neat. But I could not focus on anything and I felt really lost. I kept praying to God, and I gathered myself as best I could, put my cloths on and headed back to the main area. Its amazing how lost you can get, even when your only 10 feet from a path.

On the way back I encountered (B). This was an amazing time. I felt so relieved. He said he was going back to the woods to get his Cd player. Thank gosh he had brought me water. I chugged a lot. Then I waited on the path for (B) to return.

We got out of the woods and sat down at a picnic table at the reservoir, where there was a beautiful sunset reflecting off the water. The mountains were beautiful. At that time my trip was boosted into nirvana. I was In the help of God. I saw families talking and fishing. This made me want to never do shrooms again. I just wanted to have a happy family. The faces everywhere were no longer demons. I actually understand what those faces are on Easter Island. I suspect they are representations of the visuals one would see on shrooms. I also saw the very common face warp. My friend had layers of eyes and at times looked like a frog. When the sun started to fade all the frogs came out. This drove me insane. The whole time my ears kept making sounds become all slow and things would have echoes, strange pitches.. etc. When the frogs came though.. They ribbits would go in one ear and out the other and they would morph into other sounds which sounded like people talking. Everything was confusing and every sense I had was mixed up. It was like they were are together. When the sunset faded we walked back to the car. The walk back was insane. I could barley walk. Every sound was morphed, my vision was pixilated and the faces were coming back. It was a mixture of good faces and demon faces. These demon faces much resembled pictures of tortured souls you see in hell.

When we got back to the car I couldn?t understand it. I couldn?t understand why the beauty was gone. It was as if I had died the sunset and all happiness was gone. I wanted to be back at the picnic table and watch the sunset, but it was over. I felt empty. I wanted so much to go back. I started to go back into a bad trip.

In the car I was fucking confused. The problem with shrooms and myself is. I can?t concentrate and my though process loops, and loops, and loops, and loops. It drives me insane. I was looping the whole trip, but when I was unhappy it was horrible loops of pain and confusion. I wanted the faces to stop. I wanted it to end. I couldn?t take it anymore and I made about the dumbest decision I ever made in my entire life, and I regret it like no other. I started the car and me and (B) started to head back. I thank God that he protected us on the road. I am so glad I didn?t hurt anyone while driving. I not only put me and (B) in danger, but everyone else, which is totally irresponsible of me. I find it hard to forgive myself for that. I soon realized what I was doing, but I didn?t care if I got caught or died. In fact my plan was to turn myself in and get help. I came to my senses and pulled over the car at a gold course.

We sat in the car and I kept contemplating about walking to the nearest house and asking for help, but (B) kept me from going. The whole trip I was worried about my dad finding out about this, but at the same time I didn?t care if I got caught. I was just going insane. We took a walk and discovered a vending machine and bought two waters. Boy that was what we needed. We walked out on the golf course and we laid back and looked at the city scape and someone was setting off fireworks. I was back out of my bad trip again. I was at ease. (B) and I talked and tried to focus, but I couldn?t stop going in loops. The whole trip put me in a insane state of confusing and ill tell you why. I couldn?t understand how life worked, and I saw through everything and It was too much for me. For example.. I find myself unable to stop thinking. I jump from thought to though, but is there no time in the human mind where you are not trying to think about something. It drove me insane. I would watch (B) walk away and I would wonder why he was doing it, why are we here, what is this. It was as if I had my eyes opened up to everything and it was too much for me to handle. I didn?t know what to make of it. I think I will have to meditate on it and see what I can make of it.

We sat there in the golf course that night and we kept looping, but it was wearing off. I was thankfull for that. Then suddenly the water sprinklers on the golf course started to go off. So we decided it was time to go. I was pretty much not tripping anymore. Very little visual distortion if any. My thought process was shaken, but I had (B) to help me drive back.

To those who have never done shrooms.. Let me tell you this. When you take shrooms its not going to be like a movie with fairies coming to greet you and gnomes running around. Its not like that at all. If you are going to take shrooms, please be mentally prepared. They are very strong and emotional and if not used properly can be dangerous. I feel like I had been given a second chance and I will never trip in my entire life again without a sitter.

Was this trip good. I wouldn?t say it was awesome, but at times I loved it. If I could go back I would prepare better and I would take only 3.5 grams. I learned so much from this experience. I underestimated shrooms. I figured I would be mentally stable and I would just enjoy watching cool visuals. I feel like an idiot for driving while tripping a seven gram dose, but its over and nobody got hurt. I feel utterly horrible about that, but I learned a lot.

:mushroom2: :heart: :heart: :sun: :heart: :mushroom2:
-thanks for reading

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Registered: 06/06/03
Posts: 60,954
Loc: the sky
Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399427 - 07/13/05 01:23 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Wow.  That was a wonderfully written trip report and thanks for sharing.  Definitely never drive on shrooms!  But I understand the heat of the moment...

I can't believe you took 7 grams for your first trip.  Did you do that on someone's advice, or did you just decide that was the dose you wanted to do?  I can't imagine doing more than an 8th your first time, and that's probably one of the reasons you were so overwhelmed. It's good to ease into shrooms, small doses up to large ones, to mentally prepare yourself. Essentially, rather then gently unlocking the door of perception and opening it a crack, you kicked it open and were blinded by the light inside.

I really admire your ability to capture the mental confusion you were in while writing your report, it really came across.  I think most people come off of what I call Difficult shroom trips expecting never to do them again, but I think if you look back at your experience and realize that there is a better way to go about it, you'll see the good moments, the picnic, the sunset, and know that you can get back to that happy happy place.

Happy trails my friend! :mushroom2: :sun:

Acid doesn't give you truths; it builds machines that push the envelope of perception. Whatever revelations came to me then have dissolved like skywriting. All I really know is that those few years saddled me with a faith in the redemptive potential of the imagination which, however flat, stale and unprofitable the world seems to me now, I cannot for the life of me shake.

-Erik Davis

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Stronger thanDirt

Registered: 01/21/05
Posts: 377
Loc: Sinking beneath the water...
Last seen: 10 years, 2 months
Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399439 - 07/13/05 01:26 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

7 grams is alot for our first shroom trip. Get comfortable with 3.5 grams before you make the jump to 7.


"Tell me the cost, I can pay let me go, tell me love is not lost.
Sell everything, without love day to day insanity's king."

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Registered: 02/09/05
Posts: 5,431
Last seen: 12 days, 2 hours
Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: wharfrat12]
    #4399500 - 07/13/05 01:46 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

7 grams is a lot period. Not just for beginners.

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Registered: 05/08/03
Posts: 23,285
Loc: oakland
Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399641 - 07/13/05 02:19 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

hehe i warned you here that 7 grams is a huge amount for a 1st timer to take...

but glad to hear you made it through still intact!


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Registered: 07/10/04
Posts: 4,152
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399736 - 07/13/05 02:43 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Ill have to say it was really not smart to do 7gs. I enjoyed reading the report.

7gs...i cant even imagine. I'm very sensitive to drugs in general so 2gs is anoupg to bring about major ego damage.

If you trip again, the key is to let yourself go.(I know, MUCH easier said then done) Tell yourself that no matter what, you cant die from them and that you will be coming down in an hour or 2.

My first trip was alot like yours. I spent 3 hours alone in a school in the middle of the night. It was pretty rough. I would recommend the next time you trip that you take a small dose.(around 1-1.5gs) I find small doses more "fun" then higher doses.(when I say fun...i dont mean better)

Shroomery Composition Contest

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Registered: 06/17/03
Posts: 905
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399758 - 07/13/05 02:51 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Hi XUL, nice report. Is your avatar from the Flecktones' Little Worlds?

Bela Fleck and the Moon

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Registered: 06/25/05
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: Toddo]
    #4399765 - 07/13/05 02:53 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Awesome trip story man (for the reader at least, I don't know about you).  And yeah, 7 grams is a pretty large dose... glad to see everything came out okay.  Good luck with future trips. :mushroom2: :thumbup: :heart: :grin:

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one-eyed willie
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Registered: 07/08/03
Posts: 42,357
Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4399784 - 07/13/05 03:00 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

Very well written report. I feel after some contemplation you will realise this wasn't so bad of an experience after all. Their are ups and downs to life. You experienced the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows all within a couple of hours. It is a very scarey experience when your soul wants you to let your ego die but your mind won't let it happen. It takes some work to let it happen. Some people never find true ego-loss. I don't think I have ever found it myself.


m00nshine is currently vacationing in Maui. Rumor has it he got rolled by drunken natives and is currently prostituting himself in order to pay for airfare back to the mainland but he's having trouble juggling a hairon addiction. He won't be back for a long while.

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Folding@home Statistics
Registered: 07/16/00
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: WeAreAllOne]
    #4399793 - 07/13/05 03:04 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

7 grams!!!

wow man im suprised you didnt just black out into the pschadelic infinity. Thats about 3x as much a first timer should try. Now you have a better understanding of thier true power take a smaller dose in a more controlled environment you feel safe in. You will probably have a much more rewarding expierence.

This is the only time I really feel alive.

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I want to be a fisherman
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Registered: 09/29/03
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: baraka]
    #4399938 - 07/13/05 03:44 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)

you must have a good head on your sholders :laugh:
great report


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Registered: 11/08/02
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Re: My first trip: (long) [Re: XUL]
    #4400802 - 07/13/05 07:15 PM (12 years, 9 months ago)



All I know is The Growery is a place where losers who get banned here go.

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