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6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4
    #4257637 - 06/05/05 12:07 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

The following is a description of my trip today, though in truth to you all I cannot do it justice. Some of it you may believe, and some of it you may not?..I am going to do my very best to describe this in a way that will leave you with less questions. Honestly, whether you believe it or not is up to you?I was there?I saw it, I felt it, I experienced it, and I am now about 95 % down to Earth again. Still a bit shaky, still a bit unsteady, but okay enough I hope to relate what happened.

First of all, a pre-trip journey on 1.5 g of Cambodians last Friday netted me minimal results, with a body buzz, slight euphoria, and nearly nonexistent visuals. I like to eat them before I give them to my friends, brothers, and sisters. Not only because I want to measure the dose, but for safety reasons. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, but estimated if I really wanted to have fun and go on a real journey I should at least double the dose. I did so (and then some) for today, bringing 4 g in a bag for me, and 4 g?s each for 5 of my friends that were looking forward to my arrival, plus an extra 2 just in case someone else that I wasn?t expecting showed up. What happened was totally unexpected.

Arrival Time: 11:22 AM.

Not too many people are here yet, though a few of my friends that were awaiting my arrival are here. Most of them want to hold off for now, so reluctantly I wait until the time is ripe.

1:00 PM

It?s now or never I decide, and start to share. Some still want to hold off, and some are ready but reluctant to do too much even though I related my experience from a week ago. I am finally able to get two of my brothers and sisters to munch some with me, starting off with probably 2 g?s for me, and less than that for them. Before I go into what happened next, let me set the scene. It is a beautiful fucking day in God?s Country with a 85-90 degree F day and barely a cloud in the sky. This home serving as the atmosphere for a Bachelor Party/Barbecue is in a beautiful location, just off a dirt road that runs alongside a nice little River. Sits up on a hill, and set up perfectly for having a Reggae Band, Barbecue, and three kegs like we did.

When I swallowed down the Cambodians, I found them to be fairly tasty?not too bad at all?almost a nutty caramel taste in a way. I made sure I grabbed the biggest dried cap in the batch, knowing it was my monster fruit, so if anything was going to come of this it would probably have something to do with that. Still, I was expecting little, and was very at ease. If anything I was afraid people would be disappointed. Little did I know at the time that I could not have been more off the mark.

1:50 PM: The Eagle has landed in a very large way. It comes on blistering fast. One minute I know that I am definitely in for a ride, but am still skeptical. The next I am out of control, and have total loss of anything within the realm of reality. Suddenly I can feel myself losing my grip on reality. I am overcome with anxiety, and know I need to go somewhere and get a grip. I believe I may die or something not very pleasant is going to occur. What I really want to do is curl up in fetal position in a nice cool place surrounded by people who love me to tell me it?s going to be okay and bring me back from whatever world I am in. I somehow manage to make it to my car, unlocking the door to the passenger side (knowing enough still to realize sitting in the driver?s seat with the engine running and the AC on is not a good thing?.didn?t need a visit from my local Officer of the Law). I start up the car, put the AC on high, and recline the seat. Several of my brothers check on me, and I manage to grasp enough reality to tell them I just needed to take a quick nap and relax for a few and I will be with them soon enough. You have NO idea how difficult it was to grab that edge of reality just long enough to do that. I needed to get hold of myself, and struggled through for 32 very uncomfortable minutes. I know it was exactly 32 minutes, because I was watching the auto clock in my car. It was possibly the longest 32 minutes of my life?.I had NEVER felt this way?..not ever. It was just anxiety mixed with a struggle to control anything from my breathing to my vision. I truly questioned whether or not I was going to come back. I did what I knew I should, which was tell myself this was not permanent, and keep reissuing facts that I knew to be true?like my name, the names of my children, my wife, reassuring myself of where I was and reorienting myself to those surroundings repeatedly. I utilized everything in my power to refocus and get grounded.

2:22 PM: The New World

Nearly as quickly as it came on, the anxiety left. I had majority control over myself again, was grounded, and was now existent in a whole new world. When I opened my eyes, the visuals were fantastic. My entire field of vision was of a series of extravagant coloring, and I knew in that very instant that this was the true color I should be seeing, but my mind, life experiences, and capabilities limited me from seeing them. Not only were the colors vivid, but (this will be hard to explain) they were all made up of tiny squished ovals that interchanged with one another and faded into one another with thousands of different shades, almost like a gradient color picker in Photoshop or something like it. Soon, I was again able to make my way under my own power back to the party, and found a chair in the shade. I found this chair right next to Dana, one of the brothers who shared. I go about 6?1? 300 lbs, and he is maybe 150 lbs and 5?4?. I make eye contact with Dana, and we know instantly we are making a mental connection. He knows what I am thinking, and I know what he is thinking, and am totally confident. We just look at each other and smile, and we both talk about what has happened right up to that point. Dana had the very same situation happen to him with the anxiety, but was unable to share the exact time. Now things were about to get very fun, and uncomfortable, all at once.

As I sat there with Dana I kept sipping away on some water?.it was so hot and I was parched beyond belief. He just kept saying how fucking amazing the Cambodians were, and that he had never been so tripped out. I started sharing how I had no explanation for how good they were, but added that they were ?pretty fucking good huh?? We both just laughed and took everything in. People started to flock to us from all over the party, like some kind of animal magnetism or something. It was like they were all coming to us to pay homage or something, and began to be so consistent that it was unsettling. Then, it hit me, they were coming to us and saying hello directly after I looked at them and was wondering how they had been doing. I was communicating with them mentally without saying a word. I started testing it out to myself, choosing people I didn?t even know from different areas in the party. Sure enough, even people I didn?t know would come up and talk to me, and they all did so with so much respect it was very unsettling. My best definition is I was surrounded by unconditional love and positive Karma that is indescribable. Just as I was about to divulge this to Dana, he said ?It?s like they are all our flock and they are all coming to pay homage to us.? I told him what I had done, and he shared that he had felt the same way but was afraid I would think he was crazy. We peaked like this for three hours, almost to the minute, and it was about to get even better, and yes, even worse.

I started to become aware of all the conversations (probably 100-120 people) that were going on at one time. Just by mentally focusing whether in earshot or not, I could be a vicarious participant in any conversation I wanted. I also became aware that I knew what Dana was thinking, and could go as deep as I wanted when I wanted into his mind. Not only that, but I could tune into the thoughts of any person there (not quite like Mel Gibson, no) ?especially of the female persuasion. I suddenly knew from talking with all of the women there what I had never known in my life. I knew exactly how to get them into bed with just a look?.not words, but a look. In my conversations with them, I could get them to make eye contact with me for the longest ass time?.and they looked like they were ready to come right there on the spot. Had I wished it, there would have been many an opportunity for sex?.not a power I had the right to have. Here is the interesting part?.one thing kept me from following through with any of the ladies (actually two?I love my wife), going into depth with anyone?s thoughts, or going to the next level with these newly acquired abilities: Shame. I knew that Dana and I could see into each others mind more than we were comfortable with, and I was ashamed of the fact there were mistakes I had made that I wasn?t proud of and didn?t want him or anyone else to know. That same humility for my own thoughts kept me from delving into his. I had no right to do it, and I had no right to know what I knew about the woman?s thoughts and desires or what look would affect them. It suddenly hit me that I was a man, not God, and should not have this ability. Thus, when I had the abilities, I felt the responsibility that did and should come with it. You can do it, but use it responsibly. Everything was perfection?.I was surrounded by love, the natural brilliance of all the colors that normally weren?t available to me, all that I said was perfect (I had multiple replies ready for anything anyone said, and never failed to make anyone laugh or appreciate anything I was saying), and with just a look or a thought my bidding was to be answered. Perhaps not the powers of God, but godlike powers at the very least, or perhaps just abilities that have been suppressed that we do not normally have access to. The only thing that was not appealing to me at all was eating. Here I was surrounded by ribs, burgers, deep fried turkey?s, you name it, and wanted no food.

Next in the ring of trippage was the recognition of Vic, a sister who munched with us. She was clearly peaking as well, and every time we made eye contact we knew?..we just knew. She would be facing totally away from us back to, and I would just focus on her to turn around, and she would. Dana, Vic, and I would then laugh our ass off?.it was amazing. I was in total and complete control of the world around me with no exceptions, and it was something I felt so guilty about the whole time. I was taking part in something I should not be yet-totally euphoric world full of unconditional love with amazing control over its inhabitants?..and realized I had to be good. I had to be responsible, because it was right to be, and because that is the way?period.

Next in the line of things I knew I could do, but had to show a high level of responsibility with, was communicating with the other side. I knew in my mind I could do it, but I also knew I should not do it. If I did not do it correctly (and it was made painfully obvious to me that was a definite possibility) I could really alter things on both sides. Needless to say, showed common sense and stayed away from that.

My control had one exception, so earlier when I said no exceptions I forgot this one. One sister in particular, who I get along with very well, was in a great mood until I started having some of these tendencies and abilities. One minute she was smiling, and the next minute she seemed angry and/or pissed off. Come to find out later, she has been struggling with some bipolar issues and was not totally stable, which made all the sense in the world. I couldn?t get a grip on her because she was changing moods and karma?.at least that?s what makes sense to me. Who knows?this whole fucking thing may only make sense to me..but I can only tell you it was as real as a heart attack. I will take this experience with me to my grave, and will believe it always.

5:48 PM: Touching back down.

In a matter of minutes, I was down, and could tell I was pretty much done. Still shaky for a bit, and visually things were still more brilliant?still had excellent charisma, but was definitely back to normal for the most part. Peaked for three hours and change I guess?..what a wonderful day it has been. My life will never be the same, which is why I needed so badly to write this down to remind myself and to share with you the possibilities. The one thing that still remains a mystery (I welcome all theories) is how the Hell the dose from one week could be so vastly different than the other. In total, I had intended for myself and 6 of my friends to trip today. The number of participants eventually served were in double figures.

I truly hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed relating it to you. Psilocin is more than just a drug, way more. I only hope you hit it right like I did. In closing, in the true spirit of The Shroomery, I hope no one player hates. The Shroomery is a place of kindness and consideration for the most part?..I hope this thread stays true to that ideal. If not?you are the one losing out. I know what is on the other side, or at least part of what will be waiting.


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Re: 6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4 [Re: oysterguy63]
    #4257794 - 06/05/05 12:44 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

I believe you man  :thumbup: :sun:

I've had a telepathy experience on mushrooms as well.  Great report.

namaste said:
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Re: 6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4 [Re: Noviseer]
    #4257912 - 06/05/05 01:19 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

  Strange stuff.. I can't wait to taste my Cambos :smile: :thumbup:


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Re: 6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4 [Re: oysterguy63]
    #4258948 - 06/05/05 09:25 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

Well, thanks for sharing that exeprience, although i do not think it was anything special. All of these abilities are avaliable to anyone at anytime, provided they can recognize and utilize them. Magic Mushrorom can have the same effect as Jhana meditation, the side-effects being that one can attain common siddhi's such as telekieniis, reading the minds of others, controlling the elements and such. If you ask any Indian sage or Mystic, they will more than likely, tell you the same. Most psycadelic substances can be used as deconditioning agents, to open up dorment aspects of the mind. Most people are not aware of just how all powerful the mind is, but the very fact is, is that our mind's create this wolrd, and thereofre have no real limits. Psycadelic substances, can, under the right circumstances, (secodnary causes being in  place, set and setting respectivly) quicken the process of evolution and recongisiton of these dorment aspects and bring them to the forefront of the mind, for a limited amount of time only. If you genuinely wish to fully explore and stabailize the potential of the mind, then its advisable that you take up some form of meditation and begin the process of self-realization.

Much love to you, and good luck on your journey. :heart:

All you need is Love! Really thats it! Infinite Unconditional Love! Just develop that and all else will fall into place perfectly!

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Re: 6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4 [Re: oysterguy63]
    #4264221 - 06/06/05 05:13 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

Great report!

You must realize however that 2 grams tends to contain 12-24mg of Psilocybin making it by no means a small dose.

Once the dose passed the 8-10mg mark most people can be hit by an effect of every possible intensity. This means that sometimes 1 gram can hit you like 10. I've had such disproportionately strong trips happen myself so I know they are for real.

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60's child

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Re: 6/4/05 Trip Report at Bachelor Party/Barbecue-LEVEL 4 [Re: Asante]
    #4264479 - 06/06/05 06:34 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

Wiccan....it was a superior experience of the finest kind. I did not realize that actually, and it is good information to have. The shrooms I have had before were fun, but were only pretenders in comparison to that particulat batch of Cambo's. I think I am I am in love.


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