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Registered: 01/05/05
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Help with research
    #3583877 - 01/05/05 01:47 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

Hi everybody,

I'm writing a research paper on mushrooms and I need some input on the objective symptoms once someone has taken them. I would appreciate as many responses from you as possible.

What are the general symptoms?

1. Facial symptoms: Do the eyes get red or watery, did anyone experience any dilating pupils? Are there any facial twitches or tics?
2. Speech: Is there a change of speech? faster speech or slower? Is there a tendancy to slur?
3. Pulse: Does it get faster or slower?
4. Coordination: Is it like when someone is drunk (Lack of coordination, unsteady gait, etc) or can you maintain your coordination?
5. Attitude: Do you tend to get mellow or more aggressive?
6. Lenght of hallucination: Approximately for how long do you feel the effects?

Those are some of the questions I can think of right now. Please feel free to drop in with your 2 cents.

Thanks again,

Jenny Chow

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Registered: 05/21/04
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Re: Help with research [Re: UCLA_rocks]
    #3583897 - 01/05/05 02:03 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

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Registered: 09/25/03
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Loc: Metropolis City, USA
Re: Help with research [Re: UCLA_rocks]
    #3583943 - 01/05/05 02:24 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

get some shrooms and write from first hand.


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To engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.

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The glass isbending
Registered: 10/29/04
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Re: Help with research [Re: TODAY]
    #3584020 - 01/05/05 02:49 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

Yeah kay instead of just linking you or whatever I'll give you my point of view on it

1)Facial symptons: I do sometimes get eyes a bit watery(out of love for everything) and I have a strange look on my face, might just be the drugs telling me that but I'm usually a lot more smiley and stuff
2)Speech: I usually speak faster as I get more and more into what I'm saying, I usually talk quite fast normally so there isn't much of a change, I'm still understandable(although what I actually mean? That's another story heh)
3)Pulse: No change here, not to my knowlage
4)Co-ordination: I do find walking sometimes I stumble a bit but it's not nearly as dis-orientating as being drunk. Hand eye co-ordination doesnt seem to get messed up, I can still catch a ball perfectly and stuff.
5)Attitude: Definatly more mellow, I've never been angry on shrooms I just think "So what? I'm here to enjoy this moment I need to make the most of it"
6) Length: Depends on dose but usually around 4-8 hours?(estimations here, but not too far off)

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Registered: 12/21/04
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Re: Help with research [Re: Shroomehlouah]
    #3584892 - 01/05/05 06:02 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

1. Facial symptoms: i havnt niticed ne thing but my pupils do bulge but not until well into the trip
2)Speech: i have trouble speaking properly but i think that is mainly due to my laughter.
4)Co-ordination: i feel as if i dont have great co-ordination but havnt had ne problems catching or climbing things.
5)Attitude: mellow fellow...alot of laughter
6) Length: ive never just had just one dose at a time..but probably more like 4-5 hours

i think you should just take sum..it is nothing that you can put into words.

these things make me feel funny!

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Underpants Gnome

Registered: 02/03/03
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Re: Help with research [Re: nildo]
    #3585113 - 01/05/05 06:37 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

There are many, many, references you can turn to for your research. I suggest you get reputable information and not information from random people on a message board comunity. Erowid is a good place to initially turn to. Not only do they have top notch information on any drug you can think of, they offer many other links to other helpful information. Don't be selectivly biased either... make sure you gather information from all fronts, negative, positive, and nuetral. And any information you gather, make sure you cross reference the information that peaks your interest and if possible try and cross reference your sources. It's not always easy just to find the cold hard facts on a drug on the internet beacuse a lot of the information is unmonitored and is usually propaganda. So try to limit your internet research if you can. A good resource for information is scientiffic journals. You can access literally hundreds of thousands journals through your schools library.


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Registered: 07/22/99
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Re: Help with research [Re: UCLA_rocks]
    #3587797 - 01/06/05 07:23 AM (13 years, 4 months ago)

This has been answered here dozens of times.

From Magic Mushrooms of Australia and new Zealand and form an original article h by Hollister et al.,



Symptoms produced by eating fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms begin to occur within 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion (or from 5 to 10 minutes when prepared in the form of tea or soup). Symptoms persist for up to four to six hours after ingestion. In 1960, Clinical effects for psilocybine intoxication in humans was reported as being Hollister <I>et al</I>., 1962)

"0-30 minutes - Slight nausea, giddiness (light-headed), abdominal discomfort, weakness, muscle aches and twitches, shivering, anxiety, restlessness, and a numbness of lips.

30-60 minutes - Visual effects (blurring, brighter colors, sharper outlines, longer after-images, visual patterns with closed eyes). Increased hearing, yawning, sweating, facial flushing. Decreased concentration and attention, slow thinking, feelings of unreality, depersonalization, dreamy state. Inco-ordination, tremulous speech.

60-120 minutes - Increased visual effects (colored patterns and shapes, mostly with eyes closed). Wave-motion of viewed surfaces. Impaired distant perception. Euphoria, increased perception, and a slowed passage of time.

120-240 minutes - Waning and nearly complete resolution of above effects. Returning to normal within 4-12 hours. Other effects often include: Decreased salivation and appetite; uncontrollable laughter; transient sexual feelings and synesthesias (e.g., `seeing' sounds)."

For comparison with the clinical experience described above, the following is an excerpt from one of R. Gordon Wasson's experience with psilocybin mushrooms:

"The mushrooms take effect differently with different persons. For example, some seem to experience only a divine euphoria, which may translate itself into uncontrollable laughter. In my case I experienced hallucinations. What I was seeing was more clearly seen than anything I had seen before. At last I was seeing with the eye of the soul, not through the coarse lenses of my natural eyes. Moreover, what I was seeing was impregnated with weighty meaning: I was awe-struck."


Ancient or historic evidence of cerebral mycetisms induced by the accidental ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms has been documented in various parts of the world. Early reports of intoxication attributed to the unintentional consumption of these fungi come from China in the 3rd century A.D., Japan during the eleventh century A.D., Great Britain in both l799 and in the early l800's, in the United States around the early l900's and in France in the early l960's.

It is of interest to note a report from Japan that there were over 366 accidental ingestions of psilocybin mushrooms reported in l929; these incidents were reported by people foraging for wild edible mushrooms.

In Africa during the l940's a number of unintentional intoxications occurred when mind-altering mushrooms were inadvertently sold as a source of food by children in public markets.

It must be noted that outside of a few intoxications caused by Psilocybe cubensis (in Africa), and one caused by Psilocybe semilanceata (in England in the late 1700's), the majority of all intoxications which occurred prior to the recreational use of these species, were caused by various species of Panaeolus with the exception of Japan and the Northeastern United States, where some of the inebriations were the result of ingesting various species of Gymnopilus.

Published reports describing symptoms attributed to Panaeolus intoxications, were often written in a similar manner. Subjective effects included:

"...drowsiness, lightheadedness, an inability to walk, a staggering gait, giggliness, much hilarity, inappropriate speech, uncontrollable laughter, euphoria and acting as if one were on a bender." On the other hand, occasionally terrifying, visual and psychological disturbances have been known to result from accidental or deliberate ingestion of Psilocybe cubensis or P. semilanceata, which sometimes result in emergency room treatment.

In a paper published in 1958, Dr. Sam Stein briefly mentioned similar observations when Panaeolus and Psilocybe fungi were used in the treatment of a single patient. Mushroom extracts used by Dr. Stein were obtained from dried specimens of Panaeolus venenosus, Panaeolus subbalteatus, and Psilocybe caerulescens. Further investigations were carried out in 1959 by Stein and some of his colleagues who revealed that the subjective effects caused by the ingestion of Panaeolus species were more tranquil and less hallucinogenic than the effects produced by the ingestion of certain species of Psilocybe.

The fear of poisoning by physically toxic mushrooms is the main cause of mycophobia (a fear of mushrooms) throughout the world. Many of the deadly poisonous species of mushrooms macroscopically resemble some of the hallucinogenic mushrooms in the genus Psilocybe. For example, three species of deadly poisonous Galerina's, and <U>Conocybe filaris</U>, which are extremely poisonous mushrooms, are commonly found in mulched gardens in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and other regions of the world, and have been observed sharing the same habitat as Psilocybe baeocystis, Psilocybe cyanescens, and Psilocybe stuntzii.

Another example of misidentification involves Chlorophyllum molybdites also known as "green gills" or "Morgans" Lepiota. According to Stephen Peele, curator of the Florida Mycology Research Center, it is often picked in Florida and mistaken for Psilocybe cubensis (personal communication to J.W. Allen). Chlorophyllum molybdites is considered toxic but not deadly. This species is common in Australia and may occasionally be mistaken as Psilocybe cubensis. Peele also claimed that in Tampa, Florida, over 90% of all mushroom poisonings were the result of ingesting C. molybdites. While two children in California developed a "mydriasis-fever-convulsions" syndrome after ingesting mushrooms taken from a lawn habitat, another in the state of Washington was reported to have died due to complications following the suspected consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Also, three children were reportedly mildly poisoned after accidentally grazing on lawn specimens of Panaeolina foenisecii, however, in a recent study of the literature, it was suggested by Allen and Merlin (1992b), that this species is not psychoactive.

A sixteen year old girl from Whidbey Island, Washington did die in December l981 after accidentally picking and eating several fresh specimens of Galerina autumnalis. She and her two teenage male companions had assumed that they ingested Psilocybe mushrooms. Unfortunately, the youths did not report their misguided consumption of the deadly mushroom to the proper medical authorities for two days due to their fear of prosecution.

It is thus possible that young children may be susceptible to convulsions following the consumption of some varieties of psilocybian mushrooms. However, the world renown Mazatec curandera Mar?a Sabina and her sister Mar?a Ana, made famous by the writings of the Wassons' and others, both first ate these hallucinogenic mushrooms somewhere between the ages of 7-9, and Mar?a Sabina continued to do so for over 70 years without any apparent physical illness. Also, R. Gordon Wasson and his wife Valentina, allowed their 19-year-old daughter Masha to eat mushrooms apparently without ill effect.

Even a professional mycologist must be quite careful when deciding which wild mushrooms may be safe for human consumption. For example, some mushrooms, which are common and edible in Europe, can be deadly poisonous or harmful enough to cause physical damage when collected and consumed in the United States, Canada, or even Australia. In 1978, Jonathan Ott reported that the "Ld50 (lethal dosage) in mice for psilocybin has been determined to be 280 mg/kg, oral ingestion", thereby assuming that a person of average weight (i.e. 70 kg/155 lb) person, "would have to ingest l9.6 grams of [the extracted chemical] psilocybin to produce death." However, in 1989, Dr. Karl L. R. Jansen at the University of Auckland stated that he believes that "the LD50 (the dose at which 50% of a sample will die) has been determined as 280 mg/kg in mice. However, it is not valid to calculate the LD50 for humans by a simple percentage/weight calculation. Mice and humans have very different metabolic rates and dispose of drugs in different ways. It is unlikely that even a large number of psilocybine mushrooms would not be toxic in humans, but we cannot suggest an exact figure from data based on rodent studies."
It should be noted here that reports concerning the number of people seeking medical attention for psychological problems associated with accidental or deliberate ingestion of hallucinogenic agarics seems to vary considerably from region to region. For example, recreational consumers of psychoactive fungi in the United States (Pollock l975; Ott l978; Ott & Bigwood l978), Canada (Canadian Report l973; Oakenbough l975; Guzm?n et al l976; Unsigned l982a), Mexico (Unsigned l970; Ott l975; Wasson l980), and South America (Weil l973; Pollock l977&#64979;l978; Weil l980) often report personal experiences while under the influence of inebriating mushrooms as pleasant, even euphoric, with very few published reports regarding medical attention. On the other hand, a number of such reports from Australia (Stocks l963; Southcott l974), and as far away as Great Britain (Mills, Lasinskas & Watkinson l979; Harries & Evans l981; Young et al l982) or Florida (Morton l982), often indicate negative reactions by individuals who after ingesting these mushrooms sought medical attention for their dysphoric reactions. Statistics from Scotland, indicate that over 200 such unpleasant incidents occurred there during l985, including some intoxications attributed to P. subbalteatus (Watling l989, Pers. Comm.).



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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience

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