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PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber)
    #4230969 - 05/28/05 08:05 PM (13 years, 25 days ago)

Hi, I'm from Ireland and im going to try grow some mushies... Ive had reptiles before and ive tropical fish so ive a feck load of equipment and i want to make a completely self sufficiant Fruiting chamber, I live a very busy life and dont have time to air them twice a day. (thus when i do have free time i wana enjoy it... by doing my research :smile: )

Ok i used the 2 mugs of vermiculite, one mug of brown rice flower, one mug of water (well a bit less)

In ireland or england you can find canning jars, damn you americans :smile: send some over... so i got these in "all rooms" its a kinda kitchen / house hold store.

although after looking at ihatejacknjills grow log i then went out to tesco and seen his jam but the marmalade by squeeze was cheaper haha

Heres the Jars and the vermiculite (bottom right) and the perlite (top Right)

Also I got Two different types of rice, one in flour form bought in a health food store and the other bought in an indian store and ground up in a coffie grinder (thank you S for doing that)

I started this log a bit late cause ive already inoculated them and didnt take pictures (i hadnt got sterile gloves to fit the camera haha i was going sterile crazy)

I got two prints from a shroomery vendor, one golden teacher (didnt seem the best) and one beaut of a print of B+

I used two seperate sterile desposible syringes and prepared them using the syringe tek on the vendors site so i dont know can i link to it, but basically it was using the shot glass tek. waited 12 hours and inoculated

In some tubs i used the ground BRF and some the bought and recordered and numbered them so ill let you know at the end about my findings which is better.

Ok that was 5-6 days ago and i think im seeing some growth out of the B+ :smile: im delighted and i hope no one says its contam. In the B+ syringe there was huge chunks of spores and all around them theres growth

the black dots are the spores and theres white starting to grow around them at the moment.

With this sign its pushed me to start making an incubator, so ill have pics of that maybe tomorrow.

Ok i need help on making my fruiting chamber (i know im a bit away, but want it working before there ready)

This is the first EASY set up one , its quiet small and i want to know will it be fully self sufficiant?

The Idea would be to cut the holes in the lunch box lid on the left and put coffie filters over the holes this way the air pump will be sucking in cleaner air and then run it into a split 2 way gang valve and split the air into two curtains which wil be under geolite (lecahydra over here)

Also i the top right you see a red blob this is where id fit some kind of outlet for the air, maybe silicone a small bottle (neck first) to the side and stuff the bottle with the polywool you see at the bottom right? I'm not sure about the last step and also its small enough so any ideas about a drip shield? do i need one? and would this be self sufficiant?

The second set up (oh god get ready for this) im using what i have :smile: so its going to be wasteful on money but hey i had it already...

Firstly i created two drip shields but i think the angle isnt steep enough to work? what do you experts think?

I have a fogger that i used on my frogs and heres a link to it...


The disadvantage is that it spits water everywhere, so to stop that i get a bottle and cut a hole in one end and put it inside down the end away from the hole

Here is it in action, the unit is down the left ahnd side and the hole is on the right on the top where the electric lead is.

And here is where id put it, above the drip shield

I would only put that on for a few minutes every couple of hours cause it really does produce alot of cold mist (its not hot but after about 15 minutes the water would heat up but not the mist)

So thats the humidity taken care of now for the air.... This is the only thing i bought (15euro on ebay) its a cool mist humidifyer

It basically is just a fan over some water so not too impressed with it cause i was expecting to see mist :smile: so i could dry it out and use it as a dehumidifer (put the mushies under the fan and let it blow out??) But im thinking of attaching a funnel and then feeding a hose into the other side of the drip shield through the side of the tank and put that on a 5 minute cycle, so that when it finishes then the fogger comes on for a few minutes to replenish the moisture that was blown out

.... SO is that the most elaborate wasteful setup you have ever seen in your life :smile: Is the drip shield angled enough? And are both setups self sufficiant? I also have Lights for both tanks, one is a fish light to bring out the colours so nice spectrum and the other is just a small HID type light (but not HPS or MH or anything its tiny but good light) They also get indirect light but only from the side so ill cover that before pinning.


30st May

After seeing the lovely white fungus stuff it got me motivated to make a incubator, so went out and bought another one of those boxes in "all rooms" to sit it into... then had an old 300watt fishtank heater but nothing to keep it off the bottom, so i got three candles that ud get in a church, and took out the candle and bent down the aliminum sides.

Then put in 4 shot glasses and away we go

I have it at 80 degrees and its very steady heater.

but the temperature stays at 76

Is it worth messing around to get the extra few degrees?

... k im off to the pub for a swift one (what they say about irish people n drink is true) ill update this in an hour or so.

And funny little man im from dublin, what about yourself? and were u sucessfull in your growing?


Heres just some mycelial growth porn, there all 7-8 days old, some taken yesterday some today.. i think the ones in glass jars are spreading faster then plastic ones? anyone else find that, and some of the plastic ones are drying up, should i just introduce alot of humidity to the incubator?


Hi ive been busy lately so havnt got chance to update, also nothing much happening, there just incubating but heres more pics, some are a few days away

Now this pic looks like theres contam around the hole but its just wet substrate sticking to the walls and its just the way it happened that its a hole.

oh and the green thing was my attempt of numbering the jars, i used a cd pen but still during the sterilisation most of it came off

Now onto the bad news :frown: i think i got contam in one jar

Now it was only a jar i used cause i had excess substrate left. But was going grand and you can see the white bits but then over night it just went bag, so im guessing it musta been contam from the middle and broke out cause with that one i inoculated the middle cause i had some left over syringe. People say contam smells well i got a wierd smell when i opened the incubator that day and it was of oranges or something :smile: it was nice not a manky smell. Im going to fuck it out or bury it or something.

Right im off to the holy land of amsterdam tomorrow till tuesday so ill set up my fruiting chamber and maybe do a small casing on wednesday.

15th june

Ok back from my ...trip and the growth was a bit disapointing, was expecting so much and turned over two of them that were 90% done and one of them has contam :frown: think it was when i turned it over the air got in or something over two of the inoculation holes in the tinfoil (even though theres a plastic top over them)

What you guys think? ive already taken it out of the TiT and well away from the rest to see what happens

23th june

Ok this was a bit rushed so didnt have time for loads of pics so sorry about that

So first got a larger tub then my TiT and drilled two hole in the top left and right corners about the width of a AA battery (normal walkman/cdplayer sized battery)

Then got a hell of alot of filter wool (polyfil) and made it into a tight ball and pulled it threw the holes

then put two bubblers on the bottom

Then washed and Boiled some hydroleca (geolite) and put it into the tub, about 3 inches of it with about 2 inches of spring water with about 1% H202 just for good messure :smile:

Then got the inside of a kitchen roll , you know the cardboard part , and covered it in tin foil (aluminum foil) as a reflector, firstly to put more light downwards and secondly to not turn my room into a tanning saloon or make my neighbours suspisious.

then got a lunch box and cut two holes in the top and covered inside and outside of the holes with coffie filters, i just stuck then down with tape all around the outsides so i can change them if they get dirty or wet, i was going to use silicone

I also covered all around the pump with filter wool to help clean up the air more but also to keep the noise level down.

I have the air pump on for 15minutes and off for 15minutes(cause i think the humidity is too high), then switch it off over night cause its in my bedroom and dont want it wrecking me head. Will that timing be ok?

So here we are

26th june

Holy God these things are fast i took down the setup to take pictures to ask you guys if you thought the humidity was too high and i should make more or bigger air holes or not pack the filter wool so tight and TADA MUSHIES i nearly fell over :smile:

I have to run so ill upload one picture for "S" and then do the rest later


25th july

One month later and first batch is all done

The ones i made from the balti brown rice that i put threw a coffie grinder produced huge mushrooms but only few on each flush

And you can see the blue bruising on the base of one of them which i heard means very nice potency (but really i think its when you just a bit rough with them)

And the ones on the brown rice that i bought already powdered in a health food store produced loads and LOADS of small mushrooms and the little buggers are still going, one is even on its 5th flush but i think ill retire it after that, the flushes are getting tiny, im just experimenting how many it will produce.

Now ive gotten a good few deformed shrooms especially from my golden teachers ... but on my B+ in the same spot each flush this little fella keeps coming up

He looks COMPLETELY different from normal B+ he almost looks like a thai mushie but i dont know enough yet to identify them. Is this normal or do you think its just a stray spore from the vendor i got the prints from? Im guessing its ok to eat.

I tried picking them all at the stage where the veil just about breaks like this one that i got at the right second :smile:


I done two casings, one golden teacher, one B+ ... the B+ is going grand and as soon as my upload limit comes back ill put up pics of them. But the Golden Teacher is showing NO LIFE after 2 weeks :frown: and today i opened it only to find cobweb :frown: so i sprayed it wil water+h202 and might burry it cause i think its dead somehow.

Ill be Birthing the casing of B+ soon and once thats up ill close the log and it will be the end of a very sucessfull grow

Oh at the moment ive an ounce of dried mushies and ive another about 8 grams expected of dried in the desiccant chamber.

Ive ordered the Cap-M-Quik off ebay so will throw them into tablets and into a bottle with some desiccant (not touching the pills) and put it in the fridge which should last a year i think.

Ive knocked up more jars of B+ , Golden Teacher, and now PF CLassic (got classic incase i couldnt grow the others i heard it was the easiest but dont really need it now) but having problems with a pinky/orange colour mycelium

I'm ordering Penis envy, PES Amazonian, Puerto Rican ,Treasure Coast from a vendors "grab bag" and also sent away for orrisa from FSRE and sending some prints off my next grow back to FSRE

Oh and im making my fruiting chamber a hell of alot bigger cause the light was scorching the tops of the mushies ... but made a kewl design :smile: so i might start designer mushrooms haha

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4230997 - 05/28/05 08:18 PM (13 years, 25 days ago)

Chances are you won't need the drip shields. I started with them and shortly removed them.

That's not really the coolmist type you want. You want an impeller type. But, you probably won't need it with your set up. The air pump should supply enough fresh air. Cool mists are usually used with Martha's and greenhouses. Looking good. I tip my mug to ya.

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: HippieChick]
    #4231035 - 05/28/05 08:43 PM (13 years, 24 days ago)

You need a nice big tall container or bottle for your fogger

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: kronnyQ]
    #4232990 - 05/29/05 12:16 PM (13 years, 24 days ago)

hey legend im from ireland too. where bouts are you. I have the same jars perlite and verm as you too. good luck with the grow and I will definately follow this log.

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4239280 - 05/31/05 10:36 AM (13 years, 22 days ago)

Updated, just putting this to bump it up, duno is this against the rules if so just tell me and i wont do it again

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4239752 - 05/31/05 01:39 PM (13 years, 22 days ago)

you really shouldn't use a clear container for an incubator!~

unless you keep it in a dark room or closet.

Laterz, Road

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: Roadkill]
    #4239769 - 05/31/05 01:44 PM (13 years, 22 days ago)

i thought they were ment to get 3 hours of light at least a day even when incubating... my bad the area there in i have to take out of to put into indirect light which ive been doing every day :smile: silly me.

Thanks for that

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4269285 - 06/07/05 09:04 PM (13 years, 14 days ago)

hey, just checking in to see how the baby mushies are coming along and any more pics on the way? its the 8th today so almost a week since last pictures of growth were taken :poke: he he  :mushroom2:

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: Salouka]
    #4269364 - 06/07/05 09:29 PM (13 years, 14 days ago)

did anyone else notice that green mold??? maybe my picture is messed up.

........all the kids will eat it up if its packaged properly........

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: onefunguy]
    #4269486 - 06/07/05 10:20 PM (13 years, 14 days ago)

i think its jus a marking on the jar or like.. a messed up pic

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: lordoftheshroomz]
    #4274976 - 06/09/05 07:55 AM (13 years, 13 days ago)

Post updated, thanks for poking me with a stick salouka, and yea the green is a pen mark with numbers. Im off to amsterdam tomorrow (its my second visit)so if anyone has any good shops you think i should go into to get prints or anything that will help my grow when im over there or any other things i should go and do or see please do post.

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4300011 - 06/15/05 05:24 PM (13 years, 7 days ago)

This time the green stuff isnt marker pens :smile: any ideas? Quarintine and see what happens? bury straight away? or over re-acting?

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: TheLegend]
    #4300152 - 06/15/05 05:57 PM (13 years, 7 days ago)

That last pic that you posted after getting back from amsterdam (lucky little sod!) doesn't look like contam to me.  I just birthed a dozen cakes for the first time a few days ago, and many of them had blueish marks on the sides as well.  I thought it was contam at first too, but then I realized that the spots were the same kind of blue that a mushroom turns when it bruises.  Also, I lost one jar to a bona fide contam, and believe me the blue spot looked NOTHING like a contam.  Real contams are really quite brutal to a mycelial body, kinda like ebola to humans, it actually changes the texture of the cake from light and foamy, to heavy and slimy.  It's just a nasty, nasty disease.  But I do ramble on thus. 

So yeah, going on those pics I'd bet cash money that what happened is that when you had it turned over the plastic lid allowed the cake to get bumped a few times, and what you see is the oxidized psilocybin from the bruise it left on the colonized cake.  Having said that FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, WAIT FOR SOMEONE MORE EXPIERIENCED THAN ME TO CONFIM THAT.  I don't mean to sound like big shit cuz I have 11 whole PF cakes in the fruiting chamber.  Just saying that on my limited experience, I'd bet that's what happened there.

EDIT: Before I forget, just wanted to say you have a bitchin' grow diary here.  Very detailed account of what you did, and interesting explainations of the things you improvised.  Well done!  :thumbup:

Battles of wits are impossible with the unarmed.

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Re: PF tek Grow Log (help needed on chamber) [Re: WillieTomg]
    #4338822 - 06/26/05 11:56 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

:eek: wow Congrats on baby mushies.they look cool. :mushroomgrow: hope they keep growing as fast as they've started to grow!:shroomer:cant wait to see more pics of babies growing!


Day Day

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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> Mushroom Cultivation

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