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Registered: 01/31/05
Posts: 40
Loc: Chicago
Last seen: 11 years, 8 months
New member DoubleE
    #3713912 - 02/01/05 04:47 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Hey folks Im new to the Shroomery, and Im diggin it.  One cool thing about the internet is that people who have crazy experiences can talk about them with like minded people and that rocks.  Im in a band that does some great stuff to trip to actually, we got a song called "Rummysong" we made it from a clip of Rumsfield talking during US Senate Hearings on the War on Terror, anyway needless to say we tripped it out and flipped it to a buddahisc gong meditation, I figure if you can get to mental peace through rhetoric regarding war then you popped somethin good in your head (or your music) anyway you can hear it at http://www.musicv2.com/artist/digitalswim  :mushroom2:if ya want.  My life is kinda my music, as far as the spiritual side goes anyway so to intoduce myself I included the journal entries from my music page so you can kind of see what Im all about.  I don't mean to get all hardcore personal with ya all right off on the first post, but the way I figure it, life's too short anyway, why the fuck not?
PS this journal goes from most recent to the beginning if you want to read it in order you got to start at the bottom.
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2005-01-28

Entry Title:

All right peeps, I know its been a while since I rapped with ya, but here is the latest scoop.  Things are looking up!  My motto this year is its good to be ALIVE in 05.  Sure you can be cynical but its all cylical don't you get it?

Take for instance this amazing thing we call the internet and its fucking mind blowing ability to express da message.  Sure its all good, sure its all zero ones and zeros but ya gotta remember who the real hero is here... Its us bro, mothing fucking humans beings and the will to connect.  You know reflecting on my relationship here with my partner in Crime MR ganky Beirlow... I mean its become clear as frozen ice sculped into a swan for the folks who drink chateu de foothold at their cocktail parties.  Most of them don't even notice art when its in their presence, most of them don't reflect on the fact that its melting.  But its the mortality and beauty of life born sculped and turned to water to yet be reborn again... 

Take pride in technology but relize its only a megaphone for stuff thats been there all along human history...

The Soul

The inner creative desire of every motherfucker in existence. It ain't new folks but now because of the internet we be broadcasting it 24/7 and the uppity ups can't fucking stop this info from creating a bed of empathy... And in that motherfucker, in that bed, they can't stop the realizations that corporate hallucinations and profiterring degredations is the way the world should NOT work.  They freak the fuck out that someone might love some one else because how can you justify oppression if that is the case? 

So my advice folks is keep on makin that music!  Make it from the soul, and tell people who you are.  Cause the more people know about each other, the more they realize they are not really different, and that their goals can be peace of mind instead of fear of each other.

And that is todays rant.  George Bush kiss my motherfucking ass and listen to Rummysong you bitch!

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2005-01-17

Entry Title:

What is up with the xmas carrols?  They have this insane nostalgic and yet in the moment and yet hopeful and yet cannot be more cynical and yet still being serious and yet still being the biggest joke of the year...


Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2005-01-15

Entry Title:

Oh did I mention she is a Digital Swim fan?

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2005-01-15

Entry Title: Digital connections

Im dreamin of a white christmas...

Snow here in chicago, temp hovering around 5 degreesss...  Shit

Serious bizzzzznesss folks (guitar strum)

I had a crazy experience this weekend, I met in person who I met originally on the internet.  AND she's from Austrailllllilia.  For those who don't know its this whole other continent where they have Kangaroos and shit... Anyway the point is that if I dug a hole in chicago over 20000 miles deep I might hit Austriallia but probably not cause I would burn into a crispy fried human bacon strip in the process of trying to go through lava so... basically its really far away and hard to get to and she came here anyway cause of the connection from electronic representations of billions of strips of numbers that look kind of like 010100111.  They went through wires and were beamed by radiowaves to orbitaling hunks of metal launched into space on gigantic rockets that use very cold liquid oxygen to power themselves with explosive superheated fire into space.  SO after all of that, and keep in mind, we were just typing to each other its not like we were experienceing facial expressions and had any kind of certainty that what we were reading as text was any kind of notion of human thought that we might interpret correctly within our own contexts... But despite the fact that it was all 010010101s with no facial expressions beamed around for tens of thousands of miles around we figured we had a good connection and we should hang out...

And Ill tell ya all something.

It was fun as hell.

So go ahead and be paranoid about people if you want. But just so you know there is probably someone on the other side of the planet that you could hang with and have a really good time.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-12-03

Entry Title:

PS I love you.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-12-02

Entry Title:

In the end what wizdom can you gain from words anyway...

nitrus in the fuss

vicadin what a sin

weed weed fill that need

whooo hoo add more booze

now for fun lets get some

visualize your head undone

peace peace a mile away

party now enjoy the day

night night when will you come

inch by inch the sun's undone

scream screach the high away

tumble clink your life's in grey

looking up explanation sought

someones boot in your chin is caught.


don't worry find a friend to go through life with

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-11-30

Entry Title:

Stress pushing, final consequences looming, A count and recount of what is good and bad in my life confuses my senses and makes me wonder if Im the luckiest man alive or dying inside...

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-11-04

Entry Title:

At some point when we hit 500 people who had downloaded and listened to digitalswim songs I thought...

Holy shit maybe some people out there like and understand this shit. 

I mean it IS a message, there IS a theme, its about love and hope and not letting the bullshit get you down.  Its about dealing the insanity of reality by having close friends, its about... humans coming together and listening to each other.  Fuck.  I can't explain it its too complicated but I know I would be lost without the message, I would be lost without the music.  I can't believe the miracle of connection.  Of art.  Of people reaching out to people they never knew and expressing something understood.  Something of hope is in that. Something of hope and faith lives there in that ability.  Inspite of cynisism and realism and the surrealism of modern life... Through art we know each other and understand.  Understand that CONNECTION is the real human reflection and that all this other bullshit... well, its bullshit so fuck that.

I guess what im trying to say is thanks for listening people... Thanks from everything and every part of my being.  Cause it gives me hope and faith in people.  That they are interested, and that anything matters in this world.  Its to the listeners that we owe our lives... literally.


Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-11-02

Entry Title:

Drinking the poison in the skeleton skin gleams a brilliant rainbow bright and always all the lights, manipulate an electron switch a snap a digital synapse.  Sometimes beauty can blindside you from a soft simple computer monitor glow, the desperation of words all to clear from the electric love sick.

Journey journey with a neon page earn me come now color it out flex the hits send your pics keytapping inverted mental clouds spinning thoughts in your mouth, your fingers clumbsly try to type, the you, the feeling, yeah fight the cold cOOOOld fingers, feel the WARMTH BRINGERS!

Drinking diamonds and sitting back to enjoy the mad tea party going off in my head.  The time of recognition of vision, of electric afterglow, of flow from moment of knowledge known to phasing white pixel snow

After shavefoam and the soft outline digital night of cyber doorways approached after twilight, approached in gun sights on a twirl of a silklaced furl from A. E. cRazy girl.

Lets think about thinking or about the moments that happen between energy and memory between lying and liable, between religion and the bible

Sing the syllables and rap the happiness come pull up the virtual bed sheets.  Its comfy binomial satin, and silly punctuation mark grins.  But hey!  Digital love can sure beat the harsh moments of a frown from the mutual disappointment of mr. RL Sucks.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-10-25

Entry Title: Almost.

You look into the creative you and you type into the spiraling creative me, as instance turns to ransom your understanding comes all to late to make a difference.  After all, if it was really there you found it and lost it already?

Have a nice evening folks.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-10-22

Entry Title:

Clear. like krystal klear like the beginning of the word began with a k ok. Don?t spell it don?t yell it the closer we get to the thoughts in your head the faster you can relate to me.  I?m talking about chemistry Im talking about synapse

What if we are right about most things. What if we start with that assumption and move on then what? Then where would we be?

What if we are right?






He grasped her hand

To make a run through the crowd. 

It was a cold Michigan Ave.

The Festival of Lights. 

The excited laugh she gave out and tightened grip

Fueled the 6 month long quiet obsession,

With her rare smile

And intelligent, deep brown eyes. 

Dashing ten feet, twenty,

And suddenly they found themselves through the obstacle,

Past the busy Ave. and in a Silent Moment of Awareness.

She flexed her fingers,

And he released her hand.

The feeling died in a swift grip of empty air.

?Lets go,? she said quickly

And lead off.

Not looking back.

He followed,

Fingers growing colder.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-28

Entry Title:

I want your feelin

I want your feelin

I want your feelin...

hell ya digital mix, what are you all up to tonight folks... come on with me be in the moment be a warm forehead pressed against your shoulder sharing your hopes and dreams... Come lets make some music together, let intermingle tunes and perspecitives...

What else are we here for really?

No wait, REALLY?

In the moment

In the moment

In the moment


I want your feeling

I want your feelin

I want your feelin


There are no

there are no...

we are

we are

we are

we are...






.......... i .. want .... your.... feeeeeelinng ...

in the moment

in the moment

in the moment

um were going to have to get our thinking adjusted...

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-27

Entry Title: The right way to rummy

Dear fan,

If we got any fans...

But in any case fan or no fan please follow the following:

1.  Get drunk, stoned, high, on something besides coke or other amphetiamine.

2. download the new windows media player

3. go into room with computer, turn off lights

4. start Digital Swim's Rummy song, or any song for that matter but to meditate plz try rummy first.

5. Make sure visualization is on random, maximize screen, get your face up to the monitor.

6. Trip balls.

7.  Become digital swim fan.

actually you should take care of 2 3 and 4 while doing 1 so that when its all done you can do 5 and 6 and then 7... just a heads up.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-26

Entry Title: Chicago Bar 2:20am

2003 Chicago 2:20am  Bar.

Regulating my body chemistry into Animal depravity.










Why are you a self induced nightmare?



Time Spent













Secret Hiding Places









Rasberri Stoli is the drink of choice lately.  Are you an alcoholic?  Does it matter?  What price will you pay for your fun today or will I get away with free laughs once again, ha, nothing is free they say. (pays bill)

Im kinda in a daze, I get excited about computer games.  Work is ok but not challenging mentally and physically tiring. Did I mention its loud in here?  Its funny if you pretend that all the overlapping voices in this bar are really your own jumbled thoughts petitioning the concentration of your consciousmind? No wait, actually don?t do that, you head will explode?


Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-22

Entry Title:

Sitting in zero gravity thought

Suspended in indecision

One way or another the weight of reality is going to hit me soon

Its going to pull raindrops onto my skin

And chill me dripping wet

Or is it?

Maybe it will push me

Into my wife?s




How much of life is suspended?

How much is going through the motions?

And how much is the climatic pushing and pulling into

Panic or joy?

Sometimes I wish I could stay floating above it all

And watch the good and bad times roll by?

As the crisscrossed waves of time. 

But in Newtonian physics mass attracts mass

And I must go where the earth is

I just press myself into it and swim its oceans and flesh

For people are not meant to be

But flashes of action in this cold weighted universe.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-19

Entry Title:

Posted this on the forum maybe someone will comment, tis not to busy a forum though round here...

Yo folks.  Tis me again ee in the wee hours of the night (as in 3am eating the last of the spagettios but im hungary so I add chex cereal to them...)  Slight buzz (as in pretty much drunk off azzzz) from bicardi Superior (is not sure its so superior but it does the trick right?)  Anyway was thinking, actually was feeling so listen up, cause you know its real when you feel it...

Pop... Pop music, and. eventualy pop everything I think is dead.  It was a nice life, I mean it got to have catchy tunes stuck in your head, it got to take your immature mind and feed it spaghettios so its all good it served a purpose right?  Subsistence by the cheap.  Not cheap as in money cause god knows $18 a CD?  Who are they kidding?  Im talking mentally cheap, mindcandy as it were.  You got a mind that is thinking things not so pleasant?  Pop music, pick your flavor, was the answer.  So general same template you always knew what was comin and all your buddies knew it as well.

Well its dying.  All that comfort.  It turned to eating plastic ashes, it turned to the smell of burning hair or burning CDs more likely.  See, the mind will seek what it can sense.  And you have to admit they had us for a while there.  It was all TV, Radio, and VHS.  It was what we could get and it was Domino?s Pizza art we ordered every goddamn night.

But I?m here to tell you its dying.

Im not talking an Olive Garden commercial where you can eat it just like mama used to make it.  Im talking about GOING TO ITALY, and chilling in a small town in the mountains, Im talking about eating at a place where the restaurant owner grows his own food.  Ya catch my drift yet.  Ya folks, it?s the internet.

Its megapixel after 0100100101 streaming info? it?s a cascade of the average joe into your screen.  Call it a chat room or if you will for the cutting edge call it Musicv2.  Any ol bastard with 40 bucks can post any sound for a year? Think about that.  Your soul is unleashed, I mean with music it always was, but with the internet it can MINGLE with others? ya get my drift.  I don?t know maybe Im overstating something.  But Im sitting here listening to a random artist who uploaded some shit today, and Im fucking captivated.  Its so NOT pop.  Its so some guy who went through some real shit, banging it out in a mix where you know he poured his heart into it.  Its so raw. 

Its funny, now a days there are genetically engineered strawberries that collect less water in their fruit.  This makes them dry and almost crunchy, but it increases their shelf life almost 3 fold.  So a supermarket and keep the fruit on the shelf longer and make more money.  Its funny, you have to go out of the way to get an organic strawberry these days, but when you bite into one and the juice drips down your chin.  When you savior that sweet flavor as nature intended? it?s a pleasant surprise.

That?s what I think of music on the web.  Random ?amitures? going at it, pouring their hearts out.  Not with the best equipment, and certainly not with some kind of agenda beyond pure expression.  Its just juicyier folks you know what Im saying?

Hell Ill never buy a CD again?

Love to all and keep on speaking from your heart?


Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-16

Entry Title: Global war blitz entry

Yo what is the global war on terror?  lol shit roasted toasted and pasted.  But hey what is the global war on terror and how art we to be arranged...

iTs hard to describe or circumscribe, its the enemy but its hemoraging....

what do i want to say?  You ever read sidhartha?  You ever read hesse?  what is it to go from battle to meditation, and why are these things linked? What is it to max out insanity in order to achive a state of peace?  Can peace be reached through discipline or does it take complete undiscipline to see it?  Or is dicipline just an allusion?  Is it the fantasy of control and then the relization of its falsehood that can free us just as fast as the abandon of control and through that the realization of order?

um we're going to have to get our thinking adjusted to that...

Its simply swimmy folks.  Oh how I wish you all lived in a big city with a river flowin though its center where you can glance occasionally and see the reflections of diamond lights spinning and turning in a rythum of chaotic peace.  Water is the visualization of life.  Its the symbol of every wave and reflection ever made playing itself out on a surface of glass. 

hear the inner tone hear the inner sounding of the wave.  Swim upon the digital freedom that is the reflections of lives fought for and died for a thousand times over... This sight, this web hosting service... its funny.  Pure art. pure anything anyone wants to put out there for anyone one else to see...

don't you realize the beauty of our modern age.

don't you go and listen to fox news and buy the latest cigar humidifier case from the Sky Magazine Executive Cataloge...

Bite into the freedom of the internet and its uncensored fans who cry out with amature art and thoughts.  But REAL art and thoughts. 

Be arranged, understand the global war on terror, find your patriotism to kindred souls, to laughter, and wisdom.

Aritst Name : Digital Swim

Date Posted : 2004-09-13

Entry Title:

Ok so we got the star strangled banner on here for ya.  More a recent one an quite a story I suppose.  But its a conflicting view of patriotism and a what the fuck is going on in our country song.  Goddam I love this country and yet want to shoot myself for being a citizen of it.  Its just that its ideals are so pure but what the politicians do with them, and with our tax dollars could not be more... dirty.  Anyway, another reason to fuck politics and love family and friends.  Care about what you can personally have an effect on, people you know, your vote, your community.  Ive given up on Washington DC.  The town might as well be Vegas for big business.  Somewhere to go and have fun your money, or maybe I should say OUR money... Well I guess its not like vegas then.  Its more like, if you were a slave, where the masters plantation house is.  Bah fuck me, what with these bad vibes!  Im really a positive being, ya see what politics does?  bah  Make music, love your lovers and be a friend to your friends.  Thats all ya really need to do. 

Aritst Name : Double E Circle

Date Posted : 2004-09-10

Entry Title: waking up

Sall good, just waking up after a completely shitty day into something looking up.  Its gonna be all hard work today, but something in that makes it worth doing,  Building is so much harder that getting drunk at a movie and losing your wallet, not being able to pay for the cab ride home... Its funny cause Im a sad soul sometimes and in the night wandering around Chicago lost in stupor, shit happens.  But then somehow the City takes care of me.  Someone called this morning, they found my wallet, everything in it.  The cab driver last night just told me it was ok, no problem and let me off at my building without even making a big deal.  Don't get me wrong.  There are people in Chicago who would have taken the walled maxed out the creditcards stolen the money and not have thought about it twice, there are cab drivers who would have blown up and freaked out about missing out on the 5 dollar fair.  So why is it that I run into the good ones?  Makes you wonder about karma, makes you think you are doing something good in life even if you think you are a wreck.  Good vibes are hard to come by you got to give more than you get to be ok in this world, but Im not afraid of that.  Just don't leave me to my own devices and my own world... cause ill fucking drown myself lol. Thank God for love, friends, and decent people.

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Get's down, withthe get-down.
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Registered: 11/29/02
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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: DoubleE]
    #3713925 - 02/01/05 04:50 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

I read like, the first line.

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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: funkymonk]
    #3713934 - 02/01/05 04:53 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

haha I read the first paragraph. but anyway, Welcome to the Shroomery, pal.



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Registered: 01/31/05
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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: blissedout]
    #3714071 - 02/01/05 05:42 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Fair enough...

Its all good

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The Mad Scot

Registered: 12/23/04
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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: DoubleE]
    #3714147 - 02/01/05 06:00 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Hi,its just a random observation,but have you recently consumed vast quantities of speed? :lol: :pill2: :lol:

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Registered: 01/31/05
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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: drowneduck]
    #3716199 - 02/01/05 11:45 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Its called cut and paste bro, nothin to it...

Besides I rather just smoke a little and chill instead.
Whats your story?

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The Great"Green".......East
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Re: New member DoubleE [Re: DoubleE]
    #3716790 - 02/02/05 01:25 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

do you happen to go by DoubleJ on another animal realted forum?

wlecome :smile:  i think you willf find most fo us are either stoned or suffer from add....in which case if there arnt any funyn cartoony things and not much to read it wont spark a pubbers interest :grin:

lol, jsut kidding.  good to have you on boards :smile:

The seeds you won't sow are the plants you dont grow.

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Registered: 01/31/05
Posts: 40
Loc: Chicago
Last seen: 11 years, 8 months
Re: New member DoubleE [Re: kadakuda]
    #3716909 - 02/02/05 01:58 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Ahh sorry bro its alwasy just DoubleE or ee for short. Ill try to make my posts more interesting to the visually inclined...

:wink: :heart: :thumbup: :mushroom2: :mad2: :heart: :heart: :cheers: :bye:

thanks for stoppin by and saying HI!

What are you up to?

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