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don't look back
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Registered: 04/12/04
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a wizard is a fool
    #3678293 - 01/25/05 04:40 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

A Wizard is a Fool

"What lies beyond those stars?"

the seeker asks the wizard.

"Beyond these stars?"

the wizard looks within and chuckles.

"No magic of mine can help you.

You ask a thousand questions,

none of which can hear a leaf fall.

Ask but one from your Heart

and the answer is instantly clear.

"O seeker, you want to know how magic comes?

By touching your deepest Self

and knowing how to Be.

Reaching for the simplest:

this is the long-lost mystery."

"But I want to travel beyond those stars,

visit distant galaxies.

I want to grasp the laws of nature,

gather all knowledge of human and God."

"O seeker, you know not the Self.

First you must ask:

What is free? What is beauty?

What in wonder holds the key?

"The open secret is to find death before death finds thee.

Then all life's mysteries are yours--free!

"To begin: alight each morn in a dancing breeze!

Feel the universe while embracing a tree.

Accept what-is, yet speak boldly of what-can-be.

HAHA HEEHEE! Only a simple fool of a wizard

can understand the magic of a bumbling bee.

Ha! A wizard is a fool

who stays true to his folly.

"Each person's unique path of blunders

leads to the high Way of freedom.

There are no victims, just volunteers in fools' parades.

"If you must ask, remember All. Forget seeking. Try finding!

Watch the mind bow to the Heart,

leaving only the shining Self. HAHA HEEHEE!

"Power stumbles, greed fumbles, possessions crumble.

Is it a wonder that even winners of the rat race grumble?

Yet to seek is to blunder, so choose your madness wisely.

"In truth, I can teach not a thing.

Nor can I ever really help you--only suggest a Way.

The rest is up to you. Live your Heart and listen:

"The answer is within."


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don't look back
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Registered: 04/12/04
Posts: 1,511
Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: dorkus]
    #3678297 - 01/25/05 04:41 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

Take a Lesson From the Flea

I am the Nameless Fool. I search for God everywhere; been to every mystic school. I've read the scriptures through; fasted, prayed till I turned blue! Oh where can I go when I'm struggling to know:

What I hold on to is wasted.
What I let go of no one can take away.
What I give is what I receive. How I breathe is how I am.

Aha! A noisy tavern ahead: The perfect place to drink till I cannot think. Oh yes! A tavern will be my holy place to go to throw away my tilted halo.

(The Fool, addressing a bewildered man in a bar): Hello, my friend, I am the Nameless Fool. Let me buy you a drink. I've been through hell and now I'm going to stink. What is your name? What is your story? None could be worse than mine, so speak boldly--don't worry. The more you give, the more you'll glow!

(Al Blunder): My name is Al Blunder. My life is always strife. I come here to forget and give advice people regret. You need a woman--one fun and free. They come here in droves for rich men and free beer. Try sweet Susie. She's in good cheer.

(The Fool): Thank you, my friend--man of the world. My path of celibacy has been my curse. It's time to let loose and become a wild goose.

Hello, Susie. Al told me about you. Come home and let's play the games couples play. Although I am the Nameless Fool, I am very sincere. I've been seeking God for many a year.

(Susie, tipsy): Well cutesie pie, I might take you up on your offer. The last guy I was with left me a pauper. I have no place to go so I might as well. You may even turn out to be kind of swell.

(So off go the two into holy matrimony,
only to discover seven years of heated acrimony.)

(The Fool): Al Blunder, my friend, how do you do? Remember years ago you introduced sweet Susie to me, the Nameless Fool?

Well, instead of marital bliss, I had years of suffering her curses and fits. Sweet Susie spent her evenings at the taverns picking up guys like John and Adam. So here I am--a madman!

The more I have, the more I want.
The more I seek, the less I find.

(Al Blunder): Yes, I have led you astray. The path of happiness is a much different Way. Go speak to that Buddha--the one always laughing. He has gone deeply into life and found angels answering.

(The Fool, addressing the Buddha): Excuse me, sir, I am drowning in life's pits. Please guide me with your happy fits. I tried searching serious. I tried drinking delirious. I tried sweet Susie--the town floozy!

(The Laughing Buddha): HOHO HAHA HEEHEE! What could possibly create Everything? Only Nothing. How I love being silly and free. I hope my silly words confuse you but set you silly and free. There is nothing to learn because Everything IS Nothing. I discovered this while laughing at myself. HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

I used to buy water beside the River.
Preachers would gladly sell it but stay thirsty themselves.

Then I dove into the River and found myself drunk on love, wondering the world a laughing lunatic. HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

Some ask, "What is good? What is bad?" I say, "What IS!" and can hardly keep myself from falling as my belly laughs. Get ready to jiggle, it's highly contagious: HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

Every day I am different. So who am I, really? When all the layers of an onion are peeled, is there still an onion? I say we are bubbles blown by baby's breath and beer commercials. HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

When all is said, nothing is done. I used to stand proudly in my perfection. Now I see my thousand blunders and tickle myself every time I believe a word I am saying. HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

I used to sweat over the puzzle and never discover.
Now, in my joy, the puzzle is solved.

I once tried being wise, but I'm having infinitely more fun being foolish. HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

Awareness is beyond thought--and thinking will not get you there. These words are a confusing treasure map taking you nowhere. Now-here is the gold: HOHO HAHA HEEHEE!

I am a laughing fool who used to be like thee. I was troubled and forlorn, scared of every woman's scorn, till I met Angela of my dreams.

HOHO HEEHEE! I can only share my glee. If it's wisdom you want, I suggest you listen to the angel next to me.

(Angela, addressing the Fool): O brother, my heart goes out to thee. I have heard your sorry story. I hope I can share love's glory. Your path is different from most. Your destiny is to experience the Holy Ghost.

You cannot rest in compassion.
Your soul desires love in action.

Seek not a woman. Your mate is already within. You'll discover this when you walk past darkness' din. Live high. Laugh lots. Enjoy each precious moment. Joy is the greatest golden ornament.

Stay true to your Self and share what you know. Dance in your mirth. Share the gift of your birth. Put your mind in your Heart and feel the pull from above--the spiraling celestial dove. (Angela moves her hand from the Fool's heart up to his third eye, then in a spiraling motion over his head.)

Live in heaven's bliss and fly across the rainbow kiss. Experience this and in seven years hence you shall be ready for another teacher to expand thy mystic sense.

(So with a new understanding of joy and love,
The Fool sails for seven years on the path of the dove.)

(Al Blunder): Hello, Nameless Fool. I am your old friend Al Blunder. I hear you've been in Tibet studying wonder. You've changed quite a bit. I am basically the same. I come here to drink and forget my pain. Now you are Everything and have Nothing. So to have, to feel, to be, what does it mean?

(The Fool): O Al, my friend, you helped set me free. I must repay you somehow-- share my glee! You drink a lot because you've forgotten the beauty of the sea, or lying on the grass watching a bumbling bee. These simple things fill me with jubilee. Into unconsciousness you drink and sink. Be careful, or you'll end up like that drunken freak.

(Merlin, posing as an inebriated hunchback): O wise sir who calls me a freak, why can your eyes see only skin? You know a lot, so tell me how God can stand all your poppycock. You think your heart is pure, but of alchemy you know nought. You are a beginner on the path of the invisible dot.

Tell me: What lies beyond the moon: Perplexity or immortality? The void or conscious ecstasy? Answers to these mysteries have a place only in the psychology of the foolish race. We must embrace the Nameless.

But how to get there? Which road to take? How will we know we're there? This is the dance of fools in itchy pants. All I can say, O traveller of sorts, that contrary to the belief of most--the gate is wide and free. No need to fast, to pray, to hold vigil. No need to read a thing! Just go beyond human love and You become the key. (Merlin moves his hand from the Fool's heart up to his third eye.)

Go past the confines of known joy
and you'll be sublime nonsense.

If all this energy fuddles thee, then take a lesson from the flea. After tickling the sleepy dog, does he ask the dog, "What flusters thee?"

So dive into the placid pool--or serenely fall within. This is the Way to discover secrets you'll never keep.

Within human love is joy. Within joy is bliss.
Within bliss: heaven's first deep kiss.

Within deepness is wonder, the endless azure pool--coolness for the burning heart. Within wonder is the Nameless--of It nothing can be said. To try is in vain. It drives the Almighty insane!

So you've prepared yourself well, but you must begin anew to understand laws that mortals find askew. Your love has limits. It cannot behold the swirling jewel.

To discover this open secret,
leave aside all you know and bow ever low.

I am, I am, I am Merlin the magician, I am. (Merlin bows.)

(The Fool): What do you mean to bow ever low when all I learn takes me ever high? Are you the teacher foretold seven years ago? Are you to guide me further, or simply a filthy bother?


Dive deep, fly high. In the Center is the end.
Dive deep, fly high. The answer is within.

I am, I am, I am Merlin the magician, I am.

(The Fool): Merlin has disappeared in a flash! What mysterious wisdom! I guess from now on I can never really know if the one feigning to know eats crow; or the one really low, really knows.

Thank you, Merlin, for reminding me that "in the Center is Everywhere, at the periphery nowhere"; that the deepness within is the free sky above; that

The pathless path of the Center is endless surrender.

AAAH HAHA HEEHEE! Nothing left to do but Be. In joy I am free! In ecstasy I see in my lighted eye a miracle. One female in form. Who are you?

(Miracle): I am your miracle, the female of all you are; the next stage on your infinite Way within. I reflect your beauty, how intrinsically wonderful you are. I reveal in a flash your past and further open your lighted eye. Behold, the dream you call your life: The players, your prayers, your pure intent to understand All. Born a fool without a name, you now play well--The Game. Yet you know you are still a fool after all--without a name.

You feign not wisdom. You simply laugh.
When you do, all who seek God find the golden path.

(With these wise words, Miracle dissolves in a mist as Isis the goddess greets the Fool with a kiss. She drops her veils and embraces his soul--inspiring peaks and waves of bliss.)

(Isis): O Fool, come into my thunder. Come explore the magic of pure wonder. In your heart is the seed of light. In its center is the key to flight. I am the wind. You are the clay. Together we are the sacred Way.

(The Fool): A ship of light, this fool is free to fly like Merlin, like a bumbling bee. Isis leads me with her mysterious smile, pointing beyond the consuming pyre. I collect myself and journey ahead, light years beyond the Valley of Dead. We enter the temple of Initiation into Light, leaving behind my mortal sight.

At the top of heaven, I wonder again: Is this the beginning or is this the end? Angels emerge to send more bliss as this Nameless Fool journeys into heaven's first deep kiss. In the midst of a rainbow, I stand alone as celestial music calls me home. I meet heaven's Center, aware that I Am. Yes! The answer is within.

I am light. I am soul. I am ecstasy--naturally.
What else can a Nameless Fool be?

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don't look back
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Registered: 04/12/04
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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: dorkus]
    #3678308 - 01/25/05 04:43 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

Ballad of the Blissful Warrior
In my youthful wanderings, among the tropic isles, I met a man mysterious--a man with gentle eyes. It was in an open tavern, made up of leaves of palm, where people went to quench their thirst but drowned their dreams in every curse.

Suddenly entered this man free and wild--possessing an inner strength. He had one thing that tempted fate: a sword silvery and ornate. I was bewitched by its beauty until his thunderous "HAH!" shook me into awe.

Mysteriously alive he stood, centered in the tavern's abyss, as he began filling the void with his ballad of bliss:

"The time has come. The time for young and old to learn to turn all obstacles into gold." He leapt onto the table in one graceful stride. Only a distant gull could be heard.

"When I was young, I had a dream: to sail the seas and discover, to become the strongest, wealthiest of all. As a lad I studied the arts of war to gain my just reward. Then I sailed to Spain--to master the silvery sword.

"I heard of one great hero, the bravest of them all. They said he was unbeatable: 'an ally to the gods.' They said he had a sword that sang; his feet could float on air. His hands were fast as lightning; acrobat beyond compare. They said he'd slain a dragon and now lived in total peace. They said he'd died to mortal life--so lived free of mortal strife.

"Legends of his prowess followed me as a curse, for I knew I'd not be satisfied till I learned his song and verse. For seven years I searched, then finally broke down inside a mountaintop church.

"I confessed my sins to a gentle monk; told him of my fruitless quest. His reply to my agony was silence. Then he held up one hand--indicating for me to rest.

"He returned that eve concealing something beneath his cape, beholding me with mysterious compassion--as if he knew my fate. 'The answer is within,' three times the monk did say, then bequeathed to me a dazzling sword--silvery and ornate. I could not believe my eyes: this monk was the dragon slayer, the answer to my prayer.

"In his monastery I stayed for months and begged him to teach his warrior ways, but to me he would not even preach. The only words he spoke to me were those fateful four: 'The answer is within,' as he turned and walked out the door. So, tired of frustration, I let my dreams of youth be renewed and sailed off to lands fair and warm--wielding his sword through fate and storm.

"It was on board a pirate ship that I heard of a place I must go, a place which none could find: the golden land of El Dorado. I canoed up the mighty Amazon and explored its endless waters. I ascended the ancient Andes and rested in Machu Picchu. I headed north to venture more, still searching for the land of golden lore.

"In the densest jungle, I was weakened by a fever. I collapsed and lay to die--a soul lost forever. But I woke amidst some natives who took me in to heal. With them I stayed seven bliss-filled years, learning of things to me unreal.

They taught me how to laugh and sing.
They taught me how to dance.
They taught me how to hunt and sow.
They taught me how to love and grow.

"A shaman taught me his ancient art, then revealed to me his magic heart. He taught me how to heal, how to die and how to feel. He showed me all of nature's beauty. I thought I'd reached the end of my quest. Every morn I'd bathe in the waterfall. Every eve I'd return there to rest.

"I became at one with the jungle--my dreams of fame forgotten. But I couldn't forget the gentle monk and his silent, mysterious compassion. So I left my friends and sailed back to Spain--straightaway to visit the dragon slayer, hoping to find him in prayer.

"One monk said, 'He's disappeared--off to adventure; perhaps the rapture!' But he knew I would return, for he had left me a gift of passage: a simple scroll, tied with a simple bow. I trembled as I pulled the string: my heart about to open. I looked inside and started to weep, for there was written the story deep--his long-forgotten message: 'The answer is within.'

"So there I stayed seven years and contemplated inner beauty. I learned to tap my inner voice. It became my song and verse. I learned to laugh at all of life: the monks could not comprehend, yet tolerated my playfulness, for they had become my friends.

"Upon leaving I had the greatest laugh, realizing I had accomplished all--all that I had set out to do.

I was wealthy,
for the universe was mine.
My words of bliss created
heavens all around.

"The frightened said, 'Run when he is near. He'll spook you till insane. You'll never be the same.'

"So now I wonder worlds with my cryptic message: 'The answer is within.' I hope you heed its presage."

So spoke the blissful warrior, the soul with gentle eyes. After his song of wonder he drew his dazzling sword. Eyes moist in ascending emotion, he handed me this sword, speaking his words of devotion: "The answer is within."

by  Anami  :heart:

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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: dorkus]
    #3678420 - 01/25/05 05:04 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

amazing :cool:

best read in a long time, thanks for posting :smile:


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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: deff]
    #3678424 - 01/25/05 05:06 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

I enjoyed these very much too. Thank You! :thumbup: :heart: :cool:

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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half naked andfull witted
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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3678510 - 01/25/05 05:28 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

you have a lot of spare time dont you Dr.

"yet the more i dig, the more i consume, the more i unfold... the less protected i feel.
i am the spit on the hair of the son of an electron, swimming around the nucleus of a cell inside the sperm of a killer bee, and my purpose is as nebulous as why weve been bestowed with the capacity to give a shit" Brandon Boyd

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don't look back
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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: incubaby_421]
    #3678630 - 01/25/05 05:53 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

I have all the time in the world.

Here; look at my universe:

My job is to heal it. I named it mandelbrot, after it's fractalic formula, ya know?

:heart: :jester:  :heart:

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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: dorkus]
    #3678646 - 01/25/05 05:57 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

Once again, you've done a grand job illustrating your understanding of that which is beyond inntellectual comprehension.  :thumbup:

P.S. I liked the stories. :wink:

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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: dorkus]
    #15335816 - 11/07/11 02:05 PM (6 years, 7 months ago)

What an excellent poem. I thoroughly enjoyed it... I'm even going to write it down. Thanks.

The key is consciousness.

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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: UniversalMind] * 1
    #15335870 - 11/07/11 02:17 PM (6 years, 7 months ago)

Get drunk

One should always be drunk. That's all that matters;
that's our one imperative need. So as not to feel Time's
horrible burden one which breaks your shoulders and bows
you down, you must get drunk without cease.

But with what?
With wine, poetry, or virtue
as you choose.
But get drunk.

And if, at some time, on steps of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the bleak solitude of your room,
you are waking and the drunkenness has already abated,
ask the wind, the wave, the stars, the clock,
all that which flees,
all that which groans,
all that which rolls,
all that which sings,
all that which speaks,
ask them, what time it is;
and the wind, the wave, the stars, the birds, and the clock,
they will all reply:

"It is time to get drunk!

So that you may not be the martyred slaves of Time,
get drunk, get drunk,
and never pause for rest!
With wine, poetry, or virtue,
as you choose!"

by Charles Baudelaire

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some kinda love
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Re: a wizard is a fool [Re: UniversalMind]
    #15335888 - 11/07/11 02:20 PM (6 years, 7 months ago)


UniversalMind said:
What an excellent poem. I thoroughly enjoyed it... I'm even going to write it down. Thanks.

what with a quill on a piece of parchment?

Edit- are you a wizard?

dripping with fantasy

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