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Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? * 1
    #4061590 - 04/16/05 04:44 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Got an hour to kill and am playing with those little happy-face thingys so here we go...(this is by far my longest post ever anywhere, so print it out and take it outside for your next cigarette break :stoned:)

Mine's a long story, so it's ok if you don't read mine and just post yours up.  Let's hear it! :smile:

I figure a good bunch of you kids go camping.  Well, this time we'd like to hear your best true story about a nightmare encounter in the wilderness.  For the most part, these encounters would be with dangerous people that for some reason made you scared, and you took the situation very seriously.  This may include animals, but only the real ones(bears, mountain lions, etc).  Please - no stories about a bunch of girls screaming in a tent afraid of a bear that turns out to be a raccoon... :rolleyes:

I'll start, and my story takes place in the Tahoe forests, and it involves one of the most terrifying moments of my life.  My wife and I were off road in my truck, camping wherever the day would leave us.  Well, one night we continued well into the night, driving in some crazy situations where there would be extremely steep, high dropoffs on the left side of the truck, and the mountain on the right, with the whole road tilting the truck to the left, as if trying to kill us.  After going uphill at a very steep angle, off camber like this, we were tired and needed to sleep.  Finally, after 3 miles of slow butt-cheek tightening driving with your life on the line, we came down from the mountain and found a spot to sleep.

Parked the truck, jumped in the back, and lights out.  I woke up in the morning first, got up, peed, and smoked a bowl.  She was still asleep, I started making coffee and decided to take a look around the immediate area(like maybe 50 ft. in ever direction).  Well, I get around this tree, and I see this station wagon pull up to within 20ft or so.  I came out of the brushy area a bit to make sure nobody would be surprised by my presence.  There were two guys, and some kids.  Guys looked young, 25-30.  3 kids small, 3-6.  The guys kind looked like they could be halfway good people, so I said howdy when they parked.  One had a shotgun, but again, I felt cool with it because they seemed alright.  They were cool with me.  They packed a bowl and ask me if I want a hit.  "Of course", I said.  They even offered me a few shotgun shells, saying the 3" mags didn't fit his.  As I'm sitting there, smoking a bowl, I look around and at the kids.  Damn!  They are dirty.  Dirty faces, torn clothing, look at the car->beat up to hell.  These guys aren't in the best of shape either.  Hmmm.  Well, no big deal.  Some people are poor, and some people are homeless.  It's ok, but it made me start thinking and wondering how a homeless person could survive one year in a place that killed the Donner party, let alone with little kids?  I didn't know how I was feeling at this point, but I could still tell that neither of these guys posed a threat to me.

And then it happened.
A truck came barrelling around the corner ahead, haulin' ass, comin' right towards us. 

One of the guys I'm standing next to, burnin' with, says, "Oh great, it's my older brother and his friends."

I look back at the truck.  Hmm.  What do I see?  There's 3 guys in the back of the truck, and two of them standing up.  One is holding a shotgun. :guns: About 3 of the 5 were screaming like drunk college guys.  As it got closer, the silhouettes of the people in the truck gave way to their faces.  I was able to see them clearly by the time they got within 20ft of us because they were slowing down, preparing to stop and talk to his brother.  The other guy standing up in the back also had a gun, a rifle I think, but he was holding it low.  Now I can see them and see their faces and eyes...

How can I put this?  "Deliverance", anyone?  :muppet: Oh lord, nature can be cruel sometimes.  The whole of them looked about in their 30's-40's, and bushy-crazy hair, dirty ragged clothes, the whole nine yards.  Their appearance was bad.  But there is a limit on nature's impact on a human being.  The only thing to go beyond that limit the spirit of the person.  Your spirit shows in your eyes.  Some of us out there can "see" the truth...  I mention this is because even if someone is totally ugly, they can still be a great person.  I judge on the content of character(in Martin Luther Kings wishes), and the truth behind the eyes.  I tell you - after looking at the psycho in the back waving the shotgun around while they're driving, and then getting a good look at the bunch of them - I had an instant INTUITION.  BAD VIBES.  REAL BAD.  I felt myself in the presence of evil.  I have felt it before, and it's been right before.

I had a vision of my wife getting up, and them looking over, and seeing my truck, and my woman(I got a hot one, fellas).  I'm thinking to myself - Oh shit, they got nothing.  Look at me, I got this nice 4x4, I got a pretty(and CLEAN!) wife, I got halfway clean jeans on.  They might even think I have money(wrong).  It would be easy for 7 guys armed with weapons like they were to get me if they all wanted to pull one.  I should not even make them think that we might be becoming friends or anything.  We are not hanging out.  Hell, I should not even say anything else, I've already said too much(as in simply friendly conversation with the other guys in the first place-some people may interpret that as a gesture of friendship and may get ANGRY AND MAD when it turns out that there will be no friendship there - yes, I know you'd have to be a psycho, but this is what we're talking about here.)

You know how sometimes you get that little feeling inside right before someting horrible happens.  Sometimes, you hear it clear, other times, it's real subtle?  Holy shit, this one smacked me upside the head, no wonderin' nothin' about it!  The thought was clear -> "GO NOW...NOW!".

Now, mind you my brain works pretty fast, especially when it needs to.  So, while I first saw their faces at 20ft, all this thought takes place before they actually stop the truck.

Right as the trucks stops and doors are opening and the guys jumping out of the back of it, I look over and see my wife waking up.

I turn to the guys I was smokin' with and say, "thanks for everything, dude, I gotta go though before she gets mad, see ya".
And I start walking away right away, not even giving the newcomers a chance to meet me.  No chance to ask "is that your truck?"/"is that your girl?"  I didn't run but I walked fast.  Halfway to my truck, I hear "where's he goin'?" behind me.  I speed up the pace.  I hear them laughing back there.  I get to within talking distance to my wife and tell her "get down and stay down"(she was sitting up in the back of my truck in the sleeping bag).  She got down right away(atta girl).  Although I'm quite sure they saw already, "out of sight is out of mind".  (Try it out - dangle a steak in front of a dog, and then dangle it in the other room.  Different levels of WANT on behalf of the dog.)

I get in the truck, start it and drive immediately.  As we're pulling away, I can hear their truck start up.  "No way..."

I hang a turn, punch the gas softly but quickly, make a turn and drive for a little bit, telling my wife what's up the whole time.  I pull down and off the side of the main dirt road for a second to let the girl in.  On the main road above us now, I hear a truck.  Look up, sure enough, there they go.  Crazy fuckers.

After waiting a minute, I pulled back out and tried to find my best way out of that area.  We make a turn and end up in what appears to be another country.  It was like a bunch of homeless people living in the forest.  Almost like the stuff you see about 3rd world countries.  Their homes were usually a rusted and destroyed car, upside down boat, or a tarp ran across branches, etc.  Every single square inch of land was covered by garbage.  Even some with no reason, like an old dirty bathtub.  Baghdad in California!  It appeared there were squares, like each person had his own square of land.  How about that - PRIVATE PROPERTY by HOMELESS people!  I think this may have something to do with "mining claims".  Anyway - this is FILTH city.  But I am not worried about any of these people I'm seeing, they seem different.  No threat felt.  Nevertheless, now is not the time to relax and appreciate the forest dwelling garbage collectors.  We keep driving figuring we'll be through it soon, but NO!  We're lost in a freakin' maze of tiny little roads, completely surrounded by these forest people everywhere we look.  We're so deep in this little jungle it's nuts.  Looking around every corner before we make the turn to make sure that truck is not there.  Finally, after what seemed like forever(probably only 10 minutes), we got out of that forest village and, hopefully also those inbred psychos in that truck.  We pulled over and secured the stuff floppin' around in the back of the truck, and kept on until we hit the highway some time later.  We were safe.

Now, it would be a natural reaction(even for myself reading such a story) to think that I overreacted and blew things out of proportion.  After all, not a punch was throw, not a shot was fired.  You must understand that I am not a stranger to clear and present danger.  I have been shot at twice at a range of less than 30' both times, I have had a friend stabbed in front of me, I have been jumped countless times, I have been KO'd, I have come across bears while on foot, I have ran from cops, , I have had my eyes full of tears-praying out loud-slowly walking off a thinly iced-lake that was breaking up under my feet, I have even had an entire group of thugs attack me for refusing to tell them where my friend lived(they wanted to kick his ass), and finally, I've even had a nine to my head and have the trigger drop on an "empty" chamber, only to discover later by this idiot that there was a round jammed and the only reason it didn't go off is because it was jammed in the action.  I mention these to express to you the fact that I have been in scary situations in the past, ones that some of you may call more scary than the one above.  I would agree with you.  Because you had to be there.  You had to feel THAT FEELING.

It's so hard to describe, but of all the other scary stuff in my life, and all the other "feelings", none compares to the urgency of this one.  I truly felt that if I didn't do what I did then, we would be dead right now.

(As a final moral of the story,(this post keeps GROWING) let me encourage you all to trust that little instinct inside, EVEN IF it may result in making you look like you are being prejudiced or stereotyping or whatever else people may call you.  I have nothing against homeless people, or dirty people, or extremely poor people.  No way...I have heart for all of them, including most of those "forest people".  These guys were different...I felt it and trusted it.  You gotta trust it.  No matter what, it has the best outcomes and I can prove it:

If a young lady is taking the elevator and a particularly scetchy black guy gets in there - she has TWO CHOICES.  CHOICE#1-Get out.  And if she gets a bad feeling about him, I totally implore her to GET OUT NOW.  On the other hand, imagine if she gets that feeling but instead thinks to herself CHOICE#2-"He truly hasn't done anything, and I don't want to seem racist and mean.  It's probably ok, I'll just stay"
But would it not be a shame, if when the elevator door closes - he attacks her? :mad:  That would be the downfall of choice #2, after all.
Let's look at the downfall of choice #1 to be fair:  She gets out, and this guy turns out to be a good guy and his feelings get hurt a little by this girl he knew for 3 seconds... :rolleyes:

Do you see the four-sided picture here?
Choice1-> :thumbup:good side=you escaped a serious danger by acting BEFORE becoming a victim, and stayed alive.
Choice1-> :thumbdown:bad side=you might hurt an innocent strangers feelings a little bit...
Choice2-> :thumbup:good side=you were right, he was a good guy, you feel fluffy, got to your destination 30 seconds earlier, and his feelings were not hurt.  Yay.
Choice2-> :thumbdown:bad side=you loose your life in a brutal crime.

I don't know know about you, but if the choices above were both coins, and I had a choice on which one to flip, I'd choose to flip coin#1...big upside. :thumbup:

<Flame repellant here>  I only used "black" for the example.  It could be a white guy that's shady, or a woman that looks like a hooker, it could be a host of things, even "your-ideal-image" of a person could put out that vibe.  The point is to trust that instinct, even if your dedication of good will wants to resist it.  Love the world, and love yourself, understand that the "good guy" won't hold it against you.  There you go, my longest post. :blah: Stay safe.

Now it's your turn - what do you got for us?  Give me a nice creepy story I can share with my wife next time we're in the wilderness. :wink:

"You already know everything, it's just a matter of time before you remember..."

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4061718 - 04/16/05 06:39 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

i didn't read any of that because its too long but one time a friend and i were backpacking at night with our headlamps into a canyon (10 mile hike, started at 10pm) and we saw a mountain lion. Its scary at night because all you see is their green glowing eyes until you get up close. In that stretch we also spotted a turantula and there were bats bothering us. and wild horses/stray dogs.

but i'm going to come back and read your story when i'm not so tired. :laugh:


Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience.
It isn't more complicated than that.
It is opening to or recieving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is,
without either clinging to it or rejecting it.

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Jenny]
    #4061755 - 04/16/05 07:33 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

That was a pretty cool story, I wonder what that village of forest people was all about, sounds like there was tons of them! I was kind of hoping there would be a shocking twist at the end where you discover the true amount of danger you were in, but I guess life doesn't always write itself like a thrilling novel.


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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Jenny] * 1
    #4061757 - 04/16/05 07:35 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

That was a good read - thanks.

I don't have any super spooky stories to share personally, but a friend of mine was night fishing on a pretty secluded lake in the UK a couple of years ago - he is a very trusted, stoical character and not prone to idle fantasy or bullsh*t stories for the sake of it.

Anyway, Carp fishing has come on a pace in terms of technology in recent years (I know that carp fishing is on the increase in the US, although I think that Carp are treated with contempt also? - you guys 'Bowfish' right? - to place this into context, in the UK and Europe, fishing for large specimen carp is a huge pastime, with Carp revered, specimens given names and treated with the utmost respect and care at all times - so much so that some well know carp with a history of being caught almost seem to like the experience, well, it certainly seems that they put the chance of being caught down as an occupational hazard of feeding on high-protein anglers baits! - I digress!) with electronic bite alarms the norm.

My friend was set up in his swim (pitch) at the lakeside, with three rods out into the lake by about 8.30 PM, a clear August night, slightly humid with a light breeze. With his baited rods set up he then started to get himself comfortable for the night - bivvy (fishing shelter) and bedchair, cracked open a beer and sat back to admire the scenery, oncoming sunset, birdlife - just digging the nature as you would.

About 11.30 PM he had a tentative single 'bleep' on one of his bite alarms (when a carp takes, normally you get a screaming run, where the bleeps turn into a single tone), sat up expectently, the run didn't materialise and so he lay back down on his bedchair, drifting in thought and slightly sleepy.  Nothing further happened until about 1.30 PM when again, the same rod had a single bleep on the alarm, which lit the LED casting a glow over the immediate area of his swim - sitting up from his bedchair, he could see that the bobbin on the line was gently swaying but put this down to a bit of a pick up in the breeze, which by know was making the surface of the lack ripple whereas earlier, it had been flat calm.  At that moment, there were three sharp 'bangs' on the outside of the canvas of his bivvy right behind his head - frozen for a second, he considered that this could have been either the bailiff of the lake, known to do rounds in the night to check on people, or another angler although being a weeknight there were no other anglers on the lake, or someone out to cause a bit of trouble, although the lake itself was fairly secluded and had a locked gate for members only, you did not usually get anyome walking around randomly that were not supposed to be there as members.....

Still frozen, a million thoughts in one second as happens in those situations, once again there were three 'bangs' on the canvas of the bivvy, which shook with quite some force this time - instantly he lept off the bed and picked up his landing net handle, the only thing to hand and turned to face whoever it was shaking the hell out of his tent - no-one there.

With a torch, a quick scan of the area behind his tent, nothing to see, just the hedgerow, trees, nothing - no sign of anyone. 

Shaken by this he sat on his bed for 30 mins or so just trying to comprehend, what, who, when, how, why etc. - right in the middle of this contemplation he noticed something odd about the rods in front of him - all of the bobbins attached to the line were on the ground underneath the line on the rods, although normally this would only occur in the event of a fish taking the bait, the bobbins themselves a visual indicator of line movement and usually coming off the line as it ripped from the reel with a carp hooked in the other end.

As he peered from the canopy of his bivvy, he continued to stare at the bobbins lying motionless on the ground when in front of him, he saw what he described as 'when the floaters in the fluid in your eyes come into your field of vision, and momentarily you can't see through them' - something passed in front of him, inbetween him and his rod set up, like a transparent image had moved across the scene - totally frozen again he said for what seemed an eternity he then broke out of this trance and ran from his bivvy for about 100 metres before stopping and turning around to look back on his bivvy in the darkness.  He could see the glow of the lamp, a low light lamp so as not to totally ruin night vision, in his bivvy, casting a gentle glow through the green canvas, when he saw his bivvy shaken again like someone grabbing the frame supports and literally trying to shake the whole thing.  That was it, he legged it to the gate and unlocked the padlock and spent the night in his car - all the while concerned that a fish may take in the night and his rod get dragged into the lake, but too terrified to go back and make sure.

He has told this story on numerous occasions to me and to other people I know, and to this day, the look on his face is one of pure fright whenever he does.  The lake itself is a legacy of gravel extraction in the 1950's for the many motorways in the UK and he has later learn't that other anglers there have experienced very strange occurences, although not with the same tent shaking theme.  Interestingly, the birdlife on this lake in summer is fairly noisy, but he said when he woke the first time, there was not a sound - either from waterbirds on the lake itself, but from the trees surrounding it also.  The swim he has learnt also is known locally as 'Waiting mans' - he presumes because it is not generally a favoured location on the lake for catching big carp frequently, but the guy in the local tackle shop told him 'It's known as Waiting mans' because you don't wait to get out of there sharpish'

I doesn't really know whether it was the hand of man or 'supernatural', but he did ask the bailiff when he saw him next if he had been around that night, which he had not.  The bailiff said to him 'I could have told you not to fish that spot but thought you knew about it'!!

Thanks for reading.  :smile:

Sugarman..you're the answer, that makes my questions disappear...

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: LuciferSam2]
    #4061780 - 04/16/05 07:50 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

I love stories of the paranormal, really cool story, thanks for posting!


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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4062054 - 04/16/05 12:10 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Wow thats a really crazy story. I can imagine how terrifying that was. I don't have any stories nearly as terrifying but I do have a very memorable story of being in the woods.

I was in Yellowstone hiking with two of my friends. We planned on doing a pretty extensive 3 day hike deep into Yellowstone. If you aren't familiar with Yellowstone it is a very large park and most parts are very pristine and remote. The area we were headed for was 20+ miles from the nearest road and supposedly a very beautiful hike. However, in this area you must travel in groups of 3 or more because of the threat of Grizzly bears. With more people in your group the more likely they will be to run away. We were planning on hiking about 20 miles each day in a loop fashion and coming back to our car on the third day.

So anyway, we began the hike and were having a wonderful trip, seeing all sorts of beautiful scenery that only Yellowstone can provide. At one point I lagged behind my two buddies and they had gone up ahead around a bend. They put their packs on the side of the trail and were searching for an old rangers cabin that was supposed to be off the trail but in that area. They figured I'd see the packs and stop but thats not what happened. I didn't see the packs and I kept going all the while thinking they were just around the corner. So after awhile I noticed that they weren't around the corner or anywhere nearby. I'd been hiking the whole day and it was in the evening and about the time I should be thinking about setting up camp. I continued to hike on completely unaware that I passed them. I figured if they were behind me I would have seen them, so they must be up ahead.

It was the whole situation that was so disturbing for me. I had been hiking all day and probably about 22 miles in. There wasn't a soul around for miles, hadn't seen anyone for a couple hours and infact the nearest road was about 20 miles away ( where we hiked in ). I was alone in heavy grizzly country but the area that I was in was the coolest/creepiest thing of all. In 1988 wildfires ravaged portions of Yellowstone leaving ghost forests of dead trees. It was like a regular forest with lots of trees but they were all dead and grey. Very eery. It was dead quiet but every couple of minutes you would hear one of these dead trees slowly creak, snap, and crash to the ground with a booming echo that could be heard for miles. It was almost like clockwork the way they would falll. Every couple of minutes you would hear one and each time I would stop and listen.

So I was a little upset at my friends because I thought they ditched me and I was very tired emotionally and physically from hiking all day, and feeling very alone out in the middle of nowhere. I finally walk through the ghost forrest and I'm about to say screw it and just set up camp for the night when all of the sudden I hear rustling in the bushes in front of me and this Huge bear bounds out of the bushes about 100 yards ahead of me. I stop and completely freeze. My blood runs cold thinking about what I should do. It all happened so fast I didn't really have time to think. The bear slows its stride takes a look at me and then just darts off into the distance. Apparently it saw me as I was approaching and got scared and took off. I experienced a whole array of emotions simultaneously. It was like the whole intensity of the day had culminated into that one moment. I was relieved, angry, happy, tired etc.. . So to make a long story shorter, I was fed up and at that moment decided I'll set up camp sleep tonight hike tomorrow and meet them back at the car the third day. And thats just what I did. Although the second night I was camping there was a large animal of some sort walking close to my tent and claw-like gashes on the tree where I tied my food. There are a few more details I left out to keep this long story shorter but all in all I wouldn't have changed a thing and am glad I had the experience. It was very stressful at the time but then again maybe I'm just a wuss. I think back now and it seems like walking through the ghost forest was some sort of metaphore for my life.

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4062264 - 04/16/05 01:43 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)


This is suppose to be a true story...but not mine.

It's suppose to be a true story that happened to my friend Jay.

Jay goes camping with several of his friends around the Cle Elum and Roslynn area of Washington State...one summer.
These area's are up in the mountains, with old growth forest and heavy woods.

Kind of area that I'm talking about!~

They are sitting around the camp fire drinking down some beer and smoking a little herb...chillin.
Jay gets up to go get some more beer out of the creek...they were keeping their beer cold in the creek.

All of a sudden he is getting these large rocks thrown at him.
He almost gets hit several times.
So he gets pissed off at his buddies...and yells at them to stop throwing the rocks...cause they are getting too close for comfort.
His friends yell down that they aren't throwing anything at him.
Next thing they know...they are getting stones thrown at them from up above them too.
Large fucking stones...and they are freaking out.
So Jay runs up to his tent and gets out his flashlight and takes off up the hill looking for who is throwing the stones.
Way up the hillside he see's this large object moving...he can't make it out.
He starts yelling and running harder.
Then he notices there are several of these objects moving around...so he flashes his flashlight at them...and he makes out that they are Sasquatch(Bigfoot)(Yeti).

Well this freaks him the fuck out...to say the least.
He runs back to camp to tell the others what he had seen.
They don't believe him...of course.
The next day they take a walk up the hill...and find some huge tracks.
They freak the fuck out.
After all they are in Sasquatch country...many have been sited there through out the years.
Native Americans have even recorded siting them back over a thousand years.

So they go home and Jay makes some phone calls.
Gets this local Sasquatch hunter interested in his story...and takes the guy up there...and they made a few casts of the foot prints.

Jay has neer been the same.
He has every book he can get his hands on about Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Yeti's.
Piles upon piles of books...they are everywhere in his house.
He became obsessed with them.

I truely believe he saw a Sasquatch.

So be careful where you camp in the woods!~

Laterz, Road

Who the hell you callin crazy?
You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating froot loops on your front porch!

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PM the names with on there names, that means they have mushrooms for sale.

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Roadkill]
    #4062516 - 04/16/05 03:39 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Wow, simply awesome guys!

Love the stories. Keep em coming.

"You already know everything, it's just a matter of time before you remember..."

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4064504 - 04/17/05 04:02 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

When I was younger, I would regularily go portaging with my family every summer. We frequent places like Algoquin and Kilarney (North Ontario, awesome places)

This summer we had decided to go to Kilarny. We were canoeing around a very large lake looking for a vacant camping spot and the sun was getting pretty low, so my dad was getting kinda anxious to get a spot and set up with whatever light we had left. We were losing light pretty quickly but we finally found a camp site and hurridly set up. As we were setting up, my sister was checking out the couple of trails that lead away from our camp. She went down this one trail about 30-40ft, and she came upon a clearing in the forest. In in the middle of this little clearing, was a circle made out of medium sized rocks, forming some kind of sphere shape. To make a description short, it looked like something Indians would've made. She was kinda bugged out and headed back to the campsite rather quickly!

The next day with more light we saw a pair of medium sized cliffs across the lake. With an opportunity like this we decide to go cliff jumping. We all got ready and piled into the canoe. My dad had gotten his shoes wet, and left them on a rock plateau jutting out from our shoreline. We set off and had a blast jumping off those cliff's. We come back and realize that one of my dad's shoes was missing. That was odd to say, there was only one other campsite anywhere near us and no one was there. We inspect the one shoe he had and realized there were tiny holes, like little teeth marks all over the one side of it.

We searched everywhere for the other shoe. No luck. My dad was stuck wearing my brothers size 4 Sandal or something haha. Meanwhile, my sister got curious about that stone circle she came upon the night before. With more daylight this time, she went to go look at it again. She rounds the little corner in the trail and comes upon the clearing again. To her shock, she saw my dad's shoe sitting right in the middle of the circle.

Hah she comes booking back and tells my dad. He gets his shoe and commented about the circle. I don't remember what he said though. Anyways, we stayed there one more night... and that night while sitting at the fire, we could hear so many noises coming from the forest. Uggh I'm getting pins and needles from remembering it now haha

But anyways, yeah there's my camping story.

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4065195 - 04/17/05 11:52 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

That's the first "Long as Hell" post that I actually read. You made the right choice, esp. since you had your woman with you. Those homeless towns sound like a fuckin nightmare.

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: adamj]
    #4065341 - 04/17/05 01:19 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

The forest always has weird sounds in the night :smile:

Just let everything flow, just flow right to the center of everything. You gotta turn off your mind and relax, and then just float downstream...

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: BanJankri]
    #4066625 - 04/17/05 10:53 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

bump! good thread.

outputrotation said:
x-com and unsolved mysteries are the only things that have ever made me truly scared

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4066684 - 04/17/05 11:08 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)


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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: ivi]
    #4066854 - 04/18/05 12:18 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

I saw a snake one time camping...  I was fuckin' freaked... :smile: :smile: :smile:


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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #4066910 - 04/18/05 12:36 AM (13 years, 1 month ago)

I've got quite a few, being an avid backpacker from years past, but the most memorable one was from my first (and last) time through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. At GSMNP, you can't just camp anywhere you want to because it is so crowded. You have to get your backcountry camping permits beforehand, and sometimes you can't stay where you had planned to. So I had a nice little hike planned out for me and my friend, but we had to settle for a little 8 mile (4 of them straight down - or up, depending on which way you're coming from.) diversion.

So we had to spend the night in trail shelter (You have to use the AT shelters because of bears. They have chain link fencing covering the open side). SO after 4 or 5 miles of slogging downhill we reach our destination. It was a nice little place, really, situated in a hollow near a little stream, but was VERY well used. (GSMNP, remember?  :rolleyes: ). So we settle down for the night, eat a little dinner and smoke a bit, and everything's cool.

About 3 or 4 am I had to pee, and not wanting to stink up the place, I walk a little bit to find a place. I stumble through the woods, and bump up against a furry log. The log starts moving and making a weird sound, and I realise it's a juvenile bear - and where baby bears are, mama's sure to be around, and mama don't like people messing with her baby. So I get the hell outta there, and managed to get back to the shelter uneaten. Not a very exciting story, but it did scare the hell out of me at the time....

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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: Grizzy]
    #14934325 - 08/16/11 11:57 PM (6 years, 9 months ago)

Sorry for bumping this but i was just so entertained by these stories that i am just wondering if anyone has anymore they want to share.  :awesome:

Jesus Is Love
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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: zZZz]
    #14934342 - 08/17/11 12:00 AM (6 years, 9 months ago)


the great outdoors subforum got's ya covered!


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Re: Scary encounters outdoors. Camp horror stories, anyone? [Re: shivas.wisdom]
    #14934386 - 08/17/11 12:09 AM (6 years, 9 months ago)

oh kool, thanks

Jesus Is Love
"best quote of all time" - best philosopher ever

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