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Who's been herebefore me?
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Trip Report, What a night.
    #4002650 - 04/01/05 11:36 PM (11 years, 8 months ago)

Alright, well last weekend was the trip, i've just been really busy sorry for the delay. Well here goes. Each letter stands for a person who was with us through the night. L, E, F, J, C, and Me. J was the only sober one all night (driver, etc).

All showed up at E's house around 6:00 PM, I seemed like the only one who could eat the 1/8 all up with a smile on my face and no food substitutes, everyone else was at a gagging point?  :confused: Go figure. Anyways, so we ate them up and left the house, onto the Museum of Science!!

J drove us all the way into Boston and halfway through the car ride everyone was really giddy and laughing at practically everything, everyone knew they were kicking in (6:35 PM). We got to the Museum and all got out and started stretching, walking around a bit and talking about good expectations for the night. We headed in and tried to avoid eye contact with all the sober, non-tripping people who were at the Museum.

Everyone was so nervous to go and buy the tickets to the laser show because we didn't want to have to stare anyone int he face, so me and L just walked ahead of everyone real quick trying not to be dead obvious and focused, went up to the ticket agents and asked for two tickets. The other three hid behind J and made him get their tickets (as if that wasn't painfully obvious).

We had about 45 mins to kill till the laser show so we walked around looking at differnt things, to be honest the rug was the most interesting 'exhibit' if you want to call it that, the colors, the patterns, the movement  :laugh: So much fun, I sat on a bench and watched. C and L had -THE WORST- case of the giggles ALL NIGHT, honestly it was very aggrivating.

7:30 rolls around and everyone is full blown out there. We get into the Planeterrium (where the laser show is) and sit down eager and ready. The show we watched was Laser Rock 70's, the playlist went as follows:

#  Title                    Artist
1 Back in Black           AC DC
2 Karn Evil 9           Emerson, Lake and Palmer
3 Jump                   Van Halen
4 Bohemian Rhapsody   Queen
5 Carry On Wayward Son   Kansas
6 Rock and Roll All Night    Kiss
7 Dream On           Aerosmith
8 Rock and Roll Band   Boston
9 Seperate Ways           Journey
10 One of These Days   Pink Floyd
11 Foreplay           Boston
12 Frankenstein           Edgar Winters Group

I could take a lifetime to describe each song to you, and the feelings and emotions, and the colors and .. just.. WOW.. absolutely MINDBLOWING  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: It seemed like it lasted forever, but when the lights came on, it seemed like it went by in 5 minutes.

Well, we left the museum and I was so in awe from the laser show still, we all went to the park. Everybody was sitting around the swings, and this is where the fun ended, for me at least.

I don't know why but I feel likeI have a problem. I always 'bugg out'. ALWAYS, no matter what it is, Shrooms (this was actually my first time buggin'), MDMA, Weed. Always, and I don't know why. Regardless, I started to bug out, I got really energetic and jumpy, I was very untrusting of the others (even though in reality they are all close to me). We were standing in mulch around a swingset at the playground but everytime I looked down the mulch looked like it was covered with piles of dog sh*t everywhere! And they all kept telling me to chill and "sit down and relax" which made me worse because now I thought they were trying to make sit in that stuff. I walked away from them to the opposite side of the playground to a bunch of trees, I was looking around trying to find eace, and calm myself down but when I turned around a branch hit me in the face, I jumped back and swung at it and then scurried back over to the group.

  I was becoming very aggrivated and as they were with me. Because as it turns out they were doing nothing to be literally, it was all in my head. So I was aggrivating them because I -thought- they were aggrivating me. My cousin showed up and E grabbed me by the back of the shirt (rather forcefully I might add) and pushed me to the car, told me to "Get In!" so I did and took a ride. E jumped out at a nearby Liqour store for the girls and I sat in the car amusing them while they asked me questions like "What do you see?"

Me and E went back to his house, the others still at the park awaiting his return and (not mine.) He brought me to his room where I was supposed to calm down. I thought I threw up everywhere, it looked like my clothes were drenched in it and it looked like puke all over the floor. I looked at E with the straightest face and asked him if I threw up? He said "No, you didnt, you're fine." I curcled up in the corner of the room on the bed and just sat there for awhile trying to calm myself down. It wasn't working.

  My cousin B came into the room and sat down on the bed and I told him about the whole night and how it was going, trying to make conversation to calm myself down. He had a red wristband on I believe, but when I looked at him he looked very pale. It looked like his wrist was slit and he was dripping blood from his wrist, this made me very uncomfortable and nervous so I tried not to look at it, so I got up and went into the computer room to play on that for awhile and maybe calm down, but when he poked his head in to see if I was ok yet it lookedl ike there was blood dripping from his mouth and down the side of his face. "What is wrong with me?" I kept thikning. He took a ride with me to calm me down through Boston for about an hour, and by the end of the ride the major hallucinary effects had worn off, I just had a mild body high. We got home about 12 midnight and I went upstairs and sat down on a couch and watched TV until I got tired enough to fall asleep.

  All in all it was an experience, not a very good one, but i'm glad I had a bad trip so that I can better understand the essence of a good trip. Though I don't want this bad experience effecting my next trip. Any suggestions on how I can go about not buggin' out anymore or preventing my next trip to go bad?

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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: FreeFalling]
    #4002728 - 04/01/05 11:55 PM (11 years, 8 months ago)

Atleast you got through the laser show with a nice trip. And you learned something. I always wanted to go to a science museam while I was tripping. All those goold electronic things, Im just afraid of goign and it be jamed packed full of kids.


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Who's been herebefore me?
Registered: 02/28/04
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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: Stonerguy]
    #4002940 - 04/02/05 12:39 AM (11 years, 8 months ago)

Yeah there were tons of kids there, especially since we went at like6:30 in the afternoon. They were so creepy  :frown:

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Registered: 07/10/04
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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: FreeFalling]
    #4003391 - 04/02/05 02:29 AM (11 years, 8 months ago)

1. Trip during the day.
2. Take less mushrooms in public
3. Trip with less people
4. Learn how to take a bad thought, except it, and not dwell on it. That is key in shrooming. If you follow all those crazy thoughts, your going to have a difficult trip.

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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: FreeFalling]
    #4004394 - 04/02/05 12:03 PM (11 years, 8 months ago)

man, i get buggy like that too. like everyone is against me, even tho they are my friends.

mm haha

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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: XUL]
    #4005058 - 04/02/05 03:08 PM (11 years, 7 months ago)

I prefer tripping alone or with one other person. I've never tripped in public...don't know how I'd handle that one.
I agree with Toddo on lowering your dosage in public.

Nice report, thanks for sharing.



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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: CaRnAgECaNdY]
    #4005152 - 04/02/05 03:48 PM (11 years, 7 months ago)

The light show sounded awesome! This last year at the Jubilee Cityfest (Montgomery, Alabama), they had a Pink Floyd ligth show by the river. There were five bike cops at the back of the place. They weren't there to stop the drugs, just to make sure everyone stayed safe. I know this, because you could smell weed just walking up that way. I was on a 4.5/10 trip. I wanted to experience the lightshow with it just going crazy. It was one of the best nights of my life. So right on!!! with the your night!!!

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old hand
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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: CaRnAgECaNdY]
    #4005276 - 04/02/05 04:43 PM (11 years, 7 months ago)


I prefer tripping alone or with one other person


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Registered: 03/25/05
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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: motaman]
    #4007930 - 04/03/05 09:31 AM (11 years, 7 months ago)

Hah, I live right in Cambridge (part of Greater-Boston). I've been hearing great things about the laser show there. I think I shall now partake in it :smile:

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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: FreeFalling]
    #4009323 - 04/03/05 07:35 PM (11 years, 7 months ago)

Sorry the rest of your night went sour. My only advice would be to take a deep breath and try to lighten up. I understand the whole dog shit thing, but as a person who has stepped in HUMAN shit (in Berlin at the love parade) I can tell you its not that big of a deal. I just cleaned it off in the grass as much as I could and on the way home hung my shoe out the window by the shoelaces. It actually turned out to be a pretty hillarious ordeal. I know sometimes when tripping something will happen and it seemes like its the worst thing in the world, but just try to look at it from another point of view sometimes (there are always infinate points of view).

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Re: Trip Report, What a night. [Re: soulbts]
    #4011777 - 04/04/05 07:57 AM (11 years, 7 months ago)

sam yo i was at that show two that night with three friends looks like the laser show is popular lol good trip report my friend

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