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Not an EggshellWalker
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The Future
    #4002711 - 04/01/05 11:50 PM (13 years, 2 months ago)

Obviously the age of everyone here is variable, but assuming you lived at least another 50 or 60 years, what do you think is going to happen in your lifetime on this planet?

To me, it seems obvious we are living in one of the most interesting times within possibly recorded history. That's not necessarily a positive thing, but the results should be interesting nonetheless.

Admittedly, World War I and II were interesting, the Roman Empire was interesting, but we're looking at a time when an entire culture built on energy may collapse due to the loss of economic energy. We're looking at a time when the environmental damage of the earth is going to start to catch up with us faster than ever before, especially because, superficial half-assed efforts aside, we're not doing anything serious to stop it. Technology is increasing, scientifical knowledge is growing, but how much further can the modern world continue its ways until we reach a point of irreversible collapse of some cultures and the ensuing chaos and change?

Hopefully not much longer, the excitement is killing me.

Admittedly, if we look back hundreds of millions of years, there have been events much more catastrophic to the earth than humanity, such as the Permian-Triassic extinction event 250 million years ago that sent 95% of all marine life to extinction, but this mass extinction we are currently in the middle of is different in that it is caused almost entirely by humans, and we are around to see it. People who don't want to admit the truth of the current situation try to paint all the drastic changes going on as just the "natural cycle of the earth," but looking at what humanity is doing to the earth as a whole, that's obviously bullshit to a large extent.

Our evidence for all previous extinction events is geological in nature, and the shortest scales of geological time usually are in the order of several hundred thousand to several million years. Even those extinction events that were caused by instantaneous events unfold through the equivalent of many human lifetimes, due to the complex ecological interactions that are unleashed by the event. What about the present? This isn't going to happen through many human lifetimes, or over hundreds of thousands of years, like the last drastic changes to the earth. I predict that even by the time our grandchildren grow eyes to see the world a century or so from now, they will be living a life much different from ours.

E.O. Wilson of Harvard University estimates that at current rates of human destruction of the biosphere, one-half of all species of life will be extinct in 100 years. A survey by the American Museum of Natural History in 1998 found that the vast majority of biologists agreed with Wilson's assessment, and numerous confirmatory studies in the years since then have produced a scientific consensus on the subject. This isn't the psychotic ramblings of some crazy hermits and green-lovers anymore, this is the situation we are in. It's no longer a matter of just passing it to our children, we are going to be around to reap the destruction humanity has caused.

And for those of you who take joy in chaos, you were probably born at a good time for it.

So long as you are praised think only that you are not yet on your own path but on that of another.

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liberal pussy
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Re: The Future [Re: Ravus]
    #4003053 - 04/02/05 12:56 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

is a boot stepping on your face :frown:...


"anchor blocks counteract the process of pontiprobation..while omalean globes regulize the pressure"...

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altered statesman

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Re: The Future [Re: Annapurna1]
    #4003302 - 04/02/05 01:59 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)


I AM what Willis was talkin' bout.

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altered statesman

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Re: The Future [Re: Ravus]
    #4003351 - 04/02/05 02:15 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

Well I hate to be grim, but I agree our future looks dire short term. I have a feeling we're in for a rough ride as a species, as a planet. Maybe some of the doomsday scenarios have penetrated my mind, maybe it's a bad dream, but I am afraid:

toll due
bad dream come true..

There is no shortage of end game scenarios to grab onto- one to suit every taste. Perhaps they are due to our collective subconscious fear of personal death being projected on a global scale. I don't think we're any different from past generations going back into antiquity in that respect.

What I think IS different is how many people are running wild on a living planet and polluting and altering the planet in ways that are unprecedented. Some people actually believe the planet is a living organism- Gaia they style it. I am undecided on that count. But I don't have to conceive of the planet as a living being to see that it ACTS AS a living being. It is responsive like a living entity and will do its best to expel us as a species if we threaten its well being.

When I was a kid we were always told, "Don't mess with Mother Nature.". I think our lesson will come in that form. If you have a mosquito land on your skin you will shake or swat your arm. If mother nature has a parasitic human on her skin she may produce an earthquake or tidal wave. Or both.

Probably our largest realistic threat from the planet is in the form of a virus. She will send her viral agents dressed in tiny black suits to fry our bacon.

I AM what Willis was talkin' bout.

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¡(Bound to·(O))be free!
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Re: The Future [Re: Ravus]
    #4003940 - 04/02/05 07:13 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)




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The Future is NOW.... [Re: Gomp]
    #4004324 - 04/02/05 11:38 AM (13 years, 2 months ago)

Ravus said:

1) Obviously the age of everyone here is variable, but assuming you lived at least another 50 or 60 years, what do you think is going to happen in your lifetime on this planet?
2) To me, it seems obvious we are living in one of the most interesting times within possibly recorded history. That's not necessarily a positive thing, but the results should be interesting nonetheless.

1)  In my lifetime, I am going to be the change that I want to see....  To BE the solution instead of the problem....    To recycle instead of throw away....  And, LIVE instead of die, until I die....
2)  At anytime you are living, it is the most interesting time....  What makes it interesting is that the future isn't written yet....  It CAN be a positive future, and it starts with you, me, and everyone else that chooses to make it positive.... 
Jellric said:

Probably our largest realistic threat from the planet is in the form of a virus. She will send her viral agents dressed in tiny black suits to fry our bacon.

There was a thought that came to me once about viruses, and were they come from....    They are already here, everything on this planet is already here, it just *may* not have been found yet....  Specifically as it relates to viruses, I thought, what if some viruses were in the ice located at the poles of the planet....?    What if the ice core samples that scientists have painstakingly and carefully dug up silently holds a deadly virus that is just waiting to "come to life"....?    But, it doesn't have to be from ice, they can be everywhere/anywhere....    It was just a thought I had....
The future is now, because WE make the future....    We all are one....  How do you want yours and OUR future to be....?    How do you want the planet to be....?    And what are you willing to do to help make the planet and people happy and positive so that we have a stable foundation to live upon....?  For a FUTURE....
I got caught up in religion for a little while now, and not that it is a bad thing, but now I see it as a helpful reminder of setting morals for life in people....  It has changed my life in some of the most profound ways....  But as I realized, LIFE is more to living in just a moral way to me now....  It is about helping to spread life onto this planet to help mother nature be happy again....  Genesis....    Plant a seed, plant many seeds....    Or don't, that is inevitably a choice one has to make....    If one seriously cares about making a difference for now, and for the future, one will choose to make a difference, now, and for the future....    I am choosing to make a difference now for the future of life on this planet....    :smile:  :heart:


Uni-VersALL      MasterPeace
eMotive  :sun: Divinity NowThere Infinity :sun:  eMelody

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Re: The Future [Re: Ravus]
    #4004938 - 04/02/05 02:33 PM (13 years, 2 months ago)

To the general populous looking for a boost.

What seeds (thoughts) are you planting today to sprout in your tomorrows? Of them, which are you giving light (attention) and water and nutrients (emotional reinforcement) too? They are the ones that will grow and sprout best. Do you want them in your garden of life is the next question.

What about the soil you placed them in? Is it full of weeds "defeating thoughts and emotions" that will snuff the seeds out?  Have you been fertilizing the soil you plant seeds in with good feelings? How is the drainage?

Does water flow through the soil well or does it get backed up by hardened clay (stubborn concrete beliefs that fluid thoughts and emotions can't pass through)and are the seedlings being drowned out by the back flow?

Ever here the expression, "you have to sleep in the bed you made?"

Same goes here, "you have to live in the garden you sow and grow"

What type of seeds are sowing? Did you plant a few beauties just to have them snuffed out by weeds, choking vines, floods or droughts?

Really, think of yourself as the gardener of your life. Become mindful of the soil you prepare (your base "basic" beliefs and emotions)become selective with the seeds you choose to plant in them-your thoughts that take root and become beliefs. Look at which ones you are giving sun light-paying attention too the most. Look at which ones you are giving water too- backing with emotions and how much. Watch out for weeds and pull them by the root. The weeds are bad thoughts that take away sun light and water and nutrients from reaching the good thoughts.

I know some people think that the future is something that happens to them. I know its easier to play the victim of fate and to place blame on the environment.

Consider what happens when you are the one in control of the environment of your garden in life. Consider what can happen when you are the only gardener tending to it. We all live in our own gardens we tend to sow and grow.

The future is not a one size fits all. The past futures will tell you that.

During the great depression, some were thriving and some were dying. Some in other parts of the world didn't even know what was going on here in the states. Wars and famine and peace and abundance are happening here and there all at the same time on this planet right now.

Some people are starving to death while others are throwing food away. Some people are fighting while others are making love. Some are crying in grief and anguish while others are laughing in ease and joy. Some are suffering in their own skin while others are being overcome by waves of euphoric bliss.

If a one size future fits all actually was the case of what happened to us, this would not be the case. We make it happen to suit ourselves as individuals and in pockets of "like consciousness".

Free will is amazing. You can choose with it to do such things;

I wonder what the future will bring to me?

You can choose to wonder about good or bad things.

What would I like to experience in my future?

Again, your free choice.

This is what I am going to Create for my future?

Sky's the limit but you can shoot for the stars to as you will only get as far as you can reach.

This is how I am creating it.

I am on my way making it happen NOW!

There is no reason to be living in fear of the future and one will realize that when they take their power back to create it, away from all of things they gave it away to in fear. Take your power back and quit fearing stuff. Take control and responsibility with your own creative power and use it to build and shape your tomorrows to suit you to your liking.

Even if you are one feeling weak and victimized by your environment you can still realize some creative control here to begin to create change for yourself. Who chooses your environment of influence and what effects you? Everyone here is over the age of 18. If you don't like the effects and influences your environment has on you then start choosing different ones that better reflect your ideals.

When you start hanging around different people and places, unlike any you have chosen before, you begin to see the possibilities and potentials for how different life can be and is for others who are thriving and empowered when dealing with the things others fear.

When you leave this board, take note of how the people around you talk. Do they whine and complain? Do they see the bad in everything? Do they live in fear? Are they irresponsible? How are they treating their bodies and property and that of others? Are they prospering mentally, emotionally and physically or are they living in deficits? Do they give fair exchange with others or are they takers and mooches?

How toxic is your environment? How many dis-eases and virus's is it already infected with?

I want to go swimming today and bath myself in life. Lets see......... crystal clear rejuvenating waters or a cess pool? Hmmmmmmm that's a tough choice. Is it really? No one has a gun to your head. It's always been your choice.

Start appreciating your use of free will and start taking responsibility with your own creative power. You are free to make choices. Stop and realize how powerful that is and how much power you have in that. Others have and you won't hear or see them fearing the future.

Fear, love, discord, peace, lack , abundance, dis-ease, well being. These states of being do not "happen to us". We choose them and they manifest in time. Think back to the garden analogy.

Now, literally speaking, I have to go pull some weeds from my walk ways and add some miracle grow to some new flower beds I recently planted. Prepping for a Luau party I'm throwing for my daughters 8th birthday next weekend.

You're all invited in spirit!

Aloha! :heart: :sun:

Whats that song...."my future so bright, I gotta wear shades" :cool:

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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