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Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!)
    #4343569 - 06/27/05 04:59 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Shroomerites! today I have effectively busted the clock by taking a Minimal Dosage Mushroom trip and extending it twice to last all around the clock, from 12:00 to 00:00 hours!

Anyhoo: still high, here is the Trip report raw from my OpenOffice!
Hoka High: Today is a good day to High. :wink:
an appropriately named beerglass and a coffee filter paper make a fine improvised strainer. Please note that "Brug" does not mean I snuck brugmansia in there.

Strained mushroom tea. Tastes better than it smells.

Pre dosed mushroom tea. One for the fridge and one for me!

Now Let's Get On With It!


The Elesdious Treshold Trip
27 june 2005

Today I've planned an interesting excursion in my Minimal Dosage series: I will take 0.25gr Cubies and at the three-hour point I will boost the experience with another 0.25gr. If my calculations are correct the effect will be comparable to about 10mcg LSD: the range being 1 hour up, 5 hours plateau and 2 hours down, or about an 8 hour experience with a workable range of 6 hours. Will the mushroom retain its potency with this second boost?The aim is not a transcedental egoloss experience but rather I intend to put the magnifying glass on my ego and look at my world through entheogenic eyes. Even though the drug is 4-HO-DMT I intend a duration akin to treshold LSD, hence I call it Elesdious.

12:00h -- (the Zero Point) -- I drank the lukewarm tea made of 0.25gr Psilocybe cubensis and 300ml hot water. It is estimated to contain 2mg 4-HO-DMT. I had a 3 hour fast beforehand.

12:45h -- 45-MP -- I was distinctly aware at the 20 miute point and steadily climbing. Unrest in the bowels and the mind, a bit restless: i'm going to lie down in darkness and meditate. I have the feeling this will be a fruitful journey.

13:30h -- 1 ?-HP ? Hmmm this is... special.. In darkness i saw faint visuals of events from my childhood. Not the happiest memories. Birthday memories from when I was 6 or 8. But also memories of being given the bottle, as a baby, by my mother. The milk was disgusting. I later on had vivid flow of imagery of primates, particularly gorillas and chimpanzees. I was overwhelmed by the sense that they are so much like us. We're just another monkey that left the forest, no big deal. I practiced some Ape vocalizations until I got them to sound authentic. Definitely a silverback now, not a blackback anymore!
We left so many good things behind us, in the forest. I see faint imagery of Apes (red baboons this time) in front of my eyes when I think of them.
At the one hourpoint I drank some milk and ate a banana. Apes and bananas.. I only now see the connection!

13:45h ? 1 ?-HP ? I must say I'm decently hit by the 4-HO-DMT. Its not strong ofcourse but its a good, workable enhancement of the personality. There's a soft pressing feeling in my head, not unpleasant. My body and mind are at peace. Nontheless there's some clear visual alteration and euphoria going on, but the main emphasis lies on a mental preoccupation. I'm not going to write for hours, thats for sure! Exploration = key. I feel more ?high? effects in light but get more cognitive processes going in darkness.
I had a most amazing baseline-shift in darkness: it was a shift between the childhood memories and between the ape fantasies. The air was thick and reddish with unpleasantness and I found it hard to breathe. It had the hallmarks of an approaching anxiety attack. There is this wall of thick reddish suffocation I must go through. It was there on the LSD and it was here just now on a Minimal Dosage of 4-HO-DMT. Perinatal? Whatever it is its an ocean of hurt and suffering and it tends to follow after oppression and leads to liberation. It was +++ even on this minimal dosage which in my view fits in the lower regions of ++ by its strength. It's strong enough to be workable.

14:00h ? 2-HP ? Well in an hour I will opt for boosting, I hope my stomach has cleared by then. I'm in euphoric peace and very keen on prolonging this state. I'm even covertly thinking of a third boost driving that mushroom all the way home from 12 to 12. But for now I'll go STFU and sit in my living room to see what this will bring.

15:00h ? 3-HP ? At this time I boosted with 0.25gr mushrooms and made a little pictorial. The choice was made for me: I accidentally spilled the contents of the 500mg Mushroom Capsule into the glass of hot water. So unless sinister things convince me to the contrary a third dose of 0.25gr will go down the hatch at 18:00 and patiently sits in my fridge, laced with 500mg Vitamin C added as an antioxidant to bridge the three hours in solution, in my refrigerator.

15:15h ? 3 ?-HP ? Oh yes sirree, it goes straight through to the brain. I thought it wasn't true ut indeed: I felt it within 5 minutes. Lukewarm Psilocybin solution will go straight to the brain and I think this boosting attempt will succeed. Aww, the things I do for science ^_^
During the second hour I pruned a bit so that my belladonna would remain confined to its corner of  my little garden. I washed some clothes (chose a tub instead of the machine) and cleaned up stuff. There's obviously work being done upstairs. I felt remarkably at peace, a stillness beyond the ordinary. After the boost I sweated profusely. At the moment I'm about TWICE as inebriated as i was before the boost, at least thats what my sensorium tells me. Still I'm at peace: the climbing doesn't cause the least nervousness. I think that in half an hour or so I'll meditate in the dark again because I suspect it will be useful.

16:00h ? 4-HP ? I've been chatting over the past  45 minutes and have edited some pics from Fiendcam. I smile all the while (literally, constant wide grin) but the PC is not where it's at! I'm definitely more inebriated than before so I'm going meditating in darkness.
Two bananas as tummy-stuffing.

17:00 ? 5-HP ? Unbelievable: I'm at the 5-HP and still i'm full force on the peak. The only negative is a slight headache and the correct feeling i slept to little last night. In darkness it was interesting. A strange not-quite baseline condition but if you meditatively let the bottom drop out and let yourself sink into nothingness there were amazing visuals. A multi-colored psychedelic Falkor flew me into the realm of visuals and I've been at play in a space where I was not awake but not asleep for a good half hour. True somnabulistic hypnotic state. Hypnodelic effects are amazing. For now i've planned another unusual thing: I've decided to go for a city-walk whilst on the plateau of the 4-HO-DMT. I normally avoid mixing inebriation with random strangers and traffic but I feel it is the ding to do and that I won't absentmindedly cross a street without looking as has happened on the day after an LSD marathon. And at 18:00 its boosting time! I've decided to then call it a day as I will then effectively prolong the plateau to 21:00h, be well aware at 22:00h and likely will take that mushroom round the clock, 12:00-00:00.

17:45 ? 5 ?-HP ? And calmly in small steps we proceed our high adventure  ^_^
The city walk was interesting. Depth and color perception were clearly enhanced and there was believable patterning in the carpet before going and after return. I took my merry preoccupation with me among the people. There was nothing to signal my psychedelization, except my ?Mr. Bean Crosses The Road? redundant carefulness when crossing traffic. Pedestrian skills are decreased ^_^
More than otherwise I saw ?stories? in people's faces. You often get crude impressions when you see people at first glance: this was enhanced. It all was very three-dimensional and very organic. The KFC tub was 'supposed' to lie there, there 'should' be a dog's crap on the sidewalk. Somehow it all made sense, or rather I automatically made sense of what I saw. To quote Carl Jensen: ?psychedelics create a void in perception. Nature abhors voids so it fills it up with Meaning and a sense of Significance.? yup: I saw that happening as I walked along. To test my interaction in the face of chaos (and to buy some frozen bitterballen for tonight) I went to a store. It was clear my reality was a bit fuzzed. I affirmed to myself that I shouldn't walk off absentmindedly without paying, so that pretty much shows shopping skills were impaired too ^_^  I walked out of the store absorbed by the prices on the receipt, which now on 4-HO-DMT seemed especially outlandish!

18:00 ? 6-HP ? The icecold 0.25gr mushroom tea with 500mg Vitamin C as a preservative tasted like sodapop gone bad. The color was still yellowish (not blue, long live Vitamin C) and the taste was mushroomy-ascorbic, but the tea is far tastier warm than cold. It was interesting tasting Cubies again for the third time today. And lo and behold: at 3min into it I now already feel a change and increase of effect. It's insane! I'll see the last sparkles of this when the mushrooms have gone around the clock! I find that dosing on the 3-HP of each former dose is an excellent strategy for maintaining height, even when it is dosed as low as this Minimal Dosage. I have essayed before that Minimal Dosage starts kicking in at 20min into it. The tea gains height at the 1-HP, holds until the 3-HP, loses half its effectiveness but is still fulfilling at the 4-HP and fades away between the 5 to 6-HP. I now also discovered that you can eat something light (? liter milk + a banana or two bananas) at the 1-HP and not loose effect, AND be ready for your boost on the 3-HP which is very convenient on stretches like this. Three minimal doses side by side? No problem! And at a grand total of a mere 0.75gr (one-fifth of 1/8 oz) I'm going around the clock on a by all means interesting Minimal Dosage.

18:15h ? 6 ?-HP ? indeed, the reaction on the 3-minute point was not placebo: definitely on the rise again since then. To an outsider I'd come across as mellow and content while at the same time a bit fuzzy. Claiming that I had a beer or two would explain it to the onlooker. Topic content would give the game away to a tripper, however, even though I got no mydriasis nor clear enlargement of the pupils. Its so crazy to drink Cubie tea six hours into it! Its now the 20-MP of my boost and indeed it gains an extra layer. I came prepared: i pre-cooked a dish with peas, fried potatoes and baked spiced meatloaf which just needs a lil heating in the nuke oven to provide me a nutricious meal. A tripping day should be without obligations and a premade oven dish goes with that just fine.

18:30h ? 6 ?-HP ? It just goes on and on! With boosts at the 3-HP the decline is effectively reversed, you stay right at the peak and have waves up rather than down as the mushroom gets fortified before any noticeable decline. The data just keeps stacking up from this one: I also learned that a mushroom tea can be kept in the refrigerator with vitamin C for three hours without loss of potency as far as I notice. On second thought... I'm going to fry me some bitterballen (Dutch snack: a crispy crust with ragout inside) and let the decent meal wait for later this evening! Contrary to even low doses of MDMA this treshold is far from anorexic: in fact it stimulates the appetite and makes food tastier!

19:30h ?7 ?-HP ? Still up there but now it feels almost natural, but concentrate on something and it becomes very clear that it's not. I'm going to return to darkness and see what meditation brings. I seem to be a bit nauseous and got a bit of a headache. Let's see.

20:00h ? 8-HP ? Visuals like mad! To be precise: the closed-eye visuals in darkness are absolutely florid. They are bizarre yet thematic, not seldom sinister, and follow, accompany and precede racing thoughts, wildly morphing in all directions. During the entire trip i haven't seen this abundance of closed-eye sequences. It is fierce and most slips by your mind's eye unnoticed. There is insight, lust, symbolism, horror.. Its tiring to try and see, as they are about 1-2 situations a second. Best just lie and let it flow through you. Its downright unfathomable and quite counter-intuitive. One would expect the well to dry up over time. But on the contrary its spilling over at the eight hour point! Within the hour, alas, the descent will begin and stretch out over some 3 more hours. Ample time to make the balance. I'm going back in darkness, because meditating with closed eyes clearly is where it's at!

21:00h ? 9-HP ? Wow.
Just, wow. This second time around there was less imagery and more harmoniously. The sinister, perinatal side of the visuals slowly came to a halt. There were several moments that were highly intense, it's typically a feeling that swells to great fullness, good or bad, and then diminishes. Over the years I have come to regard these as ?baseline-shifts?. When you fully relax these come over you and although intimidating these overwhelming sensations tend to bring a better mental set afterwards. Also this time. Suddenly, out of the blue, it got highly entheogenic. I felt an all-encompassing Love that permeated everything. I felt that I payed bad service to this Love, by taking my world and myself somewhat for granted. No guilt trip ? just once more that grand realization what it is all about, call it the Love of God or, in Leary's words:
?The Aim of the Game is To Feel Real Good.?
And that is the essence. Hells as there may be (just watch the news) on this earth, it is a personal journey you live, life after life, into all eternity. And everyone.. is You. Everyone is yourself in another form. There IS no dividing line between yourself and the Universe but the ones we make for ourselves. All = One = Deity. The Cosmos is a Whole, and that Whole is Divine. How can something, that envelops any and all Meaning, be meaningless? The light and the dark don't cancel each other out: they coexist.

552 minutes ago I took my first dose. Nine hours and twelve minutes ago my journey began. It is still strong within me and it will be declining but strong when the tenth hour comes. Full circle: judging the strength of effects I still feel I have succeeded in taking the Mushroom around the clock, the full twelve hours.
Time to make a balance for science's sake.

1...Minimal Dosage can be kept going for at least three doses of 4-HO-DMT if you take them three hours apart.

2...You will feel no decline in strength. Minimal Dosage stays every bit as potent the third time around as a drug and entheogenesis lies deeper but can be had. Experientally it is one experience if dosed in this regimen

3...Eating light foods (? liter milk + banana or 2 bananas) one hour after taking the tea does not diminish the effect of the primary dose or the dose that comes two hours later.

4...If you stir dried powdered mushroom in tap-hot water for 5-15min and then strain through a paper coffee filter the solution, as expected, contains practically all the contained 4-HO-DMT in directly absorbable form. With Vitamin C added as an antioxidant, even tiny amounts of psilocybin in water can be preserved in the refrigerator for over 3 hours.

5...Minimal dosage (0.25gr = 2mg Psilocybin) is entheogenic and suitable as an adjunct to meditative practices. Boosted experiences can indeed enhance the merit of the experiment. Closed eye visuals and entheogenicity can come in the first hour and be there in the ninth. Mental preoccupation, open/closed eye visuals, euphoria and impaired functioning are present at this level. It is primarily an adjunctive dose, it magnifies your mental processes the way orally active DMT at minimal dosage is expected to do, and works best to enhance an activity such as meditation, forest-walks, conversation etc.

6...Tea starts working within 3 minutes, kicks in after 20 minutes and increases to about the 1-HP. Then it plateaus to beyond the 3-HP, clearly declines at the 4-HP and tapers off between the 5-HP and 6-HP, despite being on Minimal Dosage.

7...No. Very low doses indeed have proven themselves to be nowhere near futile. They represent another kind of trip, being magnification of the world as you know it, and glimpses of what lies beyond. The lowest regions aren't a zone of ?atypical effect?: it is a DMT analog the moment it lets itself be felt. You could have laughed your ass off watching the Ninja Turtles or be a bit annoyed at the fuzziness dabbling on the PC, but if you LOOKED for it the Entheogenic effect was absolutely there and quite satisfactory. It either takes sophisticated experienced users or well-instructed newbies to know what to do and what to look for. If not, it's just a fuzzy head and a fundamentalist grin on your face.

22:00h ? 10-HP ? Ten hours into it and still well aware. The decline has notably set in and the directly useful part of the Trip is just about over.
10 hours = 600 minutes. And still counting! What a magnificent experiment, and all that from a total of 0.75gr mushroom. Five experienced trippers could've had this 10+hour trip off of just 1/8 oz!  I'm awestruck. This has been beyond expectations!

>>> end of Trip Report <<<


CLICK ONE -->  :redpill:  :bluepill:  <-- GO PLACES

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Asante]
    #4343870 - 06/27/05 06:01 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

thats pretty cool, i didnt read all of it cause i need to go soon, but its interesting seeing what happens on these really small dose trips

Marx said:
good luck with the microscopy 


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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Asante]
    #4343871 - 06/27/05 06:01 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

Damn nice report wiccan.
I will try something like this with a bit bigger dose.
2.5g as a start and supplement with 0.5 g

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Pu Pu Platter

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: pyronicx]
    #4344025 - 06/27/05 06:35 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

thanks for puttin it in writing, love the long stuff :wink:

If your soul is sence this life is lost ...

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Asante]
    #4344720 - 06/27/05 10:02 PM (12 years, 10 months ago)

This is a bit drawn out and boring.

Glad you're having a fun time though.

Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination!

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Asante]
    #16261486 - 05/21/12 06:49 AM (6 years, 2 days ago)

Incredible! i have only ever taken P.semilanceata. With cubensis, apparently only minute quantities are needed, whereas with the liberty caps i was taking them in there thousands.  So you are probably speaking oz's of them in comparison to grams of cubes!  I will be wary when my colombian strain are ready:)

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: MrLuvaluva]
    #16261508 - 05/21/12 07:02 AM (6 years, 2 days ago)

This thread is six years old :lol:

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: nooneman]
    #16277201 - 05/24/12 09:12 AM (5 years, 11 months ago)

Yeh i know m8, but still it goes to show how potent the cubensis variety is and thats what fascinated me about it.. I've never taken any less than 40 shrooms, (P.Semilanceata)

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: MrLuvaluva]
    #16278648 - 05/24/12 03:50 PM (5 years, 11 months ago)

I've only taken liberty caps, too. I only need like 15 decent sized to get some nice noticable effects.

"Thoughts without intuitions are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind." - Kant

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irregular verb
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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Dagnet]
    #16293359 - 05/28/12 02:24 AM (5 years, 11 months ago)

sounds divine

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x [Re: redgreenvines]
    #16293521 - 05/28/12 03:23 AM (5 years, 11 months ago)


All my posts are completely fictional and are for entertainment purposes only, images I use, post or reference on this account are sourced from the internet and are not my own.

Edited by Infinitys Minute (10/08/16 04:50 AM)

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Re: Trip Report -- 12 hours of Minimal Dosage mushroom tripping! (with Fiendcam picsl!) [Re: Infinitys Minute]
    #16294032 - 05/28/12 08:45 AM (5 years, 11 months ago)

Me too, i've had some terrifying times myself and for me psilocin/psilocybin is far more potent than LSD...

And Dagnet, 15 shrooms... I will need to try that to see i did not think that was enough, but with 40 my first time raw at age 12 i had an incredible experience which really opened my mind and probably changed me forever...I remember Adamski-killer was No. 1 in the charts and it was a sunday and eating sunday dinner with mum and sister and giggling so much the food was just slipping out my mouth and my sister began to laugh and it just got so hysterically funny that my mum wondered what the hell we were doing, i ended up just binning it and recording old school rave/techno offf the charts, the excellent speed trails and shadows dancing around, grass growing like in time lapse photography, lamp posts bending that sort of thing... I do not advocate taking mind bending substances at that age, 21 is about the right time once your brain is fully developed...

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