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Re: The Seven Steps of Human Evolution [Re: greenpin]
    #1239290 - 01/22/03 08:54 AM (21 years, 3 months ago)

Since this post was deleted I am going to repost these 7 steps of Human Evolution (LONG) as described by Randolph Winters in the Pleiadian Mission.

Human evolution follows a specific pattern which can be divided into seven steps with each step having seven levels.

We begin as a spirit with no memories or experience, only the knowledge of being connected with Creation. We have no experience with physical reality and only know how to exist as a spiritual being.

Step 1- Beginning Life

1. These are the first material lives on Earth. The human form is nothing more than a spirit-form trying to develop its intellect. There is no accumulated knowledge from previous lives, only the intellect of the spirit which has not lived in a body before and can barely take care of itself, for it has no understanding of the material worlds at this time. All humans look the same at this point since our facial expression, bodies, color, etc, are expressions of experiences, wisdom, emotions, and ego that we have not yet developed. Our lives are short, as our spirits have very low energy to sustain the material existence. We also die young due to poor health.

2. Through numerous lifetime we begin to think and provide wisdom to the spirit. The process of evolution has begun. Simple-minded, we can barely feed oursevles and sustain life.

3. We can now think and reason a little better. We have lived many brief lives and are starting to build intelligence from the experiences of previous lives. We are 20 to 30 million years old at this point. The counting of age begins with the start of the first material lifetime and includes the sleep period on the other side which we call death.

4. We can live longer now, for we are able to feed ourselves, start a fire, and build a shelter. Our accumulated wisdom is providing us with some assistance since our spirit is now beginning to understand the physical existence better, and it can provide the occasional hunch or idea learned from previous lives to help out.

5. We are still very primitive and living in caves. We don't get along with each other, and in our material consciousness we have absolutely no idea why we are here of why we are here. We are trying to develop some more rational thinking patterns, but it's going slow. We can't even understand each other.

6. Rational thinking and understanding are becoming useful in our day-to-day lives. We are starting to understand each other and are starting to work together. Man's appearance is unique, for his body and face are reflecting the experiences and wisdom of his life.

7. Reasoning and rational thinking are now in control of our lives. We can communicate through language, symbols, and signs. We are starting to form communities and learning to get along.

STEP 2- Life with reasoning and Rational thinking.

1. Our ability to reason and solve problems is making a difference. We are still not aware that we are also a spirit-form. We are only beginning to question and look for answers. Life is purely a material existence to us.

2. We are now aware of reasoning and understand its use. We are searching for answers to our existence. Emotions are coming into play as fear, anger, and hostility begin to govern our lives. We all look much different from each other now, for we are noticeable on different paths of discovery and experience. The problems in life are being solved through our reasoning ability, and we now regard ourselves as rational, thinking beings.

3. We are aware that there are powers in the world more advanced than our own and are searching for them. We question the power of the stars, sun, moon, and nature around us. We are unsure of our existence and are looking for meaning to our lives. The moon and the stars puzzle us as we search for answers to their existence.

4. We start to develop belief systems, such as worshipping idols, gods, and the sun, without actually having any knowledge of what we are doing. We are still without knowledge of the spiritual side of life.

5. Superstition, Fear of evil, Veneration of good. Here we see the development of religions, superstition, and gods. Our lack of real knowledge of Creation and fear makes us vulnerable to powers that we don't understand. A good portion of the current mass of humanity is on this level.

6. The first awareness of the meaning of our lives and the real spiritual life, development of the first spiritual cognition and their use. Spiritual healing, telepathy. This is man's first awareness of the spiritual world. He is no longer looking for answers but has no real understanding. It is the beginning of spirit and its uses. The average earthman is at this level. At this point we are around 80 to 100 million years old as spiritual beings.

7. Development of knowledge and wisdom. The mind is developing and our accumulated wisdom from millions of years of lifetimes is creating intellect. Man is becoming aware there is more to life than his brief material existence.

STEP 3- Life with intelligence

1. It is the age of the mind. We can be considered intelligent life forms now. We have broken through the age of ignorance and have advanced well in the sciences. Our awareness of spirit and our connection to creation is stronger, for we are learning to create new foods, crossbreed animals, and are searching for understanding of how life works.

2. We are leaving behind the false thinking of the past. We no longer accept old myths, idols, and false gods. Real intellect and reasoning are providing us with enlightenment.

3. High technology is becoming a part of our world. Genetic engineering has led to the creation of the first life forms. The secrets of the universe are beginning to unfold to us, and man is learning about his place in the scheme of things. This is the present position of the educated Earth human, scientist, etc.

4. Awereness and Utilization of nature's laws. Man is leaving behind the old belief structures and is gaining in wisdom about the universe around him. Here we see develepmont in the sciencesas man learns to understand the forces of nature. There is high technology in the field of genetics as we learn to clone our cells and experiment with different life forms.

5. The use of spiritual forces in life. The development of the spirit is now playing a bigger part in the role of man. We have learned more about the ability of spirit to help us in life and are beginning to solve fewer problems by material means.

6. Understanding life through wisdom, truth, and logic. Man is on the verge of real understanding of Creation and the material universe around him. Contact with higher life forms begins. The spiritual world is now more understood, and the true meaning of life is unfolding. Our existence as part of Creation is becoming clearer, and peace among men is starting as the need for material things slips away.

7- Just a few border and spiritual scientists would be at this level. Awareness of the real meaning of life- Man has a real knowledge of the laws of Creation and how to use them in society. Belief systems and religions are fading away as man develops true understanding of his role in Creation. It is understood that gods are actually human life forms with greater knowledge than most, and we now know that gods are also subject to Creation.

STEP 4- Life with spiritual understanding

1. Clear understanding of the spirit. We are now living in harmony with nature and Creationbecause we have real knowledge about life and spirit. Our thinking is clear, but we have little experience dealing with life using spiritual power.

2. The truth of spiritual knowledge and Wisdom. We have real knowledge of the spiritual forces as we begin to use telepathy, telekenesis, time travel, and control over nature.

3. We now have real knowledge of the spiritual forces as we begin to use telepathy and the other spiritual powers in our day to day lives. Many of our problems are solved with spiritual consciousness rather than material means. Our spiritual self is now understood, and we work with energies of all life forms.

4. Cognition of Creation and its laws. We have come to a personal knwoledge and of our connection with Creation and have a better understanding of the meaning of life and our role within it. The material world is becoming less important to us as we are learning more with our spiritual senses.

5. Living with Creational Laws. The end of the concept of belief. There is a major breakthrough in our development, for now we are living from the Creational Laws and have moved into a time of higher consciousness. We are perceiving life with the higher abilities of spirit instead of the simple material senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Our accumulated wisdom from previous lives is being very helpful. Our previous lives and experiences are very clear to us.

6. Controlled utilization of spiritual forces. The power of our spirit is causing us to live longer. Health problems are vanishing because we control our bodies through spiritual balance. We are beginning to develop a society of integrity wherein we can sense each other's emotions and thinking.

7. First ability to Create living creatures. We have developed very high technology and can roam the universe. The knowledge of the material life is ours, and we can create our own life forms to work for us. Our genetic scientists can preserve extinct species by recreating them in the laborotory.

STEP 5- Life with Creational Cognition

1. We can greatly extend the life span to thousands of years through a combination of technology and spiritual power. Our lives are becoming more spiritual than material, for the force of our spirit and our high evolution allow us access to higher forms of consciousness in Creation. The material senses are not playing a big part in gathering the information to form our life experiences, for more of this is being done by the spirit. We are giving advice to other civilizations and helping them with their first steps.

2. Our technical knowledge of the material form allows us to create high forms of life that can be mistaken for human. We are becoming more spiritual begins and spend more time in connection with Creation. Our awareness of the material world is becoming less important to us. Our concerns are for the creation of life and its development.

3. We are beginning to develop the force of our spirit to the point where we can control the forces of nature- levitation of matter, the control of gravity, and electricity. We are starting to look and think more alike, for we have all learned many of the same things.

4. We are becoming less concerned with our material senses as we search for the remaining knowledge of life and spirit. We are becoming masters of the human form.

5. We can control time and space with our spirit and can move through our previous lifetimes. We are becoming masters of the knowledge of human life and its development.

6. We are now masters of the human knowledge. We are still in material form, but have little need for our material senses. We can communicate and experience the world mostly with our spirit. This is the level of a god, a material being that has mastered the knowledge of man, a King of Wisdom. In ancient times gods ruled the Earth and controlled the minds of men. It was believed that they had power over life and death, which is not true, for only Creation has that power. There are no longer any gods ruling over Earth, but many people have not relinquished this ancient concept and taken control of their lives.

7. This is the transition time for the material being. Having evolved through all the stages of development of man, we are ready to transform into a higher consciousness and leave the material plain. We now look very much the same, for we have all assimilated the same knowledge and have arrived at the same level of understanding. We are mostly spiritual, and it shows in our bodies and faces. We are at peace with Creation and live with the complete understanding of love and life.

STEP 6- Life in Spiritual Form

1. The last stage of material life. The experiences that are needed to continue our evolution can no longer be provided by the material senses. We are becoming a pure spiritual form. We are living in harmony with Creation and feel the constant love of eternity.

2. The material body is becoming dysfunctional and serves little purpose anymore. We are interacting almost totally with our spirit. We no longer require sleep or food since we are becoming a pure spiritual form. Our bodies are becoming lighter in weight as the material is fading away.

3. The material body is becoming less dense. It is possible to see right through us because our bodies are becoming more like light. The death cycle has stopped, and we live continuously in this form. Our existence is almost purely spiritual now, and our time is spent in helping with the development of those younger than ourselves. We are taking part in the education and spiritual guidance of those in the material world. We are several billions of years old now.

4. The transition into light body is complete, and we are living our first spiritual existence. Our material body is completely gone and we now exist in a purely spiritual form. We use the accumulated wisdom we have learned to help those younger than ourselves. Our spirit now exists with the constant consciousness of love and understanding for all things. We still have awareness of self and our personality. We are around 70 billion years old as a spirit-form. Billions of more years will be spent as a spiritual being striving for perfection before we transform over into Creation.

5. Millions of years pass as our spiritual self comes together with six other spirits, and we become a collective consciousness comprised of seven spirit-forms. We still have the awareness of self and are actively taking part in the development of human life. This is the same level as Arahat Athersata, the timeless teacher of great masters such as Jmmanuel.

6. This is the last existence of the spiritual self. We are in the last years as a collective consciousness of seven. Our personal identity fades away as we reach the highest level of consciousness called the PETALE LEVEL. Here all collective consciousness come together as one to prepare for the transition to pass over into Creation.

Our evolution as an independant human life form is complete. As part of the highest level of consciousness, the PETALE LEVEL, we will pass over and become part of Creation itself. Here we join up with all of those who have gone before us and become a part of the great eternal knowledge of Creation which provides guidance and love to all things. We have earned this right through billions of years of experience, which has provided us with the complete, accumulated knowledge of all things. We have experienced and completely understood the evolution of a universe.

Step 7 - Life with Creation

1. Our spirit-forms are part of Creation that will sleep for a period of seven greattimes, or an eternity. (311,040,000,000,000 years by our calender) During this time all life and the whole universe ceases to exist. There is no space or time, only the nothingness of sleep. It is not a time for creative thought, but a restful time of cogitation.

2. Creation awakens and starts to create a new universe, just as before. We are now part of a completely new cycle. Our awareness of self is gone, for we are one with eternity now and are contributing to the spiritual knwoledge that guides all.

3. Creation will once again begin its evolutionary cycle by creating living life forms which can contribute to its evolution through wisdom gained from experience. A New Universe will be formed to repeat the cycle of evolution. The energy of the Creation has evolved to a higher level.

4. Creation is constantly improving and creating new spirit-forms. Spirit-forms are small parts of creation that will evolve by becoming material life forms. Creation is constantly starting new spirit-forms throughout the complete cycle of the Material Universe. Even here on Earth new spirit-forms are coming into life. Since they have no accumulated knowledge or intelligence, we will often think of them as idiots or insane. In many cases they are just new spirits who have come into a material world far too advanced for them.

5. It is a part of the function of Creation to continually strive for spiritual greatness by gaining in knowledge. Since the spirit is always awake and never sleeps during a greattime, it is observing and learning at all times. The human form continues to think and provide food for the spirit. Creation is contnuing to strive for perfection in itself in order to become an Ur Universe.

6. Creation can not degenerate. It is always moving forward in its evolution. The same applies to the human spirit-form, for it cannot degenerate either. It is possible to be stagnant or to waste lifetimes without learning anything, but never does the spirit become ill or degenerate. Seven cycles of evolution through the creation of Material Universes will be completed as the energy level of Creation continues to increase.

7. As any Creation reaches the last cycle of its seven periods and has mastered the highest improvement possible, it will transform into an Ur Universe that is capable of creating other Creational Universes such as ours. The energy level of the Ur Universe is so great that it can provide cosmic life force energy to several Creational Universes at one time. Its existence is pure spiritual energy. The cycle of evolution of spiritual energy continues.


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