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Registered: 07/25/01
Posts: 160
Loc: santa cruz, magical land ...
Last seen: 21 years, 6 months
    #381251 - 08/29/01 03:11 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

.. i think most u guys know what i'm talkin bout. i was wondering if anyone has any favorite methods for combating it. my problem is that once i begin to feel the butterflies in my stomach i recognize it immediately as THE FEAR, and suddenly become aware there is nothing i can do to stop it, for it is THE FEAR and soon i will be on a one way ticket to bad trip land. so anyone have a good way to stop it in its tracks, besides having a friend help you out? that definitely works, however it is my experience that when tripping with friends they usually are too and thus cannot be relied on to calm me as things usually become pretty unpredictable. also, my roomate has never had anything but a complete blast on mushrooms, never even anything close to a bad trip, and he has tripped at least 10 or 15 times. i ask him what the secret is and he doesn't really know, anyone else as lucky? heh or maybe that's most people and i'm just fucked in the head. i have not had a trip yet where at least for some small part of it my thoughts were uncontrollably turned to the negative or i began to feel overwhelmed by fear. however, i do not let this stop me as i see each trip as a learning experience, and would not take back any of them. even the one where i forgot my name, thought i died, and ended up running shirtless up and down my dorm room halls :-)

seems like i've been here before
seems so familiar
seems like i'm slipping
into a dream within a dream

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Registered: 08/29/01
Posts: 2,138
Loc: new england
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #381256 - 08/29/01 03:33 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

Nothing works better than some Magic Hat #9, and Yellow Submarine on DVD, The combo is unbeatleable, hehehehe.

Surround sound is highly reccomended

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Registered: 04/06/01
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #381364 - 08/29/01 10:44 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

I wouldn't suggest smoking pot, because sometimes it makes it too much stronger, but for me personally, it does help. cigarettes help a lot too.
for me, there is a "barrier" that I always have to break through when I am coming up on the trip. once I break through, my trip is great for the rest of the time. if i don't break through, then i feel very uncomfortable and restless. changing music, putting on a movie YOU LIKE, etc can help a lot. Beatles Yellow Submarine is a great movie, but then again it might bother some people on a trip. I think that the greatest way to get out of a trip is to play a musical instrument (preferably guitar for me) and watch Dazed and Confused.

saying it is "just a drug" doesn't cut it, usually. you will most likely know it is just a drug, but that doesn't matter. it's like being confronted by a bear and saying "It's only a bear." instead, say "I took the drug to have fun, so I am going to have a great time." Get into a good mindset. That also helps me!

I think your friend hasn't had a bad trip yet because he doesn't think about possibly having a bad trip. Your trip is pretty much based on your emotions and thoughts, so if you are nervous, you won't have a great trip. If you think This is gonna be great! and truly believe it, I think you will have a good trip.

This is all based on my personal experience, so nothing here is factual. It is different for everyone.

We're all MADD here...

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Registered: 08/26/01
Posts: 1
Loc: South Jersey! DIRTY JERSE...
Last seen: 22 years, 3 months
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #381424 - 08/29/01 12:41 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

I'm lucky in the trip department, but I know what you mean. About 2 years ago I ate 5 hits of some STRONG blotter and got The Fear (I was sitting in my room, in my empty house, alone, during a snow storm). What worked for me was, going onto my back porch, in a comfy chair, and focused on the trees/snow/nature in general. A strange calm overcame me and I had a wonderful trip for the rest of the 7-8 hours. Never had The Fear on mushies though.....

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People of the sun.
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Registered: 10/29/00
Posts: 8,157
Loc: Cologne, Germany
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: PhatKhat]
    #381686 - 08/29/01 06:59 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

yup, i definitely know what you mean... i was just like your friend the first year tripping... never even came close to having a bad trip... but one time i made a big mistake... i tripped on a wednesday, having to work next day... i ate 2,5 gr. of cubies... and they hit me terribly strong... i was having a fucking level 4 of 2,5 gr.!! the trip was absolutely great... i went for a walk, layed on the grass watching the stars and the moon do their dance for me... had good music on my mp3 player... it was all good until i thought about working the next day... terror creeped up my spine like first rising waves of an acid frenzy... it was THE FEAR... i could handle it and handle my thoughts, but it never went away completely... i fell asleep that night and awoke happy to be back in reality... and since that trip THE FEAR comes back every trip... no matter how much i eat... what people im with, what enviroment... it comes back... its not that i have a nightmare or somehting like that... but i have this stupid thoughts i can?t ged rid of... but anyways, i continue tripping... cuz i learn from every trip... wether good or bad...


"Heaven--as you call it--is nowhere. Let?s just put some space between the w and the h in that word and you?ll see that heaven is now...here." -God


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InvisibleMy Third Eye
old hand

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Registered: 11/02/00
Posts: 641
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: In(di)go]
    #381710 - 08/29/01 07:45 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

i used to have bad trips as well..i found the what was causing the pattern though..the first thing that set off my round of bad trips was the first bad trip..when you have one thats all you can think about next time you dose..then it happens..second of all..i learned not to smoke pot while trippin keeps me from thinkin those bad thoughts..not only that the trip seems to be a lot more energetic and just all around good..third..you cant just trip anywhere..you need to be somewhere comfortable..peace

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Registered: 07/13/01
Posts: 186
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: My Third Eye] * 1
    #382003 - 08/30/01 08:27 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

Here is a little (long!) email I wrote to my friend who was about to take some. Kind covers my angle on it:

"Having a good trip is likely to just happen. Amongst other effects shrooms cause euphoria and happiness.

Some trippers never give their attitude or mindset a second thought and this is fine. Many other trippers find it is useful to go into the trip with an attitude - a positive viewpoint.

People have many reasons why they want to take shrooms. I have my own. I think that shrooms amplify your natural emotions and give you immediate and powerful feedback of your conscious and unconscious mind. This is a very useful tool in finding out more about yourself and discovering the way your mind works. More to the point it is a way of discovering how to work your mind to bring you more happiness and fulfilment in your life in general. You can have a thought and immediately see the benefits or foibles of it. In the rest of your life things are no so clear and easy. After a great trip you will find you feel positive about life and more connected with people in a very real and natural way. This has nothing to do with chemical after-effects but everything to do with discovering new ways of looking at the world.

The world's religions all talk about "being at one with god/yourself/the world" and being nice and open to other humans as a route to heaven. They teach opening your heart to God. Personally I don't believe in God but the lessons of the shroom are very similar. You can learn to open yourself to the universe, to submit to the trip and gain greater understanding of yourself and your fellow trippers. There is a natural tendency for the novice tripper to "hold back from the brink" to avoid really "submitting to the universe" because of the fear of what will happen - the fear that you will "lose it". What will happen if you do submit? The answer is total relaxation, happiness and realisation that the world is indeed a positive place. So give it a shot!

Depending on your personality and life up to this point. This process may be easy or more difficult. You will have to learn your own specific attitudes but there are positive thoughts which seem to be common amongst many trippers. Some of these ideas are listed at the bottom of the page. They are not rules but ideas to experiment with. They all essentially point to the same idea but appear to be many. When you experience the great trips you realise they are all one and the same: relax-don't hold back-be happy-talk-listen-experience-don't judge-accept-be fascinated-focus-relax.

"Bad Trips"

Everyone has heard the stories of "bad trips". It is more realistic to view these as "negative experiences". Why? - because a trip going bad can be turned into one that is unimaginable good. To frame it as a "bad trip" is to pointlessly assume that once you "lose it" you just have to ride it out. It is useful to consider why these negative experiences happen at all. They can of course be caused by being unhappy before you take the trip or maybe a sudden armed police-raid on your house during the tip - that sort of thing! Whatever the apparent outside causes are, the way you approach the trip is by far the biggest factor in your enjoyment.

Negative feelings on trips are usually a result of a circular series of thoughts and attitudes. It often starts with mild concern or "fear" - often fear about having negative feelings during the trip. Unchallenged & hidden away these build physical tension. Tension itself is experienced as a negative feeling. This can cause fear and so on. This circle can be broken easily by realising this and physically relaxing, not hiding the fear but saying "big deal - everyone has some negative feelings everyday of their lives - they pass" and accepting the negative feelings for what they are - fear of fear, concern about being concerned, worrying about worrying. Seek out these bogus and pointless worries and boot them out! As the song goes "Don't worry - Be happy!" ??

Reading this mail and cheerfully facing the negative side of things is part of the philosophy.

Some thoughts abouu tripping

1. Practice total acceptance without judgement.
2. Talk about the negatives - don't hide or pretend.
3. Make a pact of open communication between all parties before the trip.
4. Tell the other trippers how much you like them.
5. Forget about the time.
6. Take the shrooms in a tasty fashion like a smoothie.
7. Have absolutely nothing to do the next day. Do it before you trip.
8. Be in a nice, clean environment. Clear up - pay your dues to yourself before you trip - feel virtuous.
9. Avoid authority figures (police/parents etc)
10. Listen as well as talk
11. Don't rely on music etc to alter your mood - use your mood to alter the music. Be happy with your environment - don't keep trying to change it. Change your mind not the room.
12. Relax into the trip - give yourself to the partial chaos. The next level isn't much different but you'll learn something new - don't be afraid that you'll "lose it" and never come back. If anything, that reticence, that block, that fear is the thing to be overcome NOT the giving in. Anyway, there is quite literally no point in taking drugs and then trying to stay normal!
13. Relax. Be happy. Tripping is a great opportunity to explore the meaning of real relaxation, focus and acceptance. In fact, that is a good reason to trip.
14. Remember the coming-up stage is a bit weird and doesn't relate to the trip itself.
15. Take smallish doses. You can always take more after a couple of hours if it's not strong enough!
16. Decide WHY you want to do it before you take it and make it a worthwhile reason. To experience what mushrooms can do to open your mind is a good reason. To connect with a close friend or loved one is a good reason. To "get fucked" may not be.
17. Discuss these attitudes/aims with your fellow trippers and see if you all agree.
18. Don't smoke weed or drink a lot before the trip. Save them for the come-down. A clear mind is one of the big gifts of the trip. A cloudy mind is more open to circular thinking.
19. Take the shrooms in a stomach friendly way & consider using antacids.
20. Keep things slow, smooth, relaxed and focussed."

* I've edited the stuff about serotonin out - don't want to spread misinformation. Thx to the ppl who pointed it out. :-)

Edited by NDK on 09/03/01 04:40 AM.

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old hand
Registered: 02/07/01
Posts: 858
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: NDK]
    #382275 - 08/30/01 05:33 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

NDK!! You are my new favorite person!! Everything you said was totally right on!! I'm going to be taking my first 4 gram dose tomorrow (my only other dose being 2grams) and I was feeling very negative about it. I wanted to do it but I was very worried about a "bad trip". Your post made me confront this fear and now I realize that it has no basis and that as long as I let it this trip will undoubtedly be one of the funnest times of my life. Thank you so much for posting and alleviating my fear. I am confident now and can go into this trip with a clear and happy mind. =)

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Registered: 08/26/01
Posts: 179
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: Juggles]
    #382322 - 08/30/01 06:28 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

keep us updated on how everything went ;D

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Registered: 07/25/01
Posts: 160
Loc: santa cruz, magical land ...
Last seen: 21 years, 6 months
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: NDK]
    #382549 - 08/31/01 01:38 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

wow, thanks for all the ideas/stories! ndk, there is definitely a lot of wisdom in that post. i think with all the advice i should definitely be able to ENJOY my trips a little more, and learn a thing or two in the process!

seems like i've been here before
seems so familiar
seems like i'm slipping
into a dream within a dream

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InvisibleZen Peddler
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Registered: 06/18/01
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #383118 - 09/01/01 01:16 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

With out a shadow of a doubt, the best combat for any trip that is turning nasty, is to grab your girlfriend and start shagging! I once shagged away a really nasty 4 Getafix Acid trip ... and believe me it was the best possible response!!


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Registered: 07/29/01
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #384204 - 09/02/01 09:14 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

Best would probably have to be is put on some slow mellow happy music. Beatles Sgt Pepper, PF Dark Side of the Moon (not exactly happy lyrics but uplifting vibe)

~Prying open my third eye.~

~Prying open my third eye.~

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Registered: 03/31/00
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #384261 - 09/02/01 10:42 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

I don't relate too much to the fear. I know that it is just a drug and that I am not going to die or be stuck in an altered state. I just get stuck in half sleep, half-awake, hazy, circular thought.

Usually I see these small creatures that their only function is to have sex. They are a small hairless animal that have small heads, arms and upper body, but the lower half is basically a penis. I see it pumping its body into a vagina, and drops of white liquid on everything.

I guess that this creature is an exaggeration of the negative way that I see humans sometimes. Our only purpose is to fuck mindlessly.

Can anyone relate to this type of experience?

I think I know what to do to combat this, but my mind tends toward depressing thoughts, and the psilocin amplifies them. I need to occupy my mind with enjoyable thoughts, do something other than lay in bed, and trip with other people.

Completely straightup downright digging it. Can you dig it?

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Registered: 09/03/01
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Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #385132 - 09/03/01 11:53 PM (22 years, 3 months ago)

oh yes, THE FEAR! try stepping your dose. if you know how much to take, take half. when you know youve gotten up, then the next passage isn't so traumatic.

when ive experianced THE FEAR, it often happened when i did a poor job of measuring my dose, and didn't know what to prepare for. finding myself propelled from ground level up to level three in only a few minutes makes me wonder if i'm going to keep going to still unexperianced higher levels.

if you mix shrooms with pot or anything else, wait untill you have plateued on the shrooms and then take only modest stepped doses of whatever else.

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Registered: 08/01/01
Posts: 541
Last seen: 21 years, 7 months
Re: THE FEAR... [Re: moxjet20]
    #385138 - 09/04/01 12:01 AM (22 years, 3 months ago)

as dumb and ignorant as this sounds, me and my friends know alot of people and have lsd quite a bit (it was kinda dry for a little bit)
we wanted to look fear strait in the face and just survive it...know that it cant defeat us as a person, that we may overcome it...so one day out of now where took 10 hits of lsd at a park...it was a VERY scary and intense journey, and it lasted pretty long...but we tripped it off...WE OVERCAME THE FEAR.
Now we feal like much better people, it opend our eyes to everything...knowing we looked fear in the face and survived it.
never again will i do it, but it was quite the trip


life.....its sexually transmitted and always fatal.


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