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Registered: 09/09/04
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Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe?
    #4345231 - 06/27/05 10:48 PM (19 years, 1 day ago)

I'm a bit confused. I found a website, which I can (surprisingly) order naturally picked, and dried <i>Amanita muscaria var. muscaria</i> mushrooms. 15 grams dry for $28.00.

My question is: is Amanita muscaria var. muscaria the same thing as Amanita muscaria?

Also - is this a worthwhile mushroom when looking for... well obvious reasons? I've read a lot about this mushroom, and supposedly it was the original magic mushroom - but I've also read a few reports that say this variety is relatively nauseating and doesn't always produce the visuals many hope for.

Me and a friend of mine have gone out several times casually searching for other species in our local forests, fields, and farms... to no avail. Should I feel confident about this mushroom, and it's desired effects?

Any help is appreciated. =)


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Registered: 05/29/04
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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: Atrus]
    #4345270 - 06/27/05 10:58 PM (19 years, 1 day ago)

No, it dosn't have the same active chimical as regualar mushrooms have. In most cases it dosn't bring desired effects. Only drunk like feelings.


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Not an EggshellWalker
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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: Atrus]
    #4345671 - 06/28/05 01:07 AM (19 years, 1 day ago)

Wow, what a rip-off. Check www.iamshaman.com or other vendors.


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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: Ravus]
    #4345724 - 06/28/05 01:20 AM (19 years, 1 day ago)

var. muscaria i simply the variety with red caps.
var. formosa is yellow, and less desireable
youre crazy to eat those things BTW
its nasty.

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Registered: 06/27/05
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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: Mitchnast]
    #4345992 - 06/28/05 03:34 AM (19 years, 1 day ago)

One more time, and I'll rest my piece...

Here's a post I did on ayahuasca.com forum, concerning amanita's...

Just in case any ones interested, here's a collection of my Amanita Observations from various newsgroups...

> How does the experience compare to psilocybin?

Barely compares at all. On high doses there are visuals, but not
vivid-colorful like Psil's. I've had CEV's of falling leaves, tattered
tapestries, fizzy cobalt-blue energies that crunch/crumple themselves
up into disappearing balls. CEV's tend to be DXM like, (closest thing
I can compare them to) Most vivid visual I've had was an open eyed one
where the visual field would seem to get ripped off like a sticker,
then reapplied several times a second, kind of maddening, so I just
laid down and closed my eyes.

But the visuals aren't the main event, neither is the euphoria, which
is slight, if at all. Main attraction is the sleepy thought-life that
nods down into dream-language. That seems very MEANING-FULL, resolving
of deeply-set questions/conflicts, until one wakes up a little and
examines them at arms length, at which point they seem like a bunch of
enigmatic CRAZY-NONSENSE! But that's all a part of the fun! The stuff
is inclined towards sleep, and one will tend to fall asleep on a good
dose, and that's OK cause the dreams on this stuff are often the
BEST-PART, and have blown me away as completely as any-thing else I've
tried (which is a lot). They often seem so SIGNIFICANT as if one is
finally being allowed to witness the unraveling of the MYSTERIES. And
one just gobbles up THE MEANING of it all. Upon awakening I'll laugh
out loud at the sheer NUT-BALL INSANITY of it all, and not have a clue
about what it's about, but again that's the fun of the stuff,
contained MADNESS!!!


Gob, I'm obsessing, you know, in the piscean age ( the one the occult
folks say were moving out of),in the Old World, there is all this
deep-dark-arcane stuff. The blood-letting, the sacrificial offering,
shaggy phophets talking to "god", meetings in the woods with drunken
"fools" spouting deep "truths" mixed with enigmatic nonsense. Who
knows what there talking about? Louts of God with some other points
besides the commonly given. These lousy shrooms with there
specific-content-containing delirium seem to capture the ambiance of
these by-gone days. They are like a trip back through time. There
seems to be a light shining in the midst of these dark, foggy forests,
and a path out of town. They're dirty and quite loony and likely the
source of a lot of your gnostic, early christian, other Old World
religious/mystical stuff, as has often been suggested.

but wait, there's more...

Well the other morning when I was about to retire (Night-person) i
decided to take a small (about a gram) mushroom cap of some recently
received (JLF) Rocky Mountain Amanita Pantherina's. No big deal, I've
done this before as a sleep and dream inducer.

So I gobble down and lay back and funny, I feel a little nauseaus,
never happened before on such a small dose. But I fall asleep anyway
and start having the most bizarrely involving dreams, it seems at one
point within the dream I win some sort of "Weirdness Dream of the Year"
award that entitles me to a free trip to our sister planet (you know
the one we share caretakers with, mixed DNA, interstellar
experimentation in planet-seeding and culture) So the sweep of
interstellar space and the shifting of influences from our home planet
to this mystery planet as I arrive is awe-inspiring!

Then I wake up, my socks blown off by the intensity of the dreams, and
go to the bathroom to pee. As I'm sitting on the toilet (safer that
way) I look around and realize that I'm tripping balls, harder then 8
to 10 grams of other batches of Pantherina's I've had, even expensive
Japanese ones! All on just a gram, a gram and a half tops- Granted
this was the darkest cap of the batch, but still quite a surprise!
Everything I Look at gets pulled off from one corner like plastic
sticker, then reapplied (made visible) again, several times a second.
Kind of nerve-racking. So I flush and get back into bed and sleep to 5
in the afternoon, having tons of strange, wonderful dreams, that seem
to be so packed with Meaning/Significance within the context of the
dream, but when I wake up it's like "what the fuck was that all
about!" Weird!

Since then I've sampled other caps from this bag, and found them no
where near as powerful, just typical powerful (from my experience)
So watch out for those flukes!!!


I'm a fan of these. I guess I'm an anomaly, I don't sweat, salivate,
or get nauseous. They are not at all like P. mushrooms, Althou I do get
vivid CEV's on higher doses- earthy stuff like floating leaves, rock
textures/surfaces, textile patterns, dark-hued but vivid. On high-dose
trips I notice a separation of identity from the habits of mind that
normally contain it. Disassociation from the (being) within time to
the (being) without time. One can watch the "psyche" mechanically
"doing it's thing" from the perspective of the exteriorized "essence".
In this way it's easy to see how this stuff might have inspired the
Early Christians and Gnostic's. - "I am in this world not of it"

Not too much euphoria, no colorfully dazzled third eye, but a deeply
meditative state, if one can appreciate the flatness of it. Not much
"OH WOW", more "Yes of course, now I remember."

That said falling asleep and dreaming (on it) can have a great deal of
"OH WOW" factor- dreams (for me) tend to oscillate between dire themes
of martyrdom (early christian stuff again?) and just plain crazy
spirit of Pan stuff- madcap/perverse humor shaping the symbolism.
These dream sequences can be EXTREMELY INTENSE at times, other times
not much goes on there, I guess the astral is like the weather or
good/bad day's for fishing (in this aspect).

So that's it, I'm weird, I actually quite like Amanita's!

My god! when will it end... not yet.

Lately amanita's have become one of my favorite ethnobotanical pals.
Here's why.
Let me preface this by saying that amanita's vary widely in their
chemical make-up and effect. Good ones have more of the good stuff and
less of the bad stuff. I feel that Japanese pantherina's are the best.
these can be mail ordered and eaten as is with out any additional
fuss. However even the effect of the good one's will vary widely from
person to person. This is what makes them tricky. As far as dosage
goes, start low (3-4 grams) and work your way up slowly. Good
amanita's seem to like me (or my metabolism likes them) in that I
experience few negative side effects (no excessive salvation,
sweating, little or no nausea) YMMV. Amanita's aren't very involving
in low doses and in high doses they are too gooned out. Medium to
medium high doses are the most rewarding but again START LOW! The
experience is not very euphoric no glimpse of heaven here. What it is
dark, not external world, not social. They're a look back, within, and
below. I like to take them alone at night, in the dark on the couch,
headphones on and off, music ambient, relaxing, trance inducing.
Biosphere, Robert Roach, Hypnos label stuff works great. First effect
is a funny body feeling. At first a little disturbing, than
comfortable. Then at some point I notice that my verbal thoughts have
shifted down into chunks of dream symbolism. This wakes me up and the
process of shifting down then repeats it's self. Sometimes insight
results form this tumbling over of the conscience into the
unconscious mind. Sometimes it's just interesting quirky nonsense. I
get a sort of bifocal view into the spirit and the beast. The beast
living confused with fear under time. The spirit clear, without fear,
outside of time. The gnostic principles governing which side I'm
identified with seem to be featured here. If I an feeling fear,
confusion I find it easy to correct that by identifying with the
fundamental tone of my essential whole well-being. And then I'm
humming right along. AUM. On higher doses CEV'S become vivid. Very
earthy- organic- death,decay,regeneration stuff. A mushroom eyed point
of view. Floating Autumn leaves, birch bark, beetle shell, insect
wing, ancient wizard's bag tattered faded fabric beautiful embroidered
silver forest green. Frayed edges. Bursting seed/spore/pollen pods.
Poof poof poof.. the body-mind feels very well-grounded. Composting
into forest floor. From there I tend to slip off into dreams. These
dreams are wild vivid entertainingly nightmarish and seem to repeat
the mechanical theme of martyrdom. I've been both the victim and the
victemizer in these dreams and it is evident that neither of these
sides are wanted. That they are just the pieces that one gets stuck
with in this ancient game, played by who?!? Once I experienced myself
as the central vacuum tube of creation, crucified into the circuit
socket of reality. Stuck there so that the whole world can manifest
around me and should I be pulled out of that socket, Poof the whole
universe blinks off like a light. A electronic dark night of the soul.
So that's it Amanita's deep, fascinating, occult, weird. Take em or
leave em.

Just one more, if you can stand it...

Jaguar have you ever heard the old adage "one man's mead is another
man's poison"? There's a lot of truth to that. I for one can't bear
ayahuasca, even carefully obeying all the dietary regulations it just
makes all my nerves scream and feel like I'm on the verge of a stoke
if I get more than a entry level dose in me. <--EDIT I GREW PAST THIS- UPPING THE VINE AND ELIMINATING THE ROOT-BARK (LEAF ONLY) HELPED. THAT PLUS PRACTICE.-->END EDIT For you ayahuasca may be
THE KEY. I've used Amanita's both muscaria and pantherina and have
found that used properly (for me that means light out, alone on the
couch, maybe headphones on) they are a relaxing and fascinating
experience with very few toxic effects involved. Beautiful CEV's and a
quite dialog with the sub-conscience mind are common. And then there
are those wild dreams! What a cast of characters! Sure when I'm
walking back and forth from the john I feel retarded a bit, but that's
not where the experience is at (for me), sort of like ketamine and dxm
that way.
At any rate for me and alot of other people they are psychedelic, just
not for everyone apparently.

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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: CandyLand]
    #4346662 - 06/28/05 12:18 PM (19 years, 17 hours ago)

Great post!


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Re: Is "Amanita muscaria var. muscaria" safe? [Re: Sterile]
    #4363089 - 07/02/05 01:02 PM (18 years, 11 months ago)

I just did these for the first time yesterday. I had none of the negative side effects such as nausea or salivating. First we dried them out entirely in the over and then ground them up and made tea. First day we did 15g between the both of us. We got mild effects. Mostly feeling drunk and slightly euphoric. The next day, we decided doubling up the dose was the best idea. 30g between the two of us. This produced very intense euphoria, mild visuals and some CEVs. When I closed my eyes, it felt as though I was continuously falling. I only had one small part of my view that remained normal. The rest flashed a pixelated version of reality.

Overall, obviously very different from mushrooms containing Psilocybin and Psilocin. If you are looking for intense visuals, go with a high dose trip of P. cubensis. If you are looking for more of a relaxing euphoria, go for the amanita muscaria. I personally enjoy both but it is difficult to compare them. That price btw, is a con. Try some other places. You should be able to at least get a gr A ounce for that price. I hope you decide to try them still. I found it to be quite enjoyable. The only downside is the prep time. I feel as though thorough prep lessened the negative side effects.

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