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Worth your time to read, if your worth it.
    #3660982 - 01/21/05 11:19 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

Was thinking about the old new age cliche for duality acceptance.

You can't know happiness until you've known sadness, or abundance until you've known loss, or peace until conflict and yada yada of course this makes sense.

But does anyone think this will go on forever this way? I hope not because it doesn't and won't. You do reach a day when you can say, I have realized into my knowing each side of duality. from there you get good at gaining control over which you move in and out of at will and by choice. You can do this in play, it's called running energy up and down.

You have been and just didn't realize you were doing it, now you can do it knowing you are the one who has been in control of it all along.

So you get there and then you say, well yes, I can run my energy up and be in the positives but then something happens and I find myself in the negatives again. How did I get there?

Who would intention that when things are going grand? Well, you don't intention it in cases of finding yourself there by default. Now that I will tell you the trick, you have no more excuses but to say and know, you did by default and here's how.

You can hold on to all of the good and continue bringing in as much as you can handle and manage for as long as you stay in a place of feeling deserving and worthy of it backed with a hardy dose of appreciation.

When, you start thinking and feeling any of these ideas that say, I don't deserve this, I am not worth this or the BIGGY to watch for, start taking it for granted and loose appreciation, swoop boop, its gone.

Life doesn't happen to you, you make it happen and for the good in it to be maintained requires that you keep energizing it, no laziness allowed here, energetically speaking.

When you move yourself into feeling good, its up to you to keep it up through feeling worthy and deserving of feeling good and most importantly, appreciating and giving thanks for it. That's how you keep charging the field to hold it in play.

When you drop it will drop with you. You drop with, I don't deserve, I am not worth this, and I can take it for granted who cares it'll always be there thoughts and feelings.

here's a way to look at it, I got this visual bout a year ago after realizing duality was on its way out for good. We had it all in another place in time and didn't even know what it all was and had no way of appreciating it, hense, we created duality to know it via loosing it all.

Now we can appreciate what we had and in that appreciation we get it back (energetically speaking). Even if you feel like you lost it and don't have it now, appreciate a time when you did, even if you have to make one up, you'll be right because you did and forgot. That's all it takes to start pulling the good stuff back in.

Here's the funny thing, you have always been in that place of peace, security love joy abundance and harmony and are there now, RIGHT NOW, I tell you. If you are not feeling it or experiencing it then its because you are still just choosing to be in forgetfulness and denial that you are worth it, you deserve it and to be in appreciation of it.

all of your struggles have always been between you and you and these issues of worth deservance and an ability to appreciate it all as it starts coming back into your memory awareness.

You may ask, well where do I get the energy from to keep charging my field once I get it up again, it takes a lot to hold it?

picture in your heart place a well and a siphoning hose dropped down into it. Every time, you think and feel, I am worth it, i deserve it and I am so grateful for it, its like sucking the hose to siphon from the internal well, filled with an unlimited supply of source intelligent vital creative love energy.

The more you keep thinking and feeling, I am worth, it I deserve it and am grateful for it in my life, the more suction from the well you create and it starts just flowing and you can drown in the good stuff and swim, bath and drink from it and watch it overflow, more then you can handle you can suck out of there.

Some people have let there pumps sit stagnant for a while and you have to be patient to get it primed again and once you get the first drops and trickles is when you really want to keep sucking hard from it or it will stop.

I'm not talking out of my ass, I have been experimenting with this and putting it to the test for over a year now. To test it, I purposely run my energy down and drop it to use these principles to see how quickly I can get it back up and flowing. I cut myself off a lot to just to practice it over and over to see if it still works the same and it does.

Once you get it going, take note of when it drops and if you have not been charging it. take note of how it increases when you are charging it, or keeping the pump primed.

No one can tell you that you are worth it or deserve to live in peace, joy, abundance universal love and harmony. only you can tell yourself that and only you can choose to believe that and only you can choose to quit denying yourself from it and choose to remember and realize that you that already has it all.

And only you can give thanks and appreciation for it. No one can and no one will do it for you.

This is about, how many times do you have to find yourself creating in the negatives of self denial and forgetfulness and being begrudging before you say to yourself, THIS SUCKS. yes it sucks hard in reverse. the negatives only serve to take away from the positives. With the flow in reverse, your creative intelligent vital source energy of universal love gets sucked right away from you by those negative thoughts and feelings.

Ya gotta practice reversing the flow and keeping the pump primed.

some think life is about a balance of the positives and negatives, the balance of ups and downs or just hanging in the null zone of neither. that was in the old world way of duality. A new world is ripe for your awakening into and duality is going bye bye because you are kissing it goodbye.

maintaining balance is about the balance of work and play. the work is keeping the pump primed and the play is in enjoying all the good energy brings into your experience. This is the balance to maintain and its all in the positives and more and more comes in to the extent you can handle it.

If you slip and start thinking I don't deserve all this, I am not worthy of all this, fall into self denial and forgetfulness of how it can be, as it once was and start taking it for granted, the negative reaper within will come along and start sucking it away from you.

This is how you earn your spiritual maturity, by taking responsibility to reverse the flow and keep the pump primed and maintain the balance to take care of your own self because no one else is going to do it for you.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3662976 - 01/22/05 04:26 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

can u summarize?

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are -Kurt Cobain

Hotter than the left sink handle.

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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: uriahchase]
    #3663074 - 01/22/05 04:54 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

sorry, im not worth it.

"yet the more i dig, the more i consume, the more i unfold... the less protected i feel.
i am the spit on the hair of the son of an electron, swimming around the nucleus of a cell inside the sperm of a killer bee, and my purpose is as nebulous as why weve been bestowed with the capacity to give a shit" Brandon Boyd

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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: uriahchase]
    #3663087 - 01/22/05 04:57 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

What it sounds like Jiggy is that you are doing "energy work" without even knowing it. I don't know if you allready have experimented with systems like Qi-gong, but I think with little practice you will find yourself to be quite adept at the various techniques.

I completely agree with you on the other points as well. We all really do have access to everything we need, at this very (present) moment, but we are oftentimes so conditioned to think that can't or don't deserve happiness, peace, love, etc. that we are afraid to claim our "inheritance".

Visualizing your energetic body is a good way to start "feeling" something as opposed to simply talking, reading, or hearing about these bizarre concepts. When you visualize, you begin to do unexpected things, and by virtue of doing things that you did not know yourself to be capable of, you remember a bit about what the real you is all about.

As far as I can tell its not about feeling good all the time or feeling bad all the time. Its more so that you are adaptable, flexible and aware. You can weather the bad because you know it will eventually pass. You also become capable of letting go of the good as nothing in time and space is forever and change is the only constant.

The events and conditions of this current life experience present us with a great opportunity. Never before has man been so divided against himself and his brothers and never before has unity been so likely. I don't think jiggy likes the dualistic philosophy, but I really do believe that our current separation is paving the way for a great reunification. This may not be anything like how we imagine it to be, but I am positive it will take place. I don't think that all of "this" is for naught.

"There is no greater power in heaven and earth than the thought of the son of man. Though unseen by the eyes of the body,yet each thought has mighty strength, even such strength can shake the heavens." -Gospel of the Essenes

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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: dmtrypr]
    #3663623 - 01/22/05 07:18 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

It is summarized uri and uri worth it! :wink:

And you are too incubaby and I know you were joking-funny! :smirk:


It's good to see you around again. I want to get to what you said about how you perceive my take on duality if I may. Remember when you were like, "How the f can you be so happy when their is war and suffering going on in the world?" I forget the post it was in.

There was time where I learned to appreciate why the negative exists. During that time, while in it, you accept it and endure, knowing the sun will come out again, knowing there will be light at the end of the tunnel and your cup will be refilled. That's like phase one.

What I am talking about is while in the negative you are positive, while in the bad you are good, while in the dark you are light. In this place, you are always, positive good and light while in the negative dark and bad.

It is not "now you are in one then you are in the other and then back in the one and then back in the other" when you transition. Do you see, this is the transition from dualities being in separatists opposition conflict to them being in blended complementary contrast, one existing so the other can be realized within it, and only the good , postive and light is realised.

Like a color photo that came out of a dark negative. First you were in the negative template and from it, the color photo could be produced. To get more color pictures, you had to make more negatives first.

We are in the digital age now baby. We can produce color photos without separate negatives being made first before we can be in the color photo.

Yes, I have been doing my own conscious energy work for the past ten years. I'm aware of Qi Gong and support it for anyone interested. I'm more of a renegade that flys by the seat of my pants, feels my way through the dark guided by memory of having done this many many times before.

Yes, it may not go as quick and easy as having an instructor, and not all people have means for finding them. Some of us have to work our way through it to create frequency maps for others to intuitively follow. Besides, this is a part of my own etheric DNA re-engineering. Qi Gong has its limits and I am cooking a lot on my stove all at once.

Like earlier today, working with some frequency tunes from my cosmic homies, I feel like I just gave birth to myself ha ha. Like being squeezed through a tight worm hole at intense speeds with G-force gravitational pulls you can barely withstand that make you nauseous and dizzy. 

I love energy shit and frequencies frequencies frequencies it's all about frequencies.

I have no words for the energy work I do sometimes, I will analogies with cars or like with the well in the above or the camera.

Anyway, the earlier session was a relief, part of pulling out from being able to go into duality splits for good, cuz, my times almost up for map making and I can finally kick back in paradise full time and enjoy the show. I thought my contract was up in march, but something told me to go for it today. if it worked, my ability to go into the negatives alone to make maps just got left behind in and old world on the other end of that worm hole, what a ride that was.

Yes, the great re-unification, believe in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go enjoy the feeling of this relief now, I'm buzzed so hard I am numb he he. Spiraling on out of here for now whistling sound running off the screen.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3663835 - 01/22/05 08:01 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

"Good and Bad, [are] Together One"
-Period :wink:



Edited by Gomp (01/22/05 08:02 PM)

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Skinny White Boy
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Re: Worth your time to read, if your worth it. [Re: Gomp]
    #3663927 - 01/22/05 08:20 PM (13 years, 1 month ago)

ang=good  hellic=bad  ang(h)ellic=?

Uri? dont know..., but Uriah=light of jahova. :ooo:

  :mrt: i pity the fool!!! <~~~~~never noticed that one before!

  oh yah, great post.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are -Kurt Cobain

Hotter than the left sink handle.

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