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Registered: 05/02/05
Posts: 2
Last seen: 13 years, 1 month
Hippie3 synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members.....
    #4124507 - 05/02/05 07:54 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Hi, I am a Mycotopia member, and have grown attached to the members here, so I am posting anonymously here, but every word I speak is true, and will have plenty of quoted proof, excerpts from the Mycotopia Chat, and deleted posts from various members of the Mycotopia community. This is a fairly long post, so unless you hate Hippie as much as I do, and most of the rest of the OMC, it may be boring, but you know know about him, It should fly by quick.

Case #1: The Ridder Threads.
Ridder, a well known mod at Mycotopia, disagreed with Hippie?s thread about the fall of the Nook, another OMC, which said

?hey nookies-
i know you read here.
the reason i have
taken off the gloves
is the treatment i rec'd from
blame her for the resumption of hostilities.
i see your pathetic anti-hippie thread/posts
on what's left of your site.
and a word of warning-
don't even think of
putting my archives back up on your site.
i'll will sue you each and every one
if you do.
that means tyk, ion, shade, bombay,
the whole crew.
in legalese
it;s called 'jointly and severally'
which means i'll sue and collect from
whoever has the most assets to seize.
and if you want the name of the law firm
representing me
i'll be happy to provide it.
consider yourselves fairly warned.? ? which more Hippie Bashing can be seen here-http://forum.thenook.org/index.php?showtopic=32846&st=0 (an entire OMC hates the man, I wonder why).

Ridder stated that he believed it would be best to not fuel the fires. I would directly quote what was said in the post, but, It has been deleted. After it was deleted, Ridder posted a ?goodbye? thread, stating he would be leaving for an unnamed amount of time, and while many Mycoptians who respected Ridder left goodbyes to pay their respects, that post ALSO was deleted. Why delete a post simply saying goodbye to old friends? Who knows.

Case #2: The Pepsi Challenge ? Busst
As you well know, Hippie runs a substrate business, selling his own recipe BRF jars, and endorses the Invitro Tek. A Mycotopia member named Nicholas, blatantly challenged Hippie?s commercial jars, saying he would take a ?Pepsi Challenge? with his jars at any time. Words were exchanged, a manly wager was set, and the Competition was on. There was a CLEAR set of rules, which can be seen here: http://forums.mycotopia.net/showthread.php?t=2271
Now, things started turning ugly for Hippie, when Nick?s jars scored first pins with TWO different judges, and now, the little boy that he is, is starting to get aggravated, and started throwing out excuses, which can be seen on page 7- http://forums.mycotopia.net/showthread.php?t=2271&page=7&pp=50
Says Hippie: ?you know,
looking at my jars [pints]
it looks like they needed more spore solution,
none reached the bottom, it's all in the top?
And ?no way to know
but everyone knows that
you need to use a bit more
on pints than regular half pints.
i don't think the substrate formula
has anything to do with that,
it's just a bigger jar.?

Busst, a well known Mycotopian, who has been around for quite some time, replied honestly with an explanation, an explanation which was DELETED by Hippie, but luckily for us, some users Quoted it.
Originally Posted by bussti thought everyone inoculated w/ the same amount of spore solution...maybe your's were denser, stopping it from flowing down, and nicks were packed more airy?

That is what I was thinking?
There was another post by Busst, but was deleted too quicky before anyone could quote it. It said something similar to ?Weren?t both jars Pints?? Simple, and innocent, but to a sore loser, are damning words.
Shorty after the Censorship of the posts, Busst was Banned from posting on the Forums.

Case #3- The Chat Tyranny ?Tumbz, Busst, Info, Smeg, Pluck, Iamsmiley
Tumbz, also a well known, and long time member of Mycotopia, was in chat, and was speaking on the reason Busst was Banned. The relevant statements by Tumbz and Info, Smeg, and Others, are reproduced here:

Mycotopia Chat]: busst has entered at 4:11pm
4:11pm [unclefester]: yo busst
4:11pm [pissybee]: busst is vback?
4:11pm [busst]: hey fellas.
4:11pm [busst]: i dont know.
4:12pm [busst]: im still bant on the forums
4:12pm [busst]: i dont know, indefinately for all i know
4:13pm [unclefester]: you could go join the I Hate
Hippy3 club at the Nook, they got any teks or threads
back up yet?
4:18pm [busst]: i wonder how long i'll last here.
4:18pm [busst]: before a mod runs in here and bans me
4:19pm [unclefester]: busst dare I ask what you did to
piss hip off?
4:19pm [unclefester]: It seems like he's always chasing
SOMEBODY with a stick...
4:19pm [busst]: unclefester, i posted on the epsi thread
that both jars were pints,and maybe his were packed
too tight, thats why the spore solution wasnt running
down all the way.
4:20pm [busst]: so, he got mad when people were
agreeing with me
4:20pm [busst]: and then deleted my posts
4:20pm [busst]: and labeled me a troll
4:20pm [busst]: and then i came into chat
4:20pm [busst]: and he banned me
4:20pm [busst]: and banned me from the forums
4:21pm [unclefester]: busst so you made the mistake of
arguing with him
4:21pm [busst]: it wasnt an arguement
4:21pm [busst]: it was an obvious statement of the truth.
4:22pm [busst]: im still banned, btw.
4:33pm [pissybee]: busst is breaking the rules and he's
banned, LOL
4:34pm [shedthemonkey]: oh man...bummer you are
gonna make me have to do something
4:34pm [shedthemonkey]: nothing personal busst
4:34pm [unclefester]: bye busst
4:34pm [muffy]: only room for one monkey in this chat
[Mycotopia Chat]: busst has left at 4:34pm
4:38pm [shedthemonkey]: dunno really...hip3 just came
out and said Busst is banned...he wouldnt say why...
4:38pm [tumbz]: busst was banned simply because.
4:38pm [Info]: whys he always gotta be so secretive
4:38pm [muffy]: busst and hip have always been on edge
4:38pm [pissybee]: busst gave him a headache
4:38pm [tumbz]: hippie thought busst was rooting for
him to lost on the PEPSI challaenge
4:39pm [Info]: lol, u root for someone to lose in a
contest, and you get banned.
4:39pm [tumbz]: IMO... it was clear hips jars was losing
the first to pin.. and hip was complaining that not
enough SPOREs was used..and BUSST pointed out
that " arent they BOTH same 1 pint jars? "....
4:39pm [tumbz]: they were both same 1 pint jars...
4:39pm [tumbz]: sorry to say , but that thread was
closed simply because his jars was clearly losing...
4:40pm [Info]: its true tumbz
4:40pm [tumbz]: it wasnt because of wombatt
4:40pm [tumbz]: not closed.. he ended the CONTEST
4:40pm [tumbz]: blaming because of wombat
4:41pm [tumbz]: its not because of wombat... because...
when wombat was arested... he didnt close contest
yet... BUT after " nomoreUSMC" posted that NICKS jars
was first to pin.. and hips jars was only half way
colonized.. he knew he lost..
4:41pm [Info]: he would dlete it entirely, if it wasnt for
the high profile
4:41pm [tumbz]: and got mad at busst for pointing out
the obvious;
4:41pm [tumbz]: this site is nazi...
4:41pm [Info]: lol, feel bad for you jews around here
4:42pm [shedthemonkey]: be nice
4:42pm [unclefester]: hush tumbz, we want you
around heh
4:43pm [tumbz]: i was here when hippie banned busst
4:43pm [tumbz]: hippie came in and didnt say 1 word...
BANNED bust and left..
4:43pm [candykid420]: busst got banned?
4:43pm [tumbz]: hippie didnt wanna lose FACE on the
PEPESI challenege... BECAUSE he will lose business
on his MYCRO jars site
4:43pm [tumbz]: yes
4:43pm [candykid420]: I didnt know that...
4:43pm [tumbz]: thats sad though
4:43pm [tumbz]: hippie is not playing fair
4:43pm [candykid420]: wait, wait WAIT
4:43pm [tumbz]: banned busst for 0 reason
4:43pm [candykid420]: busst got BANNED?
4:44pm [tumbz]: i been belittled by hippiemany many
times also
4:44pm [tumbz]: yes busst got banned
4:44pm [candykid420]: why the fuck did he get
4:44pm [tumbz]: busst been here for a long time
4:44pm [unclefester]: maybe someday I'll get em in
the mail
4:44pm [tumbz]: because he said this... " are they
both 1 pint jars "? He said this on hippies PEPSI
challenge... and hippie got mad because he was losing
to nick...
4:45pm [candykid420]: so busst got banned in return?
4:45pm [tumbz]: he accused busst of " WANTING " him
to lose..
4:45pm [tumbz]: yea..
4:45pm [tumbz]: LOL... i think hippie brung it upon
4:46pm [candykid420]: basically, if you question hippie,
you get banned? Thats all Ive seen since ive been
4:47pm [candykid420]: this is the 3rd person banned in
2 weeks
4:47pm [tumbz]: i really dont believe hippie changed his
4:47pm [tumbz]: that is a CLAEARLY made up excuse.
[Mycotopia Chat]: Hippie3 has entered at 5:22pm
[Mycotopia Chat]: tumbz has left at 5:23pm TUMBZ WAS BANNED!
[Mycotopia Chat]: Info has left at 5:24pm INFO WAS BANNED!
5:25pm [Hippie3]: nadda, just takin' names and kickin'
5:30pm [Hippie3]: btw i banned tumbz too
5:30pm [smeg]: you banned tumbz?
5:30pm [Hippie3]: same reasonm as busst
5:30pm [smeg]: why ?
5:30pm [Hippie3]: he pissed me off
5:30pm [myceliod]: LOLOLOLOLOLOL
5:30pm [myceliod]: ahahaahahahaahaaa
5:31pm [smeg]: Hippie... you ban everyone at some
5:31pm [Hippie3]: bbl
[Mycotopia Chat]: Hippie3 has left at 5:31pm
5:31pm [smeg]: hip is pissed
5:32pm [smeg]: all the time
5:32pm [jasontokes]: this is craziness
5:32pm [smeg]: he banned me before
5:32pm [smeg]: TWICE
5:55pm [smeg]: sweetnes.. question
5:56pm [smeg]: ARE YOU OLD?
5:56pm [Sweetness]: yes smeg i am
5:56pm [smeg]: I imagine you being 45
5:56pm [smeg]: are you humping hippie3?
5:57pm [Sweetness]: smeg are you happy here?
5:59pm [Hippie3]: smeg, you need to watch yer mouth
smeg wonders why you are acting like nazis
[Mycotopia Chat]: smeg has left at 6:02pm
6:02pm [Hippie3]: still kickin' ass
6:03pm [Sweetness]: wtf was that?
6:03pm [Hippie3]: that was me
6:04pm [Hippie3]: i don't puzzle over little mysteries,
sweet, boot them all and let god sort it out
6:04pm [Hippie3]: pluck typed in red, so he's goine
6:04pm [bipolar]: Dont boot me I just got here!
6:04pm [Hippie3]: smeg talked too much so is he
6:05pm [shedthemonkey]: been two hours and i cant
remember him talkin
6:05pm [Hippie3]: just that simple
6:16pm [Hippie3]: i'm booting any and all new faces
here for awehile
Sweetness puts on old face
6:18pm [sinthetic]: hip u didn't kick iamsmiley did u?
6:18pm [Hippie3]: who knows, who cares, someone
looking for troible
6:18pm [sinthetic]: cuz she is an old member
6:18pm [Hippie3]: yes, i did.
6:18pm [Hippie3]: she only has 1 post on board

What this except from chat shows is, that Tumbz, Busst, Info, Smeg, Pluck, Iamsmiley were all banned, for RIDICULOUS reasons. How mycotopia is going to survive, when all of the old members are being banned, and the new members are being banned for merely being new, who knows.

In conclusion all, Hippie is a scunt piece of shit, and the Shroomery will benefit GREATLY from it, many OLD names from the topia seem to be leaving, and since the Nook is down for now, there is only one big name left to go to, the Shroomery. Although it seems wrong that Hippie is banned from this site, its just too bad he cant defend himself, because if he wasn?t a DICK, he would not be banned. Thanks for reading, and I?m looking forward to reading all of your feedback.
What do you think of Hippie3?
You may choose only one
He is a DICK.
Hes cool.

Votes accepted from (05/02/05 07:53 PM) to (No end specified)
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Edited by Jaze (05/02/05 08:10 PM)

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InvisibleBurke Dennings

Registered: 11/29/04
Posts: 79,459
Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Jaze]
    #4124525 - 05/02/05 07:58 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)


Why don't you post this at Mycotopia?

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Registered: 05/02/05
Posts: 2
Last seen: 13 years, 1 month
Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Burke Dennings]
    #4124533 - 05/02/05 08:00 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

I am banned there.

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No. Really.

Registered: 12/22/04
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Loc: Southern California
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Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Jaze]
    #4124542 - 05/02/05 08:02 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)


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Fee Fii Foo Fum

Registered: 08/27/04
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Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Burke Dennings]
    #4124543 - 05/02/05 08:02 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Hippies Mycrotopia JARS SUX!


He got embarassed by losing to nick. So he makes up stories and excuses..

What a sore loser.

Note: Tumbz is a fictional character from my imagination.

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Prince of Bugs

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Registered: 10/08/02
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Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Jaze]
    #4124549 - 05/02/05 08:04 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

I didn;t follow that, but Hippie is a dick.

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InvisibleCorporal Kielbasa
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/29/04
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Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Jaze]
    #4124567 - 05/02/05 08:08 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

i dont know why some would like to bash on hippies...

Hippie new wht was up and was glad to help out imo

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Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/14/04
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Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Corporal Kielbasa]
    #4124574 - 05/02/05 08:10 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)


hippie has been a bitch for years

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InvisibleCorporal Kielbasa
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/29/04
Posts: 17,065
Re: Hippie synonymous with Hitler spells new Shroomery members..... [Re: Jaze]
    #4124582 - 05/02/05 08:11 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

i agree with electrode WHO GIVES A FUCK ! Leave that shit at the front door and dont bring this crap ass drama here.

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