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illegal alien

Registered: 04/16/04
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a wonderful and very inspiring message
    #3891799 - 03/09/05 10:30 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Quado Message:

Our Course in Creation has now built a foundation for you to create a peaceful,
loving and fulfilled life. It begins with loving yourself and learning to
control your own mind, so that you are moving out of the past and future into
now, out of the negative of fear and doubt and into love. We have proceeded
from the inner to the outer, building a framework for living in the world in a
way which connects with your deeper self and deeper meaning. And now, your job
is to revisit these lessons and bring them home, practice your meditations and
new ways of thinking, calming your emotions, and moving yourself toward a loving
and peaceful life.

And as you do this, just relax and allow the journey to take you where it will.
Know that there will be challenges. Know that it may take you many years to
master these lessons. But do it. The journey itself will be a wondrous and
gracious experience.

And now, we will address some individual topics which span across these lessons.
And today, the topic is faith, faith and its connection with planning,
expectation and surrender.

As we speak of faith, I wish it to encompass not only whatever belief you may
have in God or whatever forces you believe there are in the universe, but also
belief in yourself and your ability to connect with this force of spirit and to
also connect with your own soul self.

Your faith must rest on a belief in your immortal soul, in a higher self which
goes beyond this one little life which will end, blown out like a candle in this
physical life, but continuing forever on another dimension. This is simple
truth. And the other truth is that you do have a higher self, a soul self,
which exists in that other dimension now. It is not a state to be attained
after you have ended this life and gone to heaven. The realm of spirit and true
power exists outside concepts of space and time. The world of spirit is
everywhere at all times. That is also a simple truth.

And you, as your soul self, your higher self, you are the author of this life,
its creator and its power. And as such, you are connected to all that is, one
with the greatest powers that ever were and are, the all, the great silence,
God. All of this is a part of you, is what you are. There is no separation
between you and all that is in this wonder of goodness and love. But in this
physical life, there is that veil that you attempt to pierce, and that you can
almost just see through when you meditate.

And so, believe that this power is yours. Believe that you are one with the
great love which underlies all things. Have faith that you live in a benevolent
universe that means you well. Have faith, also, that the world around you is
heavily influenced by your thoughts, that your own thoughts, actions and
emotions create a mirror, that you are in a highly creative act at all times.
And that when you learn to train your mind toward positive creation, the world
will begin to fill with miracles. When you are ruled by fear and doubt the
world will reflect this back to you. When you are fueled by love, forgiveness
and compassion, that is what you receive. Believe this as well.

And in this world of spirit, what you need is a very light touch. The spirits
which are there to help you, spirits which you may picture as angels, spirit
guides or simply as manifestations of your own higher self, are like wild
animals in the forest. If you are quiet and peaceful and full of love, they
will approach you and shower you with their bounty and love. But if you are
full of fear, anger and confusion, if you try to control them or chase after
them, they will scurry away to hide from you. This is true of the psychic
senses. This is true of wish fulfillment. This is true of everything related to

And yet, this world is there, it is very real, and it wishes you well. So have
a heart full of love and peace, and let yourself flow into this connection. Let
yourself sit in the forest clearing and allow the wonders of the world to come
to you and place their gifts at your feet. Believe that you can learn to do
this. Meditate every day as the foundation to learn this level of peace and

But there is more than just this. More than the faith that the universe loves
you, is in fact made of love. More than a deep belief that you are connected to
it and can learn to accept its gifts with grace and love. Yes, there is more.

There is a reason why you are the way you are, why you have particular talents,
why you have an urge and a drive toward certain things. These abilities,
talents and yearnings are all there to drive you toward the fullest expression
of yourself within this lifetime. Look upon this lifetime as a grand experience
in which your job is to express your uniqueness. You are the only person in the
entire universe who is expressed in exactly this way. You are the one. And you
are called to express every bit of yourself, to break through the barriers of
societal pressures, of conformity, of materialism, of fear and doubt, to break
through all of this and find full expression of yourself. Just you. You,
exactly as you are.

But just who are you and what are you meant to do? Ah, well, that is what you
are to find out. Follow the urges, follow the impulses. Overcome your fears.
Overcome it all and try things out, let life be a great experiment to discover
yourself and then express yourself. And what you will find is not that there is
some conclusion to this, some place where you say, ah, so this is it, this is
who I am and what I am meant to do. No, no. It is a journey, and this journey
will take you through layer after layer of being. You will uncover talents you
have no idea of now, all hidden beneath the layers which you are to peel back in
your discovery process. And this is to be a public process. Get out and try
things. Fall on your face. Start climbing that mountain, then fall down and
slide back to the bottom. This is the process. For in the climb and in the
fall, you will learn who you are, what you care about and what truly matters to
you. You will peel back another layer with
every success as well as every failure.

And now, the type of faith I wish you to have is this. I wish for you to
believe that these impulses and yearnings are there for a reason, but not a
reason you will ever uncover and understand. I wish for you to stop trying to
make a plan for yourself. I wish for you to accept that only your next step
will be revealed to you and that it will require much of you to take it. Accept
that you will be called upon, if you are brave enough to listen to the call, to
abandon things which make you feel safe, to step out bravely and bare, naked
before the world, and do something outrageous, daring, risky, yet which calls to
you in your heart at some deep level. And accept that this will happen to you
over and over again.

And the belief I wish for you to have is the belief that within you, in your
heart of rightness, that feeling in your center core, you know what is best for
you. This feeling of peace deep inside will lead you to the right decision,
even though it is not at all clear how that could possibly be true. Trust this.
Trust that this center knows what to do.

For your body is a tuning fork. You are connected to your higher self through
your body and when you learn to set aside fear and doubt and listen to the calm
knowing in your center and in your mind, underneath the chatter, you will know
which way to turn. Learn to follow this.

Will you also need to do practical things to put food on the table and a roof
over your head? Of course. But it is not necessary to abandon the dream, to
deny the pull inside. If you will follow it, ways will open before you, means
will make themselves apparent, people will appear with solutions, the world will
come to your aid, just enough, just in time.

The universe is not going to lay out an easy path for you. You are not likely to
suddenly win the lottery so that you can pursue your dreams without taking any
risks. There is a truth in your heart and it demands that you recognize it in
spite of opposition, in spite of challenges. This is what the challenges are
for. This is what the obstacles are there for, so that you might rise above and
over them, so that you might go deep into your heart, find your truth and hold
it out like a banner in your life.

And the faith I wish you to have is this: your higher self has already created
your dream for you. It already exists. Remember, your higher self, your soul
self, exists outside time and space. And the dream is already fully realized
and waiting for you to step into it. It is waiting for you to set aside your
plans and your manipulations, your attempts to control your life, your attempts
to make everything safe and secure and known. It is there waiting for you, this
big dream, this seemingly impossible dream, it is there already manifest. And
so, when you manifest something, it is not an act of control. It is an act of
faith. An act of stepping into the world of being and intention which already
exists for you.

And when you are beginning to enter this field, you will feel its power. You may
have dreams which pull you. You may be able to feel the vibration of this field
of intention like chills in your body. You may be able to feel the flow as you
slide down into it.

But staying there is a choice you make. Following this flow is a choice. You
can pull yourself out of it very easily, by simply trying to take control, by
developing great plans and expectations which you think will move you toward a
better place. When you step in and take control, you are taking control away
from the wonder and glory of the universe and putting it into your own fearful

And so, faith is ultimately surrender. It is surrender to what is, to the
higher knowledge and ability that surrounds you. It is a release of any
expectation that you know how things will work out. Yes, there may be a vision
of an end state, but when this is so, let it be a simple vision, a picture which
exists of how things will be, not a plan to get there.

For you can develop many plans, and you have undoubtedly done this many times,
but you lack the power to bring them to fruition. But when you surrender to the
universe, to your higher self and the plans which she may have for you, then all
of the power is yours. All of the power is in the flow, in the wild and
exciting unfolding of the wonders which surround you in every moment.

Faith is that deep knowing in your heart, in your center, in your mind, which
says: I know that all is and will be well. And in that knowing is also a firm
belief in yourself, that if you will but allow yourself to go below the drama of
everyday life and all of its so-called problems, you will find the action to
take for which you are fully capable and that will have the best outcome. Have
faith that you can overcome the obstacles, climb the mountains, walk through the
valleys. Have faith that your higher self means you well and that the journey
you are asked to undertake is worthwhile and full of wonder and beauty.

And if you are in a place where you have not the slightest idea what to do next,
wonderful. Let the fog surrounding you fill with spirit. Fill your heart with
faith in the universe and the help which is there for you and with belief in
yourself. Begin to sense it and act on it.

You will not see a plan or a map. You will not know how your life will unfold.
As you look back on your life, is it not true that the plans you laid out so
carefully were foiled by unexpected circumstances? Is it not also true that the
best and most wondrous things that happened to you came as great surprises, in
wild and unexpected glories?

Free yourself of fear and doubt. Fill yourself with love. Fill yourself with
faith, in the universe and its loving nature and in yourself. And then open.
Open up to what life holds, to the great wonders which surround you.

Know that you are never too old, too poor, too limited in any way for this to
happen. Know that the glory of life is there for everyone, and this wonderful
experience we call life is a great glory of experience, challenge, fun and love.
Do not shrink in fear before it. Open to the glory. Open to the love. You are
love. You are one with a vast and loving universe. Every possibility lies
before you, sparkling like diamonds in grains of sand. You are surrounded by
possibility and you have within you the ability to choose. To choose peace, to
choose love, to choose action which moves you in the direction you wish to go.
Every thought is a choice. Every word, every action, every emotion. They are
all choices which you make.

And if you have trouble believing all of this, then pretend. Yes, just pretend
to believe. Put fear and doubt away, put positive thoughts in their place, do
loving acts. Do it anyway, even though you don?t really believe. Make it an
experiment. Let the universe prove it to you. It will.

It is all right to let belief follow proof. The proof will be there. Just clear
your mind and act as if everything I have said here is true. It is enough. It
will happen. It will begin to unfold. You have nothing to lose but your fear
and unhappiness. Give it a try.


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Re: a wonderful and very inspiring message [Re: exclusive58]
    #3891805 - 03/09/05 10:33 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Give it a go.

PS:(is this a re-post?) (I think i just read this one, and posted almost like this...)



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Nakedly Open

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Re: a wonderful and very inspiring message [Re: exclusive58]
    #3891814 - 03/09/05 10:36 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

This is very beautiful :heart:

All you need is Love! Really thats it! Infinite Unconditional Love! Just develop that and all else will fall into place perfectly!

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Re: a wonderful and very inspiring message [Re: Gomp]
    #3891872 - 03/09/05 10:59 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

did i dream this then? I'm more confused than ever before.. (done a search)

i swear i saw and replayed to this post.. before..



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illegal alien

Registered: 04/16/04
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Re: a wonderful and very inspiring message [Re: Gomp]
    #3892847 - 03/09/05 03:28 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

ya it comes from another forum you're familair with :wink:

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Re: a wonderful and very inspiring message [Re: exclusive58]
    #3892924 - 03/09/05 03:57 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Yes. :rotfl:




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